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Sure, Turbo is pretty much middle-of-the-road, but it does have its moments, such as:

  • The sheer Visual Effects of Awesome from the Megazord formation in the movie, which appears to use a heavily touched-up toy version; extra points for the flame jets that erupt as the Turbo theme blares, hoisting the Megazord up and ready to face off against a friggin lava demon.
    • The formation in the series isn't as visually spectacular, but it's still awesome: with the Turbo theme going, the Turbo Zords pretty much smash into each other. The Rangers insert their Morpher keys, and slam on their brakes. The wheels lock up and the whole Megazord stands up from the sheer momentum. They simply let gravity do the work for them as the head unfolds and the chestpiece slides up. You can even see sparks spraying from presumably the metal scraping along the ground as the Megazord raises upwards.
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    • Extra points for the first in-show formation, where they smashed up Elgar and his fleet of crazy attack vehicles while forming the Megazord. Once the Megazord has formed, Elgar calls a retreat.
  • Kat gets two in "Weight and See". First defeating Numbor in Ranger form and initiating the spin attack in Megazord mode that defeats him when he goes giant size. Then telling off her jerkass ballerina rival Myrtle who had earlier mocked Kat's weight.
  • "Clash of the Megazords", where the (hijacked) Turbo and Rescue Megazords go at it one-on-one. Just as the Turbo Megazord is about to deal the killing blow, T.J. flies in on Lightning Cruiser and breaks into the Turbo Megazord, distracting Crosspatch and allowing the others to revive the Rescue Megazord.
  • Bulk and Skull, while largely back to being the Butt-Monkey duo this season, do get a big moment in "The Gardener of Evil" when they realize they've got the wishing coin Divatox is after. Their response to being confronted by the Monster of the Week and his brainwashed minions for it? Prepare to fight to protect it. While they do nearly use it for their own selfishness, they ultimately decide to flag down the Rangers and hand it back to save the day despite being heavily tempted to use it for themselves.
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  • The Rescue Turbo Megazord formation's sole fight against Count Nocturne in "Carlos and the Count". Carlos declares, "You may have bitten me, but I will never fight on the side of evil!" right before the Megazord's sword chops Nocturne's weapon in half, and then he summons the artillery cannons. The music accompanying the fight adds just the right touch, especially the riff that plays as the Rescue Turbo Megazord takes the villain's "Now I'm mad!" attack without flinching and Carlos blasts the Count into oblivion.
  • The two-part finale "Chase into Space", when the Turbo Rangers continue to fight after losing both Megazords and all their weapons, as they make their last stand against Elgar and the Piranatrons at the Power Chamber, which gets blown up by Divatox.
    • This after getting word that Eltar, Zordon's home planet, has fallen and Zordon himself has been captured.
    • Goldgoyle himself gets an honorable mention in this episode, as he became the first villain to single-handedly destroy a Megazord, as well as damage another one so badly that it had to be self-destructed. Sure, Rito Revolto destroyed the Thunder Megazord and Tigerzord in MMPR season 3, but he had help from 4 other monsters, while Goldgoyle did it all by himself.
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    • The much-maligned Justin gets one, too: he sneaks into the NASADA base, gets all the way to the command center, and manages to talk the base commander into letting the other Rangers onto a shuttle to venture out and try to do something to stem the coming tide, despite flying blind and totally unarmed... and, end scene. To be continued in Power Rangers in Space.
    • General Norquist, the base commander himself, kind of deserves props. By all accounts, he should not have believed this ragged looking kid who claims the Power Rangers need their state-of-the-art space shuttle, and without any evidence to prove it beyond...whatever he said. But as soon as he hears that they need it to travel to Eltar, he doesn't hesitate one bit. But in believing the word of this child, whatever that word was, he inadvertently grants the universe an amazing amount of time. Considering the Space Rangers were already struggling and constantly on the defensive as they were, up to the end, without Norquist's contribution, imagine if the four former Turbo Rangers never got to travel into space to meet up with Andros... Small Role, Big Impact indeed.
  • A meta example- the Phantom Ranger managed to be in the Top 5 of Morphin Madness (a contest where fans could vote for their favorite rangers in a special Ranger Key set). He's there alongside Jen from Time Force, Jason and Tommy (White Ranger) from MMPR and Ryan from Lightspeed Rescue.

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