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Nightmare Fuel / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

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  • In the opening pages of Issue 25, the Crisis Crossover Shattered Grid begins, and takes the nightmare fuel beyond Up to Eleven. In the first few pages, we see the Time Force Power Rangers investigating an ominous fracture that is tearing space and time apart, threatening at least three alternate dimensions. Then, in a sudden burst of energy, Lucas, Trip, and Katie are expelled from the Megazord, sent tumbling into the rift. Then, in order to cover Jen’s escape so she can Set Right What Once Went Wrong, the Megazord explodes with Wes inside it. Then, a shadow reaches through the fracture — the giant silhouette of Lord Drakkon nearly grabs Jen, who just barely pulls off a Narrow Escape. So in one go, we have nearly the entire Time Force team seemingly killed, leaving behind a woman who watched another man she loved die in front of her. If you can recall how broken she was when Alex was seemingly killed... yeah.
    • Plus, considering Wes and Alex have similar faces... yeah... it could be like watching the same person die all over again. Poor Jen.
  • Main universe Tommy and Kimberly, who have been having some issues as of late, decide to go on a date. At the end of it, Tommy tries to kiss her, but Kim insists on taking it slow. As he leaves, she has a change of heart and runs after him. She never gets that kiss. Because at that moment, she sees two of him... well, him and someone who used to be him. Yes, Lord Drakkon arrives behind Tommy... and commits the most elaborate form of suicide one would ever see. Headless Saba, right through Tommy's heart. Jen arrives to fight him off, but we know it's too late. Thomas James Oliver, the character who for a quarter-century was and is, regardless of medium, the face of Power Rangers, dies in Kimberly Hart's arms. True, this may be reversed later, but for now...
    • Let this sink in, Kyle Higgins, the man behind the Boom!MMPR universe... actually got permission to kill off the man who defines the franchise.
  • Seeing all the Rangers who faced countless odds be attacked so ruthlessly is one thing. The fact that many of them don't even understand the threat is another.
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  • The final page of issue 27 Drakkon heads into battle alongside his newest troops. The Psycho Rangers, Koragg the Knight Wolf and SPD A-Squad.
  • And now for some Meta Nightmare Fuel with a touch of Awesome. This promo for the comic. We start with a cracked coinless morpher as we hear audio from various series. We are then startled by a live-action Tyranno Sentry as the audio gives way to clips, eventually fading in on a now-terrifyingly familiar throne. As more clips play, the visuals surrounding the throne, you begin to suspect something evil this way comes. You'd be right. Because the camera pans around as we hear a voice we wished we'd never hear again... "So many Rangers. So much potiential. Squandered for so long". The camera stops panning... and we see a helmetless Lord Drakkon. Not drawn on a page, but real. In the flesh. As in Jason David Frank himself. The promo continues as a Sabertooth Sentry informs her Lord that his generals are on standby wating for their orders. Before he can issue orders, we see the clip of Tommy losing his powers from "Green Candle 2" and being reassured of his place. Drakkon appears to show the tinest bit of remorse, complete with Audible Gulp. before declaring otherwise: "It's time, to set things right". Helmet forming, he heads towards his balcony, surrounded by the broken remains of the Power Weapons; "We will invade their worlds, tear down everything that might protect them. And then, when it's too late, when they're powerless, and alone, they will realize the truth...". We see the entire broken, twisted scope of the World of the Coinless as he finishes with what could be the event's Tag Line "...they could've been gods". Lord Drakkon calls on his ships as we Smash to Black.
    • That was the Nightmare Fuel, here's the Awesome: Not only did Kyle Higgins himself write and direct the trailer, but it wasn't filmed just to promote the comic... it actually takes place within the story. Yes folks, Kyle actually gave us the briefest glimpse of a live-action Shattered Grid.
  • In Issue 30:
    • When Drakkon is forging his new power stealing sword the images of his alternate selves can be seen in the molten metal. It also confirms that Doctor Oliver was killed off screen.
    • Drakkon bringing out Serpenterra to effortlessly take out the Shogun, Wild Force, and Ninja Storm Megazords and then has it eat the Dragonzord Battlemode Megazord.
  • Shattered Grid #1
    • We see Serpenterra destroy the Mystic Titan Megazord. Unlike most Megazords the Mystic Titan Megazord is formed by the Rangers themselves. When most Megazords are destroyed there's at least a chance the Rangers survived, but not this time.
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    • Serpenterra biting down on the Q-Rex Zord, with Jason inside, crushing it. It even chews on the smaller Zord a few times for good measure.
    • Drakkon succeeded in his goal to enter the Morphin Grid and obtained the heart of a Morphin Master. He used that power to completely erase all dimensions, worlds, and universes from existence to create his own world.

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