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Nightmarefuel / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Boom! Studios)

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  • In one issue Squatt and Baboo are having the Putties working on repairing a wall. How do they do this? By having the Putties pile up and blasting them with a flamethrower turning them into a wall
    • The same issue has Rita holding the head of Alpha after the Command Center was destroyed by her attack. She then tells her minions to have him melted down and turned into a lamp!
      • Another example from the same issue has Billy trapped in the dark dimension with Goldar and unable to morph
  • The first issue of the Justice League crossover starts off with a gigantic crater in the middle of Angel Grove and dialogue implying that everyone is dead.
    • You can breathe a sigh of relief, issue 2 implies that Brainiac shrank down Angel Grove and captured it instead of the city being destroyed.
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  • In the 2016 Annual we get Goldar's backstory: he and his brothers were members of the Pack, a group of warriors working for Lord Zedd. However his brother Silverback grew tired of being denied the chance for greater missions feeling their talents were being wasted. After being summoned before Lord Zedd they witness the great leader seemingly crippled by his encounter with the Zeo Crystal, hiding his body beneath a cloak. Zedd assigns them the task of assisting Rita on Earth. This proves to be the final straw for Silverback who is outraged at the apparent waste of their strength and declares his intentions of joining Dark Spectre. This enrages Zedd causing him to discard the cloak revealing his scarred body to the brothers who are stunned by the sight leaving Silverback unable to defend himself from Zedd's attack. As the Pack operates by the rules of Might Makes Right Zedd instructs Goldar to strike down his fallen brother stating that he was weak. Goldar complies using his brothers own sword to commit the act.
  • In the 2017 Annual we get Finster's backstory: he was once a sculptor who made pretty art, but grew restless and began committing crimes across his town to inspire his monster sculptures. When his wife discovered his actions they got into a fight and Finster accidentally murdered her. Rita then came to him and recruited him to shape her monsters. Over the centuries Finster worked on a special clay model of his wife but once he brings her to life, she continues to plead for him to stop. So Finster grabs an ax and kills her again. He decides that the model wasn't perfect and that the next one will be...
    • As she's recruiting him Finster mentions the other townspeople will come after him, Rita says they won't as she's killed them all.
  • Issue #18 shows us what Finster has been up to: he's been perfecting his creations to look indistinguishable from regular humans and has been quietly been sending them out into the world where they transform into monsters and attack.
  • How two of the 1969 Rangers die. One gets crushed by a boulder while she's begging for her life, while the other has his visor smashed open and suffocates.
  • But of course, the best Nightmare Fuel is saved for last. Billy and Tommy find themselves in an alternate universe where The Bad Guy Wins. Yes folks, Rita succeeds and takes over the world: Martial Law, curfews, the high school's replaced with a "re-education' center, the standard evil tropes. Hell, the population of Earth, after the token attempt at resistance, quickly bowed down. And of course, the Command Center's gone (and the Thunderzords reduced to scrap), Zordon, Alpha, and the Rangers are dead, with the Power Coins taken by Rita's apprentice (later revealed to have usurped control of the Earth from Rita herself) Lord Drakkon. Now, as you're reading this, you're slowing putting things together with a sense of dread... yep, Lord Drakkon, is the man formerly known as Thomas James Oliver, who cemented himself by, as it's implied, killing Jason, and also stealing Zordon's last attempt at defense, that being the White Tiger coin, merging with the Dragon Coin to produce a suit that's a visual amalgamation of both his "prime" universe suits. Having taunted Zordon before killing him, Ninjor, and Alpha, this is pretty much the most horrifying scenario one could imagine. Oh, and to drive home the point... no spell. He's doing this all of his own free will, the reason being that he rejected the Rangers after the initial spell was broken. And since Nightmare Fuel comes in layers, not long after the above reveal, we're introduced to Drakkon's personal assassin, the "Ranger Slayer". Context is required here; of the original five Rangers, Jason's dead, Billy's dead, and both Zack & Trini are members of a small resistance group known as the "Coinless". You are now doing a headcount and realizing there's one left. Yep. Evil or not, you can't have Tommy Oliver... without Kimberly Hart.
    • Special considerations must also go to the Ranger Slayer's personal Zord, the Gravezord. Now, picture if you will all seven Thunderzords together. No, not the monster-squashing Thunder Ultrazord, no no no, more along the lines of going to the junkyard, picking up the scraps and mashing them together. The result? ...yeah.
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  • After the Rangers, Saba, and Zordon learn that Lord Drakkon is alive, Saba makes the decision to spare his allies from the sociopathic tyrant’s wrath by teleporting to Drakkon’s cell to shoot him with his Eye Beams. However, Saba miscalculates and winds up releasing Drakkon, who goes on to snap Saba’s head from his body. To make matters worse, Saba’s lifeless body can still generate portals, so Drakkon escapes. And just to show how twisted Drakkon is, he goes on to use Saba’s corpse as his Weapon of Choice.
  • What happened to Promethea and everyone on board when Drakkon rewrote the multiverse: they've been shunted into place where there is no Morphin Grid. If it weren't for the Psycho Green dagger, both the ship and the six morphers they have would be completely powerless. Unfortunately, the dagger gets stolen by the mysterious Solar Ranger after a fake distress beacon lures most of the morphed team away from the ship leaving it defenseless. This causes everyone to demorph, and the away team has to deal with an ambush by a group of monsters.

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