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  • Before Bulk and Skull's Big Damn Heroes moment in the finale, they do a little handshake as if to say It Has Been an Honor.
  • Karone and Zhane's relationship.
  • Pretty much the entirety of 'The Rangers' Leap of Faith', but especially the ending.
    Astronema: Look, I don't expect you to like me. I mean I've never....I've never had a friend. I didn't deserve one. I only hope that one day you'll believe that I don't want to hurt you.
    Cassie: ...I believe you.
    Carlos: Yeah, me too.
    Cassie: Not "maybe one day"...but right now.
    TJ: If you ask us, you've got five friends.
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  • At the end of "The Delta Discovery," the Phantom Ranger leaves two messages for the Rangers—one to let them know he's continuing the search for Zordon and the other one specifically for Cassie.
    "I'll be alright, Cassie. Please, don't forget me. I'll see you soon!"
  • "From Out of Nowhere, Part 2", as Andros repairs Alpha 6's damaged voice.
    Andros: Alpha, what is your mission?
    Alpha 6: My mission is to protect the Power Rangers. And their quest: to protect the universe from the forces of evil. One goal, one team known as the Power Rangers!
  • Zordon when things are in their Darkest Hour and the entire universe is under attack doesn't hesitate to volunteer for the ultimate Heroic Sacrifice. He's been the Big Good over the entire franchise, providing wisdom and did a LOT to try to keep the universe safe some of it while being a Sealed Good in a Can. And he still gave.
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  • It's pretty clunky in a lot of ways, but "The Wasp With A Heart" manages to be a rather effective one in most respects, especially the ending. Special mention to Patricia Ja Lee, who gives a really good, earnest performance throughout in what had to be something of a challenge given how goofy Waspicable's costume is. A particular highlight is her heartbreak over his apparent sacrifice that morphs (ahem) into furious rage.
  • Justin's return in "True Blue To The Rescue". He still cares about the Rangers and wonders if they are okay and the Rangers in turn are glad to see him again. While he doesn't return for another episode, just the fact that he was still there for his old friends for once last time was very touching.
    • The ending, where Justin's dad decides to take his son fishing this Sunday and worry about the work he has to take care of on Monday.
  • At the end of "Shell Shocked", Andros is quick to believe the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles when they insist that they're no longer under Astronema's control. After some hugging and handshaking between the Turtles and Rangers, the Rangers even grant Michelangelo's request for some sky-surfing before bringing them home to New York City.

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