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Heartwarming / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

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  • The reunion of Karone & Andros in Issue #29 - Andros is coming from a point in time where his sister is still Astronema (possibly the time where she was forced to be evil again) and to see Karone in front of him and also a Ranger shows him that, at least in her universe, he was successful in rescuing her.
    • Andros also calls TJ, who was captured by Drakkon's forces, the only family he has left.
  • Kim taking the Ranger Slayer to the Juice Bar in Issue #11 of GGPR, letting the older woman have a bit of fun which is sorely needed after everything she has been through in the past few years.
  • Billy's reunion with Drakkon's timeline Trini.
  • The reunion of Eric & Jen in Issue #30, after the rest of the Time Force team was wiped out at the beginning of the event.
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  • Jason giving Kim the Dragon Dagger so she can pilot the Megazord in Dragonzord Battle Mode.
  • In a twisted way, Drakkon's perfect world. He has loving parents, his versions of Zordon and Rita, is Angel Grove's protector and seems to want what's best for the people.
  • Tommy coming back to life, with he & Kim eventually having that long overdue kiss.
  • Despite everything he's done, Tommy is willing to give Drakkon a second chance.
  • Tommy and Kimberly's kiss before resetting reality.

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