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  • Cast the Runner-Up: Orion's actor, Cameron Jebo, originally tried out for the part of Troy.
  • Channel Hop: A couple in the UK:
    • On digital satellite, Nickelodeon chose to have Megaforce premiere on Nicktoons, rather than the main Nickelodeon channel.
    • Starting with Super Megaforce, the show now premieres on the channel Pop. Its sister channel Kix (now named Pop Max) had previously aired older seasons of Power Rangers.
  • Creator Backlash: Cameron Jebo (Silver Ranger Orion) has stated some of his negative feelings towards the season on Twitter - namely, he points out how Orion is barely there, and the show's writing issues.
  • Creator's Apathy:
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  • Dawson Casting: Not a single actor whose age is known is an actual teenager; Ciara Hanna (Gia) and John Loudermilk (Noah) are 21, Andrew Gray (Troy) is 25, and Christina Masterson (Emma) is 23. Azim Rizk (Jake) is 23, but he's the only one who looks like he could pass for a teenager.
  • Development Gag: Mr. Burley is named after Lee Burley, aka DarkBlaze, a longtime fan and member of the show's "Power Force" (a group of fans who function as combination consultants/street team.) Confirmed by him on Twitter during the premiere.
  • Executive Meddling: A large amount of the problems this show faced can ultimately be traced back to this - the writers recognized that Goseiger, the first show to be adapted, was largely considered a dull show, and wanted to get to the elements in the much more desirable Gokaiger. However, Saban's contract with Toei strictly forbade them from outright skipping Goseiger (which became extremely ironic given what happened in the next series)note , and producer Jonathan Tzachor forbade the writers from expanding upon the characters, and outright rejected many of the ideas listed below in What Could Have Beennote . The decision to adapt Gokaiger in the second half as opposed to stretching Goseiger out over 2 years (like what happened in Samurai, and what would happen in Dino Charge and Ninja Steel) and adapting Gokaiger separately was made so that Saban could catch up with Sentainote . Of course, this was somewhat problematic - aside from the fact that not all of the Goseiger plot threads that had been adapted into Megaforce had been resolved (hence the reason why midway through Super Megaforce, they go back to using Goseiger footage to resolve the plot revolving Robo Knight and Vrak, despite the fact that the season had pretty much abandoned using Goseiger footage in favor of Gokaiger footage at that point), tone-wise, Goseiger and Gokaiger were two vastly different series, the core 5 didn't use the same colors, resulting in one of the rangers (Jake) changing color (going from a black ranger in Megaforce to a green ranger in Super Megaforce) when the footage changednote , and the apparent need to burn up as much sentai footage as possiblenote .
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  • Fandom Nod: The main five dressing as Ranger-civilians at San Diego Comic-Con in 2014.
  • Fan Nickname:
    • Tensou is being referred to as "WALL•E" or Johnny 5 by quite a number of fans, along with some people calling Gosei "Olmec".
    • RoboCop Knight for Robo Knight due to having similar voices and mannerisms.
    • "Cameo Rangers" for the group of actors that came back to, at the very least, show up during part of the Mega War.
    • Some fans referred Super Megaforce as "Goseikaiger".
    • Some fans refer to the Dairanger mode as Power Rangers New Powers for Gosei simply referring to them as New Powers and Gia saying "Bring on the new powers!" this ceased when the show started calling them Squadron mode. This led some fans to snark about how New Powers as if it was a real season, complete with Nostalgia Thread.
    • For the series itself: Super Megafarce, Super Megafail, the #ShowThatCouldHaveBeen and #theSeasonofNoExplanations
  • God Never Said That: Does Bigs have a powerup called "Ultra Scmultra" [sic]? No, it was actually an error made by FANDOM. In reality, that was actually an insult Bigs made, and the mispelling came from a Morphin Legacy video title.
  • Marth Debuted in "Smash Bros.": The series marks the first appearance of the Gosei Sentai Dairanger, Hikari Sentai Maskman, Choushinsei Flashman, Dengeki Sentai Changeman and Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman suits; more precisely: the core Dairanger team outside of the White Ranger, Yellow Mask, Blue Mask, Green Flash, Pink Flash, Five Yellow and the entire Changeman team. Averted in countries such as Brazil and France where some of those shows aired previously.
  • Milestone Celebration:
    • The series is commemorating the 20th anniversary of the Power Rangers franchise. Thus, there are several references to all seasons, such as "It's Morphin' Time!" and Samurai's "Go Go Samurai" as "Go Go Megaforce".
    • Speaking of Samurai, the season's theme is similar to the Samurai theme. But proven different with a scene from "Who's Crying Now" when Troy activates the Ultra Gosei Great Megazord's Victory Charge, part of the theme is playing in the background and is similar to In Space's theme.
  • Name's the Same: The Gokaiger suits are referred to as Super Mega Mode. This name was also used in Samurai for when a ranger accessed Mega Mode while already using Super Samurai Mode.
  • The Other Darrin:
    • In Italian, Gia is voiced by Giuliana Atepi in Megaforce and by Benedetta Ponticelli in Super Megaforce.
    • Done also with the two tie-in video games, with none of the actors returning, instead played by actors based out of Los Angeles.
  • Schedule Slip: The tenth episode was scheduled to air on May 18th of 2013, but was pushed back to an unknown date for equally unknown reasons. It wasn't until mid-August that a new airdate of September 7th was announced.
  • Troubled Production: The series was hit with major problems with almost everything but the actual filming.
    • After Power Rangers was canceled by Disney and bought back by Saban Brands, the show Channel Hopped over to Nickelodeon... who then slapped the show with a "20 episodes per season" limit that split each adaptation in half (Rangers is one of the few shows to exceed the typical 22-episode limits of American television, often having 32 to 40 episodes per season, which is still less than Super Sentai's typical 50), and a massive summer hiatus. This didn't affect Power Rangers Samurai too badly, but it created a cascade of problems that piled up and broke the back of Megaforce.
    • Power Rangers found itself slipping further and further behind the Sentai source material. Furthermore, the next seasons in line to be adapted were Tensou Sentai Goseiger, a rather mediocre season, and Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger, a 35th anniversary milestone celebration. Although Gokaiger's 35th anniversary would dovetail nicely with the 20th anniversary of Power Rangers, Saban was apparently not allowed to simply skip Goseiger and go straight to Gokaiger. In an attempt to square the circle and catch up to Sentai, Saban decided to fold together the two series, starting with Goseiger for Megaforce and moving to Gokaiger for the second half of the season, Super Megaforce to line up the respective anniversaries.
    • This created new problems, not helped by issues hitting the show hard. Taking 100 episodes of two different stories and condensing them down into a single 40 episode story arc resulted in massive pacing problems. Additionally, the two series varied widely in terms of tone and characterization, with Goseiger being more light and fun and Gokagier being a little more dark and complex. Combining stock footage from both created wildly inconsistent characterization, with characters bouncing back and forth from calm and stoic to hyper and energetic and vice versa (the Pink Ranger got the worst of this). Additionally, Gokaiger had a gimmick of being able to morph into past Rangers and using their powers. Super Megaforce kept this, along with several ranger teams that never actually made it to North America who simply appeared with no explanation outside of being "new powers" On top of all this, the anniversary aspect left the door open to cameos and appearances from past Rangers (as happened in Gokaiger). Of the hundred or so actors who played Rangers in the past 20 seasons, they brought back roughly 10, with actor after actor announcing they weren't returning either because they simply weren't asked or they declined the (apparently really bad) offer, some like Valerie Vernon would have liked to come back had the invitations not been sent out so late, and some of those that did return didn't even have speaking parts to show for it (it should be mentioned that these appearances were no small feat, as the show now films in New Zealand). An anniversary season with an interesting theme and incredible Stock footage built right in has sadly turned into a massive case of What Could Have Been.
  • What Could Have Been:
    • Many fans have been utterly vocal over the fact that a number of former Rangers didn't return for Super Megaforce, mostly due to the fact that they weren't asked or they declined the invitation. Among those who didn't return were David Yost (declined because of how he felt the invitation was an insult because it was the same as everyone else's and felt that they should at least have apologized for harassing him during filming of MMPR), Walter Jones (Out of support for David in regards to how he was treated), Steve Cardenas (declined due to the low pay for the brief cameo, which is a reason many others declined), Rhett Fisher (invited, then uninvited due to budget constraints), and almost everyone from the Disney era (most of them were never tapped) and others still were adamant about saying their issue wasn't specifically money, but other extenuating circumstances (Valerie Vernon wanted to do it, but now has children and wasn't given enough time to prepare arrangements to allow her to make the trip to New Zealand. Erin Cahill also wanted to return, but had to refuse because Rangers is a non-union production and she is currently a SAG member.) Amy Jo Johnson was also contacted, but her agent didn't give her the invitation because it was the same as everyone else's. Johnny Yong Bosch was also contacted and he responded, but they never replied back. Christopher Khayman Lee (Andros) was contacted as well and expressed interest, but he couldn't make it either because of scheduling conflicts and because he also wasn't given enough time to prepare.
      • Speaking of low-pay, Austin St. John and Karan Ashley, two major MMPR names (especially the former), were also contacted — and like Cardenas plus a number of others, they also declined for this reason. It's not that none of the three didn't want to come back (they really did, and they want the fans to be happy), but the pay barely covered the plane ticket expenses to-and-from New Zealand and they just didn't think the long trip was worth the brief cameo. They also didn't feel respected by the company executives.
    • It's been rumored that Saban wanted to skip adapting Goseiger and go straight to Gokaiger for the 20th anniversary, but Executive Meddling prevented that.
    • If the casting sheet is to be believed, there was originally going to be a subplot where Jake wanted to tell everybody he was a Power Ranger, only to be stopped by the secret identity rule.
    • Early press release describe the non-high school side of the plot as being nearly beat for beat the same as Goseiger with the three different villain factions instead of the first villain faction being the main one, the second being reduce to side villains and the third faction being reduced to an emissary for the new villains in Super Megaforce.
    • Basco from Gokaiger was nearly adapted- the only evidence left of him in the show is his ship is reused for Orion.
    • And of course the big one: One wonders what could have been if Toei had let them skip Goseiger so that Saban and Nick could adapt Gokaiger with 40 episodes instead of 20 or better yet what if Saban had just spread out the Goseiger adaptation over 40 episodes instead of a compressed 20 episodes and THEN adapt Gokaiger for 2015 and 2016 especially since then we would of had Judd Lynn as EP by then...
    • According to writer James W. Bates, there had been plans for Vrak and Vekar to interact, along with Robo Knight returning earlier in Super Megaforce.
    • Casting sheets suggested that when making Super Megaforce, there were plans to adapt Basco (and presumably Sally) and the Greater Powers from Gokaiger in the form of a character named Silas and items named the Zaferia Stones. If he had been adapted, the footage where the team would do full-team morphs into LightSpeed Rescue and In Space to fight against him could have been used. Not to mention one of the examples under the "They Wasted a Perfectly Good Plot" example on the YMMV page, regarding the battle where Basco brings all the Sixth Ranger Keys to life, could have been used. Ironically enough, if the Zaferia stones had been used, they would have had to have focused more on the Zaferia stones of the pre-Zyuranger teams (and possibly the PR version of the Dairangers)note , since Basco never got his hands on a greater power of a Sentai that was adapted into Power Rangersnote . Instead, it seems that Vrak was chosen to fill his role instead, and as a result, they ended up wasting one of the easiest methods of paying homage to what's regarded as one of the best Power Rangers series...
    • In the corresponding Gokaiger episode that A Lion's Alliance was adapted from, Gao Red is the returning cast member. As that episode was adapted, it's possible that at one point, there were plans for Richard Medina, Cole's actor, to reprise his rolenote . The reason for this change, however, is likely due to the fact that the Samurai tribute episode used Jayden instead of Laurennote , and the producers not wanting to have 2 male Red Ranger cameos in a row, as well as possibly avoiding a Late-Arrival Spoiler for any older fans who didn't watch Samurai. It's unknown, however, if there was an attempt to get another ranger or Princess Shayla to replace Cole but were unable to due to the actors declining/being unable to make the trip, or if they decided to scrap a cameo from a Wild Force character outright afterwards.
    • Speaking of Gokaiger, much like with Machiko Soga, had Richard Genelle not died of a heart attack in 2008, it's possible that he would have returned to reprise his role, and we would have seen the actual Ernie run Ernie's Brain Freeze, instead of a character named Ernie.
      • Similarly, in Time Force and Mighty Morphin, Eric and Tommy were supposed to die like their sentai counterpart, but the decision was made not to kill him. Had he been killed off like in the Sentai, it's possible that Orion might have received the Sixth Ranger powers from them in a dream, similar to the source materialnote .
    • As noted by Linkara, there were many plans that were scrapped due to Jonathan Tzachor vetoing them - for example, Troy was originally going to be The Chosen Onenote , and Mr Burley was originally going to be replaced by a Ranger Alumninote .
    • Andrew Gray revealed that a few backstory scenes were filmed for his character but were cut, they would've shown that Troy had a father in the military and he was being sent to live with an uncle because his dad was being stationed elsewhere.
  • Written By Former Cast Member: Jason Smith, the Red Jungle Fury Ranger, wrote a few Super Megaforce episodes (although not his own tribute episode, where he was temporary a cast member again).


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