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Tear Jerker / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Boom! Studios)

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  • During the first annual, it's revealed that after a failed rebellion, Lord Zedd forced Goldar to execute his own brother.
  • Issue #10 is a spotlight episode for Billy, showing that he feels inferior to the others because he's afraid, even going as far as to be morphed under his clothes to give him a sense of security.
  • The last issue of the Pink mini series has Kim realizing how distant she has become from the main team, especially Tommy, and she spends part of the fight wondering if she should even tell them it's her. She decides not to.
    • The Time Skip to a year later where we see her in the middle of writing the infamous "Dear John" Letter to break up with Tommy, with the implication that there was never a new guy at all but her realization that they had grown apart and wanted different things in life is what prompted her to write it.
  • Issue #13 has Billy discovering that his alternate self died to save Trini when Rita's forces attacked the Command Center.
    • We get to see a glimpse of this in Issue #15.
  • Zordon witnessing the death of his alternate self, who kept hoping that Tommy would turn good, but was ultimately killed by him.
    • The Zordon of the alternate universe musing that the main universe sounds nice when told that Tommy rejected Rita there.
    • With the reveal that the Ranger Slayer is Kim, one has got to wonder how the alternate universe Zordon felt that one of his chosen Rangers had changed sides. Though it's later revealed that she had been under a spell.
  • Issue #3 of Go Go reveals that Billy and Skull were once childhood friends adding a sadder tone to Bulk and Skull's constant torment of Billy.
    • In a later issue, after another bullying incident, Billy goes off on Skull and says their friendship fell apart because Skull was jealous of his intelligence. Skull fires back that Billy believing that he was better just because he was smarter is what lead to the fallout.
  • Go Go #4 has Kim out for dinner with her parents and gets stuck in the middle of one their arguments as the two blame each other for pretty much everything and it culminates in her accidentally getting Zack fired when her parents blow a misunderstanding wildly out of proportion. What's worse is that Kim is apologetic and tries to smooth things over so Zack can keep his job, but her parents are more interested in a free bottle of wine from the manager to make up for the "trouble".
  • The fates of the 1969 Rangers: Three of them were killed in battle against Psycho Green on the moon and the other two had their powers taken by Zordon after their mission was completed, leading to them parting on bad terms.
    • A positive example from Issue #20 Before Zordon teleports Grace to the Command Center, she is discussing how women will never become astronauts. Later when she realizes she's actually on the moon, she's crying tears of joy inside her helmet.
  • The 2017 Annual story "Search Party" is the backstory of Lord Drakkon, AKA Tommy. He's living on the streets and is so emotionally fragile that Rita convinces him to serve her willingly. Seeing him cry while the other Rangers are desperate to help is wrenching.
  • Lord Drakkon killing Saba in Issue #24 by breaking off the sentient sword's head from his body.
  • The 2018 Anniversary Special has Karone being put on trial for her war crimes as Astronema. Her teammates, especially Andros try to convince the court that she's changed, but as the alien species who speak up can attest to, it negates nothing. Desperate for a way to save Karone, Andros and the others use holograms to trick the court into believing Astronema to be a separate entity, but when Karone finds out, she's only angered, harshly telling Andros that no matter his intent, she needs to atone for what she's done.
    • Their relationship souring even further by the end of The Psycho Path story, leading to Andros shattering his locket in anger at Karone's decision to let the new Psychos go free.
  • The final issue of Go Go has the departure of Jason, Zack and Trini be much more sour as Tommy accuses Jason of running away and it makes it quite clear that Kim’s Drill Sergeant Nasty attitude towards Rocky, Adam and Aisha is her being upset over Trini leaving.