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Quotes / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers: Shattered Grid

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So many Rangers. So much potential. Squandered for so long.
It is set things right.
We will invade their worlds. Tear down anything that might protect them. And then...when it's too late...when they're powerless and alone...they will realize the truth: They could have been gods.
Lord Drakkon, Shattered Grid Trailer

To all those who will hear these words, my name is Zordon of Eltar. I come to you from across the Grid with a warning. A great threat is upon us. His name is Lord Drakkon, and his armies are growing. They have found a way to target Rangers, with their Black Dragon Cannons designed to disrupt your connection with the Morphin Grid. As Lord Drakkon looks to conquer us all, he is trying to steal Morphers, to add to his army of sentries. In this time of great uncertainty, we must stand together, and — if possible — come to each other's aid. Defend your worlds. Protect yourselves and your Morphers at all costs. And may the Power protect you all.
Zordon, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Issue 27

We stand on the edge...of a great challenge. A challenge that unites us. That brings together familiar faces. Total strangers. A challenge that makes fast friends. And new beginnings. We have all put aside our lives for a chance to do the right thing. We stand here today...because we refuse to fail. Because no matter how many soldiers Drakkon matter how many powers he steals...he will never have what we do. He will never be a part of what we are. You've all been briefed. You know the plan of attack. Everyone take a moment...and ready yourselves. This is a great challenge...possibly the greatest any of us have ever faced. But we fight together. Whether we stand...or whether we fall. We...are the Power Rangers!
Jason Lee Scott, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, Issue 30

Lauren: Jason, we're not getting anywhere near that tower unless we take this Zord out!
Jason: Talk to me, Billy! Have you seen any kind of weakness?
Billy: Negative! Whatever this Zord is called—
Coinless!Trini: Serpentera!
Billy: —it's protecting the tower at all costs! We have to at least figure out a way to slow it down!
Teenage!Trini: But nothing we have stands a chance of going toe-to-toe with it! It's too massive!
Carter: Some of us still have access to our Zords—can we, I don't know, make something new?
Kendall: On the fly? With teams from across dimensions and eras? I...wouldn't even know where to start!
Jen: I might. My Transportal system retains data from the Time Force archives. I'm telling it to scramble schematics based on which Zords we have left and— Yes! Got it! Kendall! RJ! Kat! Call your Zords! Hyperforce Rangers—prep your Megazord! Other Trini, we're going to need the Black Dragon to make this thing grow!
Kendall: Dino Charger, ready! Summon Plesio Zord!
RJ: Calling on the spirit of the Wolf!
Kat: I need Super Zeo Zord power, now!
Kimberly: Whoa...

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