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At some point there will be a Crisis of Infinite Rangers
Featuring the comic book universe, the mainstream universe, the movie universe, Drakkon's universe, and other various alternate worlds from the show (RPM, possibly Dino Charge).
  • Confirmed with Shattered Grid.
  • Further details reveal that RPM and Dino Charge will be involved with the inclusion of Time Force, Dino Thunder, and Ninja Steel alongside the Mighty Morphin team and possibly even more since the writer has mentioned Samurai on his Twitter.
  • The writer has gone on to say that Jen Scotts and Lauren Shiba play prominent roles in the event and that Zeo, In Space, and SPD are also involved in addition to the above teams.

General guesses as to what the "war" they're teasing will be about
So far, we know that Lord Drakkon will reappear and play a significant role in it and that it will pit Ranger against Ranger, but they didn't clarify as to which ones. It could obviously refer to Drakkon against the teens again, or Grace somehow becoming a Ranger, or the teens against each other.
  • Possibly confirmed with Shattered Grid.
    • Clarification: it involves actual Ranger teams against Lord Drakkon's Ranger sentries which use stolen powers.

Shattered Grid will result in other teams getting comics either as miniseries or as on going series

Shattered Grid will have the first appearance of the 2019 Ranger team
Based on Chameleon Green from Kyuranger being seen in the preview art for the event
  • Jossed. The 2019 Ranger team is based on Go-Busters instead. (It's likely that the artist mixed up Kyuranger's chameleon ranger with Camille from Power Rangers Jungle Fury.
    • It's still possible that the 2019 team may show up, it depends on how far ahead the comics were written before the announcement of what team was being adapted.
      • Confirmed. They appear in Issue 29.

Tommy and Kimberly will go into the dimension where the 2017 Power Rangers movie takes place, explaining their cameos in it
  • Jossed It's been said that the movie rangers won't show up in the event.

The female Ranger seen on the cover of Go Go 9 is

Ranger Slayer is Kim after being brainwashed by Rita
Perhaps Drakkon shared Tommy's feelings for her and spared her life and brought her to Rita to enslave as his best warrior out of a twisted sense of mercy.
  • More evidence: when Ranger Slayer makes her debut in the final panels of Go Go #8, her helmet is clearly a pink pterodactyl. We’ve already seen Drakkon’s world’s version of Katherine Hillard, albeit briefly, and she’s part of the resistance, ruling her out.
    • Or Ranger Slayer could be Katherine as a spy for Drakkon within the resistance, similar to how in the TV show, while Brainwashed and Crazy, Kat was usually tasked with tricking and manipulating the Rangers by pretending to be a sweet girl/cat.
  • Go Go #9 reveals that Kim was still good after the Fall of the Rangers making this more likely.
    • Confirmed. While Rita was killed long before this, the Bow of Darkness Kim was wielding had her under a spell.

Reasons Kim became Ranger Slayer
  • She fell in love with Drakkon and joined him
  • She's under a spell kept in place by her "Bow" of Darkness
    • Confirmed.
  • Drakkon promised to spare the other Rangers if she joined him willingly but he betrayed her and had Rita cast a spell on her
  • Kim really did die during the final battle and Drakkon had Finster create a Putty clone of her to serve as his warrior

Tommy's future powers will result in him becoming stronger than Lord Drakkon.
From what we know so far, the Tommy of the Bad Future only combined the Green and White Ranger powers to become Drakkon, while the original has already went on to gain the powers of two Reds and a Black, with the latter version set to appear. Only time will tell if there will be a present/future Tommy with all those powers combined to serve as Drakkon's Good Counterpart.
  • Alternately Drakkon himself will take on the powers of the other Tommys to gain more power for the final battle
    • It turns out that Drakkon can steal powers from other Ranger teams to make himself stronger.

The Gorangers will appear.

Other Saban-based Henshin Heroes will show up in some capacity
Why stop with just the Power Rangers? Masked Rider got its start with the Rangers, maybe Lord Drakkon'll go after Prince Dex. And why stop there? Break into the Virtual Realm and deal with the VR Troopers. Cross time and space and meet the Mystic Knights of Tir Na Nog. Shatter the fourth wall and face the Beetleborgs! Highly unlikely but show that even girls aren't safe and target the Glitter Force and Glitter Force Doki Doki! They all got their chances because of Power Rangers, so why not let them have a go?

Because in their dimension, Promethea was a front for Alphabet Soup or provided a lot of funding for the organization that abducted them as children. While that may not be the case in this dimension, it will cause a further rift between the Mighty Morphin team and Grace.
  • Seemingly jossed, Dr K shows no signs of being against Grace helping the Rangers.

Dr. O will try and impart some wisdom to his younger self
Primarily to not let their powers or identity as a Ranger define who they are, a lesson he learned only after being put into a coma.
  • Jossed, Dr. O was killed off screen and never got to interact with his other selves.

Drakkon's defeat
  • Drakkon will be defeated by a team made up of alternate Tommy's each with a different power
    • Unlikely, seeing how Drakkon has killed not only Mighty Morphin!Tommy, but also his Zeo self. Unless they find a way to revive them.
  • Drakkon will be brought to the time of the Z-Wave and exposed to its energy either:
    • Purifying him showing there was still some good within him
    • Destroying him showing he was too far gone to save
  • Drakkon will be erased from history when a team goes back in time to the Fall of the Rangers and buys Jason enough time to gain the White Ranger powers defeating Drakkon.
  • Drakkon will be defeated by forcibly hooking up to multiple morphers from the same team. Finster 5 said that empowering him with more than one morpher from each set could be highly unstable, and once the rangers learn that they'll use to their advantage. Kim will be the last one to force her morphin power into him, because too much pink energy is dangerous.
  • Drakkon will be neutralized when Rita uses the Green Candle against him, claiming his Green Ranger powers for herself and cutting him off from the others that he has collected.
    • In issue 30 the Green Candle is indeed used to sap his powers but Drakkon taps into the power of all the stolen morphers instead.
  • Dark Specter, keeping with the plot reference to Crisis on Infinite Earths, fulfills the role of Darkseid vis a vis Drakkon's role as the Anti-Monitor; "Feel my burning wrath, Drakkon!!"

Tommy isn't really dead
  • His soul or life energy was drained into the green crystal but can be restored if the Rangers take the crystal.
    • Sort of confirmed. When Ranger Slayer shot him with a shard of the green crystal, it reacted when Drakkon stabbed him and powered up his own crystal. Tommy's spirit was pulled out of his body and inhabited a space between dimensions where he watched the events of Shattered Grid unfold. After the Emissaries got their butts kicked by Drakkon, they fled to this same space and together they hatched a plan to stop Drakkon. Using Drakkon's self doubt in his created world, Tommy was able to weaken the barrier dividing their dimensions and break through, reviving himself.

Drakkon will be directly or indirectly responsible for Tommy’s resurrection
  • We know that the chaos crystal is connected to his emotions and mental state. A death as painful as the one Tommy experienced would certainly give the crystal a significant power boost, but now that there’s no Green Ranger, Drakkon will have no way to recharge it if or when it’s power runs out. In other words, Drakkon will bring Tommy back to use as a Living Battery, but he’ll escape or the others will rescue him.
    • In a way confirmed, [[spoiler:due to Ranger Slayer having future knowledge of what's going to happen she embeds a green crystal shard into past!Tommy which reacted when Drakkon stabbed him. When he died, Tommy's spirit was pulled into a sub-dimension
that allowed him to mess with Drakkon's mind further down the line and be revived.]]

At some point Drakkon will capture one of the Super Megaforce Rangers
And use them to gain access to the Ranger Keys in order to create a much larger army of Sentries.
  • Issue #26 reveals that all Drakkon needs is just one morpher from a team to tap into their power and use it for himself, but he needs multiple morphers from a team to create his Sentries.

Despite the Rangers best efforts Drakkon will gain the power of every team
However the process turns him into the giant entity Jen fled from in issue #25.
  • Confirmed.

Tommy CAN be revived but not yet
In Issue #26 Jen suggests that the only thing keeping them from stopping his death is the current damage to the Morphing Grid caused by Drakkon. Thus after Drakkon's defeat they'll be able to undo Tommy's death.
  • Confirmed, though Tommy was brought back first and was key to Drakkon's defeat.

Someone will Lampshade Lauren wielding the Fire Smasher
I'm betting Ziggy, since someone swinging around a weapon seemingly twice their own height is something he would comment on.

There will be a Mano-a-Mano fight between "Dr. O" and Drakkon
Given Drakkon is very insistent on attacking his other selves, it's only natural he'd attack the Power Rangers Dino Thunder world eventually. However Dr. Thomas "O" Oliver has access to both a powered-up state and years of more experience to the point he'd be roughly the same age and possible skill level as Drakkon, allowing him to hold his ground better than the other "Tommys" would.
  • This fight occurred offscreen and Dr. O was killed.

There will be a fight where Dr. O loses against Drakkon
Going from the above, despite all of Dr. O's experience, Drakkon too has had years to his credential and has been absorbing the powers of other teams, proving himself to be a threat to Rangers who are stronger than those of Mighty Morphin. The way I see it, it will too be a mano-a-mano where there's a false sense of hope in that it looks like Dr. O has the upper hand, only for Drakkon to give a surprise attack that can happen either in the middle of the fight or after he looks seemingly defeated. During the middle of said attack or right before doing the final blow, Drakkon will give a "The Reason You Suck" Speech where he points that Dr. O is the one he's been waiting to defeat and despises the most of his counterparts, being the complete opposite of the future he comes from.
  • The fight occurred offscreen, Dr. O did lose and was killed.

Drakkon will be beaten by a reboot version of Dex Stuart
I know this one sounds crazy, but hear me out.

At the moment, Masked Rider is pretty much Canon Discontinuity. HOWEVER, that only applies to the series itself - "A Friend In Need" is still canon, and assuming that some form of it happens in one of the many multiverses, that means that Dex still exists in some form in this comic series. However, Drakkon doesn't seem to be interested in any of the other Saban Henshin Heroes, despite the fact that the powers of, oh say, the Beetleborgs or VR Troopers would be useful to him. So it could be that the Tommy that became Drakkon never encountered the Masked Rider or so.

So, at some point, Dex will pull a Big Damn Heroes (maybe perhaps wearing a suit that's very similar to the one worn by Kamen Rider Decadenote , explaining it away as the powers evolving, so we could get Decade vs Drakkon indirectly in the form of Dex Stuart vs Drakkon), and Drakkon, not having prepared for the possibility of dealing with someone who isn't a ranger, gets caught off guard, which allows either Dex to take him out, or some of the other rangers to take Drakkon out. It would also serve as a Mythology Gag, since the Gobusters were able to beat Basco in Gokaiger vs Gavan because he didn't know about them (as it was their Early-Bird Cameo).

An epilogue will have Rangers meeting up with their allies when they're older. As in an older Kim having lunch with Jen or an older Jason sparring with Lauren
  • Most likely jossed due to the Reset Button being pressed, but it's possible they could encounter each other in the new multiverse and have a "you look familiar" moment or get a sense they've met before.

The events of Shattered Grid lead to the timeline of the TV series
  • When the surviving rangers prepare to restore the timeline, the emissaries say there will be differences, and that they will not remember the paradoxical events. These changes could be why the first season of the show took place in 1993 but the comics took place in 2016. When the timeline was restored, the earlier rangers were pushed back in time to the 1990s. This would also explain things like how Billy & Tommy saw the destroyed Thunderzords, and how the rangers met Saba and Ninjor, but don't recognize them when introduced to them later on.

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