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Steven and Connie

Steven and Connie are teased as the series progresses.
  • In "Alone Together", they dance together and Connie catches Steven as he falls, leading to them blushing with their faces inches apart. Then as they laugh and touch foreheads, they end up fusing for the first time.
  • In "Winter Forecast", there's a lot of Steven/Connie shipping, especially in the first few minutes and at the end.
  • In "Open Book", there's a lot of Steven/Connie moments. Cloud!Connie even switches to a wedding dress when she's trying to pressure Steven into admitting his feelings (about the book).
    I know you like her, and I know you want her to like you, too. That's why you can't tell her, but you want to tell her...
    I know what you really want! I know how you really feel!
    That's why you can't tell her the truth. But you want to! You want to tell her!
    Tell her, Steven!
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  • In "Love Letters", Connie and Steven trying to take a selfie at the beginning.
  • In "Steven's Birthday", Steven and Connie wonder how his apparent lack of aging will affect their relationship as they grow up, often sounding like they're particularly thinking of a future love life.
  • In "We Need to Talk", they spin and dance at the beginning, blushing, and end up fusing into Stevonnie.
  • In Steven Universe: The Movie, as Connie is preparing to leave for space camp, she blushes, then kisses Steven on the cheek and rushes off as he stands there blushing.
  • In "In Dreams", Steven has a dream about Camp Pining Hearts where Steven's self-insert Dream Sue kisses a girl, and she changes to Connie.
  • In "''Bismuth Casual":
    • Steven and Connie give each other loving looks while Steven's driving to the roller skating rink.
    • Steven's discussion with Bismuth reveals that they both want to talk about hanging out with Connie and Pearl respectively, and it reads like two people talking about their crushes -especially since it's all but confirmed that Bismuth has a crush on Pearl.
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    • When Steven tells Connie he's not having fun, he makes a very dramatic confession... About roller skating. It is implied that to Steven, this isn't about roller skating at all.
    • When a skate-off is announced, Steven and Connie fuse, and their first idea is to skate as Stevonnie. After unfusing, they spend the rest of the night holding hands.
    • Really, the entire situation looks like a double-date. Both Bismuth/Pearl and Steven/Connie went there to have fun, and both pairings had heavy teasing.


Sadie and Lars

Sadie and Lars get this often, despite their repeated claims to just be friends.
  • In "Bubble Buddies", while Steven and Connie watch Sadie and Lars argue, Steven claims they're crazy about each other.
  • In "Tiger Millionaire", Sadie looks adoringly at Lars when he's cheering for Tiger Millionaire.
  • In "Coach Steven", Steven asks Lars and Sadie to work out with him; Sadie so she can beat up Lars, and so Lars won't starve when Sadie divorces him.
  • In "Joking Victim", Sadie is visibly crushed when she sees not only did Lars lie about an injury to get off of work but is hanging out with Jenny of the cool kids. Especially when she talked to Steven earlier about standing in line for seven hours to get a video game for him then spending the entire night with him in his room and asking him later if that meant nothing to him.
  • In "Island Adventure", Lars kisses Sadie and she responds enthusiastically.
  • In "Horror Club":
    • Lars only decides to go to the club meeting when he finds out Sadie is going.
    • Sadie pushes Lars out of the way of a flying mug, putting her arms around his head, and they briefly glance at each awkwardly.
    • Ronaldo and Sadie start bonding when he says he was impressed with how she handled herself during the ghost attacks, and Lars is clearly upset about it.
      Sadie: (after hearing some noises) What was that?
      Lars: It was nothing! We're all just hearing things, seeing things and feeling things that aren't real!
    • It's hinted that Ronaldo has a bit of a crush on Sadie, which has Lars suddenly insisting that he was more worried about her, and ran to her rescue faster.
  • In "The New Crystal Gems", as Connie is looking around town for danger, she spots Lars and Sadie holding hands.

Lapis and Peridot

Lapis and Peridot share a number of close moments, with former writer and storyboarder Jessie Zuke even admitting to the intentional romantic subtext. To wit:
  • In "Log Date 7 15 2" while Peridot is watching Camp Pining Hearts, two (romantically involved) characters appear that bear a striking resemblance to Lapis and Peridot.
  • "Barn Mates":
    • Throughout the episode, Peridot is very invested in getting on Lapis' good side.
    • Peridot's imagined scenario at the beginning of the episode.
      Peridot: And then I'll say, "Hey, as one refugee to another, it isn't so bad that we can't go back to Homeworld, am I right? Why don't we watch the sun come up and figure out what we're going to do with all this time, eh Lazuli?" And then she'll say, "Yes Peridot, as impressed I was by you on the ship, I am even more impressed with your new compact look and capacity for friendship! I'm so glad we're going to live together!"
    • Peridot, despite having No Social Skills and the gift being Steven's idea, gives Lapis an apology card. She spent over an hour composing the message inside, and there is a happy crayon picture (drawn by Steven) of Lapis and Peridot together on the cover holding hands! During Valentines Day 2017 Cartoon Network's Twitter even included this scene in their "5 Ways to impress your Valentine" video as #3.
    • Some of Peridot's lines and their deliveries when she's presenting her gifts to Lapis can read as flirtatious.
      Peridot: See, the ribbon is even blue. [winking] I got yo' number!
    • Peridot is so desperate to make up with Lapis that she gives her the tape recorder Steven gave her, one of her most prized earthly possessions.
    • After Lapis saves Peridot and Steven from the Roaming Eye, she asks Peridot if she's okay. Peridot responds with a happy, Adorkable smile, to which Lapis responds by looking away with an embarrassed blush.
  • In "Too Short To Ride", Peridot gets an online ad to "find cute roommates in your area" and replies, "I'm all set, thanks." Lapis is her roommate, so she's indirectly calling her cute.
  • "Beta" shows that they're much closer after living in the barn with each other.
    • They've been bonding by watching "Camp Pining Hearts" together and making collaborative sculptures (or "meep morps").
    • Lapis even gets in on Peridot's musical performance and they look so happy playing together.
    • Peridot's also incredibly considerate of Lapis's feelings compared to how insensitive she used to be, being wary not to mention Jasper around her and checking to see if she was okay before leaving.
    • The whole scene where Peridot shouts up to Lapis about how she's leaving, if Lapis will be OK, if she wants anything brought back for her, and what season of "Camp Pining Hearts" she's watching is a dead-on recreation of a typical married couple scenario.
    • The sheer randomness of some of their redecorating implies that Peridot cheered Lapis up after her confrontation with Jasper by going nuts for a while with both their powers.
  • "Gem Harvest":
    • Peridot and Lapis have taken up farming, thinking that it'll be like Kindergartening Gems, and when Steven bursts their bubble, they act like empty nesters who want kids again, and are overjoyed when Steven creates a living dog-like pumpkin.
    • While Lapis and Peridot are much more relaxed and comfortable around the Crystal Gems and Greg come this episode, they're seen more spending time together than with anyone else. Between their shared fondness and efforts regarding Pumpkin, cracking jokes with one another, and even sitting side-by-side at the dinner table, there's no shortage of them bonding with one another.
    • Many references to Pumpkin being similar to a child are made in the episode. Most notably, at the end of the episode, Peridot and Lapis attempt to teach Pumpkin how to say "clod", in the same way two parents would try to get a baby speaking.
  • "Room for Ruby":
    • It seems like part of the reason Lapis dislikes Navy so much is how quickly she's getting close to Peridot. The two share a few more moments that resemble those of a couple.
    • In their first appearance in the episode, they've apparently been wishing on stars all night together. Now recall Garnet's explanation to Peridot that while you can stargaze alone, she doesn't want to... Their watching the sunrise also harks back to Peridot's suggestion in "Barn Mates". It is also suggested that Peridot has either been in the barn's hammock with Lapis, or was the comfort that Lapis needed to sleep soundly.
  • Lapis’s song “Distant Shore” has a lot of sustained shots of Peridot.
  • In Camp Pining Play, after Lapis and Peridot have their heart-to-heart at the end, they hug and Lapis calls Peridot her favorite friend, quoting a Percy/Pierre fanfic which used that declaration in a romantic context.


  • Amethyst and Peridot were teased in "Too Far". At one point, Peridot even winds up on top of Amethyst, and they share a Held Gaze.
  • Rose and Pearl have been implied since "Rose's Scabbard," and it became incredibly obvious in "We Need to Talk" that Pearl indeed had romantic feelings for her.
  • "Last One Out of Beach City" has Pearl meet a pink-haired Mystery Girl with a striking resemblance to Rose. The second that the girl comes in, Pearl drops her juice and gapes in a very Love at First Sight manner, and spends much of the episode lamenting that she failed to strike up a conversation with her. Amethyst and Steven urge Pearl to go talk to her after they notice the attention she gives her, to which Pearl is incredibly nervous, convince her to make a flirtatious face during a traffic light. Pearl finds her at the concert at the end of the episode and the two of them finally talk, though we don't hear it. Steven and Amethyst ask her how it went, and at first it seems like it went rocky...until she reveals that she got the girl's number. Amethyst has this to say when Mystery Girl gives Pearl her number, which can't really be interpreted any other way.
    Amethyst: Pearl! You just gave her some Shakespearean spiel about light, then got her number like it was nothing?! Pearl, you're a total rockstar!
    • And at the end of the episode, Amethyst is credited as "Ultimate Wingman".
    • A later episode shows that Pearl actually has lots of phone numbers. (She didn't actually have a phone until late in Season 5.)
  • During Garnet's wedding reception in "Reunited", Jamie gazes wistfully at Garnet, and Bill Dewey looks similarly disappointed at Nanefua dancing with her agents. They sit at a table while everyone dances and lock eyes. In the next scene, the two are sadly doing the tango together.


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