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MrBeast is the YouTube channel name and alias of YouTuber Jimmy Donaldson. He started out mostly making Minecraft videos, then talking about other YouTubers, and then gaining notoriety for making fun of other YouTuber's intros, before getting known for videos where he does really absurd things. For instance:

MrBeast (the person) is also known for his philanthropy, giving away massive amount of cash to people in need through giveaways and challenges on MrBeast (the channel), such as Last to Leave Circle wins $10,000. These usually involve his friends (Chris, Karl, and Chandler) competing, though sometimes other people participate, too. MrBeast's content nowadays is mostly about these things, taken to the extreme.

The MrBeast channel can be found here. The creator has other channels, including a shorts channel, a gaming channel, and a channel for miscellaneous insanity.


Read these tropes or I will take ALL your cookies:

  • Alternate Reality Game: He created one called Mr. Riddle. In true MrBeast fashion, the person who solved it first won $100,000.
  • Artifact Title: The outro of his videos says "MrBeast6000". The outro was left unchanged even when his name was shortened to just MrBeast.
  • Butt-Monkey: Chandler was played as this early on in the challenge videos, as he kept losing challenges. In the first challenge he ''did'' win, he got $25,000 bonus cash on top of the $25,000 the challenge awarded. Fans of Mr. Beast like to make fun of him for losing a lot of challenges.
  • Go Mad from the Isolation: Downplayed in the video where MrBeast spent 50 hours in a solitary confinement. While his friends try as hard as to make Jimmy leave the confinement, MrBeast stated that, about 30 hours in, he went slightly crazy.
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  • Irony: In the video where MrBeast talks about failed videos, he mentions one video which failed because a tub of sticky glue fell apart.
  • Product Placement: He often has sponsors help him with his giveaways, and he'll shout them out when they do.
    • In the "Spending $1,000,000 In 24 Hours" video, the sponsor Honey had several noticeable banners throughout the video.
    • Apex Legends sponsored Mr. Riddle, and one of the clues involved filling in a voice line from the game.
  • Nice Guy: Mr. Beast himself fits this trope. In some of his videos, he gives away money for free like it's nothing via donating to Twitch Streamers without viewers, made a "free money!" bank and basically gives away cash to friends, family and even random strangers. He isn't only on the giveaway cash deeds, he gave away houses to a homeless person and a pizza delivery guy, made all dogs and puppies in an adoption center have loving homes and the famous Team Trees project of planting 20 MILLION TREES.
  • Serial Escalation:
    • His philanthropy and cash giveaways have gotten larger and larger as MrBeast has gotten bigger; one of his earliest giveaways only gave away $1000 dollars in one video, but they expanded until he was giving away $1,000,000 in a single video.
    • Sometimes he'll redo challenges with bigger prize pools. He did a hide and seek challenge for $50,000, then did it again for $60,000, then again for $70,000.
  • Shout-Out: One of the challenges for the Mr. Riddle involved playing a clone of Flappy Bird.
  • Special Guest: In Mr. Beast's gaming channel, Dream appears in some of his videos, and is one of the two main characters in the Dream VS Technoblade $100,000 duel. In fact, the continued existence of the gaming channel is because of Dream, as one of the challenges had the stakes of the gaming channel getting deleted if they lost. (The challenge consisted of 100 players hunting down the MrBeast team while Dream defended them; if all four got killed within 15 minutes, the channel would have been deleted.)
  • Who Wants to Be "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire?": Downplayed with the "$1,000,000 Dollar Challenge". It had the large cash prize, moments played for drama, and final part with a darker atmosphere and foreboding soundtrack, complete with confetti getting dumped on the winner. But it still didn't completely shed the goofiness of MrBeast challenges; for instance, one of the qualifiers involved being the last to sit on a toilet, and the finale had the coaches go home and cook a meal for their contestants.


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