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  • I know this is probably just Rule of Funny but...if Koda's been alive for the past 100,000 years, shouldn't he have learned better English by now?
    • It's possible he was cut off from civilization for most of that time, and only got to actually learning English in this time, making due with grunts, or some other language like Mesopotamian in the interim. Or, it could be like those Fish out of Water movies where he was frozen and unable to learn for thousands of years and only recently got thawed to learn English.
    • "Return of the Caveman" hints at, and then "Breaking Black" confirms, the "frozen for thousands of years" theory.
  • So was Sledge's ship in some kind of stasis in the eons he was away? Because otherwise, that would mean not only is Sledge immortal, so are his minions and every single prisoner in the brig. Maybe being made of rubber and plastic means you don't age...
    • We will probably get an explanation as to why Sledge and co. were able to live for 65 million years somewhere down the road, but until then, here is one possible theory: (and if it belongs in WMG so be it) When the bomb went off, the damage to the ship caused everyone inside to be cryofrozen as a safety measure, and a distress beacon was probably activated. If the force of the explosion then sends the ship hurtling out of the Solar System and out towards galactic space, then it stands to reason it was affected by the gravitational fields of different stars. 65my later, and he is halfway across the galaxy when, by chance his cryostasis fails and he is revived. He makes repairs on the ship in space, before waiting for several comets to hurl him back across the galaxy as his fuel reserves are depleted. Finally, he manages to get a lift on a comet heading towards the Solar System after years of waiting, and is back to claim the Energems.
      • No wonder he's so cranky...
      • Also it appears not ALL the prisoner survived since Wrench used spare monster parts to make Curio.
      • Also, half the series in this franchise have the villains be leftovers from a three-thousand or ten-thousand year old conflict returned to wreak havoc. While it's a far cry from 65 million, that does mean it wouldn't be out of character for this show for the explanation to be that yes, aliens do just live that long and humans suck.
  • Why do the Rangers have to take back the Ptera Charger from Fury? Couldn't they just make another charger, especially when they already have the Gold Energem?
    • If Fury has a working Ptera Charger, he can still summon and control the Ptera Zord. The Rangers are right to want to ensure he's cut off from all access to it.
  • In When Logic Fails, why didn't the rangers just morph and try to punch their way out of the maze? I know they were stuck in an infinite loop, but why didn't they try to punch their way out? (I'm not counting the suits as a way to stay warm, as Power Rangers Dino Thunder established in a filler that ranger suits don't protect them from extreme temperatures.)
    • Gets worse in "Forged Under Fire", where it's explicitly stated and seen that the Dino Charge suits protect them from extreme temperatures. Possibly, the Rangers just didn't know at that point.
  • Meta headscratcher. Is it just me, or is Judd (chip) Lynn being a bit of a control freak on Dino Charge? I don't deny the quality of the writing is great, but when he's gotten writing credits on all of the first season's episodes whether alone or with other writers, doesn't that seem like a bit much? Shouldn't he be giving some of his workload to other writers by now?
    • If this is the result when he's at the wheel, let's hope he never does let it go!
      • With the severe Downturn in Writing quality in the second half for the season (or "Dino Supercharge" for those that Dignift the mid-season rename) that can mostly be accredited to Becca Barnes becoming a more active writer in the show...It may just be he needs otehr competent writers for th show to not suck
  • Okay, Fury's fuzzy collar thing. Why does Ivan make it go away? There seems to be no in-universe reason for it, but in flashbacks, he has it in the past, then absorbs Ivan... in the next shot it's gone, without any acknowledgement of it. Then, he never has it during the early part of the season, until he loses Ivan. When he returns to the ship in the next episode, his fuzzy thing is back. So, what does Ivan have to do with the fuzzy thing? Yes, I know it was pretty much the same in Kyoryuger, but Utchy's anti-fuzzy-thing properties didn't get explained either that I know of...
  • So after becoming a ranger, Phillip states that he has to return to Zandar and he's taking the Graphite Energem with him, but he'll let the other rangers use the Pachyzord as needed. Question: How are the rangers going to use the zord without the Energem to power the Pachy Chargers?
    • Perhaps he 'arranges' for business trips from Zandar to Amber Beach, considering all the donations he made; and thus can return to the rangers every so often to recharge and help out, as a part time ranger.
  • In "World Famous", how come UFO sightings are still considered fringe rather than front page news? You'd think that after 2 alien invasions, the Power Rangers being public service people and all the monster attacks, something like that wouldn't be considered suspicious or "loony" anymore.
    • Everyone on earth has become the 3rd dumbest person in Power Rangers?
    • Maybe it's become so common that people have started taking advantage of it for attention. Most UFO sightings would still be fake. Just like how governments often do questionable things but we still think most conspiracies about the government doing evil things are "loony".
  • In "No Matter How You Slice it" Shearfear is unable to break Koda's bond with the rest of the Rangers because he sees them as family, right? Then how was he able to break Shelby's bond with Tyler when at this point she clearly sees him as something more than a friend?
    • Because she won't admit it. Koda is very open about his love for the others. I think since Shelby's in a bit of denial, her bond was still fragile.
    • It could also be that everyones feelings aside from Koda's are a little more complex while Koda is pretty simple minded. He doesn't over think his relationships with the others like Shelby would.
  • So, is Heckel that tentacle monster we saw in previous episodes? Or are there 2 solitary monsters?
    • Most likely there's two (or even more) solitary cells on a different decks - one for Heckyl and one for that hentai-tentacle monster.
    • I believe it was shown that the Hentai-tentacle was a part of Snide that wasn't used too often.
  • Why doesn't Poisandra use Santa's naughty/nice machine to look up Kendall to find the location of the Rangers' base? Poisandra knows who she is, knows what her relationship to the Rangers is, and even overheard a conversation between Kendall and the Rangers in which the base was explicitly mentioned (all stemming from Kendall venturing out to fix the Ankylozord in "Let Sleeping Zords Lie"). If anyone's record would show the location of the Rangers' base, it's Kendall, because she's in the base all the damn time!
    • That's the whole point. Kendall is always in the base most of the time. They don't care for what the inside of the base looks like, they want to know the entry point. If they looked up Kendall, they probably would get footage of her inside the base all the time. note 
      • They probably needed her name in order to search her and as far as I know none of the villains know her name.
      • Poisandra definitely does, because in the conversation she overhears, she's called both "Miss Morgan" and "Kendall".
  • What in the world was Fury doing during One More Energem? Most of Sledge's crew is doing different things over the course of the episode, but Fury is just kinda...there. Why wasn't he, I dunno, attacking the stowaways or something?
    • He was probably in another part of the ship. Sledge's ship looks pretty big. He probably kept just missing them.
  • One More Energem has a plot hole regarding morphing: When Tyler doesn't have his Energem, how is he able to use his gun later in the episode before he recovers it? Since the gun/Energem combination functions as his morpher.
    • The Energem isn't required if Tyler has charged Dino Chargers. There would only be a limit on how much power he would have available, and he didn't overdo it. (In theory, the Rangers don't need to carry the Energems out into the field - I imagine they do it just in case the base gets compromised or if they need more power than three Dino Chargers can provide.)
    • Losing the Energem may have severed Tyler's bond to the Morphing Grid, since obtaining the Energem did allow him to morph originally.
  • How did Heckyl survive the ship crashing, and no one else? Was it because he was in Solitary Confinement? Is Snide's armor really strong? I'm just assuming that it's because the writers said so.
    • How do you know nobody else survived the crash? For all we know, everyone else was thrown clear of the ship, or already left it by the time Heckyl got out. The truth is we don't even know if Sledge and crew are actually dead. All we saw was that the bridge was empty. That could easily mean they were trying to get clear of the wreckage, and we're just waiting on them to reappear next season. We just have to wait and see. It would also give them plenty of justification for sending out monsters again if the remaining prisoners escaped, and both Sledge and the Rangers had to defeat them out in the open.
  • The placement of the Christmas Episode is a bit odd, since it has a background shot of the Purple Energem, but in the season finale, Sledge's ship crashed on Earth. So how was Sledge able to use the Magna Beam if he was crashed on Earth?
    • Best guess is that the Christmas episode is set between Deep Down Under and Wishing for a Hero. Sledge's ship hasn't been destroyed yet, but the Rangers have the Purple Energem at the base.
    • I agree with this placement. There are some who would argue differently because the episode uses a clip from Wishing for a Hero (Ivan rescuing his "damsel in distress"), but the counter-argument for that is this: We've already seen that they have the ability to alter shots as quickly as between the primary airing and re-airing (for the episode early in the season when they errantly showed a Dino Charger with a Sentai name). They easily could have edited in the clip to try and draw attention away from its misplacement in the airing schedule, but they couldn't have re-shot an original scene to do the same.
  • How in the world did Sledge seem to die in the crash, and it seems that literally nobody else did? I mean, even people in the same part of the ship as him survived, the electronics were ok, but he wasn't???? What's up with that?
    • He did survive. He just went into hiding.
  • On a related note, how come Fury was so quick to become Heckyl's number 2? He wanted respect from Sledge, so how come he fell in with a criminal?
    • It's very possible Fury saw how Heckyl treated that monster who wanted to leave and is simply biding his time for the right moment, especially with Never Found the Body likely meaning that Sledge is still alive somewhere.
  • At the end of "When Evil Stirs," Prince Phillip appears again tow work with the Rangers. There have now been three additional Dino Super Charge episodes since, and he hasn't appeared or even been mentioned since. Why in the world is that? Why haven't they even mentioned him?
    • By the time he appeared in that episode, he was too late to be of any help as it was. It's highly likely that the rangers filled him in on the current situation so he'd know what was going on, then he returned back to his usual duties as prince and the rangers have not needed his help since, and likely won't unless the situation is so dire that they have no choice but to call him away from his duties.
  • If Zandar is a still existing country, why were its treasures being toured around in American museums? They can't have been on loan, otherwise Phillip wouldn't have angrily snatched them all away.
    • Considering Zandar's long history, it was inevitable that some, if not all, of its treasures were stolen or lost at some point in the past and were being passed around through auctions and antique dealers. Phillip, presumably since the start of his duties as the prince, has made it his mission to recover his kingdom's lost treasures. But then, there are shady dealers who will butt heads even with royalty for personal gain.
    • It's also possible that the treasures were legitimately on loan...until Phillip heard about the "Prince and Princess of Zandar" showing off the Stone, presumably as a cheap publicity stunt for the museum. International incidents have been made of less.
  • The Plesiozord was sick and dying because it had been awake for a year without coming in contact with the purple Energem. How come the Ankylozord was perfectly fine without contact with its own Energem for the past decade?
    • There's been quite a bit of inconsistency with all of the auxiliary zords really. But perhaps it can all be explained by assuming that a zord doesn't necessarily need an Energem to charge it up specifically. Maybe any energy source will do in a pinch. For example, Fury was able to control the Pterazord by powering up the Charger with Ivan's life force, not with the gold Energem. Also, the rangers are able to use the Pachyzord whenever they want, even though Phillip is often away in Zandar (with the graphite Energem in his possession). And then the Silver Ranger warns them that the Titanozord has been separated from the silver Energem for too long, but Kendall is able to save it by making a Titanocharger for it. Perhaps any Dino Charger can be power up with any Energem? So for example, Kendall may have used her own Energem to power the Titanocharger? And by extension, perhaps the Ankylozord and Pachyzord have their Chargers powered by one of the other Energems whenever James and Phillip aren't around?
  • So in order to revive a monster, you typically need some of their remains. So how in the world did Wrench keep getting material to revive monsters near the end of the season? I mean, monsters like Scrapper and Lockup hadn't been around in a long time. How did they have bits of their DNA around for so long but not use them?
    • Sledge's crew has been hit hard with setback after setback at the hands of the rangers, so they have been saving their best-laid plans for last. Wrench, for instance, was quickly yet haphazardly gathering the monsters' remains, even if the results of the monster revival would be less than spectacular (i.e. revived monsters are not capable of speech unlike their previous lives).
  • So, um, where did Poisandra get her heart ax? Out of universe, her sentai counterpart did have one, but in her first couple appearances in universe, she didn't have it, and generally tried to stay away from combat, so is there a good in universe reason how she got it?
    • For all we know it could have been in a storage room on Sledge's ship or something.
  • In the last episode, Heximas mentions being able to "grow" Vivix, and this was after a majority of Sledge's hosts were killed. So... what are Vivix then that you can just "grow" them?
    • 65 million years is more than enough for Heximas to cultivate Vivix of his own. Heximas himself could've swiped some Vivix DNA before Sledge and company were perished; and during that long time, he had gone into hiding, making shady deals with evil scientists in order to learn to create artificial lifeforms.
  • So if Sledge was destroyed before Keeper bonded the Energems to dinosaurs, then how would the rangers still have their power in the present? For that matter, how would they have their Zords in the present, since the Zenowing from the past wouldn't have needed to build them to protect the energems?
    • The ultimate power of the Energems was paradox-free time travel? The rangers were shown in the past with their powers, so that's not new, and it's possible that Xenowing's created the Zords anyway, just in case.
      • Also, It could also be a case of a Stable Time Loop or a Self-Fulfilling Prophecy. If you remember, Xenowing was sent into the past to help Heckyl protect the Dark Energem. It's possible he then built the Zords on Earth because he realized that history needed him to.
  • Talking about how the Rangers had their powers before they even had a chance to exist how on earth did Tyler get T-Rex Super Charge Mode to work in the battle? They only took the Pterazord and Plesiozord back into the past as far as we saw, so 'Rexie' shouldn't be around to be shrunk and form the power surely... unless in the back of the Plesio was a tiny baby zord just in case???

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