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     Main series 

The Green Ranger Statue from #9
The Green Ranger Statue Tommy and Billy find at the end of issue 9 isn't Tommy but Zack and this is a dimension where he accepted Rita's offer to become her Green Ranger
  • Jossed

The powers of the Mysterious Ranger
The suit seems to combine aspects of the Green and White MMPR rangers but has elements from the White Dino Thunder ranger's suit specifically the spikes in the shield and the red visor on the helmet along with the pointed spike on the helmet. This may be an alternate Tommy who while turned evil over threw Rita and found the Dino gems and fused it's powers with the white and green power coins
  • So far the alternate evil Tommy part is holding mtrue.
    • It's revealed that this Tommy remained with Rita after the Rangers freed him from her spell leading to a series of events that saw Jason about to assume the White Ranger powers... until Tommy killed him and took the power for himself resulting in Lord Drakkon.

Tommy won't stay dead
As incredible as it was to see Tommy get murdered, he'll probably come back when the worlds are reset, because he's necessary for the continuity of PR itself.
  • Confirmed. He gets revived in the final issue of Shattered Grid to help defeat Drakkon and to reset the multiverses to a point before Drakkon's assault on it.

Tommy will be revived by the Green Candle
It's comics. Death Is Cheap. That being said, there's no way Rita going to the Wizard of Deception to make the Green Candle will go unused now. What will happen might be something akin to his Super Sentai counterpart, Burai of Kyoryu Sentai Zyuranger, where he is revived and his life is connected to the Green Candle, meaning he won't be able to leave a certain area without the candle burning down. Zedd will arrive soon after and his strength will drain the candle more and more, leading to the creation of the true White Ranger powers and reviving Tommy for good.
  • Tommy does get revived but not via the Green Candle.

Lord Drakkon will be defeated when Rita uses the Green Candle against him, taking his Green Ranger powers and neutralizing the others he's collected.
Rita is no fool. She will process what Drakkon is doing and realize that should he successfully collect all of the Ranger powers from across worlds, that no one - including her - will be able to stop him. With OG Tommy dead, and per Word of God likely to stay so for a while past the conclusion of Shattered Grid, the Green Candle can no longer be deployed against its original target, but it can be deployed against an alternate form of said target. When Rita learns about how Drakkon betrayed and killed his dimension's version of her, Rita pulls the trigger, saving the universe in the process. This sets up multiple interesting post-Shattered Grid plotlines: How do Zordon and the Rangers cope with the ideas that "Rita saved the world" (even if that wasn't her goal), or that they're in Rita's debt? With there now being two versions of the Green Ranger powers in the prime universe, do we see a struggle for control of the Dragonzord between the two sets of powers? Does OG Tommy ultimately get revived, resulting in Green Ranger vs. Green Ranger? Is this the catalyst that leads to the creation of the White Ranger powers in the prime universe?
  • The Green Candle does get used to weaken him, but it gets taken out by Finster-5 before it fully drains his powers.

Tommy is gone but
The team will find the Tom Oliver clone and he'll take the Boom!Tommy's place
  • Jossed

Who is the "she" Tommy refers to in his last moments?
It might be he wasn't thinking straight as he was dying but it stands out in the middle of him trying to comfort Kim.
  • It's possible he's referring to the Ranger Slayer who was trying to Set Right What Once Went Wrong in warning him of his fate but her message may have been unclear to him until that point.
    • Go Go #12 confirms this, with the added info that she did something to him that may have given Tommy a second chance at life.

Events will cause Jason, Zack and Trini to become disillusioned with being Rangers
In response Grace will say they always have a place at Promethea. In time they take her up on her offer and a Global Peace Conference is held as a cover story.

There will be friction between Heckyl and the remaining Dino Charge Rangers
The Dino Charge team were most likely taken from a point in time where Heckyl was still their enemy and so they may be skeptical about him being good now. More so when they discover that the source of his power comes from the Dark Energem, which to their knowledge is pure evil.
  • Possibly hinted at in #31. Heckyl ends up demorphing in front of Tyler after saving his life and quickly runs off before Tyler can confront him.

The Identity of the Solar Ranger
  • Karone: a future older version whos’s been “Beyond the Grid” for a long time.
  • Astronema: a version of Karone who, like Tommy, never became good. She eventually defeated the Rangers and gained her own Ranger powers somehow.
  • Claire: one who learned to convert her “Gatekeeper” form into a Ranger form, similar to how Daggeron was able to turn his Ancient Mystic Mode into the Solaris Knight.
  • Aisha: Someone with a connection to Tonya.
  • A female version of Tommy: The music notes could be a hint of the dragon flute
  • Tenaya 7: The music notes could be her whistling
  • A total stranger:
    • Confirmed to be someone new, named Ellarien.

The Cam in Beyond the Grid is actually Cyber Cam
It's the best explanation for how Out of Character he's been from the beginning, being lighthearted and jokey compared to his usual serious and snarky demeanor. Something may have happened to the original Cam which prompted the AI to take over for him.

The second Green Ranger is Matt


Kim's group from the Pink miniseries will end up with the Dairanger suits
Instead of drawing from Zordon they'll somehow repair and tap into the Thunderzords instead and remain a team protecting that part of the world.
  • Jossed


     Go Go 

The Go Go series will end with Tommy being introduced

Matt's fate
  • There's probably a good reason we don't see Matt in the main series
    • He is seduced by the human monster Finster made in order to hurt Kimberly emotionally
    • He is turned into a monster directly and the Rangers are forced to destroy him
    • He breaks up with Kim due to her Ranger responsibilities coming between them
    • He finds out Kim's secret and breaks up to get away from the danger
      • Matt ends up being extremely traumatized after being kidnapped and escaping, seemingly becoming a recluse and it's unclear if he knows the Rangers' identities or not.
      • Matt eventually severs his ties to the group after realizing their identities and that they would never share it with him

The Matt clone will sacrifice itself to save the Rangers
In the main series Finster mentions finally perfecting the whole "monsters disguised as people" thing yet the Matt clone seems pretty perfect. Until it starts acting against Rita's orders when it attacks Goldar to save Billy and look like a hero.
  • The clone tries to breakaway from Rita's control but fails and ends up killed by the Rangers.


There will eventually be a crossover with Super Sentai.

At the end of the series, there will be a Flash Forward montage of the future Power Rangers.

Since there was a Psycho Green...
In later issues, we'll see Psycho Rangers of other colors - not every color, but at the very least, all of the commonly used ones that don't already have a Psycho (which, at the moment, are gold and white, and maybe violet).

Psycho Yellow’s eventual name…
…will be Sophia, as a Mythology Gag to her counterpart in Megaranger.

     Necessary Evil 
The Identity Of The White Ranger
  • Tommmy: That much hasn’t changed
    • Confirmed
  • Matt: One of the changes after Shattered Grid
    • Jossed
  • A Predecessor: Tommy wasn’t the first to wield the White Light
    • Jossed
  • Some new character: A change after Shattered Grid, just not Matt
    • Jossed

Kim will end up joining the Omega Rangers as Green
If a Peace Conference can be used as a cover why not a Panglobal Gymnastics games?

Lord Zedd will return
Because, if you read GGPR, everything The Omega Rangers and The Emissary did up to his "defeat" was basically fulfilling Power Rangers history, albeit with one big difference (i.e., helping Zordon make Tommy the White Ranger). Since Zedd was never defeated in MMPR Season 2, my guess is he'll come back. Plus, he's just too good a villain to be kept down for long.

Once Necessary Evil is over...
The MMPR comic will cover the adventures of the Rangers we're all familiar with, while GGPR will be about the Omega Rangers. This will consist of Jason, Zack, Trini, and (eventually, possibly) Kimberly. Hell, if Boom ever decides to do Zeo, even Billy could become one.
  • Partially Jossed. Go Go is ending after the event is over.

     Mighty Morphin and Power Rangers 

The identity of the new Green Rangers

  • Drakkon
  • Matt

     Future OGN’s 


  • In tradition I’ve covering thevmost popular seasons, this will tie up loose end with Venjix possessing the Red Morpher:
  • Alternatively it will cover the war that humanity lost to Venjix


  • Following the team post “Soul Of the Dragon”

Team ups that didn’t happen on the show


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