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  • Alex capturing Ransik in the season premiere becomes this when you realize he is the only Ranger to actually beat Ransik.
  • What Mr. Collins says to Ransik when he discovered that the medicine his factory started to produce was the only thing that would let Ransik avoid dying from his terminal disease.
    "If I'd known that that serum could help you I would've poured it down the drain myself!"
    • Just the fact that Mr. Collins, an unarmed civilian stands up to, gets in the way of, and talks back to the season's Big Bad cements his awesomeness. Sure, it's a Curb-Stomp Battle when Ransik stops talking, but DAMN.
    • It's quick, but Collins fiercely saying that he's always been proud of Wes for forging his own path is an awesome indicator of how far the character has come.
  • Ransik's demolishing of the Rangers in the finale is particularly badass, considering that they were throwing everything they had at him and he was going at them all by himself. He probably would have pulled off a last-minute win, too, if not for a last-minute Heel–Face Turn.
    • Probably? The main five Rangers had just been demorphed in one hit each. Eric was so badly injured he gave his morpher to Wes. If it weren't for his Heel–Face Turn, Ransik would have killed the Rangers easily.
    • One of the best parts is his Heel–Face Turn where he quietly turns to Jen and says "I'm ready to pay for what I've done." How many Power Rangers Big Bads take full responsibility for their misdeeds? And then he comes back next season and kicks ass alongside the Rangers!
  • Credit has to be given to Jen in the finale. After Ransik causes the entire team to demorph, she's the only one on her feet and boldly declares her resolve to capture Ransik. Nailing him with her Chrono Blaster was also cool.
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  • Though it happened in Wild Force, the best Moment of Awesome by a Time Force character - or at least in the top five - is Jen's re-entry in the Reunion Show. Unstoppable villains are pummeling Wes, Eric, and the Wild Force Rangers, and in comes Jen with her new BFG and black leather outfit. And later her and Alyssa back to back with Chrono Blasters, with Jen going Guns Akimbo.
  • Though not quite as awesome as a victory would've been, there's Jen facing Steelix alone and morpherless, despite having been beaten as bloody as Saturday morning TV allows when she had her gear. Steelix turns her bad and sics her on Wes... whom she proceeds to beat the crap out of.
  • Eric saluting the Time Ship after the other Rangers board and prepare to leave. From a guy who had been an Aloof Ally at best during the series, and was always acting like he had to prove he was somehow better than the Rangers, it was an understated, yet powerful, show of respect. When they come back to help the Wild Force Rangers, Eric salutes them again, smiling this time.
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  • The simple fact that the Pink Ranger, in most series the least capable of the group, was The Leader, The Determinator, and manages to be the ultimate badass of this series when she alone is left to fight Ransik in the end, and manages to hold her own UNMORPHED against the guy who managed to (almost) kill a morphed Red Ranger in the premiere.
  • Eric's first time using his Mega Battle mode. While some fans may mock the roller blades, they can't claim Eric taking down the giant-sized Conwing singlehandedly wasn't awesome.
    • Eric becoming the Quantum Ranger for the first time also counts.
  • Prettymuch anytime the Quantasaurus Rex does anything could qualify for one of these, but special mention has to be made for the battle against Dragontron. Though Dragontron would ultimately win the first bout, it managed to weather everything the rangers threw at it, only for the Q-rex to latch onto the mecha's arm and bite it off. It's not every day that a zord manages to dismember a monster of the week!
  • The episode where Trip meets and befriends Notacon. Eric has him and the mutant cornered with the other Rangers watching on as Eric ignores Trip's pleas for mercy, saying that because Notacon is a mutant and not human he deserves none of it. Trip's response? Removes his hat which hides his forehead crystal, outs himself as alien, and blatantly tells Eric that he's not human either and Eric will have to kill both of them then. It works, Eric leaves. A very understated badass moment from the Green Time Ranger.
  • After spending the entire episode under Alex's crappy leadership, Lucas, Trip, and Katie call him out on it. Full transcript here,
    Alex: "Come on! Get up and fight! Don't you care if the future is depending on you?"
    Lucas: "I've had enough." (goes up to confront Alex)
    Alex: "What are you doing?"
    Lucas: (looks to almost punch Alex out) "Your the one that doesn't care about the future!"
    Trip: "If you did, you wouldn't have taken Wes' morpher."
    Alex: "The team is strongest this way."
    Katie: "No! We're strongest with Wes! If you were a real leader you'd see that!"
    • Later, when Wes comes to help, it's Jen who convinces Alex to hand back Wes the Chrono Morpher, coming full circle how she was more reluctant to give Wes the morpher earlier this season.
  • A monster of the day gets a particularly good Badass Boast in "The Quantum Quest." (Granted, Eric comes along in a few moments to completely kick his ass, but still.)
    Lucas: No one's too strong for the Power Rangers!
    Brickneck: Then allow me to introduce myself. I'm "no one," and I'm too strong for the Power Rangers.


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