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Fridge / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Boom! Studios)

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Fridge Brilliance

  • It might seem like a Continuity Snarl that Lord Drakkon killing Zordon doesn't result in the wave destroying all evil like what happened in Power Rangers in Space, but it actually does make sense if you think about it - Andros was acting with heroic intent and was intending to save Zordon, whereas Lord Drakkon/evil Tommy was acting with villainous intent and intended to kill Zordon.
    • There's also the fact that, by the time of In Space, Lerigot had freed Zordon out of the Time Warp.
    • It's later revealed that He disconnected Zordon from the Time Warp and his death explosion occurred within it.
  • Fans have speculated just why would Zordon choose a bunch of teenagers to become Rangers, thinking that a group of adults would be better choices. Issue 20 reveals just why: while the 1969 team do have a range of skills, they had to be pulled from across the world making it so that don't know each other and are reluctant to work together, which ruined their effectiveness as a team. Zordon picked the teens because they were friends and would be able to work together immediately.
  • Heckyl trying to hide his face from Tyler and quickly running off seems funny at first but then you realize that most likely the Dino Charge team were taken while a version of him was still their villain, so they may not be too thrilled to know that he's on board with them until Heckyl can explain that he's from the future/alternate timeline and is now good.
    • Issue 32 confirms that they come from different points in Dino Charge's timeline.
  • In the Psycho Path, Graphic Novel, it’s revealed that the Psycho Rangers were revived once again through the data cards from In Space. It mays seem like a Continuity Snarl when you remember that those cards were transformed back into the Psychos who were then destroyed in Lost Galaxy but the very thing about Data is that it can be backed up and copied so the Psychos returning this way makes perfect sense.
    • Similarly, Psycho Green not being purified despite being on the Moon, and therefore close to ground zero of the Z-Wave proves that only the active members of the United Alliance of Evil attacking the universe were the only ones affected, leaving any relatively inactive evil force like Scorpius' forces, Bansheera's demons (especially Diabolico), Lothor, Dai Shi and so on untouched

Fridge Horror

  • Drakkon's obsession with Kimberly comes in and out of the story from him insisting to Coinless Kim that they’re connected to him making her some waitress in his fantasy world. This is no surprise given that he’s an evil version of Tommy who has a romance with Kimberly. Tommy brainwashed Coinless Kim into becoming the Ranger Slayer. Given his obsession and lack of any sort of standards, what else could he have made her do in her brainwashed state?
  • While it’s stated at the end of Shattered Grid that things will revert back to a Close-Enough Timeline for the universes as if there had been no world crossing, that may mean the same has happened for Drakkon's world, with the Earth still under his rule with no help from other worlds this time.
    • Power Rangers: Ranger Slayer would eventually reveal that Drakkon didn't return to his universe following the Cosmic Retcon, and the world has descended into a power struggle in his absence following his failed attempt at invading the main universe.

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