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  • Adventures of the Galaxy Rangers had quite a bit of this between Shane and Niko, especially if Chris Rowley was writing. "Scarecrow" is positively loaded. There's one scene where Shane was dancing with a local girl. Niko asks him later about his "girlfriend," and he remarks "She already has a date...and so do I." Then, there's the scene where Scarecrow busts into an injured Niko's room and attacks her. Shane breaks in and brawls Scarecrow, but is knocked against a wall. Before the Scarecrow can kill him, Niko grabs her BFG and shoots, scaring the thing off. As she swoons from the injuries she already has, Shane catches her, and says softly. "Easy, babe, sleep now." It was rather amusing when Rowley discovered the Fan Fic fifteen years later...
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  • Throughout All Hail King Julien there are hints that King Julien and his bodyguard Clover could be an item. She gets extremely upset when Julien starts dating her twin sister Crimson, but adamantly denies it's because she's jealous. King Julien also gets annoyed when Clover is in love with Koto and Sage, mostly in Un-King Me and The End is Near. Most subtly, both characters don't like it when characters randomly touch them, but are generally fine if it's each other doing the touching.
  • Archer has unimaginable amounts of everyone on everyone but in the season 4 episodes, the most prominent is Archer and Lana, who have plunged into the Will They or Won't They? category. They used to date but since Archer's an unrepentant asshole, Lana has no desire to be in a relationship with him. However, they've slept together at least once since the break up and Archer shows signs of actually caring about her while she flip-flops between hating his guts and realizing he isn't a total Jerkass. This is taken further in Archer: Vice. Along with comforting her several times whenever things got too dire, Archer has tried his damndest to be the father figure he feels Lana's unborn child is going to need.
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  • Arthur teased Arthur/Francine a few times with a She Is Not My Girlfriend episode at one point and a few glimpses into the future (which may or may not be Imagine Spots) that imply both will eventually get married.
  • The Backyardigans: Plenty of ship tease, but what crossed the final line was the song "I Need a Hand" during "Caveman's Best Friend". It's the end of the song, folks. When they're holding hands. Doesn't that scream "LOVE" to you?! I guess it does.
  • The Boondocks: Huey and Jazmine, in several episodes. They even have their own Shipper on Deck in the form of Granddad.
  • Castlevania:
    • Trevor and Sypha have multiple moment of this, to point where they're essentially a Official Couple by the end of Season 2. Also it's barely teasing if your familiar with the games and know that Sypha helps continue the Belmont Family lineage with Trevor. The first episode of Season 3 hints that Trevor and Sypha are getting more intimate by the fact they're sleeping in the back of the cart together and following the episodes confirm they're making love.
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    • Trevor and Alucard as Vitriolic Best Buds get a healthy dose of Ho Yay shipping.
    • Interestingly Sypha gets a Luminescent Blush when Alucard first talks to her and later in Season 2 Alucard even gets fairly jealous that Sypha is beginning to like Trevor and lectures her about getting distracted.
      • Given that Alucard is bisexual in this series it's most likely he had equally strong feelings for both Trevor and Sypha in the first two seasons.
    • Hector and Isaac, lampshaded in Dead Pan Snarker manner by the latter.
      Hector: But we are on the same side.
      [Hector places his hand on Issac's shoulder]
      Isaac: Is this where we kiss like Benedictine monks from different monasteries?
    • Season 3 has Hector and Lenore and Alucard and Taka and Sumi, though it gets subverted nastily.
  • Chip 'n Dale: Rescue Rangers:
    • Depending on the episode, Gadget was either interested in Chip, interested in Dale, interested in someone else (usually a oneshot character like Sparky), not interested in anyone, or unaware of the concept of romance.
    • One-shot teases like Dale and Foxglove, which carried over into the brief comic revival by Boom!. To a lesser degree there's Tammy and Chip, although this was rather one-sided on Tammy's part.
  • Chowder: There are a few such moments between Shnitzel and Ms. Endive, even though Endive has a Does Not Like Men attitude and Shnitzel is The Unintelligible of the group. They are ultimately Happily Married in the Grand Finale.
  • Code Lyoko:
    • There is a LOT of it between Ulrich and Yumi.
    • Used on several occasions with Odd and Sissi, who share an almost Slap-Slap-Kiss dynamic.
    • Odd gets a lot of Ship Tease with Aelita, calling her "Princess" and mentioning how pretty she is on more than one occasion. Aelita also seems to worry about him more often, usually running to help him every time he gets hurt in Lyoko, and prefers riding on the Overboard with him. And then there's their kiss in season 4. According to Word of God, though, nothing comes of it.
  • Codename: Kids Next Door:
    • Kuki and Wally fans are teased repeatedly: for instance, in The Movie, playing with Dying Declaration of Love by having one of them infected with The Virus (and passing it on just in time for Kissing Under the Influence). The final episode's Distant Finale framing sequence hints at a Last Minute Hookup between Kuki and Hoagie, before revealing at the last moment that they were just sitting together and having Wally berate Hoagie to take his hands off Kuki, his wife.
    • In the case of unresolved ship tease, Nigel/Numbuh One and Rachel/Numbuh 362. The season 5 finale showed them as very close friends, with Nigel constantly trying to snap her out of her Heroic BSoD. Then came "Operation: G.I.R.L.F.R.I.E.N.D.", which has them on a First-Name Basis and did everything short of waving a flag in your face saying "SHE'S MADLY IN LOVE WITH HIM!"
    • Of course, another unresolved ship tease, Sonia/Numbuh 83 and Lee/Numbuh 84. Both were often seen together, and they were even seen holding hands in ''Operation: Z.E.R.O.
  • Dan Vs. has the recurring Dan/Hortence ship teasing.
    • In "Burgerphile", after getting his order wrong, Dan stands up against Burgerphile in protest, demanding they fix his order. Hortence, an employee of the fast food chain, later joins Dan and announces herself as Dan's girlfriend. However, before the two can share a kiss, she moves to Santa Monica to become regional manager of Burgerphile. Dan claims she's gone forever despite being only a twenty mile drive away.
    • Hortence made her return in season 2's "The Wedding", where it's revealed she's getting married to Jeremiah Burger, the CEO of Burgerphile. Dan takes this news in typical Dan fashion and tries various times to sabotage the event. After Dan completely trashes her wedding, she really does move away forever, wishing not to see him again.
  • The 2015 reboot of Brit cartoon Danger Mouse contains Ship Teases for Professor Squawkencluck and DM's sidekick Penfold, with probably the biggest hints coming in the third season. In "A Fistful of Penfolds", Squawk and Penfold share a moment where Squawk admits she could kiss him, Penfold attempts to reciprocate with an actual kiss, only for Squawk to decline. She then later saves Penfold single-handily from a legion of out-of-control Penfold robots that she created.
    • Danger Mouse is often teased with Jeopardy Mouse in a love/hate relationship, but the events of the episode Melted suggest, perhaps controversially, that he may have feelings for underage super villain Dawn.
    • The episode The World Is Full of Stuff eventually reveals Danger Mouse and Squawkencluck are fated to be the shows Official Couple
  • Defenders of the Earth contains several Ship Teases involving Rick and Jedda. For example, at the end of "The Men of Frost":
    Rick: [referring to guest character Elgar] He's a great guy, Jedda. I can see why he's so special to you.
    Jedda: Yes, he is. But no-one's as special to me as you are, Rick.
  • The Dragon Prince
    • The first season tended to tease the relationship between Callum and his childhood friend Claudia. This included some playful interactions on Claudia's part, while Callum had a nice dream where he could smell Claudia's peanut butter breath. This teasing carried on into season 2, even going so far as giving them an Almost Kiss. However, subsequent episodes cause them to drift apart, and most people agree that this ship is now pretty dead in the water.
    • Since Callum isn't traveling with Claudia, he became more popularly paired with his new traveling friend, Rayla. The writers noticed this, and some teasing started happening in the end of season 2 before teasing it heavily in season 3. In fact, the two actually confirm their feelings for each other by the middle of the season with a Big Damn Kiss.
    • Amaya and Janai started off on opposite sides of the war, but they gave each other warrior's honor that gave them a considerable amount of respect. Even after she imprisoned Amaya, Janai made sure that her life was spared, and very quickly freed her when she learned her sister was in danger. And when it was too late, Amaya had to hold and calm down a weeping Janai, notably by holding her hand. The two started traveling with each other to go assist Callum and co. in their fight against Viren. They continue to grow in friendship and once again hold hands at the end of the season.
  • The DuckTales (1987) episode "Duck to the Future" was pretty Ship tease-y in the Magica/Scrooge department, what with Magica embracing Scrooge when the two escape from the Hindenburg...and reaching down his shirt for his #1 Dime.
  • Ed, Edd n Eddy:
    • The Kanker Sisters are always kidnapping and harrassing the Eds, due to their massive crush on each of their respective Eds (Lee/Eddy, Marie/Edd, and May/Ed).
      • In "Hanky Panky Hullabaloo", Edd/May is heavily ship teased when two fairies give them the arrow of love. Even after the curse is taken off the two love birds, Edd still keeps his love letter from May, safely tucked away in his hat.
    • Nazz is a crush magnet for every boy in the cul-de-sac (except for Rolf and Jimmy), as Ed, Edd, Eddy, Kevin, and even Jonny 2x4 have shown to have feelings for her and have competed for her affections on more than one occasion.
      • Edd was teased for Edd/Nazz in "The Day The Ed Stood Still." See the kiss scene which we ALL remember.
      • After spending the entirety of The Big Picture Show with Kevin/Nazz shipteasing, Eddy ends up getting a kiss from Nazz in the end. It's adorable.
    • Sarah gets her fair share of ship teasing as well, in "An Ed Too Many", she gains a crush on Edd after he gives her a flower. She still has this crush all the way into season 3 with "For Your Ed Only", where Sarah has an entire diary entry dedicated to the sock head.
      • Edd may reciprocate these feelings, in the pilot episode, he tries flirting with her by revealing that someone has also "touched his stuff".
      • In "May I Have This Ed", Jonny is seen asking Sarah to the dance, this goes as you'd predict.
    • Not even the Eds themselves are safe from being shipped with each other, in "Your Ed Here", Kevin has Eddy and Double Dee kiss on the lips. Eddy does this so Kevin won't blow the whistle on his middle name, but regardless, diehard Eddy/Edd fans go crazy for this scene.
      • Eddy's Brother would later ask if Double Dee was his girlfriend in a teasing manner.
  • El Tigre: This is all supported by Word of God confirming that Manny and Frida would become a couple when they got older.
    • "Oso Solo Mio" ends with Manny and Frida watching El Oso run off into the horizon with the thing he loves most — money. Frida comments on how beautiful love is before sliding herself towards Manny. Manny simply looks at her confused before a heart-shaped Iris Out appears around the pair. Awww.
    • The final scene in the final episode sees Frida suddenly kiss a surprised Manny in her arms after the Riveras defeat every villain in Miracle City.
  • The Fairly OddParents:
  • While Fillmore! was mostly a No Hugging, No Kissing series, the writers definitely gave a Toy Ship vibe between the two leading characters. Mostly because their dialogue had a tendency to sound flirtatious at times, coupled with all the subtext of a Buddy Cop Show.
  • Gravity Falls:
    • In "Summerween", Candy Chiu hanging on to Dipper after the Trickster's threat was enough to send some shippers into fits of squeeing. There were aleady Candy/Dipper shippers before, but this was the first remotely shippy real interaction they could grasp. In "Roadside Attraction", she canonically gets a temporary crush on Dipper, of which Mabel and Grenda are way too eager of helping them get alone time together. However, due to Dipper feeling uncomfortable about her crush, and her losing interest by the end of the episode, this doubles as Ship Sinking.
    • The episode "Northwest Mansion Mystery" was full of Dipper/Pacifica (known as Dipcifica/Padippica by the fandom) teases. Let's see, there's Pacifica hugging Dipper then getting embarrassed and trying to bribe him to forget about it, Dipper walking into a column due to trying to act suave in front of her, and of course the tender moment the two share when Dipper tells Pacifica You Are Better Than You Think You Are. Not to mention that in the video game "Legend of the Gnome Gemulets", when Mabel mentions it, they seem to inconspicuously deny it ever happened, although Mabel seems to think otherwise. If THAT weren't enough the published journal shows that Dipper admitted he thought she was becoming a decent person, thought she looked nice in a dress, and thought she smelled like champagne and flowers. The last sentence, crossed out, is him wondering if there was some vibe going on between them. Don't Color This Book, It's Cursed! throws a little more fuel on the fire by including Dipper and Pacifica ("after we cure her rich-kid ails with our wonderful friendship") as a couple on a two-page spread of "Mabel's Future Match-Making Projects". Dipper then thinks about this after Mabel says it's after she starts to become more friendly. In Gravity Falls: Lost Legends, the first story, "Face It", is devoted completely to Dipper and Pacifica's relationship. They hug and later Pacifica accidentally sends a text to Mabel about it, who seems pleased.
    • There is also quite a lot of Ship Tease for a popular ship that sinks in the second season which is then reinvigorated by the fans near the end, Wendip (Wendy and Dipper). Despite Dipper himself realizing that it is hopeless at times, the show has several episodes where the tease appears reciprocated. A couple of notable episodes include "The Inconveniencing" with their first session of really hanging out and "The Deep End," where Dipper and Wendy continually chill and have fun together as lifeguards at the pool. Then there is "Into the Bunker." This episode begins with teasing but ends with sinking. The tease happens in the beginning with Dipper and Wendy watching a movie at her house, and there is a bit of it when they get trapped in the closet and bump into each other. After that, however, the ship sinks after Wendy kindfully rejects Dipper. There is a little more teasing after that, though, when Dipper and Wendy hug in "Weirdmageddon Part 1." "Weirdmageddon Part 3 is ultimately the biggest revival of the ship with Dipper and Wendy switching hats as they part ways until next summer.
  • Grojband loved doing this with Corey and Laney, especially in later episodes, where the former seems to become less oblivious to Laney's gargantuan crush on him. For example, in the Once per Episode song of "For Hat and Country", Corey mentions "his gal" and a silhouette of Laney's head appears, while in the episode "Curse of the Metrognome", the two have an Accidental Kiss and both clearly enjoy it very much (with the two giving each other small smiles as they sing together in the episode's song).
    • The Grand Finale "Hear Us Rock!" is loaded to the brim with this. When Laney tells Corey that it's been a pleasure playing with him, Corey tells her that the pleasure was his, and then there's Corey's Once per Episode Spoof Aesop which he addresses directly towards Laney, even hugging and caressing her as he talks.
    Corey: Saving the world's one thing, Lanes. But there's other one things that are everything. A one thing so special you'd die to save it and be lost without it. And losing the one thing that's everything could leave you with nothing. A nothing so empty and cold you can't even feel the wicked heat that's right beside you.
  • Hey Arnold! does this with some of the lesser characters: Harold with both Rhonda and Patty, Sid and Rhonda (in the episode "Wheezin' Ed"), Sheena and Eugene. Phoebe and Gerald also count earlier on, but they're more or less the official Beta Couple by season 4.
  • The Hollow: Adam with Mira.Subverted when she actually kisses him and he reacts by awkwardly saying he has no interest in her.
  • Iron Man: Armored Adventures is loaded with this. Tony/Pepper, Tony/Whitney, and Rhodey/Whitney all get ship teases in the series, but that's just the intentional ones. Unintentionally there's hints of Pepper/Gene all over the place, though Word of God has it they were meant to just come across as friends.
  • In Ivanhoe: The King's Knight, Rebecca gets ship tease with three different characters: Saladin's son Nur, Front-de-Boeuf's Danish cousin's son William Lampton and her friend Wamba in that order.
  • In one Jem episode, Minx and Techrat meet. Techrat Hates Being Touched however he doesn't mind Minx touching him. Word of God is that the two would have ended up together if the series hadn't been Cut Short.
  • Jimmy Two-Shoes does this endlessly with Jimmy and Heloise.
    • In "There's Always a Hiccup", a doctor suggests that Jimmy cure Heloise's hiccups with a slight obstruction of the air passage, such as a prolonged kiss. Jimmy reluctantly decides to provide it, but in the ensuing hilarity, Heloise ends up kissing Beezy instead.
    • In "Fused Together", Jimmy and Heloise go to the movies together, albeit with the both of them fused to Beezy's back. The episode ends with Heloise cuddling up to Jimmy as flaming arrows form a giant heart around the two (not counting Beezy). Awww.
    • In "I Am Jimmy" Jimmy comes into Heloise's room when all of Miseryville is in hibernation. After trying to wake her up normally, he looks into the book she's holding, reading that a princess was awakened by a kiss. He looks at Heloise for a moment, who has sparkles over her... then tosses the book aside, muttering, "You can't believe everything you read."
    • Season 2 does this in virtually every other episode, due to Heloise's crush on Jimmy become more gigantic than ever. Some episodes are focused entirely on Heloise trying to get Jimmy to notice her!
  • According to the Writer's Bible of Jonny Quest: The Real Adventures, the writers wanted to Ship Tease Jonny/Jessie in the first season. When a new head writer took over in season 2, Ship Tease was also planned for Hadji/Jessie while continuing the Jonny/Jessie teasing from the previous season, hinting at a possible Two Guys and a Girl Love Triangle. The Jonny/Jessie teasing culminated in the second season episode "Ghost Quest" where Jonny and Jessie kiss while possessed by the ghosts of two former lovers. With the kiss continuing for several seconds after the ghosts, as it took them that long to realize they were back in control of their bodies.
  • In Justice League Bruce Timm admitted to doing this with Batman and Wonder Woman after shippers misinterpreted a gesture of thanks as flirting in "The Brave and the Bold". Anybody who's familiar with the DCAU (specifically Batman Beyond) knows that Batman is going to end up bitter and alone...
  • A season 4 episode of KaBlam! featured Henry falling in love with a one-shot character, Dawn. June was mad. So were the H/J Shippers. Did the creators forget about episode 29? (Oh wait, never mind. They did.)
  • Kim Possible:
    • From day one there's all manner of Ship Tease going on between Kim and Ron. Certain exchanges ("If she saw us coming out of a date movie together, she might, you know..." "You. And me. On a date?" "Not that we, y'know, would or anything...") and certain scenes (the parody of the famous upside-down kiss) littered various episodes, and "Emotion Sickness" was one big tease from start to finish, while simultaneously teasing Drakken and Shego. The first episode has Ron declare "And contrary to popular belief, I am not dating Kim Possible" in what could be the quickest series-start-to-ship-tease since Mulder and Scully. All of which inevitably lead to their Relationship Upgrade at the end of season three.
    • "Homecoming Upset" had its fair share of Ron/Bonnie teases.
    • Drakken and Shego also get this in episodes like "Graduation" and "Emotion Sickness".
  • Even The Magic School Bus, which was primarily an Edutainment Show and aimed at little kids, managed to sneak in some hints between most of the kids. The most consistently teased pairings were the three cases of Opposites Attract: Ralphie/Keesha, Carlos/Dorothy Ann, and Arnold/Wanda. Arnold was a veritable Chick Magnet; he was also teased with Phoebe ("The Busasaurus") and Dorothy Ann ("Cracks a Yolk"), and a girl in another class named Tiffany ("Wet All Over"). One episode teased him with both Phoebe and Wanda at once ("Goes Cellular").
  • The Marvel Rising franchise teases Miss Marvel/Inferno and Squirrel Girl/Patriot. For the former, its due to Miss Marvel showing complete trust in him from the beginning while he helps her be more open with who she is as a hero, even blushing. As for the latter, it's essentially an "opposites attract" vibe where she's more fun loving while he's more serious, yet still have fierce loyalty.
  • Milo Murphy's Law:
    • The eponymous Milo is revealed to have a not-so-secret crush on Amanda in "Smooth Opera-tor". The two get ship teased again in "School Dance", in which Amanda is shown that Milo can fix her carefully orchestrated school dance in spite of Murphy's Law. Amanda fully reciprocates his feelings during "Cake 'Splosion", in which she realizes Milo is prepared for any mishap with his carefully packed backpack, urging him to stick with her during the final round of Cake 'Splosion even hug-tackling him when they won. Afterwards, Amanda has Milo's cheek twice; in "Managing Murphy's Law" and "Ride Along Little Doggie", has shown jealousy to another girl in "Spy Little Sister", and hangs out with Milo and friends more often.
    • The show will sometimes tease Melissa and Zack as well. When the show crossed over with Phineas and Ferb, Buford and Baljeet are convinced the two of them are a couple. The Season 2 finale "Sphere and Loathing in Outer Space" not only has Melissa and Zack share a moment in which Melissa is impressed by Zack's declaration of not being afraid anymore (complete with Perry being a Shipper on Deck), but Melissa kisses Zack on the cheek as well by the end of the adventure.
  • Miraculous Ladybug might as well be the one to top them all. The main premise of two superheroes who are in love with each others' alter egos is a breeding ground for this.
  • Despite their relationship being explicitly platonic, My Life as a Teenage Robot threw in some teasing for Brad and Jenny from time to time.
  • Phineas and Ferb:
    • Phineas/Isabella gets teased a lot. Isabella spends the whole episode "Out to Launch" trying to ask Phineas to a dance... only to have him misunderstand her and invite Ferb along as a third wheel. In "That Sinking Feeling" Phineas and Ferb attempt to help Baljeet impress a girl, and Phineas later invites Isabella along, but not in the way you'd think. In "One Good Scare Ought to Do It", Phineas not only spends the whole episode trying to help her, but holds her hand practically through the entire song. Many smaller examples also exist.
      • Isabella spends the whole of "The Chronicles of Meap" trying to get registered by Phineas's "Cute Tracker", to no effect. Then Phineas explains he already took her cuteness into account and set the device to ignore her from the start. When he resets it to stop ignoring her, it immediately shorts out.
      • In The Movie, Phineas seems rather pleased when Isabella kisses him, and makes like he's going to do/say something else, but never gets the chance.
      • "Phineas and Ferb's Quantumn Boogaloo" almost confirms the ship, while at the same time opening a new can of worms. While 20 years in the future Isabella is ecstatic to hear Candace's kids comment she looks like their Aunt Isabella, proving she must marry Phineas. Then past!Candace points out she could also marry Ferb and still be their aunt, prompting a look of shock from Isabella - and a point and a wink from the usually-stoic Ferb.
      • "Act Your Age" finally ends the teasing and has them get together after high school.
    • The episode "Vanessessary Roughness" does this for Ferb/Vanessa, especially given the cheek-kiss at the end.
    • The hour-long special "Summer Belongs To You" teased two of the three most prominent pairings in the show: Phineas/Isabella and Ferb/Vanessa (and Buford/Baljeet, of all things). It didn't tease Candace/Jeremy however, considering they became an Official Couple at the end of the special.
    • Baljeet and Ginger get a little in "Bee Day" and "Bee Story". It's the first time we see them actually interact. Baljeet tells Phineas to wait a little while he talks with Ginger. And Ginger actually listed to what Baljeet was talking about where he said earlier most people either leave or fall asleep by that point.
  • The Powerpuff Girls has the Foe Yay variety of this at times between Him and Bubbles, Mojo Jojo and Blossom, Buttercup and Him, and Buttercup and Ace.
  • Ready Jet Go! has this in spades:
    • There's tons of Jet/Sydney shipping. In the chore episode, Sydney wraps her arm around Jet and looks into his eyes. In the same episode, she also calls him "a great man". They also danced together in "How Come the Moon Changes Shape?". Also, in "Tour of the Solar System", Sydney asks why she was chosen to be Venus, and Jet says that Venus "is the brightest planet in the sky." They even nearly kissed during the Just Add Water song in Back to Bortron 7, you can tell they were going to because they closed their eyes and pursed their lips, but Celery interrupted them.
    • Sunspot/Moonbeam. In "A Visit from Uncle Zucchini", Sunspot was very excited for Moonbeam to come over. At the end of the episode, they play music together, and Mindy comments that they make beautiful music together. In "Back to Bortron 7", Sunspot and Moonbeam dance together. Sunspot later winks at her, causing her to faint.
    • Mitchell/Mindy: Mindy is heavily implied to have a crush on Mitchell, acting like a Stalker with a Crush towards him in some episodes, much to his annoyance. She even wraps her arm around his arm in "That's One Gigantic Pumpkin, Jet Propulsion!", and hugs him in "Sean's Robotic Arm". In "Detective Mindy", Mitchell lets Mindy be a detective with him, and they bond after solving the case of the missing sunglasses. At the end of the episode, Mitchell gets down on one knee to propose that this is the beginning of a beautiful friendship for him and Mindy.
      • At the end of One Small Step, Mitchell rescues the kids from drowning in the lake with his rowboat. The kids head off to have the slumber party in Jet's backyard. Mindy goes back and invites Mitchell to sleep over as well. Mitchell has a huge smile on his face, stammers a bit, and says he's in. Mitchell and Mindy escort Jet 2 to the backyard together. At the backyard, while the older kids, Jet 2, and Carrot and Celery are sitting around the campfire, Mitchell and Mindy are off to the side playing mini-golf, just the two of them. They also sing together.
    • Jet 2/Boop: In "Try and Try Again", Jet 2 goes to live on Mars, where Boop the Rover is located. "Mars Rock for Mom" heavily implies that they were in love with each other during Jet 2's time on Mars. They play checkers together and form a heart with their tire tracks. Jet 2 is very sad when he has to leave Mars, because he'll be separated from Boop. When he leaves, Boop gets memories of when they formed the heart in her lenses.
  • Scooby-Doo is infamous for possibly the longest ever (still ongoing!!) never-resolved Will They or Won't They? between Fred and Daphne (if you're not counting the live action movies). In Scooby-Doo! Mystery Incorporated Fred proposes to Daphne, and while that didn't work out Episode 51 had Fred come right out and say he loves Daphne followed by The Big Damn Kiss. However, after the jump to a different timeline, it's unclear if Fred's intentions were still valid at that point.
  • South Park:
    • Stan and Wendy are an Official Couple, but he does have some Ship Tease with his best friend, Kyle. Kyle, in the meantime, has some pretty thick Foe Yay interpreted subtext with Cartman, who has in turn been teased with Wendy before.
    • In Cartman Finds Love, Cartman obsessively ships Token/Nichole since they're both black- and when he hears that Nichole likes Kyle, he tells her that he and Kyle are in a relationship in order to get him out of the way. She then procedes to get together with Token. Kyle in the mean time learns about Cartman's rumor in regards to the two of them and demands he tell the truth- but Cartman convinces him to keep quiet so he won't ruin Nichole's happy relationship. Nichole, however, dumps Token when she fears they're only dating because they're both black. Once Cartman learns Kyle is taking Nichole to a basketball game, he follows them, gets on the megatron, proclaims his "love" for Kyle (complete with singing him a ballad and calling him "babe") and humiliates him in front of thousands. Kyle, who was an unwilling participant in Cartman's plan since he did really like Nichole, storms out angrily.
  • Spongebob Squarepants: The promos for the 10th anniversary special "Truth Or Square" all focused on a scene where Spongebob and Sandy get married. In the actual episode it turns out it's all part of a play. Fan reaction has not been too hostile (albeit it was disappointing for some), which is good because it would look really foolish considering it wasn't a Ship Sinking.
  • Star Wars Rebels: Kanan and Hera have enough moments to fill a book, acting Like an Old Married Couple, referring to the younger crew members as "the kids," and having a few almost kisses, to the point of even being each other's Implied Love Interest. Season 4 sees them confirmed canon.
  • Super Little Fanta Heroes features some between Quasimodo and Hua Mulan.
  • Teen Titans had Robin and Starfire Ship Tease in spades...and that's not even getting into the Psychic Link between Robin and Raven. Or the constant conflict between Raven and Beast Boy. Or Terra/Beast Boy. Beast Boy and Raven are teased in the Teen Titans Go! comics, based off the animated series.
  • Teen Titans Go! continually teases the Beast Boy and Raven pairing even further than its original cartoon, featuring many shorts dedicated to them.
  • Lots of this in Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (2012). Donnie has a crush on April, which was mostly played for comic relief in the first couple of seasons, though the teasing became more serious after this scene. The writers also include some ship tease for Casey and April, too. On top of that, Leonardo has a variance of Dating Catwoman with Karai. They seek each other out for fun, they both care about the other's well being despite technically being enemies, and their battles absolutely reek of sexual tension.
  • The Owl House had plenty of Ship Tease with Amity and Luz, which fans officially called this ship Lumity. Now keep in mind, The Owl House is a Disney show and Luz and Amity are the first main Disney LGBTQ characters (According to Word of God, Luz is bisexual, while Amity is a lesbian; so yes, Luz is Disney's first bisexual main character and Amity is also Disney's first lesbian character).
  • In Thunder Cats, Cheetara is teased with both Lion-O (they spend an episode psychically linked, he's been shoved into her, and she has a throwaway line in the pilot about how handsome he'd become) and Tygra, who she eventually gets together with in the tie-in comics.
  • The writers of Thunder Cats 2011 decided to take the original concept above and run with it, making Tygra Lion-O's adoptive older brother, giving them a longstanding, deep-seated Sibling Rivalry and a shared attraction to Cheetara.
    • In "Omens Part One", The Charmer Tygra openly flirted with Cheetara while she's clad in priestly vestments that leave only her eyes visible.
    • In "Song of the Petalars", Lion-O had a moment holding hands with Cheetara as she comforts him during a moment of grief... promptly killed by Snarf's glomping his face.
    • In "Journey to the Tower of Omens", Lion-O is a bit nervous over Cheetara's Hands-On Approach towards coaching him in the Sword of Omens' use, (which Wilykit notices, and merrily mocks with smooching noises) while Tygra later gapes over Cheetara's Super Speed, to which a smirking Panthro quips:
    Panthro: Close that mouth; you're drooling.
  • Babs and Buster Bunny (No relation) in Tiny Toon Adventures. Buster and Babs can't seem to decide whether they're just really good friends or a couple, and the writers had quite a bit of fun teasing us about it until the third season (when they finally started being overtly romantic).
  • Total Drama: Plenty of examples, but notable ones include...
    • During season 2 (Total Drama Action) the writers loved to tease Duncan with girls other than his canon love interest Courtney. Mostly this was with Gwen but he also ended up kissing Heather (as part of a challenge) and going on a 'date' with Lindsay (to deliberately infuriate Courtney). Then season three, the tease with Gwen became the truth.
    • Harold is frequently teased with Heather and Leshawna throughout Action (the latter of whom he briefly hooked up with in Island). But while his thing with Heather becomes an Aborted Arc about halfway through the season, he continues to be teased with Leshawna, with a few scenes in the third season (Total Drama World Tour) implying they got back together again during the Aftermaths.
    • Noah/Izzy seem to be just friends, but a lot of their interactions during World Tour come off as cutesy or romantic. They also happen to be a Fan-Preferred Couple.
    • Heather and Alejandro in World Tour is a confirmed example of this. They actually did have a Relationship Upgrade at the end of the fifth season (Total Drama All-Stars), although it's not clear if they've stayed together for good.
    • Most scenes with Courtney and Gwen in All-Stars can count as this, due to the heavy Les Yay vibes the two emit when interacting with each other following their reconciliation.
  • Transformers: Prime:
    • "Metal Attraction" deliberately plays with Bulkhead/Arcee, right down to Miko acting jealous (a tease in an of itself depending on you want to look at it).
    • The biggest amount of shipping seems to be between Arcee and Jack, if only because the writers seem to like teasing nearly every type of relationship the two of them could possibly have.
    • Arcee has been shipteased with almost every other Autobot. Shiptease moments include; Arcee/Cliffjumper in Out of the Past, Arcee/Optimus Prime in Scrapheap, Arcee/Wheeljack in Plus One, and Arcee/Bumblebee in Predacons Rising.
    • Knock Out and Breakdown were ship teased so hard, it often felt more like text than subtext. It was so blatant, the IDW comic writers made it canon, with it being outright stated that they're conjunx endura (married).
  • X-Men: Evolution:
    • Being the Official Couple, it's only natural that Scott and Jean had plenty of Ship Tease before their Relationship Upgrade in early season 3. Remy and Rogue also had their share of Ship Tease, likely as a reference to their relationship in the comics.
    • Despite them both getting love interests in season 2, Kurt and Kitty had a lot of Ship Tease throughout the show. There is some debate over whether the writers did this deliberately to please (or torture) the Kurt/Kitty shippers, if it's a case of Relationship Writing Fumble, or if Kurt and Kitty would have gotten together had there been a season five.
    • The New Mutants had a truckload of it. From Iceman making an ice ballerina spin for Jubilee, to everything Sunspot and Wolfsbane did in "Retreat", to how much time Cannonball and Magma spend together.
  • Young Justice: Between Robin/Artemis, although they end up sharing a The Big Damn Kiss with Wally and Zatanna respectively in the first season fanale, with Artemis and Wally becoming an Official Couple.


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