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Funny / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

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  • From the Annual issue: while Dr. K is chewing them out for getting her a birthday cake, due to her having negative associations with it because of Alphabet Soup, the Rangers are all sporting looks of Oh, Crap! / Didn't Think This Through. Dillon then chimes in that someone will have to tell Gem and Gemma they won't be DJing the party.
  • In Issue 27 when the Tyrannosaurus Zord arrives to save the RPM Rangers from Drakkon's troops it looks down at them and "says" "RRRRRR?"
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  • Drakkon's ridiculous slouch while on his throne in Issue 27, it looks like he's laying down on it instead of actually sitting.
  • Issue #29's humorous side story from the end of the book features Ninjor and the Blue Centurion teaming up to investigate the Rangers turning to crime... except the Blue Centurion wants no part of Ninjor and his absurd Large Ham tendencies meaning Ninjor is making the side-story a Buddy Cop Show by simply following the Blue Centurion around and refusing to go away.
  • In Go Go #11 the inter-dimensional conversation between Ranger Slayer and Drakkon has him realizing that she's no longer brainwashed and saying that there's no way she can stop him. Issue #29 of the main series shows his side of the conversation which reveals Finster is the one to clue him in on this fact and that after terminating the conversation, Drakkon is actually worried that Slayer could end up affecting his plans.
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  • During Issue 30, all the assembled Rangers are making preparations with their helmets off except for the Magna Defender and the Phantom Ranger.
    Magna Defender: So... you're a "helmet on" guy, huh?
    Phantom Ranger: Yes.
    Magna Defender:
  • Shattered Grid #1:
    • Zack gets briefly distracted by the creation of a new Megazord and can't help but ask what they're calling it. RJ tells him that if they survive the battle, Zack can name it whatever he wants.
      • Due to it not having an actual name, Jason refers to it as the "Whatever-we're-calling-it" Megazord.
    • Drakkon wins, he gains enough power to reshape the world. What dark twisted reality could a monster like Drakkon create? A world where he's a Superman-like hero with Zordon and Rita as his parents who have a dog named Cruger. Elements of Batman are mixed in when he's shown to be living in a mansion and he even has Finster as his butler.

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