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Famous Last Words / Power Rangers Ninja Steel

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Ninja Steel

  • "I'm gonna leave here with those Power Stars!" Korvaka
  • "Not again!" Ripperat
  • "What?!" Spinferno. No Gigantify for him.
  • "This isn't good!" Slogre
  • "Down came the Rangers and washed the spider out!" Tangleweb
  • "This is a real bum note!" Badpipes
  • "I've fallen, and I can't get up!" Hacktrack
  • "This is Hacktrack! Over and out! giant Hacktrack
  • "Cheeseburger!" Stonedozer, after Levi says "Say cheeseburger!" Probably the funniest one in Power Rangers.
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  • "I'm rocking now!" giant Stonedozer
  • "But you never fell into my final trap!" Trapsaw
  • "Gold Ranger, I found you! You're coming with me!" An unknown monster who battles the Gold Ranger
  • "No! You finally got me, Rat Bait!" giant Ripcon
  • "You can backflip but you can't hide!" Toxitea
  • "Ohh! This isn't my cup of tea!" giant Toxitea
  • "Looks like I'm going to be a very sore loser!" Shoespike
  • "I thought I was a shoe-in to beat you!" giant Shoespike
  • "You threw a monkey wrench in my plans!" Drillion
  • "This is not a drill!" giant Drillion
  • "Wait, I'm Calvin! I'm trapped in this chimp's body!" Phonepanzee (unless you count that Oh, Crap! moment)
  • "Oh, no! I've been disconnected!" giant Phonepanzee
  • "No! I was a whisker away from beating you! If only I—" Cat O'Clock (according to "The Adventures of Redbot")
  • "You beat me by a whisker!" Cat O'Clock (according to "Past, Presents, and Future")
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  • "Meow! My entire plan has been an utter cat-tastrophe!" giant Cat O'Clock
  • "Whoa! Impossible!" Abrakadanger
  • "Now you see me, now you don't!" giant Abrakadanger
  • "I've hit a wall!" (giant) Forcefear
  • "You can't hurt me! I'm invincible! I'm the champion of Galaxy Warriors! I'm the greatest of all time!" Galvanax
  • "And this was my ninth life!" Cleocatra

Super Ninja Steel

  • "This stinks!" Smellephant
  • "All I can smell is defeat!" giant Smellephant
  • "Oh, no! The truth hurts!" Deceptron
  • "This isn't good!" Spyclops
  • "I've got a sinking feeling!" Doomwave
  • "I'll sink you!" giant Doomwave
  • "Those blasted teenagers!" Game Goblin
  • "Are you using cheat codes?! Oh, no!" (giant) Game Goblin
  • The Galactic Ninjas:
    • "Oh no!" Speedwing
    • "You've made quick work of me!" giant Speedwing
    • "I got a bad feeling about this!" Rygore
    • "I just need one more roll of the dice!" giant Rygore
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    • "I'm just gettin' warmed up! Ninja Clone Technique!" (first death)
    • "Take this!" Wolvermean (first Gigantify). Beside the routine Pre-Asskicking One-Liner "Can Earth Ninjas grow big too?", that's the only thing he ever says in the first Gigantify.
    • "Curse you Odius! You treacherous wicked witch!" Wolvermean (second and final Gigantify)
    • "This really stings!" Venoma
    • "The Galactic Ninjas are no more!" giant Venoma
  • "I'll claw my way back from this!" Dreadwolf
  • "You've scratched me out!" giant Dreadwolf
  • "Uh-oh!" Lord Draven
  • "I used to make explosions, now I AM one! Blammo
  • "Uh-oh!" giant Blammo
  • "I'm corrupted!" Typeface
  • "I should’ve backed myself up!" giant Typeface
  • "Even with your Lion Power you can't keep me down! I'm still full of power!" Voltipede
  • "Oh, no! A shocking defeat!" giant Voltipede
  • "This isn't good!" Megamauler
  • "Up high! Down low! Too slow!" Gorrox
  • "You're surrounded!" giant Gorrox
  • "I'm sorry, Badonna! I failed!" Brax
  • "Not the face!" Tynamon
  • "No. No! I made a big mistake!" giant Tynamon
  • "What?! You freed Madame Odius's soldiers?" Badonna
  • "Be careful, those could explode! No!" Cosmo Royale
  • "Curse you Rangers!" Madame Odius
  • The Gruesome Grunts:
    • "Curses! The jig is up!" Fangor
    • "Let's get out of here!" Plasmora
    • "No! We've been switched back!" Stabberous
    • "Versix, why did you betray us? We thought you were our friend!" Shelldax
    • "What? That's not fair!" Ackshun
    • "That shapeshifter tricked us!" Jabberon
    • "I didn’t even get any candy this Halloween!" giant Versix
  • "I'M MELTING!" Snow Fright
  • "I didn't have a snowball’s chance!" giant Snow Fright
  • "It's a bomb!" Sledge, Wrench, and Poisandra in unison. Gets a Call-Back in Power Rangers: Beast Morphers when Sledge is resurrected.

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