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Awesome / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

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  • In Annual 2018, Lord Drakkon meets Dr. K and makes the mistake of mentioning her creating Venjix. She gets so pissed off, she goes for the kill and the only thing that saved him was the fact that that Drakkon was Actually a Doombot.
  • In Issue #27, Dr. K was able to reverse engineer a Dragon Cannon in a few hours and make her team immune to its demorphing effects.
    • Some credit has to go to RPM Green Ranger Ziggy, as it was mentioned that he was the one who stole the Dragon Cannon and got it to Dr. K.
  • Some Meta Awesome: The fact that Samurai is represented by Lauren and not Jayden as one would expect. Reportedly, Kimberly Crossman squeed when she got a copy.
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  • Issue 29's Gondor Calls for Aid moment begins with a page of the MMPR team looking at a sky full of teleporting rangers coming down like shooting stars, then we're confronted by most of the remaining Rangers, including the first appearance of the Beast Morphers and the Dino Charge Dark Ranger!
  • In Go Go #12, the Megazord is still seriously damaged after battling the Gravezord in the previous issue and is on the verge of losing to two of Rita's monsters when the Gravezord enters the fight and then fuses with the Megazord to create a new combination: the Mega-Gravezord, which quickly obliterates the monsters.
    • Made more awesome when you realize the Gravezord is made from the remains of the Thunderzords. This is basically a Dino Megazord/Thunder Megazord fusion we never knew we wanted
  • Issue 30:
    • The last ditch attempt to stop Drakkon has not only every Ranger still left joining the fight, but every Megazord and Battlizer still available.
    • Jason's speech to get everyone pumped up for the fight ahead, and his giving credit to Lauren for helping him writing it.
      Jason: We fight together. Whether we stand or whether we fall. We are the Power Rangers.
      Everyone: POWER RANGERS!
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    • Jason giving Kim the Dragon Dagger so she can pilot the Megazord in Dragonzord Battle Mode. Seeing her wearing the Dragon Shield is a combination of awesome, heartwarming, and a tearjerker.
    • Drakkon bringing out Serpentera to take out the Rangers' Megazords followed up by showing off what his latest upgrade can do: it can instantly steal a Rangers' power without him needing to take their morpher.
    • Kim using her bow to shoot Drakkon with the Dragon Dagger, which doubles as a Mythology Gag to the show.
  • Shattered Grid #1:
    • To go up against Serpentera, Jen comes up with a new Megazord combination using the Hyperforce Megazord as a base and adding on the Plesio Zord, the Wolf Zord, the Zeo Ranger I Zord, and then using power from the Black Dragon to make it grow.
      • Elements from the Ninja Storm and Mystic Force Megazords end up as part of this new combination as well.
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    • Tommy’s “The Reason You Suck” Speech to Lord Drakkon, in the midst of a long overdue ass kicking.
  • The Shattered Grid live read at Power Morphicon 2018 recruited several PR actors to either reprise their roles from the show or to fill in roles that were empty. The moment where David Fielding starts reciting Zordon's speech in Issue #27, where Drakkon's forces are starting their assault across the multiverses, with the vocal effect in place can send a happy chill down your spine.

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