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Funny moments in Power Rangers in Space.

  • Anytime Divatox interacts with the other female villains. It's usually Astronema, but she and Rita share some amusing zingers in the season opener.
    Divatox: How wonderful to see you... Frita.
    Rita: It's RITA. So, still after the Power Rangers?
    Divatox: Who? Oh, them. Really, Frita. You MUST get out of the dumpster more often. I've DESTROYED them! Well someone had to.
    • Then later, when Dark Specter is deciding who will be the one to go after Andros, the two actually get into a physical squabble, fighting for who will be the one to do it, Divatox throwing in a Continuity Nod / Lampshade Hanging of Dark Specter's resemblance to Maligore.
    • In "True Blue to the Rescue," Divatox calls Astronema asking her (in the most condescending fashion) to be on the look out for Storm Blaster and let her know if she sees it, and Divatox will send 'an army or two' after it. At one point, Astonema makes a 'blabbermouth' gesture to Ecliptor. Then she declares that she'll capture Storm Blaster herself and Divatox gets into a huff and begins mocking Astronema, leading Astronema to hang up on her. Evil Is Petty indeed.
    • When Elgar calls Astronema the smartest boss he's ever had, over a phone, Divatox then grabs the phone away from her to berate him. Elgar then hides behind a console and pretends to be an operator with the Veemon voice.
    • During "Countdown to Destruction", when it's announced that Astronema's now in charge following the demise of Dark Specter, Divatox whines about it, then notices everyone else bowing.
    Divatox: Don't pray to her, you work for me!
  • Cassie teasing Ashley about her reaction to seeing Andros unmorphed.
  • In the team-up with the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, after Astronema has mind-controlled the Turtles and made them take over the Megaship, they come across a glowing cloud. Astronema asks what it is. As an extra layer of humor, Ninja Turtles fans know that if she had asked Donatello instead, he probably could have talked about it for an hour.
    Michelangelo: You're asking a turtle who lives in a sewer to explain a cosmic event?
    • Raphael kicking Elgar out of the way. For those who were pissed off that he was the one who destroyed Zordon's plasma tube, seeing him just get knocked aside was very satisfying.
    • After D.E.C.A. is returned to normal, Donatello asks if there are no hard feelings for reprogramming her. The AI responds that she isn't one to hold a grudge...right before zapping Donatello in the backside.
    • D.E.C.A. getting "turtified" is pretty funny given how out of place it is with her normal persona.
  • Astronema posing as Ashley. Tracy Lynn Cruz does a delightful job of "herself" as an evil diva.
    • When pretending to fight her Quantrons, Astronema only slaps them unentusiasthically and when one of them punches her in the stomach too hard, she calls him a dimwit and sends him flying with a stonger punch which if you look closely leaves him upside down in front of a tree.
    • As the Rangers do their usual dives down the chute, Astronema looks at the tube with a "seriously?" expression, then shrugs, holds her nose and dives in.
    • Andros lands in a perfect pose. Astronema as the Yellow Ranger literally falls flat on her face.
    • And then thereís one of the greatest Hilarious in Hindsight lines.
    Astronema: I wouldnít want to be a Power Ranger anyway!
  • Also in that same episode Elgar grabs Astronema believing her to be Ashley in disguise, claiming she won't trick him again and later he whispers to a Quantron that he liked Ashley disguised as Astronema better, to which the Quantron agrees and when Astronema overhears him, she zaps him from behind.
  • Be careful when you fail to show up for your date with Catwoman.
  • When Bulk and Skull realize who the Rangers are:
    Bulk: "Them?"
  • When Andros and Zhane go to try and find Karone, there's this brief exchange:
    Andros: You dated my sister?
    Zhane: I didn't know she was your sister, but I should've.
    (Quantrons approach, but Zhane and Andros manage to hide in time)
  • Anytime that the Rangers are on Earth and not on a mission tends to produce plenty of hilarious moments due to Andros's unfamiliarity with human customs leading to things such as him attempting to eat a banana without peeling it first.
  • After the Rangers have defeated the Psycho Rangers in "The Enemy Within," Zhane sneaks up on Andros in a Psycho Red costume, pretty much solely for shits and giggles.
  • At the beginning of the episode "Survival of the Silver" when the Rangers are surrounded by the aliens. It's all in Andros' 'I know the answer to this, but I have to ask anyway' resignation as he speaks:
    Andros: You think they're friendly?
    Cassie: Huh-uh
    Andros: I didn't think so either.
  • Divatox muttering to herself about her demotion from lead villain status in "The Delta Discovery."
    Divatox: Why don't I get any of the good gigs anymore?
  • The Hilarious Outtakes are this by definition, but it's all the funnier whenever Melody Perkins (Astronema) breaks character, because of the sheer Mood Whiplash. The blooper reel of "A Date with Danger" stands out, as it's all about her (except for one scene with Patricia Ja Lee messing up her line).
    • One of the first has an example of a take being ruined by set failure as they act out the scene before they all go down to the planetside, but the doors fail to close and Patrica Ja Lee and Tracy Lynn Cruz each grab a door and act like they're trying to pull them shut.
    • "A Rift in the Rangers" replaces Psycho Redís dialogue with his suit actor speaking Japanese. Astronema is appropriately dumbfounded.
    • "Five of a Kind" has a fake commercial for "Astronamos" cereal, with Dark Specter assuring us that it's "part of a completely evil breakfast!"
  • TJ and Andros' dialogue after the latter jumps on Mega V3 (a rocket) with Mega V1 (an astronaut):
    TJ: "H-Hey! Watch the paint job! What'd you think I am, a taxi?!"
    Andros (clearly amused): "Sorry!"
  • In "The Mission to the Secret City" Bulk Skull and the Professor end up facing a monster that's blazing everyone with a teleportation ray. Bulk holds up what he thinks is an alien blaster to threaten the creature, only for Professor Phenomenus to tell him that its actually their new toaster. Sure enough when Bulk pulls the trigger all that comes out is toast, and the monster pauses to laugh at their blunder before blasting them as well.
  • In "Ghost in the Machine," Bulk, Skull, and Professor Phenomenus are used to test the Data Card-making machine. When they're returned to normal, Bulk and Skull feel sick, but the Professor explains what happened as only he can.
    Professor Phenomenus: Don't worry, boys! We were changed into Data Cards by aliens, and we were almost transformed into mindless zombies! [cheerily] But we're okay now.
  • Astronema's reaction to first seeing the Astro Megazord in the series premiere. It's all in the delivery.
    Astronema: That was impressive. (Beat) Destroy them!
  • During the I Am Spartacus moment in the finale, the guy that claims to be Silver is clearly a little slow on the math figuring out which ranger hasn't been said yet.
  • "Dark Specter's Revenge Part 1" has a gag where Professor Phenomenous has a marshmallow in his mouth, checks his telescope for aliens and screams. When Bulk asks if he saw aliens, the professor replies with "NO!! I burnt my tongue on the marshmallow!!".
  • Rita's and Zedd's reaction to being turned good (and human) is to start dancing together gleefully while a morphed Trey looks on with body language that can really only be translated as "What the heck just happened and what are they doing?"
  • "A Rift in the Rangers" - the Psycho Rangers may be ruthlessly evil, but they're also able to throw some Snark-to-Snark Combat at each other.
    Psycho Pink: You'd double cross your own mother. That is, if you had one.
    Psycho Yellow: (slaps her) Hey, no need to get personal.