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Spoilers off applies to all moments pages.


Episode 1: Destination Dinohenge
  • Amelia and Ollie defending Solon from Void Knight, by Ollie using a Chromafury Saber to block a blow from him and distracting the knight long enough for Amelia to use her net on him.
  • The pair not hesitating to step in to help Solon and actually proving some skills with the swords even before they become Rangers.
  • Even without powers, Zords or dinosaur partners, the Knights of Rafkon were able to force the Sporix back to their egg forms.
  • The Morphin' Masters mentioned by Zordon once in MMPR appear to give Zayto's order of knights access to the Morphin' Grid. Now that's a callback! It could also be considered a big nod to the Boom! Studios comics, which have had the Morphin' Masters and their emissaries play major roles in several storylines. A moment for the Knights of Rafkon for being righteous and brave enough to be recognized by the Masters themselves and given the power to turn the tide of the battle.
  • Void Knight makes a good first impression from locating the base and snatching the Hengemen for himself.

Episode 2: Sporix Unleashed

  • The Morphing Sequence: Not only is the music awesome, but we actually get to see the Morphin' Grid itself. To say nothing of the beautiful visuals, beginning with the Rangers punching the ground so hard it cracks apart.
  • Despite the Rangers putting up a good fight, it's Dr. Akana who manages to (temporarily) take out two Sporix Beasts. She lassos Mucus and sends her spinning away to slam into a rock face, then directs her already unstable drone directly into Shockhorn and blows him up.
    Dr. Akana: Nobody messes with my tech.
  • Even though it is taken from the Sentai footage, the debut fight of T-Rex Champion Zord Battle Mode is amazing, especially seeing how agile the Zord is compared to others from the past few seasons.
    • Even without Zords, Amelia and Ollie are no slouches either against the giant Shockhorn. They manage to hold him down with some Boost Keys and while it didn't work, it at least proves that they got the chops to be Rangers.
  • At the end of the episode, the Rangers set up a way for the public to contact them about Sporix sightings. Considering that Power Rangers are such a staple in their world, it's surprising that this hasn't been thought of before.

Episode 3: Lost Signal

  • Zayto utilizing the sonic dino-key to give him Daredevil-like sonar to aid him in his fight against Vypeera.

Episode 4: New Recruits

  • This episode goes and subverts all expectations as, at first, even though it's established that Izzy's green ranger suit will be skirtless, earlier episodes shows the previous green ranger as well as the Green Morphing Master with skirted outfits just like their respective Pink counterparts. So, how is Izzy the exception? In her debut, it turns out that she isn't after all, but after she morphs, she proceeds to rip off her uniform's skirt, telling the others that skirts aren't her thing.
  • Javi proves his bravery early by grabbing the orb and then smashing it after distracting the monsters with...his harmonica.
  • Izzy and Javi prove their sibling bond in the fight as Izzy throws Javi her sword so he can use both at once while she uses her spear on the Hengemen.
    • Javi throws the sword back so Izzy can spin it on the tip of her spear and send it flying into a tree. She then throws her spear into the tree, leaping up to hang off it, then leaps off, grabbing the sword in mid-air before smashing Boomtower.
    Boomtower: Vibing? With a teenager?!? No thanks! *teleports away*

Episode 5: Winning Attitude

  • Izzy and Javi introduce Zayto, Amelia and Ollie to their cousin Lily, who has CHARGE Syndrome. The only time her condition is brought up is when the humans explain the Special Olympics to Zayto—speaking of which, Lily herself is an Olympian and has a gold medal from the 1500 meter race! Everyone treats Lily no different than anyone else, instead showcasing how she's her coach and makes good protein smoothies. Said cousin is portrayed by Sarah Dalton, a real-life Special Olympian with CHARGE syndrome. Lily is treated no differently than anyone else, and the episode never falls into Very Special Episode or Inspirationally Disadvantaged territory—instead of Izzy needing to learn An Aesop about respecting people with intellectual disabilities, the respect is there from the start and the misunderstanding they have easily could have occurred between two abled characters. Instead, Power Rangers sought out a disabled athlete for the purpose of representation.

Episode 6: Superstition Strikes

  • With some pep-talk from Solon, Amelia, being the only Ranger still in Dinohenge's chamber, becomes a Spanner in the Works for Void Knight's plan to raid the base and steal the Rangers' Sporix. She engages an invading Boomtower, destroys his stolen morpher and teleports him out of there. Now that's how to turn some "luck" around!

Episode 7: Stego Search

  • A villainous example. Boomtower went out of his way to use a Sporix Cell to power himself and unleash a powerful Boom Blast that took out three Rangers in one shot. Zayto warned the Rangers that a powered-up Sporix Cell was a recipe for disaster, so this proved to be a prime example as to why.

Episode 8: Unexpected Guest

  • The Rangers are busting Doomsnake's chops before Wolfgang makes their Megazord come apart shortly after. A good first impression of our next Sporix Beast.
  • Mick Kanic somehow has travelled multiple galaxies and encountered 40 other rangers on his search for the Nexus Prism. What type of crazy adventures has he gotten into is anyone's guess.
  • This episode features another addition to the Ranger Lore as it turns out the Morphin Masters were responsible for creating several certain artifacts for the Rangers to use including the Dino Gems, the Energems, and the Nexus Prism. The fact they had a hand in creating these powers including the Dino Fury Powers shows how much power they wield.
  • The climactic final fight against Boomtower has the Rangers pull out the big guns and combine all their Zords into the Dino Fury Megazord Warrior Formation. They then attack Boomtower with their respective individual attacks before destroying him for good.
  • Episode 8 shows off amazing Worldbuilding by having the Nexus Prism being connected to the Morphing Masters and shows off how they had a hand in nearly ever Power Rangers season and being implied to have revived Steel and Kendrix.

Episode 10: Phoning Home

  • Solon fights Slyther one-on-one and even manages to hold her own for a little before he blasts her.
  • Before that, we have Solon bluffing "Arla" by feeding her Rafkonian dog food, which Arla would have recognized if her story was true.

Episode 11: McScary Manor

  • With most of the team emotionally compromised, Amelia debuts the Blazing Dino Key and its Battle Armor, making short work of Tombtress. Also, she's the first to use it in this series. In sentai, it's red-exclusive for a while, but it turns out there are more such armors based on other new Zords; once there were enough of them to go around, other Rangers did get to use them.)
  • Additionally, Amelia gets to be the first non-Zayto Ranger to use the Mega Fury Saber to defeat Tombtress with the T-Rex Blazing Megazord.

Episode 12: Super Hotshot

  • Izzy realizes that the new gym is a scam, and calls out the Coach in front of all her clients. It prompts them to all quit and train with her instead (for free).

Episode 13: The Matchmaker

  • When Javi pulls Fern aside to try and set up Izzy with Adrian, the way he phrases things initially makes Fern think Javi's asking her out. Fern immediately tells him she doesn't date boys, and Javi tells her that's fine without batting an eye.

Episode 14: Old Foes

  • Three words: Lord Zedd returns. Yes, they are bringing back one of the most iconic baddies of the Zordon era and given how he retreats at the end of the episode, this means that he'll become a recurring Big Bad for the rest of the series!
    • This Lord Zedd doesn't come with his famous staff; not like he needed it to trounce every other villain that crosses his path. And when the Rangers have landed several hits on him and seemingly forced him to retreat:
    Lord Zedd: You parasites are lucky that bumbling sorcerer couldn't find my staff! When I return, I'll crush you like the cockroaches that you are, and burn this planet to a cinder!
    • It's been more than 20 years since Lord Zedd was around but everyone except Ollie (who boasts early in the episode that he's not afraid of anything) spends the episode absolutely terrified of him. And for good reason. He throws around Void Knight like a ragdoll, and demolishes two monsters simultaneously (one of whom had previously broken the Dino Fury Megazord). With four of the Rangers captured, Solon teleports Ollie to safety against his will, just to keep Zedd from obliterating him. Ollie was the only Ranger who dared to ask, "How do we beat this guy?" while everyone else was simply asking, "How do we survive this guy?" And when Zayto, Amelia, Izzy, and Javi are all freed from the Sleepy Cuffs that incapacitated them, and witness the monster infighting that's going on didn't take them being at base for Solon's history lesson to recognize that Lord Zedd is easily the most threatening being on the battlefield.
    • Ultimately, Reaghoul is forced to point Zedd at someone else (Brineblast and Wolfgang) so that he and Mucus could teleport away. When Set a Mook to Kill a Mook doesn't work, everyone on the battlefield has to make a hasty alliance, just so they don't get annihilated. Keep in mind, this is against a Lord Zedd who's still a degree of foggy from Reaghoul's mind-control, who doesn't have his staff or much of his magic, and who has no idea what the current Power Rangers are capable of. And the best they can manage against him is a stalemate!
  • The fact that Reaghoul was able to reanimate Lord Zedd also counts. And let's make this clear: this is not the Zedd we saw purified at the end of Countdown to Destruction, this is literally Zedd's evil reincarnated; all his evil impulses given physical form. And as Solon states, Zedd was never destroyed in battle and there is no way they can recreate the Z-Wave again to turn him good.

Episode 15: Storm Surge

  • Just when Tidemare has the Rangers on the ropes, out comes the newly reawakened Gold Ranger to kick some ass. As if he took a page from Trey of Triforia when it comes to Big Damn Heroes.

Episode 18: Crossed Wires

  • To prove that Episode 13 isn't just a fluke, we have Fern appearing in the beginning and Izzy calling Fern "her girlfriend" and kissing her on the cheek (via cheek-to-cheek but still)!

Episode 21: Void Trap

  • Bottom line: Dr. Akana is the MVP of the episode.
    • The fact that she's willing to join along with a dangerous plan with the Rangers.
    • Dr. Akana is willing to make herself a distraction against Void Knight. She goes up to him and hits him in the face with a branch and sends her flying...right into the path of a Dino dagger. So she crawls towards it and...
    Void Knight: Any last words?
    Dr.Akana: Yeah, catch!
    (She hurls the Dino Dagger at one of the pipes and knicks it and when Void Knight is distracted, her son destroys the machine)
    • When she finds out that the Blue Dino Fury Ranger is her son? She basically is ready to tear Void Knight apart.
    Dr. Akana: You hurt my son and I'll obliterate you and everything you've ever loved! I MEAN IT, BUSTER!
  • The final battle (for now) comes down to the Blue Ranger rather than the Red Ranger. Additionally, Izzy gets Void Knight to retreat by damaging his machine connecting to the grid. It's a nice show of making sure Red's not getting the lion's share of the finale.

Episode 22: Secret Santa

  • The villain's plan is this. Trick the Rangers into bringing a bomb into their base, activated by a card that knocks out communications and teleportation, trapping them with it. And this was Mucus' idea!

Episode 27: Stitched Up

  • The main plot is about Fern and Izzy's prom night and there is nothing big made of it. Just two girlfriends going out and having a fun time at the biggest night of their high school lives.
  • Izzy's mom is nothing but supportive of her daughter coming out as lesbian, having prepared both a dress and suit for Fern and Izzy respectively and being understanding that Izzy would still have hang-ups.

Episode 30: Serious Business

  • Jane performing a rather SPECTACULAR tap-dance

Episode 31: The Hunt

  • Snageye proves to be an effective general by managing to capture all the Rangers with little difficulty.
  • The debut fight of the Dino Knight Armor. Once Zayto has the Morpher in his hands, he trashes Snageye with little effort.

Episode 37: Morphin Master

  • Master Green has worked behind the scenes to help in previous seasons. The meteor that randomly hit Devon in “Grid Connections” and Steel’s resurrection were considered a given. However, the often maligned Legendary Battle of Super Mega infamy turns out to be her handiwork too in gathering the veterans together for one big battle. Let that sink in: they managed to make sense of the Legendary Battle.
    • Master Green herself gets props for defying her colleagues’ none interference stance when possible.
    • Turns out Steel’s the star of Izzy’s favorite show.

Episode 42: The Invasion

  • Pop-Pop is completely out of his league, but props to him trying to fight off a Sporix beast with a shovel. It’s enough to get the Rafkonians to reconsider their colonization.

Episode 44: The Nemesis

  • The Final Battle has all six rangers sliding across The Nemesis in an attempt to strike Void Queen down. Best part? This is all American footage.
    • Callbacks like Javi dual-wielding and the Ranger roll call poses appear in the fight too.