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As a long-runner generally aimed at children, it stands to reason that Monica's Gang would be rife with such moments.

As this is a Moments page, all spoilers will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

  • Chuck Billy's one-time little sister, Mariana, who was in fact a star that came down to Earth as a human baby born from his mother. However, she died very early in her life, and thus turned back into a star and returned to the sky. Since then, she has always watched over her human parents and brother and, in one of Chuck's birthdays, she was authorized to come down from heaven to give him a gift: the warm light of hope, that Chuck would forever carry within him, as he would always know that Mariana would always be there - now, in the future, as his daughter with Rosie Lee.
  • And this scene from one of the movies (see The Movie), which doubles as a Tear Jerker.
  • The cover story from the first pre-reboot #157 had a Jerkass womanizer promising Monica to take her for ice cream and then showing up at the promised spot with another girl. She starts crying and once Jimmy and Smudge learn of it, they go after the guy wanting to know how hard he beat her so she'd cry like that. When he says that he made her cry by purposely breaking her heart for personal amusement...Jimmy and Smudge instantly get angry, beat the guy up and take Monica for ice cream.
  • "Friendship".
  • This strip. Both funny and "awww"-able. Translation:
    Jimmy Five: Monica's a pudgy bucktooth shwimp!
    Monica: You dork! You keep saying that! Tell me something I don't know!
    Jimmy: I like you.
  • There is a quite well-known story of the 2000's in which Monica is in a very Woobie moment after having screwed up her date with Luca, sadly remembers all of her many crushes who either couldn't deal with her temper or just didn't like her back and wonders why everybody leaves. Jimmy (who also wasn't at his best moment at that point) then answers "I'm still here".
    • Then he seals the moment by promising to never leave her. This is a particularly sweet moment when you think of the many decades these two have been together (and with the size of this franchise in Brazil, more or less the whole country knows them and knows how much they like each other underneath all that banter), which pretty much confirms Jimmy's promise: they'll never be apart.
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  • Jim's passionate speech to Monica in issue #94 about how there is much more to her identity than just her teeth and that he always liked her buckteeth, but admire her for her strength and spirit. It ends with Monica feeling much better about the issues she's been having for the entirety of the story, and paves the way for them to get back together again.
  • The #100 issue ends in the only way it could do such a milestone justice: Jim and Monica are back together again.
    • The lead up to the ending in itself deserves mention as well. After Jim invites Monica to a convention where her favourite Youtuber, Nik Gamer, will be appearing and it goes wrong because of the interference of the child-like entity from the realm of possibilities introduced in the story's opening to ensure Monica and Jim make up, Monica thinks all of the entity's interferences are Jim's doing and ends up lashing at him. Maggy and Smudge call Monica out on her lashing out and go after Jim to support him while Monica goes on a date with Nik, who took a liking to her and invited her to a party. After Maggy has a heart-to-heart with Monica in regards to her paranoia towards Jim, the entity uses Smudge's phone to send a fake text to Monica informing her Jim was injured and she rushes to Jim's, who finds out about the fake text and thinks it was Smudge's doing. Maggy and Smudge leave and Monica tears into Jim thinking it was all his plan to get between her and Nik. Jim then confesses that while he has issues with her liking Nik, he knows he doesn't have a chance with her anymore and just wants her to be happy. When Jim tries to walk away, Monica grabs his arm, causing Jim to wince in pain and reveal a massive injury on his arm that he got trying to warn Nik about the short circuit that would have zapped him had Jim not pulled the controller from his hands as Nik was too focused on the game to notice the malfunction, and then proceeds to tell Monica he kept the injury a secret because he didn't her to think he was making a plan to impress her and bring down the mood. Monica is so touched by this that she turns down Nik's party and kisses Jim right there and then and they finally make up and get back together. Afterwards, the entity trying to get them both together is revealed to be none other than the spirit of Monica and Jim's future child.
      • Special mention must go to Maggy, who would tell Jim off for his treatment of Monica at every opportunity, even ones where he was forced to lie to her, and yet she is the first one to speak up for Jim after Monica accuses him of being at fault for all of the interferences the entity caused during the convention and the one to call out Monica on her paranoia.
  • In the first issue of the new serialization of Monica's Teen Gang, Jim dedicates a whole romantic week for him and Monica, including a Nostalgia Day, an Wonderland-themed date, a carnival date and more. It is very touching to see them being a genuine couple without either being overbearing or nasty to their friends as in Issue #34, and especially heartwarming to see Jim putting his plan-making talents for romantic gestures in contrast to all his sabotaging and manipulation from other stories.
    • Jim and Smudge's friendship moment early on when Jim tells Smudge about him passing a test to study abroad definitely qualifies and is a testament to their lifelong bond.
    • Because of the intentionally ominous and ambiguous wording used throughout the story, plus a bad feeling on Monica's part after the marvelous week she had with Jim, she (and the audience) is led to believe that Jim is going to die soon according to test results he received early on, further backed up by mentions of his sedentary habits as of late and especially not helped at all by Monica seeing Jim asking Angel to watch over his family in his absence in what is a very serious-looking scene, she gives a heartfelt speech on how she doesn't want to lose him and doesn't want him to die as she confronts him on not telling her anything about it. In reality, the test results are for an admissional test Jim took for studying abroad while Monica was dating Nick Nope and he'll be leaving for 6 months. Monica then tells him that while 6 months is a lot of time, she tells him to take the opportunity and that they'll still be together when he is back.
  • The first part of the Justice League crossover (Teen Gang Vol. 2 #24, December 2018) takes place during Smudge's birthday. Before the League returns, the Flash takes the opportunity to give him one of his Flash rings as a gift (actually a souvenir replica from the Flash Museum, but Smudge is grateful nonetheless), and as one last surprise, Superman asks Green Lantern to produce a message for him in the sky: "HAPPY BIRTHDAY, SMUDGE!" Smudge actually tears up at this.
    Jim: Best birthday ever? I get it. No need to say it, bruh.