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  • Casey's first morph taking out Mooks just doing the morphing pose.
  • R.J.'s unique method of driving home the importance of teamwork... By breaking the stool Theo was sitting on, sending him sprawling to the floor. "The team is a stool. What happens when all the legs aren't equal?" Or maybe it's beating up Casey and Lily while blindfolded. Either way, he's got the "badass" part of Crouching Moron, Hidden Badass down to a science.
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  • Camille's extended battle with Naja. It was probably in this battle where Camille really came into her own as a henchwoman. Not only showing her Evil Virtues of Loyalty and Determination, but also proving as relentless and powerful as this most powerful of the five fingers of poison.
  • In Master Phant's intro episode, Lily refuses to leave his home until he teaches her the Jungle Mace. When Lily's attacked by Mooks, Phant comes bursting out in a Big Damn Heroes moment and bellows: "Get away from my student!"
  • "One Master Too Many":
    • RJ's father Master Finn takes on the Big Bad (a fellow called Dai Shi, who has stomped all over everyone for the last ten episodes without slowing down), and is quickly defeated. Dai Shi moves in to finish the fight, when RJ - kooky, unusual and offbeat RJ - steps between them. Finn warns his son, "He's strong RJ". RJ stands up, turns to Dai Shi, narrows his eyes and mutters, "So am I." Cue epic beatdown as RJ beats the so-far-unstoppable supervillain in unmorphed hand-to-hand combat, and kicks Dai Shi's ass into next week. It wasn't RJ's only moment of pure unstoppable badass, but lord almighty it was fun to watch.
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    • And then there Master Finn's intro, coming out of nowhere Dual Wielding swords and making his way past a lot of Mooks, and to top it off using the power of his animal spirit to destroy the twister the Monster of the Week was creating. Major awesomeness.
  • In "Bad To The Bone":
    • Lily is hit by the MOTW, which turns her into a lazy Jerkass. Fran, tired of her lazing around while the rest of the team is getting pummeled by the monster, takes Lily's morpher and says she's going to go out and do what Lily can't. While, sadly, Lily snapped out of the MOTW's spell at this point, meaning that Fran didn't get to become a Ranger, she still has serious balls for standing up to Lily.
    • Twice in the season, Fran (the comedic bookworm character with no real fighting ability) stands up to trained kung-fu masters who've temporarily turned evil ... and twice, she beats them.
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  • In "Friends Don't Fade Away", Fran (a ditzy but sweet bookworm who was the team's comic relief for the year) is attacked by RJ in his wild, werewolf form. Despite the fact she has no powers, and RJ was this year's resident badass who could've easily killed her, Fran stands her ground, doesn't run away, and talks RJ down. What makes this even more awesome is that when RJ does attack her, Fran cures him of his lycanthropy through the sheer power of her friendship. Fran was absolutely this year's Ensemble Dark Horse, and this was the reason why. She was just a wonderful character.
    "You wouldn't hurt a fly, RJ. And you will not hurt me."
  • In Dom's intro, Dom asks if he can join the Rangers and fight Dai Shi. Because of Dom's light-hearted nature, the team doesn't make him feel welcome, and Dominic eventually gets the hint and leaves. The next day, Fran steps into the kitchen to hear Casey telling the Rangers that Dominic has left. "We gave it a try, and it didn't work out," Casey shrugs. For the first and only time in the whole season, the audience loses sweet, humble, meek Fran, and Fran just tears the Rangers to shreds. "Did you? Did you really? Did you try even for a second?" The Rangers don't respond, frozen in place. Interestingly, when Fran points out that she liked Dom's light-hearted nature, Lily tries a subtle side-change and agrees with Fran that she liked Dom's nature too, but Fran's having none of that. "Did any of you really get to know him at all?" She's about to continue when the phone rings, interrupting her with a pizza order. But as Fran grabs the pizzas and turns to leave, she stops and shoots the team a look that is a pure moment of, "We are not done talking about this," and all the Rangers are visibly terrified. It was a season highlight, the most amazing moment.
  • Jarrod breaking free of Dai Shi temporarily and fighting three monsters to save Camille. Casey sees this...
  • ...which leads to his Moment of Awesome in the next-to-last episode of the series ("Path of the Righteous"), when he does an Unflinching Walk through a herd of Mooks up to the front doors of Dai Shi's temple and trashes the entire lot of them in a textbook version of Tranquil Fury. Oh, yes... he does this unmorphed. While several Rangers like Andros, the Dino Thunder Rangers and Mack have attacked the Big Bad base before, Casey is the only one we see do it unmorphed.
    • And then he drives off Dai Shi's spirit form with his own tiger projection. And that was all BEFORE they fought the phantom beast generals later on.
    • Then, after fighting Jarrod/Dai Shi to a stalemate in one of the best fights in the season, Casey demorphs, turns his back, and dares Jarrod/Dai Shi to kill him — and that is when Jarrod breaks free of Dai Shi.
    • Another beautiful moment from that episode — to redeem Jarrod, Casey plans to simply talk to him, recognizing that Jarrod was just lonely, and that the Rangers should've tried harder to reach him rather than act surprised when his feelings of isolation caused him to snap. Master Mao tells Casey that he's wasting his time, and Casey basically tells him, "Screw you. You're wrong. Now get out of my way while I go and do what we all should've done in the first place." The best part is that this is how Casey earns his master's stripe, by telling every master that came before him that he's going to follow his own path.
  • "Now The Final Fury":
    • Most of the episode is a huge fight between the Rangers (And the Masters) against all of the "special" monsters they fought throughout the season, which also shows how far they've come as badasses- they're able to take out Phantom Beasts and Overlords that would have caused them insane trouble as a team at the start without even breaking a sweat.
    • The spirit masters came back, and trounced some of the elite monsters.
    • Then there's the final encounter with Dai Shi as all of the main characters join up to try and stop him. Even better, Jarrod and Camille come out of there Heroic BSoD to join the fight in any way they can, eventually giving the rangers the opening necessary to save the day.
  • The progression of seeing Casey grow as a fighter is quite something when comparing his many fights with Dai Shi.
    • The first time they fought one on one in A Taste of Poison, Casey was severely injured in their battle.
    • In their next direct encounters in "Ghost of a Chance", Casey manages to hold his own slightly longer, but needed a power upgrade with Master Mode to save RJ, and even then had the help of Lily and Theo.
    • In "Arise The Crystal Eyes", they fought one on one yet again, and this time had a draw, with casey getting a slight edge to escape with 5 of the MacGuffins.
    • Then came their epic showdown in "Path of the Righteous", which lasted the longest, and ultimately culminated in Casey's final victory over dai shi in combat and in judging Jarrod's character.
  • Fran deserves props for being the first support character to discover the Rangers secret identities on her own.

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