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  • Acting for Two:
    • Wrench and Curio are both voiced by Estevez Gillespie.
    • Ivan and his descendant Zach are both portrayed by Davi Santos.
  • Fan Nickname: The opposite of last year's (Super) Megafail is Dino Hope.
  • I Knew It!: Anyone either familiar with the source material or watched the franchise long enough knew that Ivan was trapped inside Fury. It's not unprecedented either.
    • On the subject of Ivan, quite a few predicted that he would be a medieval knight since in the source material, his Sentai counterpart was a samurai.
    • Kendall becoming the Purple Ranger after Albert's tenure. Kyoryuger, the casting sides that Saban Brands released, or the color of the glasses were dead giveaways. That and she was Mission Control. Cam Watanabe set the precedent that those behind the scenes could wind up on the front lines.
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    • Quite a few predicted Tyler's dad, James becoming the Aqua Ranger. The big giveaway was the scene where James gets crushed by the boulders in the flashback scene of A Date with Danger, since when he got crushed, a bright aqua light emerges from the rocks that crushed him, indicating he bonds himself with the aqua energem.
    • A lot of theories surrounding season 2 suggested that Sledge wasn't killed in the crash, and that he would be the Greater-Scope Villain of season 2. Sledge's survival was confirmed via the synopsis for the episode Worgworld.
    • One popular theory, thanks to the ending of Super Dino Charge, was that much like RPM, Dino Charge took place in an alternate dimension from the main dimension. Sure enough, come next season, that gets confirmed.
  • Irony as She Is Cast: Brennan Mejia, who plays Tyler the Red Ranger, is red-green colourblind.
  • Name's the Same:
    • Kendall shares her first name with Danny's love interest in two episodes of Power Rangers Wild Force. Her name is very similar to Kendrix Morgan, the first Lost Galaxy Pink Ranger who was also a Hot Scientist. An interview with Judd Lynn, however, says that the two are unrelated and that he didn't realize the similarity until he was told.
    • Ivan shares his with the main villain from Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: The Movie.
    • Power Rangers in Space also had an episode titled "A Date with Danger" (the one where Zhane and Astronema go on a date).
      • In Space also had an episode called "The Silver Secret", another Zhane-focused episode.
    • Hilariously, Disney may no longer own the franchise, but they have a Moana.
  • Not His Sled: Tyler's father being the Aqua Ranger instead of Silver like his Kyoryuger counterpart.
  • Old Shame:
    • Michael Taber (Riley) considers his time on the show as this; saying at a convention in 2017 that while he appreciated the opportunities this show gave him, he discovered that he would rather be behind the camera instead. Conflictingly, in a now deleted Tweet (which Taber admitted to writing while drunk) from just before that convention appearance, he called his time with the show "horrible".
    • Camille Hyde (Shelby) seems to have completely distanced herself from the show, deleting anything Power Rangers related from her social media accounts and not showing up for Power Morphicon 2018 with no explanation even though she was announced months ahead of the event to be attending.
  • Promoted Fanboy: Aside from Yoshi above, there's Michael Taber (Green Ranger) — he's a longtime fan of Power Rangers and even went as Magna Defender for Halloween as a child!
  • Real-Life Relative:
    • In addition to José Luis Orozco voicing Keeper in the Latin American Spanish dub, all of his children have major roles in that dub. Luis Fernando voices Chase the Black Ranger, Andrea voices Shelby the Pink Ranger and Alejandro voices Sir Ivan the Gold Ranger.
    • Jessica Ángeles, the Latin American Spanish voice actress for Kendall Morgan, is the niece of Koda's LA voice actor, Luis Daniel Ramírez.
  • Short Run in Peru: Brazil is getting the Supercharge episodes - and the spoilers contained therein - three weeks ahead of broadcast in the USA. In Australia, the episodes air one week earlier.
  • Teasing Creator: Before the Aqua Ranger's official debut, scattered throughout the season were various minor characters with cyan motifsnote 
  • Prop Recycling: Several of the monsters in Sledge´s prison appeared somewhere in the past seasons. One of the most obvious is Necrolai/Vancuria (difference unclear) in Wishing For a Hero as she is visible all the while Heckyl clashes with Sledge.
    • The retreating monster Heckyl kills in When Evil Stirs has the head of Dumbbell Bot from RPM
  • Too Soon: "Forgive & Forget", in which Amber Beach's water supply was contaminated by an amnesia-inducing venom, aired as Flint, Michigan’s major water crisis, in which its supply was poisoned with lead, first grabbed national headlines.
  • Tuckerization: "True Black" involves a boyband called the N-Zed Boys who, fittingly are from New Zealand - where the show is filmed.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Early casting calls show that Riley was originally named Ryan, Tyler was originally called Lucas, and that Kendall was going to be called Kiera. All three were changed due to being previously used.
    • Riley's brother Matt was originally the Graphite (then called Gray) Ranger, rather than Prince Phillip.
    • Early in the show, the Dino Charge morpher was hacked and one of the voice clips was for a Talon Ranger, many assumed that the Deathryuger/Kyoryu Navy suit was going to appear in the show as that Ranger and Heckyl was hinted at obtaining those powers. It's been theorized that the reason this fell through is because production was unable to get the rights to the suit (things that appear only in Sentai movies have to negotiated separately unless they happen to appear in-show, like with the Spinozord which happened to be Deathryuger's Zord) or they didn't have the budget for it having spent it getting the rights to Snide's suit which was also movie exclusive.
      • The suit did end up showing up in an unexpected way: as part of a new team of Rangers in the comic following the events of Shattered Grid, unsurprisingly wielded by Heckyl.
    • For a while, it was speculated that Saban might attempt at adapting Kyoryuger vs Gobusters, due to using Snide's suit (which comes from that movie), suggesting that Saban had the rights to the footage, as well as the fact that it featured the sentai counterparts of 2 of the most popular Ranger teams, Mighty Morphin and Dino Thunder. However, nothing came of that.
      • Some possible reasons include the lack of any footage of the sentai counterparts of Tommy Oliver (who was a member of both Mighty Morphin and Dino Thundernote ), or the fact that it included the (at the time) unadapted Gobusters, although the most likely reason why the special wasn't adapted was Dino Charge takes place in an alternate dimension to the main timeline.
  • Younger Than They Look: Claire Blackwelder, who plays mentor and Team Mom Kendall, is actually the third youngest cast member.

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