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Dino Charge

     1: Powers from the Past 
  • Shelby begging Kendall to let her go with the team on their fossil hunt.
    Kendall: For your information, Chase and Koda are highly trained museum personnel.
    *The two look to see Chase trying to spin his skateboard on his head and Koda with his face covered in BBQ sauce, sucking some of it off his fingers.*
    Shelby: They hide it well.
    Kendall: You have no idea.
    Koda: *burps*
    • Even funnier: Yoshi Sudarso said on his Twitter that he actually burped louder than what was heard on TV. Now you have to wonder what it was like, considering the burp in the final edit is still pretty damn loud...
  • Tyler and Shelby against Iceage. Tyler tries to get a weapon from his backpack, but he pulls out a banana and his underwear first before he finally pulls out a shovel. Then, after deflecting Iceage's lasers, Tyler looks relieved, only to look at the shovel and see the blade reduced into a burning stub.
    • Shelby's reaction upon seeing Tyler looking so confident after bringing out the small shovel.
    Shelby: "What, you gonna dig us an escape tunnel?"
  • Shelby doing a Badass Boast to Iceage about how attacking them would destroy "what's in this box."
    Tyler: What's in the box?
    Shelby: (panicked) I have no idea! (Shelby hadn't looked in the box yet after saving the box from Iceage; it was the Pink Energem.)
  • When the morphers first show up, Tyler doesn't know what to do with it. So he turns the revolving chamber a little, only to let out a shot that almost hits Shelby and accidentally hits Iceage. Her expression was exceptionally priceless.
    Shelby: "Nice shooting, tex!"
  • Seeing Sledge and Poisandra arguing over marriage like an actual couple was also pretty funny and very reminiscent of Rita and Zedd, considering how menacing the promos and previews made him to be and what happened during Season 3 of Mighty Morphin.
    • His comeback to Poisandra calling his asteroid collection stupid is a rather childish "They're not stupid!"
    • Also, when Fury brought up the energem container to Sledge, only to find Keeper's crystal bomb inside. Sledge's expression was so hilarious, saying "IT'S A BOOOOOMB!" in such an over-the-top manner and very reminiscent of Admiral Ackbar.
      • Even better, that line is in the intro to every episode.
    • When Sledge's ship loses its grip on the asteroids. Sure it brought the extinction of the dinosaurs, but you can't not laugh at Sledge's cry of "My asteroids! Noooo!" sounds like a child losing his pebble collection or like the cabbage guy losing his cabbages.
  • The T-rex Zord quickly ending Tyler and Shelby's fight with Iceage. How? By picking up the monster in his mouth and just throwing him off into the distance. The best part is how the Zord shows up out of nowhere and just as quickly leaves, making it feel like an in-show Big-Lipped Alligator Moment to the rangers.
    • Let's not forget Shelby's reaction after the whole ordeal.
      Shelby: Did we just fight an abominable snowman and almost get trampled by a T-rex?
      Tyler: *nods* Yup.
      Shelby: *laughs in disbelief* Okay. Just checking.

     2: Past, Present, and Fusion 
  • What stalled Fury long enough so Riley and his dog Rubik can escape safely? A fallen branch. That's right, one of the main villains is stopped by a cartoon-like thunk on the head.
  • When Tyler and Shelby offered to help Riley when his motorbike broke down, Riley kindly refused and said that he'll stick to the manual book. Cue a speeding car that blows the manual away, leaving Riley with an "are you kidding me?" face, followed by a Gilligan Cut of the three resuming their journey on Tyler's car, with Riley and his bike on the back. If you look closely, you can see Riley's bemused expression.
  • Kendall tells the three why they were chosen by the Energems. Well, she tells Tyler and Riley. When she gets to Shelby, her explanation is literally "I have no idea".
  • When the entire team faces off against Iceage and his Vivix, Koda comments on it not being Fury and Chase says he's about to know who they are. He barely finishes calling out "It's Morphin' Time" when Shelby steps up and tries to take the initiative herself... only for her to completely botch it, not knowing how to activate the Dino Charger. Koda has to step in and tell her to "Click" on it, all the while Shelby looks flustered as can be.
    • Bonus points for Yoshi Sudarso as Koda looking like he was one slip-up away from bursting out laughing.

     3: A Fool's Hour 
  • When Kendall revealed that the rangers won't age after bonding with the energems, Shelby looked ecstatic, only for Chase to come up behind her and flirt with her, dropping her mood.
  • The entirety of the standoff between Sledge and the rangers. To list:
    • Tyler calling Poisandra a walking lollipop.
    • After meeting the rangers, Sledge began his speech. However, Tyler was too distracted looking at Fury behind Sledge. Realizing this, Sledge growled to Fury, as if saying "you're stealing my thunder here". After Fury walks off, Sledge continues with "As I was saying..."
    • The revelation that after 65 million years, Sledge and Poisandra STILL haven't married yet.
    • Shelby's Lame Comeback at Sledge.
      Sledge: So you're the Rangers who destroyed my monster!
      Shelby: (after a quick beat) ...Power Rangers.
    • Keeper suddenly showing up and talks Sledge down. The setup (Sledge leading his monsters and Keeper leading the rangers) almost makes it look like a dance-off or a rap battle.
    • After Keeper leaves, Riley suddenly has a confidence crisis.
      Riley: Um... Keeper...?
    • Chase finally tries to initiate the morphing call, but Tyler is still fixated on Fury. This caused the rest of the team to nudge Tyler to completing the morph call.
    • Then the end of the fight. Sledge didn't finish the rangers off because...he's getting too old for this. To top it off, when he tries to return using his shoulder jets, one of them didn't start up, and he has to whack on it before it finally starts.
  • When Scrapper has found the rangers' base and is about to leave in his spaceship, out of nowhere Tyler hits it with his jeep, causing Scrapper to fly away rather cartoonishly.
  • The final scene, where Tyler shows off his burger-flipping abilities. He throws the burger up with his spatula... But it doesn't come down. Riley even says "Don't look at me!" before Tyler shifts his eyes in Koda's direction, as he's next to him with his mouth full and that fake innocent kid look in his face. He then sprays the others with the chewed-up burger.
    • The best part is their reactions: Chase and Shelby are laughing but poor Riley looks horrified.

     4: Return of the Caveman 
  • Koda accidentally destroying Shelby's cellphone, and her reaction after it. Just earlier, she told Koda that there's no need to apologize for hitting the dino bike with Chase still on it, since he's still trying to adjust to the modern world. After Koda destroyed her cellphone, he tried to apologize, only for Chase to tell him that there's no need to apologize. Cue Shelby giving Chase an I'm-gonna-kill-you smile.
  • The Rangers aren't used to Chase's kiwi slang.
    Chase: Come on over, take a squiz.
    Shelby, Tyler, Riley: A squiz?
    Chase: A squiz? You know. A look? *Beat* Ugh, sometimes I wonder if I'm speaking English.
    Riley: Heh, yeah. Me too.
  • Chase has ridden everything. Including kangaroos. In New Zealand.
  • Koda's struggles with modern-day technology. From smacking away the TV when he gets scared with a vampire movie, to being unable to use a comb on his hair, to slamming face-first against a glass door while carrying a tray with smoothies. He's confiding all of this to Chase, who comforts him by saying that he has nothing to worry about at the park..."except for lookin' good for the ladies", as two of them pass by. As soon as Koda tries this by looking buff to them (which is kinda adorable in itself), some sprinklers go off in front of them, startling him to the point that he jumps behind the bench where he and Chase are sitting. With the girls still looking.

     5: Breaking Black 
  • Chase being occupied with his cellphone while cooking burger, to the point that he pours mayonaisse on the counter where a burger used to be.
  • After Shelby delivers her order, she goes to wait on another table only to find Chase flirting with the customer. Shelby then asks him about who manned the grill. Cue Oh, Crap!.
  • Chase agreeing to help Moana, saying that he is reliable. Kendall then quickly tells Moana to have a fire extinguisher ready. And then Chase trips while Moana drags him out.
  • Chase's shenanigans while guarding Moana's shop, including mock-feeding a figurine with potato chips.
  • While it's awesome at the same time, there's just something funnily absurd about a Power Ranger riding a skateboard doing sick tricks while chasing after a monster.
  • The stroller chase scene, and the exchange after said scene.
    Chase: I risked my life for...
    Moana: *glares*
    Chase: *suddenly in a high-pitched, squeaky voice*...the most beautiful little kitty!
    • Koda comments that Chase had it so easy getting his Energem. All Chase had to do was risk his life for a fortune teller' Meanwhile, Koda complains about being frozen in a glacier for thousands of years.
  • The end where Chase mops the museum on his skateboard.
    • Even funnier, it was supposed to be Koda's shift, but he made up an excuse by saying that Chase needs to concentrate.

     6: The Tooth Hurts 
  • The fact that the monster's ploy is to give people tooth decay really harkens back to the old, campy days of Mighty Morphin'.
  • Poisandra tricking Fury into eating Cavity's deadly cake.
    Fury: (in pain) Ow! My teeth! What have you done, you pink Bridezilla?!
  • The shot after Sledge destroyed Cavity's cake. While the monster costume stays the same, the splattered cake bits on its eyes makes it look like having sad eyes.
  • The quarrel with Chase while Riley is training. It involves Riley being hit by tennis balls twice blindsided.
  • Tyler is about to bite into the MotW's cavity-giving cake when Riley notices everyone in pain and knocks it out of his hand. Tyler responds:
    Tyler: Hmm, a bit tasteless.
    • And Koda's reaction: a distraught "No cake?"
  • Chase having the time to snark at Riley's insistence at fighting the monster alone.
    Chase: Let's just hope he shoots tennis balls at you.
    Riley: Is that supposed to be funny?
    • Riley's Lame Comeback after his second quarrel with Chase, with Chase leaving the restaurant on his skateboard.
    Riley: Can't skate here!
    • And the Team Mom-esque exasperated look Kendall gives him immediately afterwards.
  • Koda surprising Shelby and Tyler by dropping to Tyler's jeep's backseat from the tree the jeep is parked under.
  • The team role call getting interrupted because of Chase's toothache.
    • And Riley stepping in when Chase is in too much pain to do his bit of the role call.
    Riley: Hey, don't force it, hotshot. Next!
    • The team's pose with Chase still having toothache.
  • Poisandra blowing a visible, heart-shaped kiss 'projectile' to Fury as to mock him, only for him to slash it apart.

     7: Let Sleeping Zords Lie 
  • While Fury gets berated for not finding any Energems, Poisandra and Curio are using the Vivix to get manicures.
  • Poisandra and Chase's fight. It ends up with Poisandra falling flat on her face.
  • Shelby's revealed to be a big drinker after finishing all the sodas the team brought to their fossil dig in a single setting. Koda compares her to a camel. At the end of the episode she sits down to join them, and when she makes a comment about how hot it is they all clutch their drinks protectively.
    • It gets even funnier when you realize that a camel is able to drink 100 litres of water in one sitting.
  • The revelation that Koda's grandfather invented the wheel. It's how Koda delivers it, drawing furiously while saying that it was a very complicated machine (which is probably true in his time).
  • At the very end of the episode, Kendall gives Shelby a present as a way to thank her, saying that it contains parts of her favorite dinosaur. It turns out to be fossilized triceratops excrement.
  • Probably down to Sentai footage but when the camera turns from the enlarged Stingrage to the Rangers it moves down from the monster and flips for an upside-down shot of the Rangers which is very strange.

     8: Double Ranger, Double Danger 
  • Chase playing Loves Me Not to see if a girl named Monica loves him. After he finishes the flower on "loves me not":
    Chase: Huh. Monica's loss. *pans over to reveal pile of flowers beside Chase, who grabs another* Tina loves me! She loves me not...
  • Koda yet again dropping from a tree and surprising Tyler.
  • When trying to find Tyler, Koda looks in the trees but only finds "an angry squirrel". Made even funnier when you realize that Nickelodeon does have "an angry squirrel".
  • Wrench and Curio's exchange after getting their hands on the E-Tracer.
    Wrench: You're not smart enough to be touching this machine!
    Curio: You don't know how smart I am!
    Wrench: Of course I do. I built your head from a seat cushion.
    • Followed by Wrench complaining that the machine didn't come with an instruction manual.
  • Fury's reaction to the monster creating a giant copy of him.
    Fury: A clone of me? Infuriating! I'm one of a kind!
  • The megazord using the Oviraptor charger to...fart on the monsters.
    • Kendall's expression when the rangers figure out what the charger does. It's like "yeah, I know it's stupid, just roll with it".
    • Even funnier, the gas comes out from the Megazord's left shoulder, which is the part corresponding to the T-Rex Zord's rear end.
    • And then Koda's reaction to said attack.
  • The final scene where Shelby puts Tyler's bracelet on him. Chase and Riley give both of them a teasing look, but Koda is just confused.

     9: When Logic Fails 
  • Koda's hunger throughout the episode:
    • When Riley tries to get an update on the other Rangers when he finds an Air-Vent Passageway:
      Riley: Guys, can you hear me? Guys? Tyler, Shelby?
      Tyler: I'm here. I have no idea wh-where here is. It's so cold.
      Shelby: I keep running up the same stairway, keep warm.
      Chase: I'm stuck in a loop too.
      Koda: I...still hungry!
    • His struggle to grab a quarter in order to use the vending machine only for the cookie to get stuck.
    • Him climbing into the vents to escape and discovering the room was filled with boxes of cookies to begin with. His pout at the end sells it.
    • The show needs to justify why Koda finishes off Puzzler in the stock footage, even though it was Riley's focus episode. The solution? Koda was hungry/wanted to end the battle. Plus, Puzzler did ruin the Rangers' lunch.
  • Puzzler and Wrench playing a very bizzare board game, with Puzzler checkmating Wrench.
    • On top of this, Fury once complained that Poissandra let criminals out to bake cakes. Now, here Wrench is letting criminals play a board game. Not much better all things considered.
  • Puzzler getting frustrated at watching two kids play chess badly. This leads to... him jumping out of his hiding spot and telling the kids how to play chess right. Of course, the kids scream and run away.
    • Special mention to the kids' scream, which is Narm incarnate.
  • When Chase battles Puzzler, the monster ponders if he was with the two kids that were just scared off (who had knocked some pizza he was bringing to the museum out of his hands). How does Chase respond?
    Chase: You owe the Rangers a new lunch!
  • Puzzler relaxing on the roof of the building he trapped the Rangers in, complete with a reclining chair, a glass of cocktail, and comically large shades.

     10: The Royal Rangers 
  • There's something funny about seeing stoic, professional Kendall having fallen asleep at her desk while surrounded by empty burger wrappers and soda containers. Which Koda can be seen searching through after she wakes up, trying to find leftover morsels.
  • Koda getting his head stuck in a knight's helmet while the team unboxes the Zandar treasures.
  • Poisandra and Curio once again slacking off while Fury tries to destroy the rangers. This time, they're watching what seems to be the Rangerverse equivalent to TMZ.
  • The entirety of Shelby stuck in her princess outfit.
    • She never stops complaining about the high heels (especially considering that Kendall usually wears high heels herself). When she says she doesn't want to act like "a spoiled and whiny princess", Chase points out that she wouldn't have to pretend very hard. He gets a shoe to the face for it.
    • Koda thinks her dress looks like cotton candy.
    • Shelby's about to quit the mission before she begins, until she sees Tyler in his royal regalia - and immediately decides that she has to play his princess.
  • Tyler's improvised speech at the conference to buy some time because Fury is a bit late.
  • If you look at it, this is the second time Fury yet again got tricked into taking a bomb instead of an energem.
  • Shelby's response to Fury before she and the others morph.
    Fury: Your little charade nearly paid off, but now you'll pay the price!
    Shelby: Trust me, I'm already paying for it! These heels are killing me, we gotta morph!
    • Followed by Chase and Tyler interrupting the call when they rip off their fake facial hair and cry out in pain. Doubly hilarious considering their differing means of pulling off the hair: Chase does it slowly, while Tyler rips it off quickly and "painlessly" (and maybe even trying to do it in a badass manner), and he's seen wiggling his mouth after. Likewise, Shelby grimacing at them for the interruption.

     11: Break Out 
  • When Phillip accuses Koda of being born in a cave, Koda corrects him.
    Koda: No, born on mammoth hunt. Mother could not make it home to cave.
  • Koda explaining that there is good inside everyone - including a mean prince like Philip. Philip grimaces, then admits that he deserved that. Kinda heartwarming as well, when you see a man recognizing his own faults that way.
  • Fury's "disguise" from 800 years ago. He looks like something out of MST3K.
  • The lightning shock effect at Poisandra, Curio, and Wrench.
    • Followed by said exchange:
      Poisandra: He fried my brain!
      Curio: Luckily I don't have one.
  • The Gold Ranger's unedited finishing attack. Zandar Thunder indeed.
    • This doesn't stop it from also being completely awesome! It's like something out of Batman (1966) or Scott Pilgrim vs. The World.
    • Besides, it makes sense. Rather than being just a pun like the original was, they worked "Zandar" in the story in a better way than they did with Gosei and Tensou's names in Megaforce: this is the Thunder from the Knight of Zandar.

     12: Knight After Knights 

     13: Sync or Swim 
  • While the rangers load everything up for the dinosaur dig event, they realize Ivan's running late. Cue him arriving at the museum on horseback and fully decked in knight's armor.
    • Bonus points for Koda putting an iron bucket on his head to imitate Ivan.
      • Extra bonus points: it was a Throw It In gag that Yoshi thought up.
  • The MOTW has fart powers, which doubles as a smoke bomb.
  • Wrench put a time bomb in Tyler car...and promptly forgot to set the timer in the first place.
  • Kendall's attempts at controlling the rather unruly kids at the dinosaur dig event. She even gets into a sword fight with two of them...using shovels.
    • Earlier, Koda can be seen carrying two giant dinosaur bones by himself in a Funny Background Event, when it takes two kids just to carry one.
  • Ivan interrupts the morphing call, telling Tyler to "put a little pizzazz into it". While Tyler and Ivan argue about who gets to start the morphing sequence, Smokescreen impatiently tells them to "just morph already!"
  • After Tyler admits that he feels like he'll never be as good as Ivan, Ivan convinces him that they're both excellent rangers...but not before declaring "Yes, I am the whole package".
  • Tyler and Ivan disposing the (now giant) bomb by flinging it at Sledge's ship.
  • Ivan making Tyler a beautiful specialty sandwich...and grilled cheese for the rest of the team.
  • At the end of the episode, Ivan requests that he and Tyler take a "digital portrait" with his phone. Yes, a Ranger Selfie. They even do "the famed duckmouth". And Koda photobombs them.

     14: True Black 
  • Chase's little heel click as he runs off singing an N-Zed Boys song to mock Shelby.
  • While the other rangers race off to fight Gold Digger, Ivan is stuck behind at the Dino Bite to help the other customers. Then during the battle he arrives late and shows off his first tip - one dollar.
  • Koda's reaction to the N-Zed Boys.
    Koda: First, song make me want to punch radio. Then, I love. Need concert!

     Halloween Special: The Ghostest with the Mostest 
  • Sledge's reaction to the newly-ressurected Duplicon trying to escape.
    Sledge: You can't escape! You're in outer space, you fool!
  • The fact Chase made the other Rangers the same costume because he thought he looked so good in the first one.
    Chase: Even under this sheet I look awesome!
  • After Curio brings back a transport pod full of candy, several Vivix proceed to dive into the pile that spills out.
    • There's also something hilarious about the fact someone, most likely Curio, went through the trouble of hanging up Halloween decorations throughout the ship.
  • Chase gets hit with the Cupid Charger and falls in love with himself, thanks to a mirror.
    • Also the way the others all hide behind the counter when they realise that Chase has been hit with it.

     15: Rise of a Ranger 
  • Phillip and Koda's conversation getting interrupted by two teen girls asking for the prince's autograph.
  • There's something hilarious about Phillip taking the time in the middle of a battle to be confused about why Kendall is contacting him.
    Phillip: Wait, aren't you the museum director?
    • Even better - it's a Brick Joke from the first episode Phillip appeared in, as this is how Kendall introduced herself to him.

     16: No Matter How You Slice it 
  • Ivan loses all of his knightly courage when faced with the prospect of sand-surfing down a steep dune. And when he does go down, he does a total faceplant.
  • Ivan, Chase, Tyler, and Shelby start a food fight after they get their friendship snipped. Ivan's over-the-top reactions are second only to Kendall's reaction, where she goes into complete mom-mode on the four.
  • The image of the Keeper suit with a little green birthday hat on at Riley's birthday party is a real hoot to look at if only for how ridiculous it looks.
    • Speaking of the party: Koda and Tyler are doing backflips when Riley walks in, which may be a nod to their handstand competition mentioned below.

     17: World Famous (In New Zealand) 
  • Chase giving the Rangers a tour around New Zealand. It's ironic because, as stated in an interview at Comic Con, James Davies (Chase's actor) had been living in Europe for so long that he had no idea of any sort of tourist sights to show the other actors when they first came to the area.
  • Upon seeing dolphins swimming next to the ferry, Koda rips his shirt off and tries to dive in and swim with them.
    • And Ivan wondering in the background "What are dolphins?" Which makes sense, considering somebody from his time may never have heard of one.

     18: Deep Down Under 
  • Before meeting with Dr. Runga, Shelby makes sure to adjust all the guys' outfits so that they don't embarrass her. This includes fixing Tyler's hair, pulling off Chase's cap, and getting mad at Koda for not wearing shoes.
  • When the rangers determine that the Plesiozord is north of them, they all run off...except for Koda, who goes the other way. Ivan reminds him that everything's reversed in New Zealand and North is the other way.
    Ivan: Don't worry. I'm still amazed the Earth isn't flat!
    Koda: Oh yes! Why they change that?
  • When the Plesiozord is awakened and begins to start up, Meteor high-tails it out of the cave it's in, smacking the other rangers out of the way as he does so.

     19: Wishing for a Hero 
  • Kendall's plan to find a ranger for the purple Energem to bond to: stage a construction accident risking her life and wait for somebody to rescue her. While she does get rescued several times, none of them are suitable matches - one of them gets distracted by how pretty the Energem is, another wants money for helping her, and the last guy just wanted to show off his muscles.
  • Riley scoffs at making wishes, saying he's not superstitious. Koda, on the other hand, is "super-squishiness".
  • Chase becomes a babbling mess when his wish comes true and a skater girl starts flirting with him.
    Girl: Is that a kiwi on your board?
    Chase: Wow. You really know your...birds.
  • As Wrench panics about Sledge letting Heckyl out of his cell, with Sledge saying that he's harmless.:
    Wrench: I know a few destroyed galaxies that would disagree!
    Sledge: Relax! We've all destroyed a galaxy or two.
    Wrench: Well...not all of us...
  • Ivan rescues a "damsel" from falling off a ladder at the Dino Bite...then kindly asks her to scrub the grill in the kitchen.
  • Koda's indigestion making him groan and lean all over Riley while the latter is trying to do research.
  • Somehow between Chase going off with his new girl and returning to the lair, the girl has broke both his heart...and his skateboard.

     Christmas Special: Race to Rescue Christmas 
  • During the Christmas dinner, Shelby goes from "I'm stuffed" to "Ooh, pie!" in the blink of an eye. Because there's always room for pie, you heathens!
    • Also, Koda eats an entire turkey leg offscreen in the time it takes for Kendall to suggest saving it for Chase.
  • When Chase hands out his presents to the team, if one looks closely, you'll see Koda's first instinct is to try and eat it.
  • The communicator sound goes off, and everyone immediately looks at Kendall who basically gives a Not Me This Time to the group.
  • Sledge's only appearance in the episode: wearing a Santa hat and shouting "Ho ho ho. Magna Beam!"
  • After spending an entire episode complaining that all the rangers were nice and she was naughty, Poisandra changes her mind.
    Chase: Poisandra! We've got a Christmas present for you!
    Poisandra: I don't deserve a present! I've been naughty, haven't I?
    *shoves Spikeball in front of her*
    Poisandra: Give it to him! Merry Christmas!
    *Poisandra, Wrench, and Curio run away while the Spikeball is left behind*

     20: One More Energem 
  • Upon Phillip's return,Koda excitedly punches the prince in the arm. Ivan gives Koda a stern look, clearly trying to remind him that that's no way to treat royalty. Philip, for his part, just has a "Ok, I've just been punched by a caveman!" expression on his face.
  • When Sledge is trying to fire the upgraded Magna Beam and it fails, he briefly slams his head into it three times in an attempt to get it to work.
  • When Poisandra finally gets fed up with Sledge as the ship is crashing and calls him a half-wit, he snaps that she should've figured that out after 65 million years.
  • The Vivic Tyler encounters while trying to escape the crashing ship freaks out and takes the last escape pod without hesitation.

Dino Super Charge

     1: When Evil Stirs 
  • Heckyl's first order after taking over Sledge's ship? Release the prisoners and bring everyone snacks.
  • Wrench tells a grieving Poisandra that there's snacks. "My heart is empty, but my tummy doesn't have to be".
  • This exchange, after Kendall reads the letter saying that Shelby is going to school for business:
    Ivan: Imagine that, Shelby studying to be a business woman!
    Koda: What is "business woman"?
    Ivan: I have no idea!
  • To demonstrate Ivan and Koda being overworked, Ivan reads an order they fast and as hammily as possible.
    Ivan: Four dino-burgers, three milkshakes, fries, fries, AND MORE FRIES! We simply can't keep up!
  • Heckyl trying to explain why he needs a job, having recently arrived from *long Beat*..."out of town".

     2: Forgive And Forget 
  • Heckyl starts the episode with wandering around the restaurant and being the most Evil Is Petty character since Gru.
  • Kendall goes complete Team Mom mode at Riley when he tries to use his Energem to win a arm-wrestling contest in the middle of work.
  • When Riley tries to use his Energem later to beat Bert at a climbing wall, he overdoes his jump and ends up in a tree.
  • After the team (minus Kendall and Riley) lose their memories:
    Tyler: (sees that he has 'RUN' written on his chest) Who is Nur?
    Tyler: (reading his driver's license) Does anyone know a Tyler... Na-ver-ro? Tyler? I have your wallet!
    • That scene also has Ivan trying to wrap his coat around Shelby's legs for some reason.
      • Fridge Brilliance: Ivan is from a time when it was considered highly improper for a woman to show skin, especially her legs. Since he's forgotten what time period he's in, he thinks she needs to cover up.

     3: Nightmare in Amber Beach 
  • Shelby's dad (played by James Gaylyn) steals every scene.
  • At one point he tosses a calculator to Koda, telling him to "Add this up." Koda starts mashing the buttons until, without even looking, Tyler plucks the calculator out of his hands and gives it to Riley. Qualifies as a Funny Background Event.
  • Tyler's childlike joy as he's totally sucked in by the offer of free ice-cream.
  • The rangers forcing themselves to stay awake in the base:
    • Tyler juggling, which Koda tries to imitate using rocks.
    • Koda playing video games with Chase, shoving the black ranger to keep him awake, and later on biting his controller as he's playing.
    • Ivan and Riley almost falling asleep on each other while sword training and then annoying Kendall by sparring right behind her as she works.
  • Heckyl's Oh, Crap! expression when Shelby holds him at gunpoint with dino morpher after putting two and two together. When she shoots the enchanted pillow, waking her teammates up, he gets nearly hysterical.

     4: A Date with Danger 
  • Chase getting electrocuted by Kendall and Shelby's device - twice!
  • Koda slyly revealing that Chase no longer tries to impress his dates with a push-up contest...because the last time he tried, the girl thoroughly stomped him.
  • The entire scene with Chase getting angry at the Black Ranger for stealing Kaylee right out from under him, as if they were two different people.
    Chase: I can't believe the Black Ranger would do this to me.
    Koda: But you are Black Ranger.
    Chase: Well, that makes it even worse. She dumped me for me!
    Ivan: It's terrible.
    Chase: I went behind my own back. I stole her from right under my own nose. And why is she so gaga over him?
  • The absurdity of Chase going on a date with Kaylee, while morphed!
  • When Shelby asks Chase an Armor-Piercing Question, his reaction is so Adorkable it's hard not to laugh.
    Shelby: Did you ever ask her what, um... She wanted to do?
    (Riley, Ivan and Koda are waiting for Chase's response - Koda, particularly, is nodding in anticipation)
    Chase: Well... (beat) No.
    Shelby: She clearly knows you like skateboarding. Do you have any idea what she is into?
    Chase: (nervously) I, uh... Was I... Was I... Was I supposed to ask?
    (Shelby just answers with a "well, duh!" nod, and the others react accordingly)

     5: Roar of the Red Ranger 
  • After Tyler comments that his dad said that crayons are good to use when outdoors, Koda chimes saying that they're also good to eat.
  • Fury calling Singe a "walking birthday cake".

     6: Forged under Fire 
  • Singe and Fury argue about the next plan. Fury waves his sword to make a point and Heckyl ducks just in time.
    Heckyl *pushes the sword away slowly* You need anger management lessons, Fury.
  • When James first arrives at the base he hasn't been completely filled on on who all the rangers are, resulting in some funny misunderstandings.
    • He praises Koda for making a near-authentic cave painting and asks if he studied at a university.
    • He calls Ivan's sword an excellent replica, causing the knight to proudly declare that it was a gift from King George himself.
    • And when the other's try to fill him in, he laughs it off.
    James: Next you're gonna tell me that this guy's the Prince of Zandar.
    Phillip: Indeed! Prince Phillip III, at your service!
  • At the end of the episode, after Singe and Fury have repeatedly messed up each other's plans, Heckyl locks them in a cell until they can work together. He basically gave them a time out.
    • Heckyl even calls them children for their infighting and Singe petulantly tries to claim that it's all Fury's fault.
  • Tyler showing off a selfie he took during the mission to repair his cracked Energem... in the centre of the Earth, while he was almost dying.

     7: Home Run Koda 
  • Koda tries sports. The problem? He's too strong for most of them. Even rugby!
    Chase: Rugby's the game for you, then, mate. It's New Zealand's favorite sport. (throws the ball to Koda) All you have to do is get to the end of the field with that ball.
    Ivan: (leading a line with the other Rangers) But you must get past us first, which is not going to happen.
    (Koda shrugs and charges. Next scene: Koda is still advancing, as the other Rangers, latched onto him, are being dragged across the field)
  • Ivan isn't too impressed with modern-day sports equipment.
    Ivan: I see no jousting poles, or darts... There's not a single greased pig!
  • Game Face complains that the reason he lost is because the Vivix are too weak. Cut to them gorging themselves on cupcakes.
    • Half of the episode is dedicated to Game Face and Wrench training the Vivix using lethal methods.
  • While the other rangers are nervous the first time Koda bats in his first game, Ivan isn't worried - he brought his lucky ram's horn. Which he then blows like a vuvuzela.

     8: Riches and Rags 
  • Ivan can't help but mock the shoddy construction of the suit of armour every time it's mentioned throughout the episode.
  • While Fury explains his plan to combine Spellbinder's magic and Gold Digger's coins, Heckyl is snacking on a tub of popcorn.
  • Spell Digger's Bad "Bad Acting" trying to lure the rangers into a trap, prompting Heckyl to kick him in the shin.
  • Kendall asks if Ivan can track down the missing Chase and Tyler.
    Ivan: Have I ever let you down, my lady?
    Kendall (glances at the armour Ivan ruined)
    Ivan: Okay, maybe once...
  • Ivan tries to withdraw a bar of gold at the Amber Beach Bank. When asked for identification, he presents his sword. It goes about as well as you expect.
    • When Phillip shows up at the end of the episode, he says that he was alerted to Ivan's situation after the police contacted him about the bank situation. When Kendall gets concerned about police involvement, Ivan quickly brushes it off as nothing.
  • Unable to get any money, Ivan tries to pledge his services as a knight to Mr. Smith and swears to protect him for the rest of his life, with every other Sunday off. Mr. Smith scoffs at that, since his secretary can protect him perfectly well. Said secretary has inch-long claws and attacks while making cat noises.
  • Kendall figures out that Spelldigger's coins make people greedy, after studying one of the many that Tyler and Chase dragged back to the museum. Cut to them talking about how bad it would be if they had been effected by them... as they huddle around their piles of coins while shooting each other dirty looks.
  • Fury catches Singe talking to his mysterious boss. Singe claims he's talking to his "sweet grandmama"
    Fury: You call your grandmama "sir"?
    Singe: Uhhh...sometimes.
    • The sheer thought of the two of them saying "grandmama" is also pretty hilarious, especially with how Fury pronounces it.
  • The idea that even though he was presumed dead rescuing the prince, the kings of Zandar never bothered to foreclose Ivan's gold bar for 800 years! You'd think after all this time....
  • Ivan and Mr. Smith get into a fight over who can be more generous, which involves the two of them angrily shoving the check into various places on the other's outfits, culminating with Ivan sticking it under Smith's hat - and Smith handing it to his secretary, who proceeds to chase Ivan around the cafe trying to give it to him.

     9: Besties 4 Eva! 
  • The entire plot of the episode is kicked off because of cinnamon cookies.
    • As epitomized by this gem of a line:
    "You destroyed my cinnamon! Now I'll destroy YOU!"
    • The cookies that Halfbake makes for Heckyl are decorated to look like the Rangers and it's rather funny that he eats them by biting off the heads first.
    • Heckyl is offended that the cookies have no cinnamon in them and that a Spikeball that was sent to steal more had been blown up, immediately planning to send another one off to go get some.
  • When Halfbake gets enlarged as the rangers are trying to escape.
    Tyler: Hold up guys! Looks like we've got a big problem! Heehee, get it?

     10: Gone Fishin'  
  • Chase's bad luck strikes again: over the course of the episode he ends up catching several boots, a license plate, a small campfire stove, and a bicycle wheel and then his "lucky hat" gets pulled off his head when Matt casts his rod.
    • At the end of the episode he proudly proclaims that he'll be hanging his biggest catch of the day on his wall. He then reveals a boot and proudly proclaims "size 14 wide"!
  • Ivan balks at the tiny fish that the others are catching on their trip, claiming that in his day fish were so large they could swallow entire ships. Tyler corrects him and tells him they're fishing for trout, not whales.
  • Chase and Shelby accidentally eat some of the worms being used as bait, mistaking them for noodles.
  • When Riley and Matt start arguing over fishing for fun or competition, poor Koda happens to be right there and the look on his face as he slowly backs away from them is priceless.

     11: Love at First Fight 
  • Poisandra turning an ordinary Vivix into some kind of Joan Rivers impersonator at the beginning kind of sets the tone for the rest of the episode.
    • Heckyl quite bluntly stating that Beauticruel is still hideous after Poisandra's makeover.
  • For a brief moment when Beauticruel says that one of the male rangers will be her boyfriend, you briefly see Koda almost raises his hand to volunteer. Either Koda's attracted to her...somehow, or he misunderstood the question.
  • Chase's ridiculously hammy battle cry as he charges at Poisandra.
  • Chase's continued excuse of helping his friend's sick fish, Bubbles, in order to get away from Kaylee to do his ranger duties. Including one scene where he says the fish has a bad fin and just swims in circles, miming out just that in front of her.
  • Britney, while trapped in Beauticruel's body, gets snuck into the museum underneath an old ghost costume, and when Phillip examines her she gives an awkward wave.
    Phillip: Well, that's a new look.
  • Chase has to charm Beauticruel into thinking that he'd be more attracted to her original body. Thus we get Chase telling her that her ideal woman has blonde hair, huge lips, and eyes? Who needs 'em!

     12: Catching Some Rays 
  • The monster Leisure has turned half the world into wanting to vacation, including 5 of the rangers. So, Curio and Poisandra try and join them to steal their Energems. Unfortunately, the rays turn the rangers party happy, so any time they try to steal the gems, they get pulled away.
    • By the end of the montage, Poisandra comments, "After we get an Energem, I need a vacation from this vacation!"
  • When Fury and Loafer show up to attack the rangers, Ivan goads Fury into attacking him and effortlessly dodges out of the way of the monster's attacks, insulting his skills while doing so.
    • In that same scene, Loafer shoots at Riley and just barely misses him. Riley glances at the explosion caused behind him, gives a smile and just comments "Cool" at the attempt.
  • The insert of the adbreak here is perfect:
    Fury: You won't think it's so cool when I destroy you!
    Fury: (to Koda) Your friends escaped when they were playing hide-and-seek!
  • While everyone is taking a vacation at the cafe and ordering beach food, G-ma Betty tries to serve them oatmeal. Because it's healthy, and sticks to your ribs.
  • When Koda fights Fury, the rangers find them and morph. Koda thinks they're going to help, but they just run past him and start dancing a hula, compete with grass skirts and leis over their ranger outfits.
  • Poisandra and Curio were planning on vacationing in Hawaii, but due to their failure to get any Energems, Heckyl instead gives their tickets to the Vivix who squeal in delight and give the two their cleaning supplies.
    • Then Poisandra and Curio pass out, most likely exhausted from running around after the rangers all day.

     13: Recipe for Disaster 
  • Chase's bad luck rears its ugly head again, with his "explosive" pavlova blowing up in the face of a food critic who happened to stop by at the Dino Bite Cafe.
  • The food critic can not eat the promised pavlova cake, so she eats the scene.

     14: Silver Secret 
  • Koda interrupting a moment between Shelby and Tyler, complete with Record Scratch.
  • Tyler and Shelby's Bad "Bad Acting" as they try to fool an eavesdropping Doomwing. Also involves Kendall pulling absolutely massive cue cards out of nowhere.
    Tyler: SHELBY. I AM GOING AFTER DOOMWING. HE'S GOT TO BE NEAR... *Kendall flips over the card* ...MCCADEN FOREST.

     Halloween Special: Trick or Trial 
  • The rangers being on trial for destroying monsters...
  • The many many law related puns.
  • Ivan quotes Shakespeare. The 'What the hell' face of Miss Morgan sells it.
    • Even funnier when you realise that, if the show is set in 2015 (the year of broadcast), Ivan could not have met Shakespeare at all due to be trapped in Fury 349 years before Shakespeare was born. So... has Ivan been studying Shakespeare, one wonders?

     15: Wings of Danger 
  • The rangers' exasperation at having to defeat all the newly-resurrected monsters. Tyler complains about having to fight Stingrage, Iceage, and Meteor a fourth time, and after all the monsters are finished:
    Rangers: Monsters Extinct!...Again!

     16: Freaky Fightday 
  • After the rangers were switched they change into correct clothes. Tyler in Shelby's body fits into his clothes pretty easily. Shelby in Tyler's body... not so much.
    • When everyone is back in their own bodies, Shelby is upset that her hoodie now stretched out. Proclaiming that the monsters owe her a new one, even though it's her own fault since she decided to wear it in the first place.
  • Ivan's usual antics looks doubly funny (and odd) while he is in Riley's body.
  • Ivan is incredibly flustered in realising that he had fathered a child 800 years ago and is now meeting his own descendant, especially as it's implied that the child he fathered was illegitimate.
    • When he goes to find Zack later in the episode he refers to him as his "Great-Great-blah-blah-blah-blah Grandson".

     17: Worgworld 
  • When Worg is in the kitchen, Ivan at first mistakes him for Koda. When Koda pops up from beside Worg, the knight gives the funniest high-pitched scream.
  • Just the fact that whoever built an animatronic caveman for a museum would think of installing an attack command.
    Ivan: Worg almost gave me a heart attack!
    Koda: NO! Not say 'attack'!
  • And from the way Koda behaves around it, it's approaching Remember the New Guy? level.

     18: The Rangers Rock! 
  • Sledge reveals he was traveling around the globe during his absence, making Poisandra upset due to many sleepless nights she had while he was "on vacation". He claims he had a miserable time, but the flashbacks reveal quite the opposite, including:
  • Sledge's left shoulder rocket still doesn't work properly. You can see his frustration when he has to do Percussive Maintenance.
  • While Zenowing and Shelby are having a serious discussion on the possibility of creating a new Zord, the boys, meanwhile, are having a Pavlova eating contest (without using the hands) that Ivan and Riley are commentating on. Koda, naturally, wins and accidentally gets whipped cream on Kendall.

     19: The Edge of Extinction 
  • Heckyl appears in the Dino Bite restaurant to eat a meal. Just that. He is sure that noone can stop Sledge and so destruction is imminent. He wants to savor the last day of his life and tells the rangers to do the same. Following montage shows him bungee jumping, rafting, sky diving, riding a rollercoaster and eating candy floss. All while the rangers are busy saving the world.
    • Really, Heckyl in the cafe becomes funnier the more you think about it: he walks right on in, proceeds to order and eat what seems to be everything on the menu and has room for dessert afterwards, and then promptly leaves. Remembering that he was camping out in the woods the episode before this, it's unlikely he had any money on him so he was able to pull off a major dine-and-dash while the Rangers were too distracted to stop him!
  • Poisandra really took wedding planning seriously in setting up a chapel in one of the ship's rooms. The funny part though is that she got Sledge to dress in a white suit that looks ridiculous on him, and had Wrench wear a tiny top hat.
  • Two words: DUNGEON RAT! (skip to 0:29)
    • Just the fact that Fury is reporting the loss of all the Greenzillas, and still has time for a Double Take at this.
  • Snide outsmarting himself, causing his doom and the loss of the Dark Energem.
  • The fact that the finishing roar for Spino Charge Megazord is the Howie Scream of all things.
    • Well, there is a reboot movie of Power Rangers.

     20: End of Extinction 
  • While fighting against Sledge 65 million years in the past, he claims he's going to show the Rangers something they haven't seen before. Tyler, sounding annoyed, chimes in "Let me guess, Magna Beam?" which temporarily derails Sledge calling out for it, with a Record Scratch too, to have him confusedly ask how they know about that.
  • The rangers defeat Sledge by tying him to his ship and sending it into the sun, which is exactly the fate he threatened Heckyl with in "Wishing for a Hero". Extra points for Heckyl executing this part of the plan himself.
  • Just the way they confirm that they're back in the right time.
    • The overjoyed look on his face really sells it.

     Christmas Special: Here Comes Heximas 
  • "Ah, Christmas. The best season for time travel."
  • Tyler, Shelby, Chase, and Riley hamming it up as evil elves.
  • Establishing shots of the Dinosaur Zoo show the T-Rex wearing a Santa hat, while the Brontosaurus is decked out in reindeer antlers and a red nose. The latter actually seems pretty pleased.
  • Slightly meta example, but as the group enthusiastically responds to Santa's appearance, we get a hilariously mundane shot of Prince Phillip murmuring "Santa..." with a deadpan look, as if he and Santa were somehow mortal enemies.
  • At one point a group of them are hiding in Heximas' warehouse, when they have to duck down behind the crates to avoid notice by Vivecs. Everyone does this except Ivan who hides behind a box... which the Vivec then grabs and moves, and Ivan has to quickly duck down to avoid notice with the most hilarious expression.


  • Kyoryu Blue was a 32-year old man who made old man jokes (i.e. bad puns). Dino Charge Blue is a 100,000 year old caveman.
  • The casting script. Oh God, the casting script.
  • As mentioned in the entry for World Famous (in New Zealand), James had been out of the country for so long that the other actors knew more about New Zealand tourist sites than he did. It came to a head when Michael Taber asked him if there were any good local places to grab breakfast, and James suggested Denny's.note 
  • Despite being one of the youngest cast members, Claire Blackwelder assumed the same Team Mom role that her character Kendall did behind the scenes. Which includes correcting her cast mates' grammar, reminding them to eat their green vegetables, and teaching them vocal warmups.
  • This picture from Camille's Instagram is a heartwarming moment, but then you notice Brennan and Yoshi having a handstand competition in the background, with James seemingly judging them.
  • Jarred Blakiston's (Prince Phillip) various excuses as to why his character hasn't shown up after the end of the first episode of Dino Super Charge.
  • The return of bloopers!
  • Brennan testing who is more flexible: him or his action figure?