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Awesome / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Boom! Studios)

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  • Comic stores reported being completely sold out of Issue #25 ahead of its release, even places that ordered triple the amount of issues they normally have in anticipation of the increased demand.
    • Not long after this, it was revealed that Go Go #8 also sold out.
  • The effort gone into the Shattered Grid event is impressive, especially since its branches out into more than the two comics: the Hyperforce crossover takes place between issues #25 and #26, the live action promo takes place during issue #26.

Main Series

  • After a crushing defeat the Rangers are left divided and with only Tommy able to morph. What do they do? Jason and Tommy fly the Dragonzord to the moon to attack Rita's castle directly!
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  • In Issue 0, we see the Rangers' zords actually taking time to fight against Goldar instead of just going instantly into the Megazord form. It helps show that the Zords are tough in their own right.
  • The Rangers use some creative thinking in how to get past Black Dragon; basically... using the Green Power Coin to make them all into Green-tinted versions of themselves. Maybe this is where TJ got the idea against the Psycho Rangers
  • In the 2016 Annual story "Unlockly Heroes," Zordon and Alpha are forced to make Bulk and Skull into temporary Power Rangers when Jason and the others are captured by Rita's monster. What's awesome about this is even though they trip and stumble against the Putties, the two manage to beat the monster on purpose, surprising everyone except them.
    Bulk: We totally nailed it!
    Alpha-5: They totally nailed it?!
    Goldar: They totally nailed it?!
    Rita: I have such a headache!
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  • At one point Trini actually forces Rita herself to retreat rather than face her in battle while she was wearing the Black Dragon armor
  • A meta one: they turned mild-mannered Finster, of all characters, into one of the most terrifying Power Rangers villains of all time with just one flashback story in an annual.
    • It's later revealed that he could have escaped his imprisonment at any time and most likely stayed just so he could personally see the Ranger's responses to his creations.

  • Throughout ‘Necessary Evil’, The veteran rangers and the Stone Canyon Trio had been facing quite a bit of Teeth-Clenched Teamwork due to the rookies inability to live up to Jason, Zack and Trini, despite studying their moves and practicing endlessly. This gets worse when Dayne shows up and has also studied the Rangers in order to counter their attacks. Come issue #50 they three step it up by switching up weapons and performing new maneuvers so Dwayne’s advantage becomes a Crippling Overspecialization. They final proved their worth when they stopped trying to be exactly like their predecessors earning the veteran rangers respect and trust.


  • In the Pink miniseries not only does Kim get her Pink Ranger powers back she is able to repower Zack and Trini as well
    • In order to have a complete team to battle the threat Kim empowers two allies as the Blue and Red Rangers, this is especially notable as the Red Ranger is a female!
    • Rounding out the team is a reluctant Goldar stuck in an Enemy mine situation
  • At the end of issue 5 the main Rangers are in dire need of assistance thus Kim's team is prepared to assist them, Alpha manages to send the two last reserve zords to them. Who did he send? Titanus and Tor!

Justice League Crossover

  • The Six Rangers are able to take on BATMAN in a fight. And Batman was having a hard enough time that he needed to call Flash in.
  • The Rangers' Power Coins have been stolen and the Zords have been hijacked. The situation is summed up in three words.
    Batman: They're not powerless.

Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer #1

  • Bulk gets to pilot a Zord when he states to Skull when they reunite, Skull revealing that he has actually become the head Tyrannosaurus Sentry in Drakkon’s forces.

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