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    Enid and Elodie 
  • Enid and Elodie were rather close friends. Enid instantaneously flusters and blushes when encountering Elodie in the woods during one of her solo training sessions. Her charm necklace memento to Elodie can be interpreted as a deeper sign of affection.
  • When Enid gets accepted to P.O.I.N.T. Prep, Elodie is initially cold and competitive towards her, but they eventually make up, swinging high above a beautiful sunset while holding each other close at the end of "Bittersweet Rivals".
  • In "Final Exams", when Enid must rescue Rad and K.O. from Chip Damage, Elodie goes with her, saying she didn't want to lose her again. Massive amounts of blushing and holding each other tight ensue, along with some awesome Battle Couple -esque moments.
  • In "Chip's Damage", Elodie greets Enid by kissing both her cheeks.
    Enid and Red Action 
Note that Red Action and Enid's Ship Tease moments culminate in a Relationship Upgrade in the episode "Back In Red Action", which is all about their first date.
  • Character designer Matthieu Cousin drew an artwork of Enid and an early design of Red Action where Enid looks at Red in awe while blushing while they're in action.
  • In "You're Everybody's Sidekick", Enid gets noticeably flustered and blushes after K.O. asks why she follows Red Action on social media, and answers his question gushing about Red.
    K.O.: You know her?
    Enid: No. I mean, not really. I see her around and follow her online a bit, it's like, you know, whatever. (laughs nervously) She's just so wild sometimes.
  • In "K.O.'s Video Channel", when Rad and Enid discovers that K.O. uploaded a video of them dancing and messing up, they were both embarrassed, but Enid gets really upset when she discovered that Red Action is one of the people who saw the video and commented on it.
  • In an artwork of Enid's room, which drawn by storyboard artist Stevie Borbolla, on the mirror of Enid's dresser there are four photographs taped to it, and the photo on the top is Red Action.
  • Mira Ong Chua, one of the storyboard artists, posted a comic strip on twitter of Red (poorly) flirting with Enid.
  • In "Sibling Rivalry", when Raymond asks the Bodega team if they want their butts kicked:
    Rad: Ha! Kick my butt? Please! (shows his butt to Raymond) My two-pack is touting a 12-pack!
    Raymond: Impressive...
  • Rad and Raymond's dance battle from "Plaza Prom" is 100% ship tease. Some parts of their dance include them dancing as partners, and they press their faces together in a way that could make the viewer expect them to kiss.
  • In "Lets Watch the Boxmore Show" Rad calls Raymond a "handsome but pretentious snob".
  • In the episode "Project Ray Way", Raymond and Rad are basically fighting to see who's hotter, in a way that screams Foe Yay. Raymond sees [1]s when looking at Rad, and Rad blushes at Raymond during their fashion battle.
    • While Drupe is dressing Rad in his runway outfit, Rad stares at Raymond through a Crush Filter, and is visibly flustered.
     Brandon/A Real Magic Skeleton 
  • In "Plaza Prom", Brandon and A Real Magic Skeleton both lied about their prom dates and agree to dance together after they give their respective corsages to each other.
  • Towards the end of "T.K.O.", the two try to flee from one of T.K.O.'s energy waves. R.M.S. is caught in the blast and falls apart, which prompts a horrified Brandon to scream, "My skeleton!" and turns to reach for him before succumbing to the blast.
  • They end up having to share the wind ring in "The Power Is Yours!", leading to this.
  • The entirety of "RMS and Brandon's First Episode", from the fact that Brandon spends the entire episode pleading for RMS not to leave, to them saying how much they love spending time together, to RMS actually saying "I love you" to Brandon. In the end, Brandon saves RMS, RMS misses the job opportunity, Mad Sam comes along, and he makes the two of them hug. They happily comply.
     Lord Boxman/Professor Venomous 
  • There were several moments between Lord Boxman and Professor Venomous in "We're Captured". Boxman saw Venomous in bish-o-vision when he first walks in and is extremely flustered and eager to please him during their dinner date, and breaks down into Tears of Joy when Venomous says he wants to remain business partners. When Professor Venomous sees Boxman in the middle of an Unstoppable Rage fighting the Bodega employees, he takes a REAL hard look at Boxman, especially his suddenly muscular, gleaming body. He even sees him in the same bish-o-vision that Boxman saw him in earlier.
  • "Villains' Night Out" is basically Venomous and Boxman going to a party and ending with Venomous proposing to Boxman before the two fly into the sunset.
    • Despite Venomous being embarrassed and annoyed at Boxman's behavior throughout the party, he doesn't get mad or say anything bad about him. The ending reveals he actually respects Boxman's determination to fight against Gars' employees.
    • The scene where they form a Villain Team-Up looks like Venomous is proposing to Boxman. The device he offers to Boxman is similar to a box to hold an engagement ring.
  • In "Boxman Crashes," Boxman temporarily stays with Venomous at his house. Since the episode focuses on them, there's room for plenty of Ship Tease:
    • When Boxman begs Venomous to let him stay over, he says, "It's been so long since I've been in an evil lab! I guess I just wanna... scratch that itch, y'know?" Note that him saying "scratch that itch" is punctuated by him grabbing Venomous's chest, with Venomous reacting somewhat nervously.
    • Boxman also appears in varying states of undress in front of Venomous throughout the episode; first stripping to his underwear in one scene, and then later traipsing about in nothing more than a Modesty Towel. At no point does Venomous raise any objection to this (in fact, it's the only thing Boxman does that doesn't annoy him.)
    • After their failed attempt to attack the Plaza, Boxman and Venomous are seen lounging comfortably next to each other in a smoldering crater as an audibly satisfied Venomous admits that he "loved every moment of that," making it look like they just engaged in some Destructo-Nookie.
    • At the end of the episode, Venomous decides to buy Boxmore back from the Board of Villains, and he and Boxman become partners, but it's excessively clear that they're also partners in the romantic sense.
  • It's implied that Red Action and her former teammate Yellow Technique have a bit of a history. There's a photo of them together on Red's Social Media account which she captioned "remember the future times </3" (</3 being netspeak for a broken heart). She seems to have taken Red's desertion the hardest out of her teammates. After the meteor crashed, she was worried about Red when Enid started calling out for her and didn't check on her teammates. And then there's her Meaningful Look after Red decided to stay in 201X and leaves with Enid.
  • Genesis and Nanini, two girls in K.O.'s class at school, win the science fair with a "Power" of Love exhibit (using their clasped hands connected to a bean to power a lightbulb).
  • Combo Breaker might have a crush on K.O. He becomes K.O.'s sidekick, is deeply devoted to him, and fell apart when K.O. got angry at him.

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