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  • Why didn't the Zeo Rangers take up arms to defend the earth during Countdown to Destruction? After all, we can infer the powers were still there and working, for that matter why didn't Adam use his Zeonizer in Always a Chance?
    • Because they flat out couldn't. The Zeo crystal was with Zordon when he was captured, without it in the Power Chamber the Zeonizers are nifty little wrist watches.
    • Potentially they were, and they just did so offscreen - the entire planet is under seige, just because Astronema's forces focused on Angel Grove, given the full scale invasion of the entire universe, that doesn't mean that there was nothing happening across the rest of the world. With the primary focus of the episode on what's happening with the current Rangers, we don't see the other older Rangers (not even just the Zeo Rangers but Justin and the Mighty Morphin's as well), but that doesn't mean they're not doing something. It had been at least a year, longer for others, since they'd had to pick up their morphers and fight, many of them had potentially left Angel Grove - the last we saw Zack and Trini, they had left for Switzerland, Jason and Kim didn't stick around after the Turbo movie, Rocky's last appearance was at graduation... Many of them may have been fighting where the cameras weren't focused. Especially given later portrayals in the anniversary specials of retired Rangers still ready and willing to pick up their morphers when the shit hits the fan and things being REALLY bad, beyond the capabilities of the currently active crop of Rangers, it could just be that they were doing damage control elsewhere from the heart of the fighting.
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    • Obviously, out of universe, it was way beyond their budget - Countdown to Destruction had already gotten dropped from a three-parter to a two-parter, clearly they were in no financial shape for cameos.
  • Horror Bull was supposed to analyze the Rangers' powers and weapons so that in round two, its force field could block them. However, when Zhane showed up during the first fight, Astronema sent another monster to back Horror Bull up. Once you know what her plan was in starting that fight, you gotta ask why she wouldn't want him to fight Horror Bull like all the others.
    • She might have been afraid he'd be strong enough to destroy him before he could finish analyzing the other Rangers powers.
  • In Megaranger, Megablack was the leader, so why didn't they make Andros the Black Ranger in this season?
    • Because Power Rangers doesn't always have the leader in the adaptation be the same as the leader in the Sentai - Kou was not the leader of the Dairangers; Tommy was the leader, yet you never saw Jason or Rocky switch powers with him. Zeo and Turbo had Tommy stay on as the leader simply because he had already been in the role, and in the case of Zeo, Jason didn't take the role back when he came back as the Gold Ranger for that series.
    • They would have been better off making T.J. the Black Ranger - since he was the leader of the team prior to Andros, it would have been cool to more clearly show him as the secondary leader of the team. It’s a shame that that would have led to Unfortunate Implications.

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