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Awesome Music / Power Rangers Dino Charge

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  • The theme song. It evokes an ancient feeling fitting for the dinosaur motif. It also gets points for not (entirely) being another "Go Go Power Rangers" cover. Now with a full version! The opening is also visibly awesome, as the fast-paced cuts make you amped up for the show. A good note to place is during the final "POWER RANGERS!" chant where they actually cut different parts of the roll call to make background changes seamless while they do the pose. For another, Keep your eye out for another cool bit of audio/visual timing. Of special note is the lyric "Go, go Power Rangers/Don't you ever stop!" that really helps to convey the resiliency of the show and the fan's love for it.
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  • PelleK, the man who did a full all-seasons compilation, did a metalized cover, and it. Is. Epic.
  • The instrumental theme played during morphing has a really epic feel to it.
  • The Nzed Boys song that features as a Running Gag through the season is catchier than it has any right to be.
  • The theme music used for special power-ups from Super Dino Charge onwards is stupendous. Never officially released, but heard a number of times when Tyler first used T-Rex Supercharge Mode.


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