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  • The Zeo Rangers' first outing in the climax of the season premiere, as they use their new powers to handily beat the Cogs.
  • The Zeo Megazord's triumphant return to the battle after Silo tried to Hurl It into the Sun.
    • The fact that we see a monster actually do this, which no monster has ever done before or even since.
  • Director Issac Florentine gets one for successfully directing a large group of grade school kids for "The Puppet Blaster".
  • When Tommy finally manages to get control of the Red Battlezord. He just starts punching the living daylights out of Main Drain, and then finishes him with a gatling laser barrage.
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  • The Super Zeozords' debut battle, particularly Super Zeozord 5's fight. It chases Silo II into low orbit, casually blocks his missile barrage, and then runs him through. Then they all form up for a victory flyby.
  • The Super Zeozords follow up on that with the debut of their Megazord configuration. The Super Zeo Megazord wrecks King Mondo's sword, raises its own swords over its head, and touches them together, forming an absolutely enormous Laser Blade BFS that it brings crashing down on Mondo.
  • In "King for a Day, Part 2," Bulk and Skull (who were teleported to another planet) meeting a One-Shot Character who had been imprisoned by Gasket for some time, passing themselves off to him as great warriors, then successfully fight off a number of Cogs. And just to add to how awesome this is, the Rangers preferred to be morphed while fighting Cogs. What's more, they saved the Rangers by helping him and threw a gigantic wrench into Gasket's plans. While no one on Earth believes them, they did earn being considered heroes on the warrior's home planet.
  • The Impursonator is one for Rita. It. Beat. The. Zeo. Ultrazord. Holy shit.
    • This was also the only encounter in which Zeo Ultrazord used it's "second configuration" for a round two after the common configuration's Beam Spam was blasted back at it. Pyramidas basically acted like a sled for a lineup of the original Zeo Zords, and fire off even more Beam Spam (which didn't work.) This was something people thought only the toy would ever do, but the moment of awesome was kind of lost because HOLY CRAP did the Ultrazord just run away?!
  • The Tengas manage to just barely eek out a win against the explicitly superior Cogs.
  • "A Season to Remember" is remarkable for being a Power Rangers episode with no physical altercations whatsoever.
  • How about that last episode, eh? The Rangers grow to Ultraman proportions to battle King Mondo, and after that? The original villains blow the Machines up with a false peace offering. What a way to end a series.
    Zedd: We're back!
  • Rita and Zedd blow up the remaining members of the Machine Empire with their "going away present"
    • Rita and Zedd facing the Machine Empire prior to that. The series started off with them running, and when they did return they acted on the sidelines, largely as comic relief. By this point, they aren't afraid anymore, with Rita, rightly, belittling the Machine Empire for their Villain Decay.
  • Jason's surprising return as the new Gold Ranger.
    "It's been a long time, but... back to action!"
  • Trey's introduction scene as the first Gold Ranger screams sheer epicness. He blasts down Wolfbane and charges the Cogs wiping them all out (accompanied by his awesome theme song) saving Tommy and the other Zeos. Also, when Wolfbane grows huge, Trey just summons Pyramidas and zaps him into oblivion. That's how you properly introduce a sixth ranger!
  • Let's not forget that they shot some of their Zords from their hangar to the battlefield out of a cannon several times- the Red Battlezord, the Super Zeo Zords, and the Warrior Wheel were all fired at some point or another- you gotta give'em (and Ohranger) props for that.
  • Kat snapping Tommy out of Gasket's brainwashing by having all the Rangers de-morph so Tommy can see the face of hsi true friends. She also gets points for not even flinching when Tommy pointed his Zeo Laser Pistol right in her face.
  • In "Bulk Fiction", when Lt. Stone is fired for failing to keep Bulk and Skull under control, the two try to stand up for him. When this fails, they decide to quit on the spot.
    • At the end of the episode, Connie, the chief’s daughter, reveals that she also quit, having only joined to impress her father.
  • Tanya telling off her Jerkass boyfriend Shawn for his negative attitude in “Rangers in the Outfield”.

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