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  • In Extra Chapter 3 of Assassination Classroom, Azusa planned this with her loan sharks, if Korosensei never showed up for her to kill.
  • In Fate/Apocrypha, Frankenstein unleashes her Blasted Tree Noble Phantasm, which at full power consumes her as well in a massive explosion of lightning in order to defeat Mordred. It doesn't work in either the light novel or the anime due to Mordred's Master Kairi either teleporting her out of the blast with a Command Spell in the former, or empowering her defense with one to counter Frankenstein's Master Caules's own Command Seal boosting the attack in the latter, which cancels out the boosts and leaves Mordred injured but alive.
  • Done several times in Ginga: Nagareboshi Gin.
    • The Iga dogs seem somewhat fond of this: both Tsukikage and Hayato meet their makers this way.
    • Ben attempts to do this with Sniper. Both of them survive, though.
    • Benizakura kills Mosa in this fashion.
    • Akakabuto rises from the dead to take Gohei, Riki and Gin with him. Thanks to Gin, though, he doesn't succeed. At least not entirely, as he did manage to kill Riki.
    • In the wolf arc of the manga, Thunder Wolf manages to render Mukonga's front paws, his most effective weapons, useless. In response to this Mukonga tears his nonfunctional paw off and skewers Thunder Wolf with the bone of his leg before succumbing to his own wounds shortly after.
  • Sir Penwood from Hellsing was presented as being mostly an incompetent Modern Major General at best. But then, after nearly being assualted by Millennium infiltrators, he reveals himself as a Cowardly Lion and offers to remain behind in the complex the SS Waffen vampires were bound to attack to give time for the rest of the staff to flee. Nobody takes him up on this offer; they all stay behind with him. After the attack has killed everybody, he waits until the vampires are too deep into the complex to escape, and pulls out a thin cylinder. He laughs right in the enemy commander's face...and reveals the stacks of C4 he'd wired into the building. He gets shot. Twice. And he still presses the detonator.
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  • Hilda from Outlaw Star, upon realizing she's caught in a star's gravity pull and that there was no way her crew could save her, decides to go down like the badass she is, grabbing one of the Big Bad's Co-Dragons with a metal clamp and blowing up the both of them with the explosive equivalent of a Cyanide Pill.
  • Jin from Samurai Champloo has a specific technique, handed down from his sensei, for taking down an opponent who completely outclasses him: he creates an intentional opening in his defense, and fatally strikes the opponent once he's fully committed to his attack. The technique generally leads to the death of both the user and the opponent, and Jin is lucky to make it out with only a grievous but non-fatal wound.
    • Likewise, after Mugen slays his brothers and fails to die to a gunshot, Toube waits until just before Mugen staggers to him before detonating a cache of explosives hidden in his wheelchair. Mugen survives this too, because he's invincible.
  • Occurs several times in Dragon Ball Z, with most attempts being unsuccessful (since success would instantly remove a major villain or hero from the story). We start off with Goku holding Raditz in place for Piccolo to blast them both away (which was actually successful). Then there's the Saibaman (who is a mook and thus disposable) who blows up Yamcha, Chiaotzu who tries it against Nappa (unsuccessfully), Android 16 who tried it against Cell (unsuccessfully), Cell who attempts to blow himself up along with the Earth after being beaten by Gohan (unsuccessfully due to Goku's intervention; though in consolidation he kills Goku, King Kai and his companions; destroys King Kai's planet; and is able to regenerate from the destruction even stronger than before), Vegeta who blows himself up in an attempt to kill Buu (unsuccessfully), then Buu who blows himself up trying to kill Gohan (though Buu is able to regenerate and it's later revealed he was only trying to buy time). Somewhat subverted with Frieza who tries to blow up Namek, seemingly to take Goku with him, but he then says that he's able to survive in space while he knows Goku cannot.
    • This trope also plays a pivotal (albeit non-lethal) role in Universe 7's performance in the Universal Survival arc of Dragon Ball Super, with Tien using his clones to bring down his opponent while being ringed out himself, Frieza blasting Gohan and Dyspo off the arena while the former holds down the latter, and finally, Goku and Frieza grappling Jiren as they drop out of the arena, leaving Android 17 the sole remaining fighter (and thus, Universe 7 victorious). There are also some failed attempts, like Nink attempting to drag Goku out with him, only for Goku to use Super Saiyan Blue to break his hold at the last second, leaving Quitela annoyed that Nink just cost their team a fighter.
  • Saint Seiya: In the first case, Ikki uses this to defeat Virgo Shaka, but Worthy Opponent Shaka is so impressed by his courage that with the help of Aries Mu, he brings Ikki back to the Sanctuary and does a Heel–Face Turn. On the other hand, both Shiryu and Siegfried from the Asgard Saga try this on Capricorn Shura and Siren Sorrento, respectively, by holding them and ascending to space with them. The latter fails since Sorrento survives, and the former succeeds (but ultimately returns). Gemini Kanon takes it one step further on Wyrvern Radamantys by ascending to space AND using his Galaxian Explosion at the same time.
  • Sailor Moon: Sailor Jupiter does this near the end of the first season, electrocuting herself along with the DD Girl who captured her. Sailor Venus takes out another in a similar way, with a powerful kamikaze overload of her Crescent Beam attack, and Sailor Mars completely immolates the last with the remainder of her power. "Fire... SOUL!" They all got a Dying Moment of Awesome.
    • Sailor Moon herself does so in the first series's finale, overloading the Silver Crystal and unleashing its full powers to destroy both Queen Beryl and Queen Metallia despite knowing that it will kill her.
    • In the manga, as Prince Diamond has a Villainous Breakdown possibly from getting kicked out of the position as the Big Bad when Black Lady and Wiseman show up AND having had to kill his brother Sapphire, he snaps and tries to put the two Silver Imperium Crystals together, which would undo time itself. Unfortunately for him and luckily for the rest of the universe Pluto reacts faster than he does, breaks a taboo, and stops time.
    • Back to the anime, Berthier of the Ayakashi Sisters in Sailor Moon R tried to pull this, intending on freezing herself and Sailor Mercury via a game of chess.
  • X1999 has Karen Kasumi do this with a combination of this and a straightforward Heroic Sacrifice, complete with explosive Superpower Meltdown.
    • The Movie takes it a step further: nearly half of the heroic Dragons of Heaven perform Heroic Sacrifices to kill the villainous Dragons of Earth. This would be a better plan if it weren't for the fact that the Dragons of Earth are specifically out to destroy the mystical barriers guarded by the Dragons of Heaven, which collapse catastrophically when the Dragons of Heaven generating them are killed. It's difficult to tell in many cases just who sacrificed him/herself to kill whom, given the way the movie keeps throwing out such moment over and over and over again. The first combatants on either side die mere moments after the opening credits.
      • The abovementioned Karen and Shogo Asagi in The Movie deserve special mention: Shogo hits Karen with a train. And pays for it dearly, since Karen meets it with a fireball massive enough to blow herself, Shogo, and the train all to kingdom come.
      • Seiichiro Aoki's death also specifically invokes this: he grabs onto Nataku and uses his wind powers to accelerate them straight downward from a considerable height into the pavement, with the following Famous Last Words:
      Aoki: Maybe you're right. Yes, maybe the Earth should be destroyed. But even then, I will protect those that I love, and that's why I'll defeat you at the cost of my life!
  • Speaking of Clamp, in Tsubasa -RESERVoir CHRoNiCLE-: Near the end of the Celes arc, Fai tries to kill Ashura and himself with an explosion of killer magic, but both survive (for the moment). (If you've read all of the Celes arc, then you see why Fai didn't just do it from a distance, so it's more of a Broken Character Wants To Die And Save His Friends via This Trope.)
  • Mai Hime: The second-to-last episode has Natsuki sacrificing herself against her love-crazed best friend Shizuru by blasting Shizuru's CHILD (Kiyohime) while her own CHILD (Duran) is in Kiyohime's clutches, which destroys both CHILDs and kills them both. To further drive the point home, Natsuki tells Mai ahead of time that she knows she's not going to make it, and when she actually does so, hugs Shizuru for the first (and last) time as they both disappear, taking Shizuru with her (though they ultimately get better).
  • Hunter × Hunter: President Netero, nuking himself along with the Chimera Ant King.
  • Dewey from Eureka Seven has a dead mans switch embedded in his chest that will activate the necklaces that Anemone and Eureka wear to prevent them from becoming the next Coralian hive mind. Fortunately for them, it doesn't work too well, and they both survive, if in a very bad way immediately afterwards.
  • Mobile Suit Zeta Gundam: Paptimus Scirocco does this, in a rare villainous example that works. When his mobile suit is impaled by the Zeta Gundam, he gets the lower half of his torso crushed by the Zeta itself. With his dying breath, he curses his killer, Kamille Bidan, and using his newtype abilities, mentally lobotomizes Kamille. His mobile suit then explodes, and Kamille is left blabbering like a five-year old. This is how the series ENDS. It takes Kamille almost the whole sequel, Gundam ZZ, to start getting better.
    • In The Movie, this doesn't happen. Kamille not only doesn't get mind-fried, but he is perfectly okay in the end and reunites with his girlfriend Fa and his friends.
    • In Gundam ZZ, Mashymre Cello pulls this trope when he uses his Newtype powers to help detonate his damaged Hamma-Hamma when he gets captured.
    • In Mobile Suit Gundam UC, Yonem Kirks attempts to set off his Zaku I Sniper's backup generator by slamming his beam sniper rifle through its torso and pulling the trigger. Sadly, the attempt failed when Londo Bell's three-man Jesta team, the Tri-Stars, sliced off its arms, then shot it down without hitting its generators.
    • Attempted and failed by Duo Maxwell in Mobile Suit Gundam Wing, when surrounded by OZ mecha and his Gundam is badly damaged. He even gets a See You in Hell ("Tag along...on my journey to hell!"), but the Self-Destruct Mechanism fails due to the damage and he gets captured, which results in him getting his Mid-Season Upgrade.
  • This trope is one of the many reasons why Ai no Kusabi ends as a Tragedy.
  • The Mariages of StrikerS Sound Stage X will liquefy its entire body into a combustible liquid that will turn the area they're in into a raging inferno in an attempt to incinerate their enemy together with them if they've been subdued and unable to retaliate in any other way.
  • Non-fatal version in Code Geass, where C.C. uses the Gawain, running low on power, to grapple Jeremiah and his Siegfried and forces both of them to the bottom of the ocean. Non-fatal since C.C. is immortal while Jeremiah, who was altered by Britannia in an attempt to recreate C.C., is insanely tough; both characters return for the second season.
    • In the episode before, Nina tried to use a Sakuradite-bomb to blow up the whole Tokyo settlement as an attempt to kill Zero to avenge Euphemia's death at the hands of Zero.
    • In the same episode, Lelouch straps a liquid sakuradite to his chest and threatens Suzaku that if he shoots it, they, along with Kallen, will die. Suzaku manages to get it off him without it detonating.
    • Some episodes earlier, Suzaku turns the tables on Zero and holds him in headlock, awaiting Schneizel's command to take out the both of them. Considering Suzaku's death wish, this would kill two birds with one stone. Lelouch, being fully aware of this, gets out of this situation by placing a "Live!" command on him.
    • At the start of the second season, one of the Four Holy Swords tries to take down Rolo this way. Even though it violates internal consistency somewhat, Rolo's Geass allows him to escape death.
    • In the second season, Lelouch goes into the Sword of Akasha after his father, then destroys the gateway from the inside, effectively trapping them forever. He even gets to say See You in Hell:
      "Now, let us suffer together in this eternal repentance!"
      • Considering Lelouch wasn't a code bearer and the emperor was, Lelouch would eventually die of thirst if things had gone according to plan. The Emperor wouldn't have been so fortunate.
      • Ultimately subverted. While it implicitly would have trapped them both, it couldn't stop C.C. from moving to and from the other world at will, so Lelouch had to finish the job anyway.
  • In Digimon Adventure, Apocalimon was willing to kill himself and destroy everything in the process.
    • This trope was also evidenced during the final fight on Infinity Mountain, where Angemon fought Devimon.
    • In Digimon Xros Wars, Beelzebumon pulled this on Lilithmon.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh!, technically happens twice. First by Pharaoh Atem when took Zorc's soul with him into the seal on the Millennium items, and attempted a second time at the end of season 5, when Atem regains his name, summons Horakhty, and Zorc says this word for word to Atem, attempting to grab him before being consumed by light.
  • In Yu-Gi-Oh! 5D's, after his defeat at Yusei's hands, Rudger detonates his robotic arm, destroying the bridge they were duelling on, and sending Yusei plummeting into the depths of Old Momentum. Sore loser.
    • The dub, HAS to change this as Rudger/Roman's arm detonation is technically suicide. It's changed so that Earthbound God Uru's destruction blows up the bridge.
    • This trope is also invoked during Jack's duel with D-Carly. Jack plans to activate a trap that will take them both down at once. This is however foiled by Carly, who manages to gain control of herself at the last minute and knocks her own life points down to zero in order to save Jack's life.
    • In the previous series, Professor Satou tried to do this in his duel with Judai, using his Scar Knight's effect, which would have ended the duel in a draw and possibly killed them both due to their D-Belts. However, Judai used a card to protect himself, and only Satou took the damage. And then fell into a crevise when his D-Belt activated; he was presumed to have died in the fall.
  • In Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles Alex Romero dies this way taking many of enemy fighters with him.
  • Macross Plus has Guld going up against the Ghost X-9 alone. Despite his Super Prototype Cool Plane, he's clearly outmatched... until he switches his plane to Heroic RRoD and rams the sucker into the Ghost. In the OVAs, they both explode on impact; in the movie, Guld's fighter survives but he's plastered all over the cockpit due to G-forces.
  • In Deadman Wonderland, Nagi does this with Genkaku, holding him down so that Ganta can kill him. His words: "I'm your guide to hell." Genkaku really doesn't seem to mind, and appears pretty happy.
  • In the season 1 finale of Full Metal Panic!, Gauron attempts to do this to Sousuke while they're in their Humongous Mecha. He sets his AS to self destruct in 2 minutes, and pins Sousuke down. Right before the dramatic explosion, he takes the opportunity to confess his love for Sousuke, which sort of falls flat when Sousuke blasts him off the ship they're on so only Gauron's AS explodes. In season 3, Gauron lives up to his legend of being impossible to kill by showing up alive again.
  • In the middle of the Konan/Kutou war in Fushigi Yuugi, Tamahome tells Miaka, "If I die, I'm taking them with me, but I won't let you die!"
    • Played tragically straight with Chiriko's death, a case in which the hero does take the villain with him at the cost of his own life.
  • Fullmetal Alchemist:
    • Double subverted with Fu, who intended to blow himself up and take Wrath with him...but then Wrath just sliced up the explosives and runs him through. It looked like a Senseless Sacrifice until Buccaneer — himself heavily wounded — stabbed Wrath through Fu's body, finally landing a hit that weakened Wrath enough for Scar to finish him off later.
      Buccaneer: Old man, we'll walk him down the path to Hell together.
      Fu: Yes, thank you.
    • In the 2003 anime, Kimbley turns Al into a bomb shortly before he dies from the mortal wound Scar inflicted on him. Unfortunately for him, Scar manages to deactivate the bomb by giving Al his right arm, turning him into the new Philosopher's Stone and saving his life.
  • Inuyasha:
    • Naraku orders Kanna to do this, after she sustains heavy damage from protecting her Mirror-Demon. Although Kanna fails to take anyone with her, in her final moments, she Heel Face Turns slightly, and manages to tell Kagome how to defeat Naraku. In the anime, it is shown quite clearly that Kanna completely refuses to do this.
    • Naraku himself also tried this when his time came, to the point that he was willing to subject himself to a Fate Worse than Death if that meant that the protagonist's girlfriend comes with him.
    • After being fatally injured by her lover, Inuyasha, the priestess Kikyou attempts to take him with her with her last breath. She had softened at this point, though, and used a sealing spell that freezes him in time so he would never decompose or age instead of killing him.
  • Darker Than Black. Huang deliberately got into a car chase with Syndicate agents so he could lure them off and blow them up with a bomb he'd planted in his car. And November 11 took down his boss and a roomful of bodyguards (probably even more, since he made it out of the building before the bullet wound got to him). And he did it with a bottle of bourbon.
  • JoJo's Bizarre Adventure:
    • At the end of Phantom Blood, Jonathan, lethally injured and with no chance of survival, decided to take Dio with him, trapping him in a sunken boat in the middle of the Atlantic. This works out for quite a while, that is, until Dio eventually manages to escape nearly 100 years later.
    • Battle Tendency:
      • Stroheim attempts to perform this on Santana by blowing himself up while Santana is inside him. He fails, though unlike most examples, Stroheim also survives.
      • Esidisi tries to perform this on Joseph at the end of their battle. It doesn't work, and Esidisi is reduced to a brain and forced to take control of Suzi Q's body to survive.
    • In Stardust Crusaders, after being lethally injured, Gray Fly attempts to pull this on the heroes by crashing the plane they're on before it can reach Egypt. Unfortunately for him, Joseph manages to land the plane safely, with his actions only extending the length of the journey from a simple plane ride to a country-hopping adventure.
    • Vento Aureo:
      • Pesci attempts this at the end of the fight against him. After having his neck broken by Bruno, Pesci attempts to use the last of his strength to smash Coco Jumbo, killing the rest of Team Bucciarati. Luckily, Bruno stops him before he can do this.
      • Doppio/Diavolo's fight against Risotto Nero goes in the latter's favor until Doppio makes use of Risotto's Stand, Metallica, to manipulate him into being shot by Narancia's Stand, Aerosmith, which detects people through carbon dioxide and doesn't detect Doppio due to Risotto having sucked the iron out of his blood. As Diavolo is standing over him, Risotto then attempts to use Metallica to make Aerosmith shoot them both, but Diavolo uses his own Stand, King Crimson, to delete the point in time that he was/will be shot so that only Risotto gets hit.
    • Stone Ocean:
      • Highway to Hell, Thunder McQueen's Stand, is based around this trope. Highway to Hell allows McQueen to share self-inflicted injuries. The catch? McQueen is extremely suicidal.
      • It's implied that this was Emporio's plan during his Last Stand against Pucci, as the poison air would eventually kill him as well. Luckily, he survives thanks to the universal reset.
  • Johan of Monster, in a non-literal, very extreme variation of the trope. He knows he has to die, and he's going to take everyone with him.
  • In Naruto Shippuden Deidara fights Sasuke, and when he loses the use of his legs and realizes his opponent can cancel out the effect of his Earth-based attack with lightning he opts to swallow the exploding clay and set it off inside himself (where it can't be rendered useless) so he wouldn't be taken alive. It didn't work due to Sasuke summoning a giant snake, going inside it, which shielded him from the most of blast, and had the snake teleport another location.
    • At the end of the Rescue Gaara arc, after losing both of his arms Deidara exploited this trope by replacing himself with an explosive clone. The Konoha shinobi assumed he had really blown himself up in an attempt to take them out with him, while Deidara himself escaped to fight another day.
    • Sasuke himself attempts this when the Raikage is about to crush him and he makes a fire shield, but Gaara stops them both.
    • Danzo attempts this on both Tobi and Sasuke using a sealing techniques, but they both managed to avoid it. However, the threat of it did give him enough time to destroy the eyes of his which Tobi was after.
    • In the original series, Zabuza also succeeds at this against Gato during the Land of Waves arc.
    • Also in the original, the Third Hokage tries this against Orochimaru with the Reaper Death Seal. It works at first, but Orochimaru manages to stop the reaper from pulling out his soul at the last minute and ends up ultimately surviving, albeit heavily crippled and forced to obtain a new body very quickly. The Third, however, was not so lucky.
    • In the past, the Fourth Hokage (who died in his 20s and thus was outlived by the Third) did a variation of this to seal the Nine Tailed Fox inside his son, Naruto, who was only just born. Due to both Naruto being born only a few minutes ago and the lack of any other viable hosts, the Fourth was forced to use the Reaper Death Seal to keep the fox down, as an infant wouldn't likely be able to handle a Tailed Beast if even the smallest part of it were allowed influence over their body.
  • In Bleach, Yamamoto - the last captain standing - tries to do this to Aizen in an extreme example that would not only take out them, but EVERYONE ELSE in the area. Naturally, it fails, as Aizen made one of his minions specifically able to cancel that ability. Sort of justified, because as prideful as Aizen is, he even outright admits that Yamamoto would beat him in a fair fight. Then a severely wounded Yamamoto tries it again when Aizen moves to finish him off, casting the high-level kido "Single Blade Cremation", which uses his own body as a catalyst.
  • Yusuke tries this a couple times in Yu Yu Hakusho, but it's subverted both times. His first usage of this is when he uses almost all of his life energy to kill Suzaku, and is revived by Kuwabara before the rest of his life fades away. The second time is in his fight against Jin, where Yusuke was about to fire a Spirit Gun into a point-blank Tornado Fist, which would have created a tornado of spirit energy that would kill both of them. Luckily, Jin noticed this and decided to dodge instead.
    • One fight later after the Yusuke/Jin battle the exact same thing happens: a heavily wounded and near exhausted Kuwabara attempts to do this while fighting against Risho to allow one final win for his allies in the current round of the Dark Tournament. He even says the line, "It doesn't matter if I die, as long as I take you with me!" Like in Yusuke's case it gets completely subverted: Yukina happens to show up in the audience and thanks to The Power of Love he has for her, Kuwabara instantly regains all his energy and defeats Risho in one hit.
    • Kuwabara is perhaps the first character in the series to attempt this, during the Saint Beasts arc. Upon noticing Byakko's destroyed every platform in the Room of Hell he could jump to, Kuwabara leaps for the one Byakko is on and uses his Spirit Sword as a pole-vault. This gives him the leverage and momentum needed to land a huge flying punch on Byakko, sending him plummeting into the boiling acid pool underneath, with Kuwabara falling behind him. Luckily, one of his bandages snags on a crack in the platform... And Byakko survives the bath, albeith heavily wounded.
  • In the Festival Arc of Mahou Sensei Negima!, Mana goes around sniping people with bullets that send whatever they hit three hours into the future, so that they cannot interfere with Chao's plan, as she would have already won. When she shoots Kaede, Kaede manages to grab her, warping her three hours into the future as well and neutralizing her for the rest of the battle.
  • Hilarious subversion: A Heterodyne tries to do this in Dai-Guard while it is falling into the ocean by grabbing the eponymous robot's arm, so Akagi just detaches it.
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion shows this during the flashback to the fight with an Angel in the previous episode (the first, to be precise). After Unit 01 goes berserk and beats the crap out of the Angel, the Angel latches onto it, and blows itself up. While this damages the Eva, it doesn't kill it.
  • RahXephon has Kuki cornering Kunugi in TERRA's control center. Kunugi is heavily injured, his opponent is inside a huge, invincible Dolem that just laid waste to the entire island. His solution? Activate a failsafe in the teleporter between the control center and the Xephon's holding pen that causes the entire island to erupt into a second Tokyo Jupiter. Cue Kuki going Oh, Crap! when he sees his opponent's half-smile that just reeks of saying "Checkmate, sucker."
  • In Puella Magi Madoka Magica, Kyoko does this to Sayaka, to save both of them and to make sure she doesn't die alone.
  • The first Tenchi movie, Tenchi Muyo In Love: villain Kain, while being sucked into an alternate dimension, exclaims "If I have to go... I won't go alone!" and grabs the hero's parents. He tries it again near the end, attempting to keep Tenchi's mom in the alternate universe when the reality-destroying cannon is set to fire.
  • One Piece:
    • Don Krieg tried this on Luffy,when the Rubber Man had just kicked he's ass and they were falling. Krieg throws a metal net around Luffy so that he drown due to Luffy's Weaksauce Weakness to water, the attempts fails as Luffy smashes him into ground.
    • Chef of Iron Sanji pulls one against God Guise Eneru when the villain death fortress is rising into air. Sanji messing around with it before hand. Eneru fries Sanji with lighting blast which was meant for Usopp and Nami Taking the Bullet, Eneru then realises Sanji has done something to ship and curses him, Sanji survives by Usopp returning the ship to pick up him.
    • During the Enies Lobby Arc of Franky subverts this by saying he's going to blow himself up, taking Enies Lobby and everyone else in a three-kilometer-wide explosion with him. While all of the Marines are trying to escape he grabs Robin and explosively farts his way out of the building, in an attempt to escape.
    • The court of Enies Lobby also has this in the form of its "Eleven Just Jurymen". The Jury consists of pirates who have been sentenced to death, so they pronounce every criminal who comes to Enies Lobby guilty to drag as many people down with them as possible.
    • After the Time Skip, Brook, now a famous rock star, tells his managers that he plans to return to his pirate life. It doesn't take long for the Navy to show up.
    Manager: Your popularity is still on the rise! We could've made a fortune off you! But you betrayed us! Our company is dissolved! Let's all die together, Soul King!
    • Another example occurred way back on Drum Island when Dalton planned on stopping Wapol doing this, via going into Wapol's castle with a load of dynamite strapped to him. However, he never gets the chance to try, as Luffy had already forcibly banished Wapol by the time he arrived.
    • Caesar Clown, having been defeated by Luffy and on the verge of death, attempts to do this with Smoker by stabbing his heart, which was given to him by Law. The issue is that it wasn't Smoker's heart that Law gave him. It was his secretary Monet's, who was planning a similar attempt in destroying the entire island. Needless to say, the chance to do so never comes.
    • Pedro pulls this off in Chapter 877; he already knew his life was nearly over. So in an echo of Dalton, he blows himself up in an attempt to take Perospero—whose powers are currently putting the Straw Hats on the verge of defeat—down with him.
  • Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro: The titular character takes down the Big Bad because he wants to protect his food supply, even if he ends up dying. The logic is a typical Mindscrew but he IS a demon. Subverted when he gets better.
  • In the fourth season of Bakugan, Mag Mel tries this after being beaten by Dan and Drago, revealing that all the energy he's absorbed means his death will result in it all being released in a massive explosion, which he attempts to use to kill them all. They survive though.
  • In most continuities, this is how Musashi Tomoe goes out, detonating the Getter Core and eradicating the Dinosaur Empire.
  • Rurouni Kenshin: When opium dealer Kanryuu Takeda was caught by the police and knew there was no way he could avoid death penalty, he tried to exact revenge on Megumi Takani, who made opium for him until she decided to leave his service, by denouncing her as a member of his drug ring but Kenshin told the police she was an innocent whose medical knowledge led Takeda to try to force her to make opium.
  • The Big Bad of Futari wa Pretty Cure Splash★Star attempts this by grabbing Cure Egret and Cure Bloom and trying to pull them into the attack that's destroying him. However, Michiru and Kaoru grab them and keep them out, breaking the villain's last hopes and allowing himself to be destroyed.
  • In the eleventh volume of High School Dx D, Shalba Beelzebub was getting curb stomped badly by Issei that he had to resort to use a poison specifically effective for dragons. End result, while Shalba does die, he does have the honor of killing the main protagonist. Sadly for him though, it just doesn't stick.
    • In the third season of the anime after Issei is mortally wounded by Fenrir, a grief stricken Rias forces her powers into overdrive in an attempt to bring down Loki with her. Finding a covalently Phoenix Tear is what keeps her from going through with it.
  • Future Diary: After having a hand blown off, being shot in the gut, and lost a lot of blood as a result, Minene reveals she has a heartbeat bomb on her person, and heroically (for this series anyway) wills herself to stay alive long enough so it can be used to blow the door to Eleven's vault/hiding place, so Yukiteru can kill him.
  • Fairy Tail:
    • The Tartaros arc begins with one of these in the form of Tempester, blowing himself up into a deadly and rapidly-spreading cloud of poisonous particles after his defeat at the hands of Laxus and the Raijin Tribe. In a desperate bid to save the lives of the citizens of Hargeon, Laxus makes a Heroic Sacrifice by inhaling as much of the poison as possible as his Dragon Slayer powers enable him to do. He and his team all survived, albeit with a strong possibility of being permanently weakened, and Tempester's poison still managed to kill over a hundred Hargeon inhabitants. Of course, since Tartaros can revive their fallen, this was only a temporary setback for Tempester.
    • Pulled again by fellow Tartaros member Jackal after Natsu cleans his clock, only in his case he decides to use his Explosion Curse on himself to create a town-destroying bomb. Happy is able to avert destruction by flying him into the sky before he explodes. Like Tempester, Jackal is revived at his guild, pissed off that even his final move was foiled.
    • Downplayed at the end of the arc, as Acnologia shows up at the end and is confronted by Igneel. Acnologia is still alive after killing him, but Igneel used his dying breath to tear Acnologia's arm off.
  • In Umi Monogatari, in the finale, Sedna tries this on her host body, Urin.
  • A definitive example occurs in Episode 5 of Cowboy Bebop. Finishing the the firefight inside the chapel, Vicious lifts Spike off of the veranda floor, smothering him in the process. Before Spike suffocates, Vicious decides "to force him out of Heaven", and he throws him outisde the chapel through its stained-glass window. Spike leaves behind a live grenade to say goodbye.
  • In Sword Art Online during the Aincrad arc Kirito manages to resist his death animation long enough to land the last hit on the final boss, freeing everyone else from the system. Kayaba lets him and Asuna, also recently killed, survive anyway.
  • In Detective Conan, Midori Ozaki attempts to do a mix of this and Thanatos Gambit when she tries to put the poison in Rika Okano's flowers as part of her revenge for causing her beloved older sister's ruin and suicide when her rival stole her Ikebana techniques, and when the flowers bloom, the poison will spread and it will kill her and Rika. However, Conan stops this just in time before she can do so.
  • Skip Beat! has a moment where Ren Tsuruga, in his Cain Heel role, is holding co-actor Murasame in a choke-hold off of an unsecured ledge. Murasame notices that he can't get himself out of the hold and thinks that, if he's going to die here, he'll take Cain Heel along with him, and pulls him off the ledge. Kyoko's intervention and Ren's quick thinking lead to both of them surviving.
  • In Tenchi Muyo!, once Ryoko is freed from Ayeka and she returns to Ryo-Ohki, she takes control of her ship, slams it into Ryu-Oh and drags it through the atmosphere and down to Earth. Ayeka panics and demands Ryu-Oh's shell be jettisoned, the force throwing Ryo-Ohki off-course, slamming the ships into the Great Seto Bridge and landing them back in the Masaki Shrine. The only one to die and Ryo-Ohki, and she respawns the next episode.
  • In Magic Knight Rayearth, Eagle Vision uses this trope as his plan for Cephiro: the overuse of mental energy, what powers machines in his world of Autozam, is slowly killing him. Not wanting the same tragedy that befell Cephiro befall it again, he plans to become the Pillar of Cephiro and promptly die, taking the world with it so it would never harm another living person again.
  • Zekkyou Gakkyuu has this being pulled off in The Truth About Yomi, which serves as a background for the series' narrator. Back then, her name was Yumi Akimoto, and she was severely bullied in school. When she decided she couldn't take it anymore, she caused an explosion in the Home Ec room that killed her, along with the leader of the girls bullying her.
  • This is how F-Zero: Legend of Falcon ends. Rick Wheeler is able to destroy Black Shadow's Doomsday Device and, in the process, pulls Black Shadow and Captain Falcon. Falcon passes the title of Captain Falcon to Rick before Black Shadow attempts to escape. However, Falcon ejects from his racer and performs a Falcon Punch, knocking them both back into the pit.
  • After being defeated, the Satellite Cannon Type Iris Unit in Magical Girl Lyrical Nanoha Detonation attempts to blow up Nanoha with its self-destruct mechanism. It doesn't kill her, though it does blow off her right arm and damage her right eye bad enough that they both have to be replaced with cyborg replicas.
  • In AKIRA when Tetsuo is being sucked into the portal summoned by Akira after he became a giant blob when his power became too much for his body to handle, as he's being pulled in, he grabs a hold of Kaneda and takes him with him, Kyoko, Masaru, and Takashi then go inside to get Kaneda out.


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