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    Ninja Steel 

Return of the Prism

  • Brody's dad becoming the first Ninja Steel Red Ranger, fighting off Galvanax and foiling his plan (even if he presumably died in the process). If you watch closely his suit pulses with all the ninja colors, essentially making him an entire Ranger team to himself.
  • After being taunted by Ripcon, Brody manages to fool him and steal his sword with blinding speed. Both awesome and funny moment.
  • Brody, Redbot, and Mic escaping from the ship.
  • Sarah built a hover board all on her own.
  • Sarah calling out Victor for ruining Preston's magic show.
  • The original footage consisting of Brody, Sarah, and Preston kicking Korvaka's butt. Even before that, Korvaka's battle with another contestant from Galaxy Warriors was nothing short of amazing.

Forged in Steel

  • Calvin and Hayley being a couple right from the beginning is a rarity, if not a first, for Power Rangers and throughout the episode you get to see how in sync they are: they finish each other's sentences, move and speak in unison, and immediately become a Battle Couple.
  • The Rangers RIDE THEIR ZORDS, like Tommy from the original series occasionally would, even though they are moving at high speeds, flying, doing full body flips or even using the railway upside down while the Dragonzord was slow and lumbering. The only one to show unease is Brody and that only lasted for a single moment.
  • Mick fixing his communicator in the school's shop class, showing off his Gadgeteer Genius skills. The classroom itself could be considered awesome, having much more supplies and equipment than a regular school's would have. The Rangers even make it their base.

Live and Learn

  • Brody, after spending the first act relying on the Datacom, truly becoming The Leader for the team and executing a plan with their new element stars to defeat the monster.
  • Give the series some props. Only the 3rd episode, and they already showed some variation in how the giant monster fights could go.
  • Calvin flinging himself off his Zord to attack a Skull Gator, even leaving a scratch.

Prest-O Change-O

  • During a fight with Slowgre, Preston manifests an aura dragon that shoots fireballs around his wrist. The effect or it is pretty convincing too.

Drive to Survive

  • Props have to go to the spider monster. If Calvin hadn't had a plan going into his rescue attempt, Galvanax might've had all 5 ninja stars right away. It's not often you have massively successful monsters this early in the series.

My Friend Redbot:

  • This episode allows Hayley's dog Cody to really shine. Sniffing out Redbot, running back to fetch the other rangers for help, barking to warn them of danger, digging a hole to fight a monster, and even dragging away bagpipes to keep Badpipes from using them.
  • When Badpipes first meets Hayley, he uses his pipes to put her under his power and ready to give him her Ninja Stone. Enter Redbot who kicks the guy away to free Hayley.

Gold Rush

  • Calvin, Preston, Hayley, and Sarah get to take out a patrol of Kudabots in an awesome unmorphed fight scene. Thanks to their ninja armour (now with the hoods up!), they look like actual ninjas while doing it.
  • Levi's Big Damn Hero moment by revealing he's the Gold Ranger, and fights Ripcon one on one.
  • Poisonous Plots: Hayley's and Levi's plan to get the antidote from Madame Odious. It looks like they willingly gave the Power Stars in exchange for the antidote for Brody, but it's soon revealed they gave her chocolate molds.

Family Fusion

  • Ripcon is so badass he can withstand not only dual elemental slashes, but even an All Your Powers Combined attack as well!
    • And as a giant, manages to put up a pretty good fight too.

The Royal Rumble

  • A villainous example, but Drillion managed to issue curb stomp battles against the rangers in every battle they fought against, including breaking apart the Ninja Fusion Zord. Special mention to him breaking Brody and Calvin's weapons in one fight.
  • Princess Viera personally piloting the Lion Fire Zord to drive Drillion away. Royals who actually do something indeed.

Grave Robber

  • Give Cosmo Royale credit. His first time coming up with a plan against the rangers, and he was really throwing them around for a loop.
  • Bit of meta example, but the fact that they did not use this episode as the standard "holiday-themed" clip show, but instead use some of the leftover footage that they did not use in the previous episodes is a awesome own for the show runners.

Monkey Business

  • Phonepanzee using the rangers's voices against each other was surprisingly effective. Using their voices to try and capture each one individually. In fact, if he hadn't mistimed his call to Levi, he might've gotten everyone.

Galvanax Rises

  • Holding the other rangers hostage, Galvanax gives Brody an ultimatum: hand over his Power Star or the rangers will be destroyed. Brody takes a third option: destroy his own power star. Which not only works, but results in his father being released from the prism and Mick becoming another red Ranger!
  • Mick as a Ranger. Holy cow.
  • The Final Battle with Galvanax has the Nexus Prism aid the Rangers in delivering the final blow to Galvanax. Even more impressive is that the Rangers took the giant Galvanax down without their Zords!

Past, Presents, and Future

  • Brody ends up being gigantified and fights alongside his own Zord!

     Super Ninja Steel 

Echoes Of Evil

  • Remember that time in Dino Super Charge where destroying the Dark Energem sent Sledge and his crew into a black hole? Well, turns out it wasn't really a black hole, it was a wormhole. And where do they end up? In the Ninja Steel Universe, thus making last season not only relevant but important to this season.
  • Madame Odius rises to the Big Bad position, her betrayal of Galvanax having paid off. A rare successful Starscream and the first female main villain since Queen Bansheera way back in 2000!
  • For the rangers, they manage to get Madam Odious down to Earth with the Ninja Super Steel, get her to repower the Ninja Nexus Prisim (while saving it from turning evil), and managing to get their Power Stars back all while unmorphed. The Rangers return!

Moment of Truth

  • The fact that Mick was able to rebuild the remaining ninja power stars so the rangers had access to all of their arsenal from last season.

Attack of the Galactic Ninjas

  • In another moment of genius from the rangers, Calvin and Levi manage to trick Wolvermean that they were out in the open and use the substitution trick along with a vine whip to grab their friends stolen memories.

Caught Red-Handed


Dimensions in Danger

  • The Ranger Nation breathed a sigh of relief as just from the promo and released images alone, they knew the 25th Anniversary episode would be leaps and bounds better than the last two anniversary specials. And boy were their hopes confirmed.
    • Let's start with the guest list. Besides the returns of Selwyn Ward, Jason Faunt, and of course Jason David Frank, we got the long awaited return of Yoshi Sudarso, and if that wasn't enough, along for the ride this time we also got other Rangers who haven't been seen since their series ended. No less than Steve Cardenas, Jeffrey Parazzo, Li Ming Hu, Steven Skyler, Ciara Hanna, and in arguably the biggest surprise, Catherine Sutherland, who was last seen on Power Rangers 21 years prior.
    • Not only is Rocky DeSantos is seen on screen for the first time in 21 years but he is once again wearing the red Mighty Morphin Red Ranger suit. In a way it makes up for him not being present in "Forever Red".
    • There's something about hearing all those Rangers from all those eras giving us a big "IT'S MORPHIN' TIME!" all together. Those who invented it, those who brought it back, and those from the 15 years in between who've never said it before today, all feel that much more connected.
    • One of the highlights of the episode was T.O vs. a robot copy. The promo featured Tommy in his Dino Thunder suit, but set pics also revealed a Power Morpher. How did that happen you may ask? Why, only that T.O. managed to consolidate all his powers into a single Master Morpher that cycles through the Dragon, Tiger, Zeo, and Dino Thunder suits allowing him access to all of them!
    • But the biggest shocker was saved for last, as after 22 years dormant, what should we see for the climatic battle... but the freakin' FALCONZORD. HSQ, anyone?note 
    • Witness the whole battle for yourself here.

Love Stings

  • To deal with the danger of love arrows, Preston uses some acting and a simple metal sheet to get close and break the spell on his friends.

Reaching the Nexus

  • Sarah faces off against several different Kudabots on her own. When she is eventually overwhelmed, the formerly brainwashed civilians arrive to help her out, fighting the Mooks through any means necessary.
  • Victor and Monty, after two whole seasons of countless antics, finally do the community a great service by evacuating the citizens of Summer Cove from the Warrior Dome. Once everyone is set free, they're about to leave when Cosmo and Badonna interfere. Just before they escape, the duo tosses grenades (given to them by Cosmo earlier) at the two villains, destroying them and sending the Warrior Dome flying out of sight. And in the end, Victor finally gets the 50th trophy he'd been competing for since the start of Ninja Steel.
  • The final battle between the Rangers and the Ninja Nexus Super Star-empowered Madame Odius. After Preston uses his magic to combine his team's Power Stars and give each Ranger the power of all six stars, the Rangers finally take out the traitorous villain once and for all.

The Poisy Show

  • There's something Crazy Awesome about the Dino Charge villains returning to be the Ninja Steel team's final enemies.
  • You know how you wished Yoshi Sudarso's Koda and Peter Sudarso's Preston could have an episode together, but knew it'd never happen? Well, guess what this one's all about!
  • Koda may be Book Dumb about the present day due to hailing from another time, but he's no idiot. Guess who is the one to take Sledge out once and for all?

    Meta/Behind the Scenes 
  • After a lukewarm remixed theme song for Samurai, an equally lukewarm remix with Megaforce and a much better tribal themed rock theme for Dino Charge, the theme for Ninja Steel is a fast paced, oriental style rock track that is easily as good as Dino Charge's.
  • The fact that beloved head producer Judd Lynn is back in the reins of the show is a CMOA in of itself.
  • Reusing suits from other seasons such as Mig's from Operation Overdrive.
  • Another premiere without one single frame of Sentai footage, proving again that these guys can make one hell of a battle without being dependent on it. Not to mention the Crazy Awesome Galaxy Warriors ship, which the Sentai makers would be hard-pressed to top!
  • One tradition in Sentai that has not been carried over to Power Rangers is the Sentai handoff, a tradition that started in Tokusou Sentai Dekaranger, where at the end of the final episode of a series, the red ranger of the team from that series will (metaphorically) pass the baton to the red ranger of the next team (i.e., in the first case, DekaRed met MagiRed and the two high-fived). This tradition wasn't adapted by Disney when they had the rights to the series, and hasn't been officially adapted by Saban yet, but that didn't stop brothers Yoshi and Peter Sudarso from unofficially doing one - becoming both the first hand-off in Power Rangers AND being the first hand-off between Blue Rangers in both Power Rangers AND Sentai.
  • The return of non-sentai Ranger bikes for everyone, missing since SPD.
  • From the teaser for season 2, three words:
  • From Game Plan the megazord fight had music that a lot of long time fans found similar to Ron Wasserman's song "Zord". Not bad for stock music.
  • The Master Morpher that Tommy uses to battle his robot clone in "Dimensions in Danger" is actually a fan-made prop that integrates the aspects of Tommy's ranger forms. The prop maker should be proud that his creation is now canon.

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