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Episode 1 - Destination Dinohenge
  • How does Amelia meet Ollie? By mistaking him for a ghost and catching him in an electrified net.
  • When the park warden discovers Dr. Akana's set up at Dino Henge, Amelia calls him "Warden Buzzkill" under her breath. This immediately leads to Dr. Akana calling him that to his face.
  • While helping Ollie pack up his mom's equipment, Amelia admits to having run into Warden Garcia... not once, or twice, but seventeen times before.
  • Amelia saying that evidence of ghosts is hard to come by since "it's not like they'll line up for a selfie!".
  • Solon's Skewed Priorities when confronting Void Knight, who calls her an "old lizard":
    Solon: Firstly, I'm a dinosaur, not a lizard; and secondly, "old"?! Ouch!
    • And then when Ollie defends her, he shouts "Leave the old dinosaur alone!"
  • Upon becoming Power Rangers, Amelia is wondering what other perks they get. Ollie replies "If you seen the news, Zords!"
  • Solon finally waking up Zayto... by pounding a fist on the console to his stasis pod.
  • Amelia tries to reassure Zayto after they find out he's been in stasis for 65 million years, saying he's in great shape. Solon preens and says that they both are.

Episode 2 - Sporix Unleashed

  • The team practicing their morphing call, Ass Kicking Pose and all, which includes Amelia accidentally smacking Zayto and Ollie flipping his key out of his hand.
    • And when they do it (correctly) for the first time in battle, Zayto glances at them before commenting "Smooth".
  • Zayto is looking forward to seeing some dinosaurs, leading to Amelia awkwardly dancing around the fact that they're extinct. Well, at least in the main Power Rangers Universe.
  • When Amelia and Ollie try to warn Warden Garcia about the Sporix, he thinks it's another one of Amelia's antics and after hearing that they're aliens sarcastically asks if they get around in a UFO. Complete with a little drawing in his notebook.
  • Amelia and Ollie try to show off in front of a newly hatched Mucus.
    Mucus: Who's gonna stop me from tearing the city apart?
    Amelia: We are! The—
    Ollie: The Power Rangers! *poses*
    Amelia: Really? I wanted to say it!
    • After morphing, Mucus gives a slow clap before charging at them... and immediately getting slashed into goo by Zayto's blade. The trio are a little surprised at how easy it was after Zayto talked up how powerful they were the episode before.
  • Zayto shows off the Boost Keys he mentioned earlier, and, upon activating it and gaining a visible armor upgrade, he announces "Stink Boost!". Cue Amelia verbally wondering if he really said what she thinks he said, followed by Zayto unleashing massive cloud of gas (complete with an exaggerated fart noise) that flattens not just the Sporix monster they were fighting, but the rangers themselves as well.
  • After Void Knight and crew are chased away from her, Ollie makes sure his mom is okay. When she mentions that he sounds familiar, he talks in a deep voice like Batman to throw her off.
  • Void Knight and Mucus make their base out of an abandoned human laboratory just outside of Pine Ridge called... Area 62.
    • Also the fact that, on their way there, Mucus constantly asks Void Knight, "Are We There Yet??" while he keeps replying "No" with the same mounting frustration you'd hear from a parent having to deal with their kid annoying them.

Episode 3 - Lost Signal

  • Amelia stating that she can easily scalp the $15 needed to see Madame Indigo... She then promptly asks Ollie to lend her the money.
    • This gets brought up when Ollie remarks that it won't cost $15 just to go to the observatory
  • Ollie pretending to be dating Amelia just to prove the psychic is a scam, complete with calling her "honey muffin," and placing a finger on her lips to silence her just to sell it. Even better is that Zayto, the guy who can read minds, honestly believed it was true.
    Zayto: But Ollie called you "Honey Muffin"!
    Amelia: Yeah, and it was really hard not to throw up in my mouth when he did.
    Ollie: Same here.
    • The above conversation becomes Hilarious in Hindsight after the events of "Love Hate".
    • And the sheer confusion on Amelia's part when he begins the act. The look on her face when he puts his finger on her lips is particularly hilarious.
  • Jane narrowly avoids stepping in wet cement during her "psychic" search for Sporix. J-Borg, on the other hand, is not so lucky.
  • Zayto shows up to fight the Sporix Beast wearing a blindfold. Her first response? "You look like you're about to crack open a pinata!"
  • Amelia's first reaction when she's inside the Megazord: Trying to take a selfie inside it.
    Zayto: Um, guys? Giant monster to fight?
    Amelia: Right! Right, right. Sorry...
  • Although Solon can speak millions of languages, she apparently has trouble with French.

Episode 4 - New Recruits

  • The Running Gag through the episode of nobody bothering to learn Draknarok's name. At one point he even complains that it's not a very hard name to learn.
  • Amelia helpfully rewording Zayto's skills as a knight and Power Ranger into something more believable for his job interview at Buzzblast: fighting monsters? Tackling tough tasks. Piloting a giant Zord? He has a flashy style. Taking care of Sporix beasts? He recycles!
  • Ollie tried to teach Zayto a catchphrase—"Cool, cool, coolio!", complete with finger guns—but Amelia thinks it's pretty cringeworthy, so Ollie tells him not to let her know that he's responsible for it. Of course, Zayto pulls it out while interviewing with Jane.
    Zayto: Uh... my friend Ollie taught me that. Amelia, you didn't hear that.
    [Amelia gives Ollie a smug glare]
  • The Rangers' reaction when they realize Izzy and Javi's dad is none other than Ranger Garcia.
    Amelia: Strict guy, big hat, stares at people like this? [glares]
    Izzy: Technically step-dad. You know him?
    Amelia: Nope! Never met him.
  • When the monsters appear in the museum, Mucus declares "Aaaand scream!" as if to cue the civilians.
  • The fact that, when Boomtower and Draknarok engage the Rangers in combat, Mucus's reaction is to sit on a bench and clap like she's watching a fun show. ... Only for her to get caught in the crossfire when Zayto dodges a fire blast.
  • Mucus throws herself at Javi's van in order to stick to the side and follow him and shouts "It's Morphin' Slime!" as she does so.
  • J-Borg attempts a news coverage type of stream for BuzzBlast only for Jane to mess up the teleprompter and make the robot pronounce a mishmash of words.
    • And she thinks she nailed it.
  • Javi saves the day and distracts the monsters by... playing his harmonica. Really loudly.
    • The fact that Javi wants to be a musician via harmonica and keytar.
  • How does Hasbro deal with the fact the Sentai footage has no skirt on the Green Ranger outfit? Just have Izzy rip it off, of course.
    Izzy: Skirts... aren't really my thing.
    • Also, Amelia's reaction, a combination of shock and "you can do that?"
  • After Izzy hits Boomtower with a powerful attack:
    Boomtower: I don't believe this!
    Izzy: Really? I was thinking the same thing! You and me are really vibing, dude.
    Boomtower: Vibing? With a teenager?!? No thanks! [teleports away]
  • When Draknarok grows, Javi quips "It's not like he was gonna shrink." Which brings to mind a line from another season...
  • Izzy wants to know if her control console in the Megazord can play music.
  • When Izzy shows excitement at the prospect of finding Zords for herself and her brother, Zayto has this to say:
    Zayto: You humans sure do love Zords.
  • After Javi realizes he might not be getting the job, Izzy tries to console him.
    Izzy: There's plenty of jobs around. *Beat* You want ten bucks to clean my room?
  • Javi ends up getting hired after all and Jane gives him his first assignment: finding the best hamburger in town. Amelia notes that she got something totally different for her first story: the best taco in town.

Episode 5 - Winning Attitude

  • Jane and J-Borg attempt to do a skit to children about what to do when a Sporix beast arrives... only for Brineblast to appear some feat away from them.
    • Brineblast first appears in Sporix form, and crawls all over Jane. While she and J-Borg completely ignore their own advice to stay calm and freak out trying to get it off her, one little girl from the audience calmly snatches up Jane's phone and calls the Power Rangers' hotline.
  • Later Jane and J-Borg are chased by a giant Brineblast into a garbage bin, which is then sent flying down the street. Jane calls the Rangers for help, which involves looking out the lid to note which of the streets they're sailing past.
    • And the pair end up crashing into a police car which earns them a ticket.

Episode 6 - Superstition Strikes

  • When Boomtower prepares to finish off Ollie and Amelia, he spells out the word "done" wrong.
    Boomtower: You Rangers are about to be D-U-N-E!
    Amelia: We'll be "dune"? Do you mean "done"? You're even bad at spelling.
    Boomtower: What are you, a dictionary?!
  • There's something deeply humorous about seeing a monster get defeated via Disaster Dominoes.
  • When Izzy steals the Sporix out from Boomtower and he gets mad, what's her reply?
    Izzy: Ok, Boomer.
  • Ollie's bad luck streak after breaking a mirror at the end of the episode.

Episode 7 - Stego Search

  • Jane's attempt at a rap is allllllmost a contender for Robo-Knight's.
  • The ending where Javi plays his new keytar for the crowds assembled in the BuzzBlast hall he and his friends are in. One of the folks dancing, J-Borg, ends up spinning fast enough to drill into the ground, all the way to a water main. The result: water from said water main is sprayed all over the scene.

Episode 8 - Unexpected Guest

  • Zayto is trying to form a strategy yet is being distracted by a bird...a bird that is revealed to be Mick Kanic in disguise.
  • Mick being enamored to seeing the Dino Fury rangers and wants a selfie with them, stating he has selfies with 40 other rangers across the galaxy.
  • At BuzzBlast, J-Borg finds Mick trying to use the computers and goes after him. Mick decides to transform into a basketball that ricochets everywhere, including the cake Jane was making!
    • How does Mick evade the monster? By turning into an RC car that runs around in circles.
  • Mick's initial plan to stop the monster? Turn into a baby pacifier. Even the rangers are squicked out at the idea.
    • Mick then asks if there's a kitchen in the spaceship. Not only because he'll concoct the weapon to stop the monster, but also because he's hungry to which Solon agrees.
  • Mick defeats the monster by tricking it into eating treats that ruin its voice. At the end of the episode, Mick finds the Rangers have eaten his earlier versions so they "speak" in animal sounds.
    • The only way to fix them is to "shock" them. Solon suddenly unleashes a loud cry in her native language that literally knocks the team back and renders them briefly deaf.

Episode 9 - Cut Off

  • Izzy snarks that when she and Javi were kids, he ate all the marshmallows before they had a chance to make smores. Javi replies that he's all grown up now - while scarfing down more marshmallows.
    • Later when they find Void Knight and co.
      Mucus: No one invited you, Rangers! Go back to your camp and roast some marshmallows!
      Javi: We can't! I ate them all.
  • At the end, Ollie gets the team jackets that can convert into sleeping bags with the touch of a button. Izzy hits the wrong button and activates a spherical life raft that surrounds her body and sends her rolling down the hill screaming.
    Ollie: Izzy! Are you okay!
    Izzy: Am I okay? I was screaming for my life!
    Izzy: I'm great! You gotta try this!

Episode 10 - Phoning Home

  • Mucus tries to show off Slyther's paint job to Void Knight.
    Mucus: I think the baby blue really complements the pink highlights.
    Void Knight: Who cares about colors! We're not Power Rangers.
  • Solon tries to make an old Rafkonian snack for Zayto, but it turns out the recipe was for dog food.
    Solon: That explains why the dessert recipe turned out like this. [holds up a large bone]
    • In the flashback Zayto shows her, the dog he's feeding has antenna just like he does.
  • Slyther calls his attacks as he does them, including throwing a Hengemen in front of Zayto's attack and shouting "Noble Sacrifice!"
  • With Solon unreachable, Zayto has to manually override the Zord-calling system with his personal password: "Zayto is cool".
  • After losing his memory from landing in electrical wires, Slyther is found by Mucus and is convinced by her that the two are best friends. They even do a little happy dance!
  • At the top of the episode, Jane is showing off a gadget that causes J-borg to act like a cat. Hilarity Ensues.

Episode 11 - McScary Manor

  • Pop Pop tries to keep calm by talking to the Creepy Dolls he finds in the Manor, but when he hears noises he tells them they're on their own and books it.
  • Tombtress hits Javi with a Mood Blast that makes him overly emotional, crying about how much he loves his friends, how much he misses his old goldfish, and being a Power Ranger.
    Javi: I just love how good at posing we are!
    Izzy: No one makes my brother cry! Except maybe me sometimes.
  • When Amelia gets hit with Tombtress' Mood Blast, she becomes angry at Ollie for being skeptical over her.
  • When they're back at Buzzblast, Javi tries to lighten Amelia's mood with some hot cocoa. When he returns with his own cup, it's mostly marshmallows.
  • Amelia approaches Pop Pop as the Pink Ranger, and deepens her voice just like Ollie back at the season's beginning.
  • The other three rangers get hit by the Mood Blast in the next fight, making Izzy super-scared, Ollie super-happy, and Zayto super-lazy. It carries over to the rangers in the cockpit, with Zayto lazing around his platform, Izzy flailing around scared, and Ollie giddily chasing after her.
  • The ending when Pop Pop tries to repair Jane's air-conditioning unit. One attempt has him cause an actual blizzard in her office with actual snow.

Episode 12 - Super Hotshot

  • After the workout, Amelia declares that she feels so strong she could lift anything, and asks if anyone needs anything carried. Ollie asks if she could carry him home.
  • Izzy begging her father to let her purchase a membership to a gym which includes flyers everywhere: on his desk, in his sock drawer, in his sandwich.
    • She then tries to invoke Puppy-Dog Eyes before Javi remarks their dad is a cat lover. She goes "Meow" while her hands are up in puppy dog fashion.
  • Jane's new coaching robot malfunctions and knocks her off her treadmill when it keeps thinking she needs towels and water. Cut to Jane covered in towels.
    Jane: I only wanted one! Twelve at most.
    J-Borg: For efficiency and accuracy I give the Cyber-Coach 5 stars.
    *holds up for fingers, glances at them, slowly raises thumb*

Episode 13 - The Matchmaker

  • Ollie keeps complaining about training from the last episode.
    Izzy: Take five before we crack into the next drill!
    Ollie: Only five? I was hoping for twenty-four...
    Ollie and Amelia: Hours.
    Amelia: Get new material, dude.
  • Izzy's panic when Adrian (actually Slyther in disguise) not only declares his love for her but pulls out a long poem to read to her.
  • The rangers manage to ambush Slyther and Fogshell by disguising themselves at the meeting place. Highlights include:
    • Ollie and Amelia dressed as a couple with a baby. They end up slamming their stroller into Fogshell, who's more confused by the fact that there's a teddy bear in there than getting his butt kicked.
    • Zayto dressed as an old lady and even does his kiais in an old-lady voice.
  • Slyther and Mucus try to build up the reveal that they got all the rangers Sporix, complete with a gong and the Hengemen playing trumpets. When it turns out to be a fake chest, Void Knight slams Slyther into the gong, then throws the gong through Mucus to bisect her into goo, then slams Slyther into the gong again while it's stuck in the wall.
    Slyther: Well, that's the risk of live performance. I blame this gong.

Episode 14 - Old Foes

  • When Mucus sees Reaghoul treating Zedd with respect, she wonders why a boss would be nice to his minions - and asks if he's hiring.
  • Javi plans on dressing up as his dad for Halloween because his dancing is terrible to which Izzy agrees.
  • Solon beams in to hit Wolfgang with a No-Howl drop, but when the fighting starts she hides behind a tree.
    Solon: I'm here if you need moral support!
    Ollie: Appreciate it!
  • As soon as Lord Zedd is free, this is what happens:
    Lord Zedd: After all this time...I'm free. I'M FREE! AND YOU! HOW DARE YOU?! [Reghoul backs away in fear] My fists are going to squeeze every drop of magic out of you, Reghoul!
  • After being freed, Lord Zedd tries to take out Reaghoul and Mucus, but they teleport away.
    Lord Zedd: Oh you've got to be 'kidding! What's with all the teleporting away? Doesn't anybody want to fight anymore?!?

Episode 15 - Storm Surge

  • When Ollie can't help Javi finish a story for Buzzblast, J-Borg has a back-up plan: watching paint dry. Literally.
  • Slyther referring to Ollie's mom as Doctor Lady.

Episode 16 - Ancient History

  • Mucus gets put in charge of Wreckmate and the mission to destroy the Mosazord, so she decides to make a stop and gather important beach toys and ice cream.
    • Wreckmate is actually looking forward to his four-scoop cone, until the Rangers blast it out of his hand. And while he's trying to threaten them, Mucus keeps hurling scoops at him.
    • He also proudly announces his new and improved Aqua Hengemen...who are just Hengemen wearing beachwear like snorkels, flippers and inner tubes.

Episode 17 - Our Hero

  • Zayto initially expresses doubt that Aiyon would summon the Mosa Zord just for a crowd's demands. Not even a sec later:
    Aiyon: Send in the Mosa Razor Zord!
    Zayto: (deadpan) Sooooo, he just did it!
  • "No fist bump for you!"
  • Slyther tries to hypnotize the Mosazord. It's not an innate ability he has, he had to take an online course.
    Slyther: You're so evil. You leave the toilet seat up. You don't tip your waitress!
  • His command to the Mosazord to attack?
    Slyther: Go! Do the thing!

Episode 18 - Crossed Wires

  • After waking up the civilians, one of them mutters having a dream about goblins turning people into trees.
  • Zayto, Ollie, and Amelia have tried everything to wake Javi and Aiyon up: alarm clocks, roosters, and pancakes. Nothing worked, although Zayto said the pancakes were delicious.
  • Amelia's reaction to the Fusion Ultrazord:
    Amelia: What does this formation do? Wait! No spoilers. Let's just find out.
  • Mucus makes off with the Sporix, and Amelia's reaction sounds like she almost forgot she was on a kids' show:
    Amelia: Oh, fungus!
  • Aiyon attempts to show off his Earth pop culture knowledge with a 'Sleeping Beauty' related pun. Zayto seems to find it funny, but the Earth-raised Rangers are shaking their heads, clearly unimpressed.
    Zayto: Humor on this planet. I don't get it, either.
  • Near the beginning of the episode there's an announcement in the background wishing the school's glee club luck at Regionals the next day. At the end of the episode, another announcement states that regionals have been postponed due to the venue being crushed by a monster.

Episode 19 - The Makeover

  • After getting body-swapped, Amelia strains herself trying to pop out Zayto's antenna. "Is there a button?"
    • This becomes doubly hilarious during The Reveal in the penultimate episode.
  • Amelia acting happy-go-lucky in Zayto's body.
  • Zayto in Amelia's body plays with her hair and wonders if he should grow his own out.
    • He also gets weirded out patting his own back.
  • Izzy fights the Hengemen driving a tractor.
    Izzy: Whoa, whoa, whoa! I know none of you have a license to drive this thing. I definitely don't.
  • Aiyon shoots his finishing move at Boneswitch who simply teleports out of the way causing the blast to hit a parked car.
    Aiyon: They probably had insurance.
  • Aiyon gets body-swapped too...with a pigeon. Even more hilarious is that he actually enjoyed his time as a bird and did a roll call as a bird until he returns to his own body, which was busy eating a worm.

Episode 20 - Waking Nightmares

  • Mucus's musical dream where she tries to figure out the functions of Void Knight's machine. It starts playing disco music, and Void Knight despairs that now Mucus will become the funkiest person in the world.
  • Ollie is still doing a deeper voice when interacting with his mother. He's the only ranger that does this.

Episode 21 - Void Trap

  • Solon stating that she's also like Dr. Akana for their love of technology. Solon sounds excited at how she bought a microwave!

Episode 22 - Secret Santa

  • The beginning shows Javi talking to Santa... as in the real Santa. Yes, somehow a Power Ranger actively talking to St. Nick himself is no longer treated as weird in this universe. (Although to be fair Santa has teamed up with other Rangers before)
  • Izzy notes that Amelia has been reminding everyone to get Secret Santa gifts twice a week. For the past three months.
  • Aiyon mistook Secret Santa as "Sander" and so bought a sander for his Secret Santa gift for Amelia.

Episode 24 - The Festival

  • When the gang tries out the Flargon cakes, Ollie, Javi, and Izzy are shown to visibly dislike the taste. Amelia, on the other hand, shouts that it tastes delicious before sticking her head into the cake to eat more.

Episode 25 - Missing Pieces

  • With his memory manipulation device, Slyther makes the rangers believe that the Sporix Beast they found is actually a big juicy pickle and later on a giant teddy bear, which they hugged.

Episode 30 - Serious Business

  • Javi's unfortunate one-liner. Apparently it took them several takes because someone would start laughing every time.
    Javi: Sniffin' out trouble? You just found a whole steaming pile of it! (everyone else gives him annoyed/disgusted looks) Oh, that came out wrong...

Episode 31 - The Hunt

Episode 32 - Losers Weepers

  • Mucus finds a mysterious collar which can make any monster grow to giant size. Within moments of putting it on, she's swarmed by a flock of birds, then falls backwards into some power lines, splatting her. Reforming, she decides to take the collar back to Void Queen... so they can get revenge on the birds.
  • As Void Queen pulls Flapnarok's cell out of the machine:
    Void Queen: This Sporix had a brother. I forget his name.

Episode 33 - Love Hate

  • When discussing possible strategies to wake an unconscious Ollie, Izzy suggests scaring him with their Halloween costumes. Zayto has to remind her that a) Ollie was never afraid of those costumes, and b) his eyes are closed.
    • Izzy then reveals that one time, when they were children, she decided to rouse a hard-to-wake Javi by pouring water on his bed. Javi's more annoyed by the fact that it made their parents think he'd wet the bed.
    • Solon then agrees to using Izzy's water strategy, but also declares that she won't be the one cleaning up any "accidents".
  • In a touching, heart-to-heart conversation, Ollie and Amelia admit their feelings for each other, and lean in for a kiss. Cut to the other Rangers and Solon, all armed with water buckets, watching them gleefully from the doorway.
    Aiyon: What'cha dooooin'?
  • Upon learning that Amelia and Ollie are now together, Zayto quips about how this makes Amelia Ollie's "honey muffin", which was a term he used back in Episode 3.

Episode 36 - Rafkon Revealed

  • Boomblaster’s idea of how the Sporix generator will be used? They sell it and live off the profits.
  • Scrozzle suggests while they're waiting for the Sporix generator to fire up he could give it some touch ups, like glitter. Zedd isn't appreciative.

Episode 37 - Morphin Master

  • Solon scolding the Blue Morphin Master for crystallizing her mushrooms (he'd been aiming for Green).
    Solon: I don't come to your house and encase stuff in crystals, do I?
  • Aiyon hasn't quite got the hang of Earth metaphors.
    Aiyon: Looks like you're scared, Zedd! Moo!
    (the music stops dead as all the Rangers look at Aiyon in confusion)
  • Boomblaster admits he joined Zedd mainly because the pay's better. Nulleye says Zedd offers good dental... then Void King points out Nulleye has no teeth. Later on, during the fight, Zayto hits Nulleye in the face, causing him to cry out about his teeth, until he remembers he doesn't have them.
  • Boomblaster lying about how he totally doesn't think Aiyon's new super mode is cool. Especially not the cape!
  • "Oh, no! Threatening running!"

Episode 38 - Wishful Thinking

  • What's funnier than Mucus? Mucus in human form, ranting on how "hideous" she looks.
    Mucus: Wiiiish on a charm and your dreams will come truuuue!
    Izzy: Whyyyyyyy do you talk like that?
    Mucus: To be draaaaamatic!
  • Ollie doesn't believe in artifacts that grant wishes, and sarcastically states that he'll wish for a hug from his mother. How is his wish granted? His mother, who is in Japan, suddenly teleports to where he's at. And when he gets turned into a Blue Dino Fury ranger action figure, he quickly tells his mom to call him an action figure and NOT a doll.
  • Izzy gets turned into a miniature version of the T-Rex zord. Among other concerns, she's worried how Fern would take her girlfriend being turned into a tiny mechanical dinosaur. The others figure Fern would be understanding about it.
    • Soon enough, Izzy discovers the fun side of being a human-sized Dinozord: knocking people through walls.

Episode 42 - The Invasion

  • Pop-Pop tries to protect his granddaughter with a shovel. The Sporix beast just destroys it.
    Pop-Pop: (staring at the handle of his destroyed shovel) This was supposed to be unbreakable English oak. The infomercial lied!
    (cue Sporix beast blasting him)

Episode 43 - The Truth

  • Why is "Warden Garcia" (actually Slyther in disguise) at Area 62 instead of leading the evacuation?
    Garcia: I am. I'm just on a coffee break. Underground. Without coffee. Oh, forget this!

Episode 44 - The Nemesis

  • During the final megazord battle Izzy and Javi rush in only to get blasted away almost immediately
    Izzy: Team Garcia has entered the chat! *gets blasted away*
    Javi: Leaving the chat!
  • Seeing Tarrick wearing a Hawaiian shirt is a humorous contrast to his previous outfits.