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  • Author's Saving Throw:
    • One of the biggest missed opportunities in Power Rangers Dino Charge was not using Deathryuger of Zyuden Sentai Kyoryuger, even though a some foreshadowing in Super Dino Charge involved Heckyl being connected to the Dark Energem and part of his outfit having a similar color to the suit. The Beyond the Grid storyline corrects this by turning him into the Dark Ranger, giving him an origin story explaining how he became a Ranger, and explaining why this hadn't been done before, namely he lacked a morpher and had to build a custom one to handle the Dark Energem, and that it took Zenowing purifying the powers with his Heroic Sacrifice to prevent Heckyl from simply transforming back into Snide.
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    • Because of Executive Meddling on Jonathan Tzachor's part, much of Gokaiger's footage with the unadapted Sentai teams remained in Megaforce with hardly an explanation beyond not being seen on Earth, meaning these unadapted teams had been shoehorned into canon, one of many reasons many felt the show was a disgrace of an anniversary. With that in mind, at least one of said unadapted teams is now, at least in the comics only, properly adapted and explained: Chikyuu Sentai Fiveman as the Supersonic Rangers from Trip's homeworld Xybria. Even better, not only do they explain their absence in the present day, but use them to provide the backstory of one of the comic's own Original Generation, Psycho Green from the 1969 story!
    • After fans were unhappy with the overall Beyond the Grid, mainly due to focusing on a different team than the titular team, Necessary Evil brought back said team.
  • Base-Breaking Character:
    • Lord Drakkon. Some view him as a terrifying example of what Tommy could have become that hits closer to home than most Ranger villains, while others see him as a painfully overdone evil knock off who doesn't tread any new ground.
    • Matthew Cook, Kimberly's ex-boyfriend. Some fans see him as a jerk towards Kimberly, especially after being rescued by the Rangers, while others find him an interesting love interest for Kimberly.
    • Ellarien. Some fans see her as a weak and bland character in addition to considering her as a Creator's Pet for Marguerite Bennett and that her Ranger form could've been given to an existing Ranger for Beyond the Grid, while others find her an interesting character in her own right.
    • Ellarien's close friend (revealed to be girlfriend) Remi also falls into this with some finding her to be a great character, while others just find her to be a weak character whose potential was wasted.
  • Broken Base:
    • While the ongoing comic series is praised by fans and critics, the Pink miniseries have divided fans, with some liking the idea of Kimberly having her own miniseries taking place during season three of the series, while others feel it is lackluster.
    • The revelation with Pink #5 that Zack and Trini are a couple broke the base even further. Some appreciate them as a couple while others dislike the idea, feeling they are Strangled by the Red String.
    • Issue #20 of the main series. For some, it brings some interesting revelations and some really dark moments to the series. For others there's too much to complain about, mostly the hurried pace of the issue which drives to the ground any attempt of originality, without time to flesh out anything. The talk about minorities struggle comes out flat and forced, the characters who die barely connect to the reader and end up as Sacrificial Lamb, and the whole thing just looks like the worst kind of Darker and Edgier which is just for cheap drama rather than the type the comic has been praised for, even the fight against the Green Psycho Ranger looking boring.
    • The Art Shift in the main comic looking noticeably less detailed on the character design aspect, resembling more the early Go Go Power Rangers style.
    • The post-Shattered Grid team has been mixed. Some fans are excited to see what's next with such a drastically changed gameboard and a brand new team to deal with. Other fans are upset that, for a series called Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers, there is a decisive lack of the titular team and the idea they should be front and center no matter what. Even if many people support having comics for other teams of rangers, the fact the team consists of seven rangers from six different teams and an Original Character is even more divisive.note 
    • Fans are seriously divided on the grand reveal of Drakkon's ultimate plan and motivation in the final issue of Shattered Grid. Some say it makes sense and is a satisfying conclusion, while others insist that after killing endless innocents and committing countless atrocities, the reveal that Drakkon wanted to feel loved but could never fill the void in any meaningful way, combined with the fact that he never actually receives a solid defeat from the Rangers themselves and that they simply hit the universe's reset button was massively underwhelming and borderline insulting.
  • Cliché Storm: The Lord Drakkon storyline hits many Alternate Universe beats, with a hero turning evil and conquering the world, familiar side characters heading a resistance, visiting parties stepping in for their dead counterparts, and a final battle that resolves the conflict with the visitor's help. Thankfully it's well written enough so that many readers don't mind.
  • Complete Monster: Lord Drakkon is an Evil Counterpart of Tommy Oliver who chose to serve Rita Repulsa instead of joining the Rangers, assisting her in conquering the world and destroying the Power Rangers, with him personally killing Zordon, Jason and Billy and becoming a White Ranger after stealing their powers. Killing Rita after she taught him magic and ruling the world in her place, Drakkon also brainwashes a vengeful Kimberly to uses her as his Ranger Slayer. Defeated due to overconfidence, Drakkon ends in the main world and is incarcerated by the Promethea Company. When Saba tries to execute him, Drakkon kills him and uses his remains to create portals to kill the Tommy of the main world before searching Ninjor and tricking him into rebuilding his Morpher to recover part of his powers, before imprisoning and brainwashing him. In a crossover with Hyperforce, Drakkon beheads one of the hostages to force them to help him to get the Serpentera before heavily injuring one of their members while they try to avoid it. Invading the worlds from multiple series to get their Morphers, Drakkon kills multiple versions of himself until almost defeated, saved by his loyal servant Finster 5, who Drakkon kills after Finster tells Drakkon, for his own safety, to stop empowering himself. A cruel tyrant secretly envious towards his counterparts, Lord Drakkon destroyed the multiverse to create a world where everyone loved him.
  • Evil Is Cool: Rita and crew are much more competent and terrifying here than they were in the original. And they look good while doing it.
  • Epileptic Trees: For a time, people thought the shadowed figure appearing on the wrap around cover art of Shattered Grid was either Chameleon Green from Kyuranger or Camille from Power Rangers Jungle Fury. It turned out to be the Ranger Slayer/Kimberly Ann Hart from Drakkon’s timeline.
  • Growing the Beard
    • Mighty Morphin' Power Rangers started with a great reception but the comic really becomes more than just a Decon-Recon Switch and more of its own thing after the appearance of the Black Dragon.
    • Go Go Power Rangers was originally very lackluster with bad art and a boring plot that skipped all the fights in favor of slice of life and shipping content, a thing that caused an early Fandom Rivalry. Issue 4 onward however, the action has been borderline non-stop, the characters have been consistently more distinctive from their Mighty Morphin' counterparts which is necessary since it's a prequel, and the art has been constantly improving with issue 8 forward being outright gorgeous.
  • Harsher in Hindsight: Zenowing's death in a flashback for Beyond the Grid becomes this as days after the issue containing his death scene, his voice actor Alistair Browning passed away after a battle with cancer.
  • Hilarious in Hindsight: The Justice League Crossover is this, considering that Marvel Comics used to publish issues of the Mighty Morphin comics.
  • Jerkass Woobie: Goldar in the main comic has a shade of this, as seen when Billy points out that enemies of enemies are friends, that Goldar's chained up (even if it's by his own volition) and that Rita may not feel such loyalty for Goldar as he feels for her. Goldar is clearly taken aback, and his facial expression when he says "My empress knows the value I provide. In time, she will remember. She has to." reads less like evil warrior and more like a guy who just wants to belong, be of use, and is genuinely loyal but pledged his loyalty to the wrong person.
  • Like You Would Really Do It: Subverted by issue #25 - they really did kill off Tommy!
  • Misblamed: Some fans blamed Kyle Higgins for the Pink miniseries. However, what they don't know is that Higgins has no involvement in the miniseries, which he said when talking to fans on Rangerboard. Brenden Fletcher and Kelly Thompson wrote the first two issues and plotted the last four which were written by Tini Howard.
  • Moral Event Horizon: Psycho Green/Trek crossed it when he betrayed and murdered his Ranger team to ally with Dark Specter.
  • Only the Author Can Save Them Now: The ultimate defeat of Lord Drakkon in Shattered Grid.
  • Scapegoat Creator: Fans who didn't like the Pink miniseries would tend to blame the writer, Brenden Fletcher, although he co-wrote the first two issues and only co-plotted the last four.
  • Tough Act to Follow: Given that Shattered Grid proved to be a huge critical and commercial success, this was going to be inevitable for Beyond the Grid, especially due to the lukewarm reception of said storyline, with fans finding the plot confusing due to more emphasis on exposition along with a Slow-Paced Beginning, wasted potential, underdeveloped characters, not much action, and feeling that it could've worked better if it was a separate series than part of the main ongoing.
  • Unexpected Character:
    • Although many people have considered the possibility of the comic going into events covered in later seasons, no one was expecting one of the Psycho Rangers to show up in the part of the series set in 1969, much less an Original Generation Psycho Green.note 
    • The appearance of TERRA VENTURE in Issue 21, as the base of operations for Promethea.
    • The wrap around cover for the "Shattered Grid" event shows Chameleon Green, though now it's assumed to have just been an Easter Egg.
    • The first cover revealed for Issue #31, which also kicks off a new arc, includes the Talon Ranger which many thought would never be brought over due to rights issues.
    • In the 2018 Anniversary Special, Anubis "Doggie" Cruger shows up and reveals that Astronema is the reason his race was wiped out because they refused to fight for her.
  • The Woobie:
    • Tommy's somehow gotten it even worse than he did in the original show. He's brainwashed, assaulted with hallucinations of Rita and destruction that affect his relationship with the rangers, and everything that happened along with his secrecy beforehand cause major trust issues among the team, causing constant doubt in and out of combat. And then he gets Killed Off for Real by an alternate reality future version of himself.
    • A flashback in Go Go Power Rangers #7 makes, of all people, Baboo into this. He was an alchemist on his homeworld when it was under siege by Rita's forces, and his king demanded he produce a potion that would make his soldiers indestructible. Baboo tried to warn his king of the dangers of such a potion but was ignored as the king and his army drank of the potion and indeed became indestructible... indestructible statues. Fearing destruction and subjugation, the rest of Baboo's people fled, leaving him behind and pleading for death for his mistake.
    • While everyone on Drakkon’s world qualifies, Kimberly the Ranger Slayer deserves special mention. Not only is she a front seat witness to the fall of the Rangers, but she watches many of her friends die and when she decides she’s had enough, she recklessly storms Drakkons lair only to be brainwashed into his personal assassin. She only breaks free after being stranded in the past of the main universe, having to take the long path to the main fight. Once she joins the fray, she’s way too ashamed to talk to the Trini of her world even though they’re the only two surviving rangers left from their team. And while Drakkon is defeated, she gets shunted with a bunch of strangers into an unknown dimension ruled by a ruthless emperor, basically having traded one despot for another.
      • Coinless Trini, as she lost most of her friends, and as far as she knows, Kimberly is still Brainwashed and Crazy, leaving her the Sole Survivor. There’s also some dark meta irony as in the real world, It’s the reverse.
    • Heckyl after all he went through in Dino Charge, is so desperate to protect his homeworld and prevent it from falling to Arcanon this time around that he betrays Zenowing to make his own morpher using the Dark Energem. He defeats Arcanon but at the cost of Zenowings life when the latter sacrifices himself to save Heckyl. He’s so ridden with guilt that he feels he now can’t return to the peaceful world he fought so hard to protect. He only leaves his self imposed exile when he receives Zordon's distress call to fight Drakkon, and he’s rewarded by being shunted into a different dimension.

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