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  • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, the first iteration of the franchise, is where a lot of the original songs in the franchise can be found, most if not all from this era done by composer Ron Wasserman. In his History of Power Rangers videos, Linkara refers to the "Wasserman factor", whereby awesome music can enhance the viewing experience of the show.
    • First and foremost is MMPR's famous theme song "Go Go Power Rangers", featuring both epic guitar riffs and catchy lyrics that are guaranteed to get stuck in your head.
    • Zords..... The lyrical version of the song is great as well, and almost seems more catchy.
    • Surprisingly, while most of the show is supposed to be kind of a comedy (and even if it's not an outright comedy, it's very, very campy even at its most serious), the first three seasons had a very epic soundtrack, spearheaded by a theme song that becomes doubly epic in season 2 when the extended version is revealed, and has actual lyrics. All of this, alongside a robotic Asian dragon, Serpentera, weaving through stormclouds. The debut of the Ninja Zords did it one better... with a second verse.
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    • "And we keep dreaming of a world where all was good as we were told, We Need a Hero." Any old routine putty fight of the show, set to this music, becomes less obligatory and more awesome just by being set to it.
    • "Tenga Bye Bye" is awesome music set to bizarre lyrics (to be fair, the Tengas were kinda ridiculous to begin with). It all combines into something really cool.

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