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  • Though it's because of the Carranger footage, it's pretty funny to see Tommy — who should know how this stuff works by now — pulling out the manual for his Turbo Zord in Shift Into Turbo Part 3 just to be able to get Elgar off his tail. He managed to make the Turbo Megazord head pop out of the back...
    Tommy: Hey, Elgar!
    Elgar: Yeah, what is it?!
    Tommy: Watch where you're going!
    [Elgar screams as he crashes his vehicle into a massive boulder]
    Elgar: That wasn't funny!
    [Megazord head retracts]
    Tommy: Sure it was, ha-ha!
    • For those who watched Carranger first, what made it funnier was the fact that Tommy was essentially reading a Japanese manual due to said footage.
  • Bulk: Munchies? A Beat, and Bulk smiles. Said smile is accompanied by a short music sting.
  • The Terrorzord's defeat. It was able to hold its own against the Rangers (With Elgar of all people piloting it), yet it lost because the Monster of the Week actually hit it instead of the Rangers' Zord, turning it into a camel.
  • At the end of "Shift into Turbo Part III", Elgar vainly tries to get rid of a flying fish loose on the Subcraft by hitting it with a flyswatter until Divatox interrupts him while cursing Dimitria's arrival on Earth. In the midst of her cursing, the flying fish lands on top of Divatox's head, which Elgar quickly takes notice of. Acting before thinking, Elgar raises the swatter and goes in for the kill. The episode concludes then and there on a Freeze-Frame Ending, with the last bit of music even sounding like "Well, isn't he about to do something stupid?"
  • "The evil pizzas were no match for a simple stoplight!"
  • In "Shadow Rangers", the monster is defeated in a very unconventional way... the Turbo Megazord simply stands in front of the sun and makes the monster vanish in its shadow.
  • In the outtakes for "Honey I Shrunk the Rangers Part I," Tommy sees the Blue Senturion after he's been shrunk, and immediately proceeds to step right on him with his foot, crushing him.
  • Like with the Tengas, the Piranhatrons theme song doesn't make them sound threatening at all, instead insulting them.
    They're ugly, they're stupid, they're lazy. Piranhatrons.
  • In "Drive to Win", Divatox's plan depends on the outcome of a soccer game, leading to the hilarious sight of her and her henchmen waving around foam fingers and other sports accessories as they listen to the game.
  • General Havoc was mostly serious, but he did have a few funny bits, like offering the Rangers tea and muffins when he first meets them. And when the Rescue Zords run into Metallasaurus' feet, he simply goes "I hate it when that happens."
  • Stone racing after his car after Bulk and Skull (who have been turned into chimpanzees) get inside and release the parking brake.
  • Ion “One Last Hope”, Elgar is using a laser as part of the Evil Plan of the week and gets diverted trying to test his marksmanship hitting satellites. Divatox angrily rebukes him for acting like this is all a game, then says that she needs another token for the laser (which is apparently coin operated like an arcade game).
  • "Gylph Hanger" gives us poor Pharoah (another of Divatox ex-fiancee's) suffering a bad case of Butt-Monkey for most of the ep, especially when he briefly loses his staff.
  • "The Robot Ranger" is actually a pretty tense episode, until Justin explains everything and reprograms Robot!Justin to his original state. After that, he's pretty chill about the whole thing.
    "Hmm. I'd say we have a few glitches."
  • The episode "Beware the Third Wish" began with the monster Wicked Wisher giving Divatox 3 wishing coins imbued with reality-warping magic. Divatox immediately whines about having only 3 wishes and it also features Elgar at his worst when it comes to ruining Divatox's plans. Due to Elgar's idiocy, Divatox only managed to use the 2nd wish - Elgar wasted the 1st wish on getting a head full of hair, and right before she could use the last wish Elgar accidentally knocked the wishing coin out of her hands. A furious Divatox tosses Elgar over the ledge and into space, ordering him to get the coin back.
  • In the finale, after Divatox has destroyed the Command Center building and Power Chamber, she sifts through the ruins to ensure the Rangers are deceased, and finish them off if they are not, when she is summoned to meet with the rest of the United Alliance of Evil due to Zordon's capture. She blows off the summon...but then...
    Messenger: "Dark Specter will not be pleased."
    (Divatox stops dead in her tracks with a frightened squeak of terror)
    • Just seeing Divatox stop dead in fear upon hearing Dark Specter's name forces her to sheepishly change her mind and agree to the summon, but not without leaving one final taunt to the Rangers that she would return before leaving with a shout of "Viva La Diva!"
  • In the later half of the season, Divatox having a little more variety when commanding the launch of the torpedoes to grow the monster. In one episode, she became very aware of the repetitive-ness of the act.
    Divatox: "Launch the-! Oh, you know the drill."