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As this is a Moments page, all spoilers will be unmarked. You Have Been Warned.

Comic Book

  • Annie has a minor yet prevalent one in a story where Bucky was very intent on charming a new girl. She's usually portrayed as the Clingy Jealous Girl in the comics (to the point that in one old comic she asked resident Teen Genius Franklin to do something about her jealousy, since it was that bad), and though we never see how her fights with Bucky end, her usual Nightmare Fuel faces when she sees him hitting on someone usually means bad news for Bucky. However in this specific story, perhaps due to Character Development, after seeing Bucky flirting with a new girl and confronting them, she acts so surprisingly mature that because of her previous characterization it instantly turns it into a Moment of Awesome.
    Girl: Come on, girl friend, let's be civilized here.
    Annie (in a completely calm tone): I am civilized, but I'm not your girl friend. Besides, I already understood everything.
    • And then she walks away, and to crown it, Bucky, who spent the entire story hitting on the unnamed girl up that to point, immediately runs off the panel after Annie, crying her name.
    • Annie gets another one when her jealousy gets the best of her yet again. She freaks out at Bucky because he was holdings hands with a girl and strolling with her and the girl kissed him at the end. She clobbers Bucky before he gets a chance to explain himself. Annie runs into the girl, who wears sunglasses and dresses fashionably, and openly mocks her choice of attire. The girl is none other than Doreen, the blind girl that dresses the way she does as a way of coping with her blindness. Annie then realizes that Bucky was holding her hand because he was helping the blind Doreen get home. After a powerful My God, What Have I Done? moment, Annie apologizes to Doreen and Bucky, owns up to her mistakes and learns to not jump to conclusions. Quite the Character Development for the Clingy Jealous Girl.
  • The extent of Monica's Super Strength. She can lift huge boulders, bread down walls with a plushie rabbit and even lift a car effortlessly. Monica is ''6''.
    • She can even move mountains. To wit:
      Jimmy: (while he and Monica were following a treasure map) This is widiculous! This mountain shouldn't be hewe!
      Monica: Why not?
      Jimmy: Because it's a bit to the left on the map, and...
      Monica: If you're gonna make a fuss over that... (calmly walks toward the mountain)
      Jimmy: What does she think she's gonna...
      (cue very loud earth rumbling sound coming from off-panel; Jimmy is completely dumbfounded, while Monica comes back, wiping her hands, still calm)
      Monica: There. Is it in the right place now?
      Jimmy: Uh... Er... I... I... think so...
      Monica: Great. Can we get going?
    • In the zoo episode, she goes to the tiger cage to save Jimmy Five. She stops the tiger that was running after him, and when the tiger roars at her, even making the screen shake, she roars back, and fights the tiger. Later, the tiger is all beaten up while Monica is completely untouched, and it's said the tiger became afraid of its own shadow.
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    • There is a story where Monica defeats Thor (the mythological version). He miscalculates while throwing his hammer at a giant, and it lands on Earth, more precisely on Smudge's foot. When Thor comes to get his hammer back, he finds Smudge and Monica, and ends up insulting can guess what happened next.
  • Chuck Billy gets a very impacting one in one recent 3-panel ending strip where he brings a flower to Rosie Lee and Rosie Lee saying that she feels she doesn't deserve it because of how much she nags him for his "rude ways", Chuck ponders for a bit and says "Yeah, yer right." before taking the flower from her and walking away. The reason this is awesome is because many stories had Rosie Lee selfishness give Chuck trouble, such as when she emotionally manipulated Chuck into climbing a cliff to get a flower... just so she could play "loves me, loves me not" with it and then acting surprised when Chuck is understandably livid about it (note that he fell off that cliff a LOT for that flower), ditching Chuck for Genesinho at many instances just because Chuck couldn't spend time with her regardless of his reasons among other things and Chuck never really called her out on it. While many stories portray them as a Puppy Love couple, for the times Rosie's flaws end up making her treat Chuck very unfairly, it is very satisfying to see the usually passive Nice Guy stand up to her in such a small, yet impacting manner.
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  • Jimmy's plan to defeat his creation, the Super Jimmy, by using his greed to lure him into a pitfall trap filled with liquid plaster and then freezing him in place through the usage of a blowdryer. Note, the pitfall was only made with a penny, the shaved off plaster layered over a special paper belonging to one of Mauricio de Sousa's employees, a spoon and hot water from a thermo, both belonging to a Mauricio de Sousa Productions intern. Yet with these limited resources and his knowledge of himself, flaws included, Jimmy put together a plan that defeated a superhero (a Nominal Hero, but still). When Jimmy puts his mind to make plans out of good intentions, the kid delivers.


  • Todd gets an EPIC moment on the 45th volume, when he, after having to put up with a whole lot of abuse from 3 bullies in the cooking academy he attended, and a teacher who did nothing about it, only telling Todd to put up with it, he literally gives the bullies their just desserts. And when he's being belitted by the teacher, he gives an awesome Reason Why You Suck Speech to the teacher for only caring about status and for the academy's terrible approach on bullying, and quits the academy, telling the bastard he doesn't need that bad a school.
  • Todd gets another one in issue #54 when he calls Maggy out on her Double Standard how she keeps staring at Rubens all the time and no one really calls her out on it while Todd gets hell if he so much looks at a girl the same way Maggy claims to do.
  • Todd gets yet ANOTHER one when Annie and Bucky break up and Annie decides to not call Bucky for a while and no one bothers to let him know of that because according to Maggy he needs to truly feel how he misses Annie and through that, understand how badly he messed up. Todd is the one to let Bucky know about it and after Maggy shouts at him for blowing things up out of, in her words "feeling sorry for a shameless jerk who lied to his girlfriend", leading to this:
    Todd: So only boys should apologize to girls, and never the opposite? Only boys should miss girls, right? Only boys are shameless and in the wrong, isn't that right? Ok, sorry for trying to help my friends, instead of judging their acts. And by the way, I haven't seen any of you wanting to hear Bucky's side of this. Who is messing up badly now? *walks away*
    • And he turns out to be right because the reason Bucky and Annie argued in the first place was because Annie saw text messages from another girl on his phone and Bucky just remained silent about the whole thing. The sender was Irene, who texted Bucky because she wanted to be friends with the gang but Monica never allows it that to happen because of her Inspector Javert jealousy of her and he remained silent when the texts were discovered so Irene wouldn't get in trouble for his mistake. Granted, there were other issues separate from that which contributed to their definite break up, but it doesn't change the fact the girls jumped the gun about the whole thing without hearing Bucky's side of the story.
  • Todd gets another great one in issue #42 where he makes a very accurate statement completely breaking down Maggy's beliefs that games make you violent. It essentially breaks down to Videogames actually doing the opposite of that and people are violent not because of games, but because of any mental issues they might have. Maggy is absolutely convinced by the end of it.
    • And at the end of that one, it was revealed that he was the mysterious player constantly handing Jim his ass to him by beating him in his own strategy of psychological warfare. And he did so while manning a food cart in a crowded stage, completely unnoticed, hiding his controller and console under the counter.
  • When Maggy becomes a Teen Idol and breaks down from the job's pressure in front of the fans that are accusing her of being selfish and arrogant towards them, Todd (Guy never runs out of those, does he?) steps in and calls them all out on how they think they're entitled to Maggy's attention because they're her fans and how they're never satisfied and just demand more and more from her without considering her own feelings and personal problems.
  • The entirety of the Green Treasure two-parter featuring a legendary cross-over with Mauricio's characters and characters belonging to his long-time friend Osamu Tezuka featuring Astro Boy, Kimba the White Lion and Princess Knight. It is a sight to behold from start to finish.
  • When Jim is sent to a Bad Future caused by his ambition, he confronts the cause of the Bad Future, which is a defense system based on Monica's personality. How does Jim puts an end to it? He gives Monique, Monica's descendant, a forceful kiss in from of the defense system and it shortcircuits over the resulting heartbreak because he knew that that's exactly what would get to Monica the most. Dick move, reasoning considered, but still damn clever.
  • Monica does The Unexpected in #68: After participating of a Saw-themed Reality Show, having Jim act like a complete Smug Snake Jerk Jock to Nick Nope and treating Monica like a Distressed Damsel and trolling Monica when she needed him the most, she finally snaps when Jim starts poking at Nick Nope saying Monica'll never kiss him like he wanted to if he won, tells him where to shove it and kisses Nick Nope in front of everyone. And Monica tops it by saying "Monica and Jim? Promised couple? Today, that cliché ends as well!", thus adressing many readers' dissatisfaction to the Will They or Won't They? between Monica and Jim and giving Jim a much needed serving of Humble Pie.
  • Future!Sunny's "The Reason You Suck" Speech to Jim after the latter's ambition-driven curiosity gets him cursed, and Monica, Smudge and Maggy killed temporarily is one of the most glorious moments in the entire Monica franchise:
    Future!Sunny: I came here to save the world from Jim! He's much more dangerous alive than dead! Believe me! (sizes Jim up) All you had to do was a documentary for the school! It could be about anything else! But what was the great Jim's idea!? You convinced your friends to investigate the donkey's legend! You knew of the dangers, but didn't warn anyone!
    Jim: You want me to confess!? I confess! Yes! I lied to everyone! I already saw the rumors and the children of Umbra on the Internet...but I pretended to know nothing! That's why I wanted to come here! I only wanted to film the ghosts and become famous! But I didn't know it would be so dangerous!
    Future!Sunny: It wasn't just that! It was your pride and prepotency that that lured the girl of the lake! All because of your massive ego!
    Jim: Will you all stop roasting me!? I'm only trying to fix what I've done! I'm one of the heroes here, okay!?
    Future!Sunny: Hero? Your arrogance has no limits, has it? Since you were a child, you only used your mind for evil. For your infallible plans, to manipulate the gang, to defeat Monica...Face the facts! You were always the VILLAIN!
  • Earlier in the story, when the gang makes a band and Jim is using Voice-a-loid software to give the band's performance a boost and with it, an increase in fame as part of his plan to prove to Monica she can rely on him, Smudge and Maggy's relationships with their significant others are suffering for their particular reasons. When Maggy has enough of doing little more than provide voice clips for the band and Jim disregarding the whole band sans Monica for the sake for proving himself to her, she walks away angrily and Monica chases her and tries to explain that Jim is only looking out for the band, Maggy argues back and says that he's only looking out for her. Note, this takes place after a Monica's huge Kick the Dog moment in Issue #34. So when Monica chastises Maggy for talking about Jim the way she is because she is jealous, Maggy completely loses it and gives this gem of a What the Hell, Hero? to Monica:
    Maggy: Excuse me!? Jealous!? How can you say that!? I always supported you two! Why do you think I'm still in this band!? Helping around, composing songs, taking part in all of this circus...YOU THINK I'M HAVING FUN!? (Tearing up) You think I don't miss my boyfriend!?
    Maggy: Jim making plans for your sake...normal. You just accepting it...and what he's been doing...That, I did not expect...Looks like Jim finally won you over...but at what cost?
  • Jim calling Monica out on her bad attitude in the Laugh Note arc:
    Monica: Is that true, Jim? You really think I deserve a laughing attack?
    Jim: You know what, Monica? Smiling wouldn't kill you! It's a pain in the ass to put up with someone who is always stressed! You may feel comfortable with that big temper of yours... But the ones who suffer to put up with your bad mood are us!
    Monica: H-how do you have the nerve to...
    Jim: And I'll tell you more: If that Clown actually exists, I bet you are on his list!
    • From the same arc, Denise snatches pages from the Laugh Note to use it for her personal reasons, getting in the way of Jim's plans to make the world a happier place and Jim can't do anything against her otherwise she will spill the beans on Jim being the Great Clown. Jim then manages to completely outsmart Denise by telling on her to Nutty Ned, slipping a fake Laugh Note on her backpack and writing on his Laugh Note that if anyone suspects Jim, he'll have a laugh attack, turning the tables on Denise and making her the scapegoat for all of his actions as the Clown.
  • Jim calls Monica out yet again, this time on her impulsiveness and how she always drags their friends along with it in issue #26:
    Monica: That won't do it! That won't do it! You don't have a drop of effort, Jim!
    Jim: Hey, that's not like it. I'm doing my best!
    Maggy: Both of you are trying hard and...
    Monica: Yeah, right! It looks like you're goofing off on me! How am I supposed to know if I can count on you for the contest?
  • Captain Fray scores one for the villains by displaying some mean Chessmaster credentials by posing as a hero named Kid Clean as an antithesis to Smudge when the latter got his powers temporarily. He successfully turns all of Smudge's friends against him and manages to convince Smudge to give up his powers...and Fray then gets them back while gloating about how easy it was to turn them against each other.
    • Smudge gets two in the same issue: The first one is when he calls Dustine out on how she previously bitched at the gang for endangering Smudge's life and yet later on bitching at Smudge for only coming back to talk to her after she was caught in a fire and he did nothing to save her (He actually was, as Captain Fray); The second one is when after Fray reveals his plan, Smudge angrily shouts at him that he could have a chance to start anew when he lost his powers, but he chose to stick to his evil ways. This becomes very tragic when the Inverse Tower arc reveals that Captain Fray is indeed Smudge's uncle and that he got his powers through a Deal with the Devil after his parents were killed in a landslide...because if he hadn't, the responsible entities have gone after Smudge instead.
  • For all the Cliché Storm and Narm Charm it displayed, the very first arc is a huge one for the main quartet, who successfully fought off Yuka's forces through all four dimensions and the final battle taking place on their own.
  • Jim tricking Toni into revealing his plan to break Monica's heart as revenge for her beating him as a kid through hidden cameras across the school's auditorium, completely exposing the Jerkass beneath the Nice Guy facade and then, when Toni tries to use the chair-as-leverage trick he used to defeat Sunny in fencing, Jim just kicks the chair away with him still standing on it, knocking him down and giving him a good dose of karma.
  • Monica finds out that her childhood crush Fabinho is the cyberbully terrorizing the whole town and she doesn't make him back down through beating him up, but through pointing out that his actions constitute as a crime and that while he can't be charged for it as a minor, his parents can, giving him no other option but quit his cyberbullying ways. Not bad for the one whose modus operandi is usually brute-forcing through everything.
  • Any time Maggy breaks out her magical powers, but especially when she is in control of them.
  • When all boys find out that Amanda was stringing them along for her personal amusement, they confront her about it and instantly ditch her when she tries to safe face. Prior to that, Nick Nope calling her out on the fake persona she puts out to be better liked by boys and that it is because she lies to herself that way, which goes against his principles, that he has no interest in her.
    • Before that, in the same issue, Smudge gets one for calling the girls but especially Justine out on how they're always bossing them around, making angry faces and complaining while Amanda is always in a good mood and interested in what they like to do and that it is because of that that they all liked hanging out with her.
  • Jim and Maggy, on seperate occasions in issue #59, calling Monica out on ruining her date with him over her pettiness.
  • An unexpected one, but Carmen, through hanging out with Smudge more and treating him with admiration and respect, which she calls Dustine out on NOT doing, she makes Dustine see the strain her bad attitude put in their relationship and through a nudge from Monica, the two patch up. Later she reveals to Monica that making Dustine see what her attitude was making her lose was her plan all along as her way of thanking Dustine for giving her a good grade.
  • Nick Nope, to make his friends see that Roberto Daniel Junior is being used as a front for Army Tech's stealth weapon merchandising, acts like a massive fanboy and eventually takes a prototype Golden Armor suit. This completely out of character moment instantly tips the rest of the gang that something is off with the whole situation with said actor.
    • Monica does a similar thing to the Justin Bieber Expy Julinho Baby after he breaks Maria Mello's heart. By acting like a crazy fangirl in front of the stage and doing everything a fan does that annoys him, she makes his facade slip and ends up exposing him as the arrogant, selfish and entitled brat with no regard to his fans in front of all of them.
  • Ramona standing up to her mother Viviane over the latter forcing the former to be normal and a witch like her despite Ramona being totally against it despite Viviane ignoring her.
  • Maggy quitting the Star Stars and turning the contractual threat on her manager by pointing out that she was never a registered applicant for the 5th member selection process, completely cornering the Smug Snake.
  • Maggy gets another awesome What the Hell, Hero?, this time towards Jim about his treatment of Monica from Issue #34 onwards:
    Maggy: No one here is against you, Jim. We tried to help you two get together. Tried to do everything to help you. You could have apologized. Could have tried being with her. But you messed everything up. Again. Because are only ''plans'' on that hard head of yours. You thought Monica was acting, faking, and said a lot of stupid things to her. I'm sorry Jim...I really am. But Monica deserves more. Someone that doesn't only think about playing, compete, win. Someone that makes her happy.
  • While she ultimately learned nothing from it, Jim showed massive balls by, when no one else would out of fear, calling Monica out on her petty anger and jealousy towards Maggy for "upstaging" her when all Maggy was doing was dancing for Monica to encourage her performance at the Star Stars 5th member selection contest and she was only there because Monica asked her to come to the contest despite Maggy's disinterest towards it.
  • Monica's battle against Princess Usagi Mimi in the "Bright of a Pulsar" arc. Monica shrugs off all of Usagi's ray attacks through brute force alone and then getting Usagi to back down through the simple mention of her robot companion. The girl EARNED the "Resilient" moniker that was attributed to her throughout the arc.
    • In the same issue, Franklin and Astro turning the tides on Princess Mimi's armada through a mere coin flip that reveals that most of the armada's ships are holograms made as an intimidation tactic. Because the coin fell normally on the floor, with no gravitational anomalies that would normally be caused by so many ships gathered around them, allowing them to seize victory through a simple EMP that makes the holograms disappear. Score one for science!
  • A Meta moment for Mauricio de Sousa Produções, for braving the controversy that followed a misinterpreted line from Monica in Issue #94 that earned rage from anti-feminist groups and extreme conservatives.
  • When Monica and Nick Nope are kidnapped and forced to work in a circus and Nick Nope can't call for help because whenever he tries, the resident esper blocks his mind, he manages to get Maggy, Jimmy and Smudge's help through morse code...on baloons. Jimmy also gets credit for being the one to figure it out.
  • In Issue#94, Maggy calling Monica out on her being stubborn about using bracers despite the harm her teeth is causing her and Nick Nope encouraging her behaviour. Later on, Jim's You Are Better Than You Think You Are speech to Monica about how there is more to her identity than her teeth. And as it turns out, the cause of the problem were her growing wisdom teeth, not her famous incisors.
    • Another huge one was Monica finally calling Nick Nope out on his stalwart stubborness about always having to go against the norm and imposing that on her without thinking about her own feelings, which has been a major issue between them for the entirety of their relationship.
  • From the official Crossover with DC Comics, in December 2018/January 2019:
    • Monica knocking the crap out of the Humongous Mecha piloted by Mr. Mxyzptlk, after he used his reality warping to drain the Justice League's powers. The imp is shocked when he can't crush her, and Wonder Woman and Superman are equally awed that she would resist (while Batman just raises an "I Knew It!" sign).
      Mr. Mxyzptlk: I-I thought I'd drained you all of your powers!!!
      Monica: Yeah... Lemme tell you something: the power's always been with me! (Megaton Punch)
    • Smudge saves Captain Fray's life with Super Speed... After the super speed he shared with The Flash wore off. And all it took was a pep talk from Flash:
      Flash: Deep down, you've got a spark! Tap into your own Speed Force... Think of what makes you run like a lightning flash!
      Smudge: Lightning... Thunder... Thunder... Rain!? [zips off]
    • Marina and Nick Nope (separately) temporarily become Green Lanterns.
    • Monica easily defeats an Amazon in Themyscira.
    • Batman reveals that he knows about Jimmy's adventures. Jimmy, in turn, deduces that Batman is Bruce Wayne, although Alfred accidentally gave him a hint.
    • Although Smudge still doesn't like water, he helps Aquaman after the latter was affected by the pollution of the monster mentioned below.
    • The Gang and the Justice League team-up to defeat a giant monster made of sea pollution, powered by the unconscious Superman and Captain Fray.