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Famous Last Words / Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers (Boom! Studios)

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  • "Things may not always go in the way in which we desire. But I believe there will be enough good people making good decisions...that good will ultimately triumph over evil. Even if it is not in the way we initially think. For example— everything that has happened in my world has brought you here. And now as I can see, will one day bring others. Trust your Power Rangers, Zordon of Eltar. Hold true to your beliefs. They are noble, and make us who we are. Even when they do not initially yield the outcome we desire. Good luck. And may the power protect you...... always." Zordon of Eltar in Lord Drakkon's universe succumbing to chrono poison while speaking to his main universe counterpart
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  • "...So that's... what she... meant ...'sokay, Kim...'so..." Tommy Oliver of the main universe dying from a stab wound from Lord Drakkon

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