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Moments pages are Spoilers Off. You Have Been Warned.

The Movie
  • Jason arrives in Saturday morning detention to see Billy being hassled by a bully. Jason's immediate response? To literally slap the bully down, before warning him in no-uncertain terms, "Now, I'm gonna be here, every day for what seems like the rest of my life and I'm sure you are too. So let's make a deal, don't sit near me, or him, and we'll be okay."
    • The awesomeness of the scene is reinforced later in the movie. When Jason and Zack come to blows, they're swinging punches because they're angry and respect each other as opponents. But Jason slaps the bully because that's how you deal with someone you're not remotely concerned about.
    • This doubles as a crowning moment of heart-warming, since the whole story kicks off because Jason stands up to the bully and protects Billy. Billy probably never had many friends, certainly not with Jason Scott's social standing. So once Jason befriends him, Billy invites Jason to the quarry (where he used to go with his father), and there they find the Power Coins, and go on to become Rangers. The ideals of friendship have always been a huge part of the franchise, and in the movie, Jason befriending Billy ends up saving the world.
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  • After being kicked out of her group of friends, Kimberly is in the bathroom staring at her reflection in the mirror. She grabs a pair of scissors and gives herself an impromptu haircut. Kimberly then marches back into detention, seeming to soak up the whistles at her new look, showcasing her brand new confidence.
  • Billy knocking out Cole Wallace is seen as one in-universe by other students.
  • The Rangers try to ambush Rita... and she completely cleans their clocks in about ten seconds, not getting hit at all. Granted, they weren't morphed but still had super-strength and outnumbered her, yet Rita doesn't even make beating them look difficult.
    • Points to the teens as well - they knew going in they’d be outclassed and easily beaten by Rita, since she’s so casually tossed Trini around in her room, but they go in anyway, because even if they hate the town and the people in it, they weren’t going to just stand back and let her destroy everything.
  • Rita has the team tied up in magical bonds on the side of a ship. She mocks Jason for his bad leadership and he replies by head-butting her. Rita just laughs it off, but she does seem to respect him for it, saying he's not entirely disappointing.
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  • Just this line:
    Jason: It's Morphing Time.
  • After the team finally manages to morph, their first real combat scene is a very visually impressive underwater beatdown before a more standard ground based fight scene (which still goes a way to establish that as strong and durable as they are in their base forms, they are even stronger and far faster when morphed).
    • Look closely. They're not just swimming while they fight, they're doing synchronised swimming to throw each other into the fight and get more momentum underwater.
  • That moment, that glorious moment, when the Rangers take their Zords into action to the full musical chorus of "Go, Go, Power Rangers!" And it's a nearly perfectly recreated shot from the series of the Zords rushing to battle through a quarry.
    • Even better, they chose to use the more bombastic version of the theme from the original 1995 movie.
    • On release, apparently it was not uncommon for theaters to erupt in cheers when the theme started.
  • The Megazord coming together like a pissed god out of Hell.
    • Even better is that for the first time, Rita's smug grin and air of superiority fades and she just stares in absolute horror, realizing that she's screwed.
      Rita: HOW?!
    • The novelization adds in a further layer of awesome as Rita notes how some Ranger teams spend years together without being able to form a Megazord. The kids did it in ten minutes.
  • The subsequent battle between Goldar and the Megazord through the streets of Angel Grove. That's what most of the long-term fans were waiting for, and it did not disappoint.
    • The Megazord takes down Goldar with a suplex. Made even more awesome because this was a manuever that the team learned from Alpha in training, and the five of them calling out the move in unison shows that all that training actually paid off.
  • After defeating Goldar, Rita raises her staff and leaps for the Megazord, and the Megazord bitch-slaps Rita so hard that it launches her into orbit.
    • This is made even better when Billy asks incredulously, "Jason, did you just slap her?"
    • Even though it doesn't work out for her, the fact Rita was willing to attack the Megazord on her own is insanely awesome.
  • The Mid-credits stinger, one of the best Sequel Hooks since Nick Fury:
    Teacher: Okay, so we've got a new student joining us in detention, Tommy Oliver. Tommy Oliver? (cut to shot of an empty desk with a green jacket with a dragon on it draped over the chair)