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Basically, the tendency of heroes and villains to have names that start with Captain, Major, General, Sergeant, etc., especially when it's doubtful that the character even has that military rank. Or has even been in the military.

Super-Trope of The Good Captain and Captain Superhero. Related to Colonel Badass.


  • Private Iron from Top 10: The Forty Niners
  • Private HIVE from Teen Titans
  • Private Warr
  • When Captain Cold was de-aged to his early teens, he took the name Private Cold.
  • Private, the youngest of the penguins in the Madagascar films.



  • Sgt. Slaughter
  • Sarge Steel is interesting, because of Flip-Flop of God. Either he was a sergeant during his time in the military and the nickname stuck with him or his actual first name is "Sargent".
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  • Sergeant Superior, one of the Actioneers from The Astounding Wolf-Man.
  • Sergeant Stomp from The Intimates
  • Sgt. Marvel of The Savage Dragon
  • Sgt. States, Jack Staff's Captain Ersatz version of Captain America who is actually an evil vampire.
  • Sgt. Strike


  • Gym Leader Lt. Surge of Pokémon, though he's apparently an actual American military veteran.
  • Lieutenant Liberty, one of the superheroes fantasized about by Insane Jane
  • In the Marvel Universe, the NYPD's Code: BLUE is called in to deal with superhuman threats, and can thus be considered superheroes in their own right. Their leader is Lt. Stone
  • Shazam!: There were three other Billy Batsons (Fat Billy, Tall Billy and Hill Billy) who could gain the powers of Captain Marvel, but only if they all said the word "Shazam!" at the same time. They were known as the Lieutenant Marvels.


  • Commander Steel of the All-Star Squadron. Two of his grandchildren tried to keep his legacy going, but out of respect to the fact that he really was a Captain in the Marine Corps they went by Steel and Citizen Steel, respectively - averting and inverting the trope.
  • Commander Kraken, though as leader of a band of pirates he'd technically be a Captain.
  • Commander Capitalism, a prominent member of Capes, Inc.
  • Minor Wolverine foe Commander Courage is not only a supervillain, not only a real Lieutenant-Commander in the Belgian army, but his real name is Guillaume Courage.
  • As if to mock us, Captain Cold shows up here again with a 25th Century Legacy Character known as Commander Cold - and another one in the 853rd century!
  • Commander Power from Common Grounds
  • Commander Keen.
  • "Commander Cash" was an in-universe comic book superhero on Robocop The Series.
  • Commander X of the X-Team from Minilife TV
  • Manly Guys Doing Manly Things: Commander Badass holds his rank in an a far-future military that runs on Rule of Cool. As an Artificial Human, his "real name" is D37-9E-B52, but the Awesome Mc Cool Name has better public appeal.



  • Major Disaster, foe of Green Lantern.
  • Major Glory from Dexter's Laboratory
  • Major Victory of the Force of July
  • Major Force, a villain of Captain Atom and perpetrator of the original Stuffed in the Fridge moment.
  • Ursa Major. And yes, he really does hold the rank of Major.
  • Major Bummer averts this while trying to play it straight - the title isn't the hero's superhero name, but it's intended to sound like it is.
  • Major Mapleleaf from Alpha Flight.
  • Major Maxim, one of the primary antagonists of Danger Girl
  • Major Havoc, a teammate of Empowered's on the Superhomies.
  • Major Battle, a member of the Brute Force from The Savage Dragon
  • Major Minor, a minor (shut up) member of the Circus of Crime
  • Major Deadpool, who naturally hails from an alternate universe
  • On the Robocop TV show, Major Market was the sidekick of in-universe super hero Commander Cash.
  • Motoko Kusanagi is commonly referred to as simply The Major in any incarnation of the franchise.note 


  • Colonel America in the Marvel Zombies Alternate Continuity.
    • In the Ultimate Universe, the only person besides Cap to survive the Super-Soldier treatment is Colonel Abdul al-Rahman, or simply "The Colonel."
  • Colonel Lilliput from Top 10, inspired in no small part by General Jumbo
  • Colonel Computron
  • Colonel Brass, a minor Batman villain.
  • Another minor enemy of Batman's is Colonel Sulphur
  • Speaking of Batman, early issues of Detective Comics featured a back-up about Colonel Blimp.
  • Colonel Bravo, father of Shaft
  • Colonel Future, a pre-Crisis foe of Superman


  • In WCW, Hugh Morrus went by "General Hugh G. Rection" for a while when he led the Misfits In Action (MIA). His cohorts were "Major Gunns", "Private Stash" (Van Hammer), "Lt. Loco" (Chavo Guerrero Jr.), "Corporal Cajun" (Lash LeRoux) and Sgt. A-WOL (The Wall).
  • Pro wrestling managers General Skandor Akbar and General Adnan.
  • They've called the cruel Russian environment "General Winter" and then some. This is because the winter has kept invaders away with frightening success.
  • General M. Bison
  • General Glory
  • Many Generals in comic books are likely to be actual generals - and most are antagonistic. General Sam Lane, General Thaddeus "Thunderbolt" Ross, General Dru-Zod, General Wade Eilling, General Demetrius Lazer...
  • The General, a minor Batman villain obsessed with military history and strategy. For the record, he's a very young man who even went by "Li'l General" in his early appearances. He later became a nemesis of Robin.
    • Wade Eilling is mentioned above, but in Post-Crisis continuity he simply started calling himself "the General" after being turned into a colossal monster man.
  • Classic Doom Patrol foe General Immortus
  • General Jumbo (from The Beano) and his Jack Staff Captain Ersatz General Tubbs. Jack Staff and Captain Cold are sharing a good laugh right about now.
  • General Wolfram, a wolf man with a Nazi theme.
  • General Disarray from South Park.
  • General Glory, one-time member of Justice League International.
  • General Monger from Monsters vs. Aliens.
  • General Red of the X-Team from Minilife TV

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