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Nightmare Fuel / Monica's Gang

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Monica's Gang is generally a light-hearted, quirky child-friendly comic. But that only makes the scary moments more impacting. And with the manga spin-off being aimed at an older audience, even worse moments are present.

As this is a Moments page, all spoilers will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

The Comic

  • A particular story called "Coelhinho Perigoso!"(Translates as "Dangerous Bunny!"), where Franklin recreates Monica's stuffed bunny, only Up to Eleven. When Franklin was away from his awesome invention, he stole the bunny in hopes of teaching Monica the lesson of her life, then in Jimmy's thoughts he throws the bunny at Monica, blowing her up and making she lose her head. And Monica gets into utter despair saying that she'll never be a normal child again. And the panel where this happens shows Monica's severed arm and leg, then Jimmy regretting what he has just done to his own friend. It's true that Jimmy was just thinking all this stuff, but that kind of thing is too much for a child.
    • And while the ending is rather heartwarming with Jimmy deciding to bury the bunny so no one else can find it and giving an ending monologue about how some things aren't meant to be used, it's still frightening from Franklin's perspective, who doesn't know Jimmy stole the bunny and decided to bury it and is desperately trying to find it with the intent of destroying, none the wiser to the fact Jimmy took it and later buried it. Paranoia Fuel of the highest caliber.
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  • Before the late 2000s, stories featuring the denizens of hell were quite frequent, but mildly light-hearted. Some, however, featured the darker aspects the concept suggests. But the worst of them is definitely "O Deus Cebola".
  • A story about Monica's birthday had quite a bit of this, not helping in that it was pretty crazy even by Monica's Gang standards. To start with, while Jimmy is trying to figure out a plan in order to mess with Monica (yes, on her birthday), he receives the visit of a mysterious time traveler who comes from the future, gives him a birthday present box and tells him that Jimmy must give it to Monica in order to bend her to his will, but the he mustn't, under any circumstances, open it up before the time as it's too dangerous and it might cause something inexpicably awful to happen. Jimmy assumes it's a bomb, but accepts it. Because apparently giving a bomb as a birthday gift to your friend (even if it's a friend you don't like that much) is just fine.
    • And that's not all. Meanwhile, at Monica's party, Monica manages to persuade Smudge into telling what one of Jimmy's early plan drafts for Monica's party is: fill a box with gross insects (such as cockroaches and such) and give it to her as a present. That would be pretty messed-up even for someone who doesn't mind bugs, let alone people who can't stand the sight of a worm, such as Monica. And it doesn't stop there: in order to outsmart him, Monica receives Jimmy at her party with all their friends dressed up as insects. That in itself is a spooky prank (consider that Jimmy at this point doesn't even remember the insects plan, since you know, he was visited by a time traveler earlier that day) but it's not terrible as a Laser-Guided Karma comeback... until she orders everyone to tie Jimmy up on a chair and announces that she's going to drop the gift's contents all over him, and does it while he begs her not to. Now think about it: would you rather have a bunch of cockroaches thrown at you by your friends who are all wearing insect costumes while you are tied up, or even better, go with Jimmy's vision and believe you're about to be thrown a bomb at and has no means of escape because again, your friends who are apparently out of their minds tied you up and are laughing manically while you're about to die? The whole situation is so bizarrely nightmarish that the reader can just barely enjoy the actually heartwarming ending. note 
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  • After Jimmy steals Marina's magic pencil, he decides to force Smudge to take a bath by redrawing the latter as a fish. However, Smudge is unable to overcome his aquaphobia and refuses to dive into the nearby lake. He would have suffocated to death, had it not been for the illustrator stepping in and redrawing him as a boy.
  • Franklin transforms Jimmy into a human-snail hybrid as part of a ploy to defeat Monica. Near the end of the story, Maggy is blinded by hunger and tries to eat Jimmy, but not before covering him with salt first, which causes him to scream in agony as his eyes melt and his mouth is filled with foam. Thankfully, it turns out that the procedure was not fatal, and in fact was the cure for his condition, but the circumstances and imagery are far darker than what would be normally expected from the comics.
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  • A Christmas story (featured on the special comic released every year) seems more like a horror story than anything else. Jimmy accidentally breaks a star ornament (a favorite of his mom) and goes with Smudge to buy another one... Only the store is run by two witches who transform people into Christmas tree ornaments (worse, they have boxes filled with them). Jimmy's mom buys Jimmy and Smudge and they have to watch as she and Jimmy's father grow increasingly scared when Jimmy doesn't come home (worse, at the police station, the cop admits he isn't sure if they will be able to help because there are several people going missing on the town and they have no idea of what's going on). Smudge at one moment is relived that at least now, no one is going to force him into taking a bath... Jimmy points out that after Christmas they will spend an entire year locked away in a box and this will go on forever until the day someone breaks them. Earlier, one of the witches was leaving to transform more people and they laughed about how those people might fall and break apart (implying it has happened). The story has a happy ending since Santa Claus realizes what was going on and fights them, turning the people back to normal, but sweet Jesus, what the hell was that???
  • A fairy once tried to 'fix-nature' (with the usual 'watermelons on trees' stuff) and thought Monica was a bunny due to her teeth and turned her into one. First, imagine yourself suddenly becoming an animal with no idea of what happened or why. At least, she could still speak and explained what had happened to her friends. Jimmy and Smudge lock her in a cage (too small for her to even stand up), glad that they won't have to deal with her anymore. When Maggy, horrified, asks how they can do it to a friend, they nonchalantly reply that Monica isn't a friend anymore, she's a bunny and it isn't like they know how bring her back to normal. While they promise to take care of her, you can see they are throughout enjoying what they are doing.
    • Worse, they are friends with Franklin, who has invented serums and formulas that turn people into animals before (and antidotes for those as well). Maybe it wouldn't work, since Monica has been turned by magical means, but they don't even consider the possibility! Also, Monica still could talk, yet Jimmy and Smudge clearly would prefer to keep her in a cage than to allow her to at least go back to her parents.

The Manga

  • The first Bad Future. In his ambition, Jim ended up creating an artificial intelligence that took control of the world's devices, reducing the earth to an apocalyptic wasteland. The resistance leader is Monique, a descendant of Monica who specifically states Jim didn't end up with Monica. The worst part? Jim finding his future seal reduced to a skeleton in the office.
  • The second Bad Future makes the above look like a Bug-a-Boo story. The main four are possessed and taken over by evil entities under the Flying Donkey's bidding, Maggy's latent magic saves her, Monica and Smudge, but Jim decides to keep the entitie within himself because of the powers it gave him, to use them for his ambitions. The three turn on him and warn the others against him, but Jim convinces most of the boys to join him with the promise of making a better world, Smudge obtains Captain Fray's powers and turns evil, Maggy isolates herself out of fear people are only using her for her magic, leaving Monica, Sunny, Denise and the rest of the gang to lead a resistance against them after Jim takes over the world and all communication devices with Franklin's help and turns everything into a Crapsack World.
    • The other boys' fate in that future needs an entry in itself. They are modified into Jim's Elite Mook robots and turned against their former friends. One is Todd's robot, a gigantic tank of a robot armed with blades, shields and flamethrowers. The other Elite Mook shown on-screen and Jim's strongest robot, Silent, moves without making a single sound, no matter how it moves, and is able to sneak up even on the most prepared fighter with total impunity until the moment of contact. Silent is revealed to be Hummer of all people, and that is Hummer's only appearance in the manga to date. Even worse? Issue #98 reveals that all of Jim's Elite Mooks are assimilated into their robotic bodies and their actual human bodies die at the point the assimilation is concluded and they are brainwashed into psychopath killing machines.
  • The entirety of the Flying Donkey arc. It takes what was a very corny horror story from the comic books and turns it into arguably a mythos featuring the biggest horrors in this series' history. The Children of Umbra are the spirit of children killed by a grudging ghost of a girl that died as a result of a prank involving a horse's skull being but over her face which led to her drowning in a lake. Jim was found dead after falling victim to the girl's hallucination and stayed dead for most of it. In provoking the children of Umbra for the sake of a good story, Jim not only caused his own death, but also Monica, Smudge and Maggy's, which led them to be revived as the Big Bad's puppets. By exorcising the spirit of the Flying Donkey, the protagonists may have played Unwitting Pawn to the Children of Umbra that they thought were victims at first but are hinted to have become evil after 20 years in limbo. It is also where the above-mentioned Bad Future is first revealed.
  • The Reversed Tower arc (#90-92). It turns Captain Fray into an agent of the pestilence which threatens to corrode the world and reshape it to their own notion of order. The gang has to resort to Maggy's innate magic to guide them, but it falls upon Smudge, the closest person to Captain Fray, to save everyone from the growing madness of the titular place - a series of underground levels designed in the fashion of Dante's Inferno by an elite group to assume control over humankind, and upon which an orphanage was built as a front, to which a child Fray was sent after his parents died from a landslide. It turns out that he made a pact with the Serpent, the leader of the insects, to have his life saved in the event, and in return they gave him powers that cause corrosion and decay. Once he reaches adulthood, the Serpent comes to demand he becomes the bearer of the Curse of Pestilence, for if he refuses, it will pass on to the person he loves the most - his nephew, Smudge. And that is how he became the Captain Fray we know.
  • The last Bad Future story before the new serialization of the manga is a Shout-Out to Five Nights at Freddy's.