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Heartwarming / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Boom! Studios)

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  • In Issue #4 of Go Go, Trini teleports to Korea to retreive a rock her mother cherished as a child and gives it to her as a birthday gift since her ranger duties made her forget her actual birthday
  • Billy's father is modeled after David Yost himself in tribute to Billy's actor.
  • In Issue #23, after beating the monster, there's a few quick panels of a young boy running up to Tommy and it looks like he's trying to hug the Green Ranger as thanks for saving him.
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  • Even if it can’t counteract the emotional gut-punch that is Issue #25, there’s something undeniably sweet about Kimberly and Tommy finally going on their first date.
  • Shockingly, Rita Repulsa gets one in form of Pet the Dog moment in a flashback detailing Squatt's backstory. Shortly after he was born, Rita conquered his homeworld, and his parents offered his life to Rita, hoping she will spare them. Barely concealing her disgust at their act of cowardice, she orders her Putties to take them away (likely to be executed) and adopts Squatt, looking at the baby with a mix of annoyance and pity.
  • In issue #42, Tommy takes Kimberly on a date to the Great Wall of China.
  • In Issue #31, despite the dire circumstances they're in Cam jokes that he's had to become the funny one and seems happy that he was able to get a smile out of Heckyl.
  • Issue #32:
    • Tanya giving Slayer a big hug for saving Mike and being glad that of all the Rangers that could've been with them, she's glad that it's Kim.
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    • Tanya trying to cheer up Mike and letting him know that he's not alone.
  • At the end of “Soul of the Dragon,” Tommy goes on a well-earned vacation with Kat, leaving the task of protecting Earth in J.J.’s hands. It’s a well deserved retirement for the legendary ranger.

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