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Fridge Brilliance

  • In an early episode after Zordon leaves, the Rangers (sans Tommy) are captured and apparently have their powers stolen from them to create the Shadow Rangers. Tommy goes to Dimitria for help, but instead is forced to solve the problem himself with Dimtria only asking questions they already both know the answer to, yet still leading him in the right direction. This shows that Tommy and by extension the other veteran Rangers, no longer need a mentor to help them solve problems, but they can do it themselves instead. This set the stage for Tommy to become the mentor (albeit years later) in Dino Thunder.
    • Not surprisingly the episode was written by Judd Lynn, who was responsible for the series Growing the Beard.
  • Divatox's initial motivation is to avenge Maligore by killing the rangers, so it seems weird at first when she continues to attack the rangers after the cast change, since four of the five responsible for Maligore's death aren't even rangers anymore. Then you remember that she sees the Millennium Message shortly before the changeover occurs: she sees that this new team will stand in the way of the United Alliance of Evil's conquest, so her priority shifts to eliminating this threat.
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  • While Rita, Zedd, and the Machine Empire knew where the Command Center/Power Chamber was, they never tried a full scale attack. Divatox didn't know about the location of the Power Chamber and once she did she unleashed her entire army on it. One thing that is certainly different from the conditions was that Zordon had controlled the base during MM and Zeo, and he is an extremely powerful being, who could defend it from outside forces most of the time (we see what happens to all that power when his containment tube is shattered). However by Turbo, Zordon has left and Dimitria took command so she might not be as powerful as Zordon. Therefore, Divatox not feeling threatened by Dimitria, was willing to risk a full-scale assault with her army (and it was a bonus for Divatox that Dimitria left just before the assault). The fact that both Megazords were destroyed shortly before was definitely a big motivator, as the Chamber's defenses were even lower due to the lack of Zords.
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  • How was the dark future described by the Millennium Message averted, when the message was so damaged that no useful information was passed? Because of the messenger's presence. Without Blue Centurion, Rangers would have been killed by Divatox at some point, so even if veteran Rangers were recalled to save Earth from Divatox, no Rangers team could have continued the fight in space.

Fridge Logic

  • In the movie, the Rangers never thought to have Lerigot heal Rocky's back the same way he healed Kat's leg. It would have been much easier to do this than to try and squeeze in a last minute replacement who has neither the experience in the field nor the rapport with the team that Rocky does.
  • Justin being able to morph directly contradicts one of the few rules of the Morphing Grid previously established by Zordon, in that he is a kid and not a teenager. During the third season of MMPR, Master Vile turns the Rangers into children, because in that form, they're unable to morph. That's what necessitated the use of the Zeo Crystal to turn the world back to normal, so they could become teenagers again and thus regain the ability to morph. As ALL of the morphers are connected to the same Morphing Grid, it doesn't make sense that the Turbo Morpher should be any different than the Power Morphers by allowing a kid to become a Power Ranger.
    • I remember Vile's plan was to turn the earth back ten years, before the Rangers got their powers. That's why they needed to find the Zeo Crystal.
    • As the Troper above me stated it was because it was before they got their powers that they couldn't morph, however, the real problem is that Zordon has repeatedly refused to grant de-aged Rangers new powers because they're too young to be in such danger. So, why is it okay for Justin to be in such danger?
      • I think the reason he didn't want to endanger them is because if they were hurt in the past they wouldn't be able to do all the good that they do in the future.
    • When Kimberly's Power Coin is stolen in "Changing of the Zords," it's said that the Power Coins are tied directly to the life forces of the Rangers. At first, the Rangers are now younger, and so any kind of drain on them is probably more likely to have an impact on them, which again, is a threat to the timeline. Then the Power Coins get destroyed and they need new powers anyway.
  • T.J. initially tells Cassie that he wanted to be a Power Ranger "ever since [he] was a little kid". Yet the Rangers have only been active since 1993, while Turbo is happening in '97. Meanwhile, TJ's got to be at least half done with high school at such a point (yes, the new Turbo team was still in high school), meaning he would be maybe 12 or 13 when the first Power Rangers were active; hardly a "little kid".
    • To be fair, time has been reversed repeatedly during that period, and there were rangers active during that time so he'd remember it as him still being a kid. Bit of Fridge Horror there seeing as having new memories inserted into your childhood could drastically change the kind of person you are.
    • The Mighty Morphin Power Rangers team are active in 1993, yes. But that's production wise. Chronological wise, the Ancient Samurai Rangers (so far) are one of the earliest teams of Power Rangers ever to exist. Thus, T.J. did witness the Power Rangers, only of different teams. Most likely the offscreen/unadapted Super Sentai teams which Tommy Oliver apparently has records of during Dino Thunder.


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