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Headscratchers / Power Rangers Lost Galaxy

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  • With the Transdaggers Star Formation, how exactly does an arrangement of five daggers set up a six-pointed star?
  • Why did they even bother writing Skull out of the show? Bulk and the Professor spend so little time on-camera this season that surely they could have arranged for Jason Narvy to show up to join in the brief cameos without disrupting his schedule too much.
    • Given the behind the scenes issues that Lost Galaxy got hit with, they may have originally intended for Bulk and the Professor to have a larger role than they did, and then that just got lost in the shuffle.
  • Did an intelligent villain like Trakeena really even have to waste any time sending monsters of the week? This troper finds it very surprising that she didn't think to attack Terra Venture directly, specifically firing at the engines, before being fused with Deviot.
    • There were lots of meddling involved with this. Trakeena's first priority was to go after the Red Ranger and the Power Rangers for killing his father to consume her. Since Villamax trained her, Trakeena was influenced to honorably go after the rangers. On the other hand, Deviot has manipulated the course of the conquest, adding even more conflict to decisions made.
  • Why was Damon so convinced that the Megaship couldn't fly? Even before the time jump got retconned, this was still taking place explicitly at a point where Bulk and Skull and the Professor were roughly the same age they'd been during Astronema's invasion, so still at a point where people would still remember the Megaship showing up and turning into a Megazord every week. And, as we see soon after, it's not even like the Megaship had its engines removed or anything, as it was able to fly from Earth to the portal to Mirinoi in short order.
    • Perhaps the engines hadn't been used and Damon wasn't sure if they even had fuel anymore? Or that whatever fuel they did have might be expired? It'd be like a car that sits in your driveway because it needs to be repaired, so it just sits there.
  • So... Why wasn't Leo originally selected for Terra Venture? Like, even if there were some kind of lottery and he got a poor lot of the draw, he's family to a member of the senior staff. Wouldn't that give him some cause for being brought on board, to at least offer some connection to family for those leaving Earth behind - especially when, given Leo, Maya, and Damon all not having been part of the initial manifest, so it's not like a couple of additional people seriously damages their resources, especially considering that Maya's role on Terra Venture is never really defined? It's not so much that there's no explanation for why - when the series starts, he does seem Brilliant, but Lazy, especially when we see him failing to work within Terra Venture's official officer structure under Kai, so it's an easy assumption for - but it's never actually said clearly why he wasn't part of the initial crew manifest.
    • Mike probably didn't want Leo to come on the journey. After all, he wasn't happy to see Leo during a live training exercise on the moon.

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