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  • So what ever happened to the Zeo powers?
    • Seriously we never really find out what happened after Turbo or why they stop being used
    • Welp, we know that Tommy, at least, still has his — "Dimensions in Danger" shows him using his Zeo V powers as part of his Master Morpher. It's possible the other Zeo Rangers still have theirs, as well.
      • Not sure he always had them. In Forever Red and Legendary Battle, explicitly destroyed powers resurfaced. So it's still possible Zeo powers - except Gold - were sacrificed to create Turbo powers.
  • Did they HAVE to adapt Carranger? It would be one thing if they had wanted to do a comedic season but the comedy was unfunny, but since they started off trying to do something dark, it seems like it would've made a lot more sense to use footage from Jetman or Dairanger (the latter they actually DID have the rights to use the footage), given that those series were relatively dark.
    • It's possible that they already had committed to it before realizing it was a parody. Something similar happened with Lost Galaxy and Gingaman.
    • Given his schtick later on, it's safe to say Jonathan Tzachor, who gained producer status this time, has responsibility. Tzachor, with his severely and superficially boner for the physical appeal of Sentai (severely and superficially, because it's clear he does not understand Sentai's own capacity for narrative depth, only in the flashiness), probably pushed for Carranger's use then forcing elements and footage from the show that were incongruent with the general mood of PR before that, just coz "the Sentai did it, so we should do it too".
    • Yes, they did HAVE to adapt Carranger. Saban's contract with Toei at the time expressly forbade them from skipping a Sentai seasonnote  or adapting an older (read: pre-Zyuranger) Sentai. Even if they could've used Jetman (or older Sentai), or even if they wanted to use core-five Dairanger footage instead, they still would've had to adapt Carranger if they wanted to keep using future Sentai seasons.
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    • Look at the complications. Dairangers: sixth Ranger, many monsters already used, but most important, mechas already used, so forget. Jetman: the Sentai itself was aired in France, and the immediate previous ones also were, at least some episodes. And it was 5 years old. One year of special effect quality progress is not a big deal, but in the 90s, 5 years are a big gap. If you have to reach even older Sentai which had fewer episodes aired in France, it will be even worse, and those Sentai are seen poorly compared to Jetman.
    • Also, adapting previous year Sentai makes toys production easier, which may be one of the reasons it is written in contract.
    • There’s also the concern of costume wear and tear - Many of the older monster suits were already breaking down by this point, notably Rito’s being pretty much unusable sometime between the time Zeo ended and In Space started. The older pre-Zyuranger costumes had probably been either lost, damaged, or cannibalized for parts, so there couldn’t be any pick up shots in American footage without spending the money to completely recreate the older suits.
  • In-universe, is there any explanation why Justin was chosen to be a ranger, but not Tommy's brother? Tommy's brother has known about the true identities of the rangers longer than Justin has, so if anything, it seems like he should've gotten priority.
    • Justin was hiding under Rocky's bed. He learned the secret, so he ended up getting recruited.
  • Why the heck is Dimitria in Zordon's tube again exactly? Zordon was in the tube because he was TRAPPED in a time warp and contacted them through it. They don't explain it, she's the tube...because reasons.
    • Someone said it was to make the change of mentor easier for the Rangers to handle? *shrug*

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