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Main Series

  • During the annual the Rangers are captured by a monster so Zordon and Alpha are forced to enlist two new Rangers. Who do they pick? Bulk and Skull. Behold the Purple and Orange Rangers.
    • Even funnier, a later variant cover of “Forever Gold” features all the past gold Rangers...and Skull. This means, that if one were to take the comics as canon, Skull was the first Gold Ranger to appear on earth. Adding on to this, a "Forever Purple" cover included Bulk's Ranger which also makes him the first Purple Ranger on Earth!
  • In issue 13 has Finster more or less hitting on Goldar while he's crafting a new form for the other monster, complimenting Goldar on his form and admitting that he made Goldar stay around longer than he needed because the craftsman gets lonely while he works.
  • In an otherwise very serious flashback, the artwork makes it very clear that of all monsters, Pumpkin Rapper was instrumental in the downfall of the human race.
    • Kyle Higgins has made it clear this is absolutely intentional, and uses Pumpkin Rapper at any opportunity he gets. Including playing Pumpkin Rapper, complete with rhymes, when guest starring on Power Rangers Hyperforce.
  • The 2017 annual has a story where Scorpina and Goldar decide to goof off for the day and end up attending a carnival after Scorpina was offered a coupon for free taffy. We then see that she's made Goldar carry all the prizes she's won and he then wins a toy of himself, and gets very angry when a monster that Rita had sent down ends up destroying it.
    Goldar: Your tiny Goldar shall be mine!
    (Later, when the toy is destroyed)
    Goldar: You have disrespected both Goldars GREATLY!
    • Goldar's Paper-Thin Disguise has him wear normal clothes over his armor and he makes no effort to hide his face or the fact he has a tail. Even better, it doesn't even seem to fool anyone; they just think he's got a really great Goldar costume.
      • And when they praise Goldar's "costume", there's one single person who says "I've seen better." This person is Scorpina.
  • The monster at the beginning of issue 23 spends the entire fight screaming about conspiracy theories. Including that there's only one Olsen Twin.
  • In an interview released the week before Issue #32, Marguerite Bennett talked about having too much fun with a page of Heckyl and Kim verbally sparring/flirting about them both being reformed villains. She revealed that the artwork was so reflective of this, she got a note back saying "Can we pull them farther apart and leave some room for Jesus?"
    • The page in question also has Heckyl straight up asking Kim if she sees anything she likes. Her response? A skull and crossbones.
  • GGPR #16 has Billy, Kim, and Zack swapping their powers. Jason warns the others that it might take a second for them to get used to the change but is interrupted by Billy:
    Billy: I'm fighting aliens on another planet! I'm fighting aliens on another planet with an axe! That's also a cosmic cannon! This is the greatest day of my life!
    Jason: Okay, maybe it won't take a second.
    • When Billy says "with an axe!" he gains Bishie Sparkles for a moment.

Justice League crossover

  • Issue 1:
    • At the start of his confrontation with Batman, Zack Offhand Backhands a Putty in the face with his Battle Axe.
    • The issue ending on Kimberly using her Zord to steal the Batmobile, while Batman is inside it!
      Flash: Batman's been taken by a flying pink dinosaur robot.

  • Issue 2:
    • Superman casually flying alongside Kim's Zord and knocking on her cockpit.
      Superman: Miss. I'm going to have to ask you to land your Pterodactyl.
    • Flash tries to tell Green Lantern he doesn't think the Rangers are bad guys.
      Lantern: They attacked Batman.
      Flash: If I didn't know who Batman was, I'd probably attack him too.
      Lantern: Good point.
    • When the other Rangers summon their Zords, Flash can only remark "So... that happened"
    • Zack's apology to Batman gets sidetracked when he asks why doesn't Batman smile.
      • Later on, Zack is still trying to wrap his head around the fact someone like Batman is a good guy.
      Batman: The last giant dinosaur that tried to crush me is now a trophy in my cave.
      Zack: See? How are we not supposed to know he's not a bad guy?
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    • Brainiac telling Lord Zedd not to tap on the glass of a captured civilization, saying that they hate that.

  • Issue 3:
    • With the Justice League's teleportation systems down, Zack is Batman's ride to Australia. The way Zack says this is hilarious:
    • Flash gets some more priceless lines:
      • When the Justice League sees how young the Rangers are: "How old do you have to be to get your robot dinosaur license?"
      • He mentions that he can travel dimensions but it's mainly accidental and anyone else going with him would probably be pulled apart.
    • Superman casually asks a team of scientist to borrow their hadron collider to help the Rangers get home.
      • One of the scientists commenting that Billy looks like he's twelve. This is funnier when you consider that David Yost was the oldest out of the Ranger actors.

  • Issue 6:
    • Just the sight of Alpha 5 participating in the huge battle punching giant monsters is hilarious considering it's something you never got to see on the show.
      • Alpha forgets to check where he's aiming and almost sends a giant monster toppling onto a bunch of civilians. A few of the Rangers try to comfort him and casually admit that they've all done the same.
    • Bruce scaring off Bulk and Skull with a simple glare when they show up to antagonize the Rangers.
      • Wally joking that Bruce pulls off a good human being impression when out of the batsuit.
    • Bruce was going to foot the bill at the Juice Bar but Zack stops him and points out a problem: his money has a president on it that they've never had (Lex Luthor).
    • After using it on Lord Zedd, Kim asks if she can keep the boxing glove arrow.

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