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This show might as well be Ship Tease: The Animated Series.

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    Star & Marco 
The fans of the series have been divided by "Starco" since the first episode of the series, and the teasing has only been growing ever since.
  • Daron Nefcy went full Teasing Creator and engaged in this cosplay, with herself as Star and her husband as Marco.invoked
  • Word of God states that Marco is somewhat based on her husband.
    Star and Marco need to be real kids – and a lot of Star is based off of me! Then there’s a little bit of my husband in Marco...
  • "Starco" got a little more support in the episode "Mewberty", when the eponymous condition makes Star go boy-crazy, and she comes to the realization "Marco's a boy..."
  • It got even more support in "Blood Moon Ball":
    • Marco and Star waltz beneath the light of the eponymous Blood Moon, which is supposed to bind the destinies of two souls together for life. Not to mention that a mysterious voice called it "the moon of lovers."
    • Star is initially swooning over the dashing masked stranger dancing with her, before she recognizes him as Marco.
    • Marco is wowed by the sight of Star dressed up for the ball.
  • The show apparently lives and breathes on this trope, as fans have noted Star and Marco are awfully comfortable touching each other in season 2, and hug about once an episode.
  • In "My New Wand!", Marco gets locked in Star's closet with her malfunctioning magic wand, and stumbles upon an entry in her diary on "My Thoughts on Marco". Before he can read the whole thing, the incident inspires Star to finally "dip down" and magically unlock the closet without use of her wand. While freeze-framing to see the text shows half a page with absolutely nothing that Star should feel any pressing need to prevent Marco from reading, that makes it even more of a tease since there's obviously something further down and/or on the next page that she really didn't want him to see.
  • Zig-zagged in "Mr. Candle Cares". Star tells the eponymous guidance counselor that Marco is just a friend, and Mr. Candle reports to Tom that "Starco is completely platonic". At the end, however, when Star and Marco hug, one of Tom's demon minions quips "Point: Marco."
  • The first full preview for Season 2 showed the scene where Marco, to mess with Mr. Candle, declares that he and Star have become "smooch buddies... on the lips."
  • In "Star on Wheels", when Marco tries to give Star her wand back to stop the bike she's riding as he rides an invisible goat, she calls him her hero, and they hold hands as she tells him his trusting her is all she needs. Contrast this with how, back in "Blood Moon Ball", after the eponymous event, Star told Marco she doesn't need a hero and was mad at him for not trusting her. After she stops the bike, they share a hug.
  • In "Star vs. Echo Creek", Marco was apparently the one putting up the "Missing" posters with Star's face on them after she runs away, and he's waiting at the police station for her when she finally turns herself in.
  • In "Wand to Wand", Star is finally able to use her wand properly again in order to protect Marco.
  • In "Camping Trip", Star and Marco are looking forward to spending some time by themselves on a camping trip. They're also apparently close enough that Star's dad assumes Marco is her boyfriend. However, the same episode also has Marco stating that he is NOT Star's boyfriend... which some fans STILL interpret as Ship Tease.
  • "Starsitting" is full of this, from Marco pulling Star's face close to his to the two falling asleep on top of each other at the end. Not to mention the basic premise of the episode being that Star and Marco act as temporary "parents" to Buff Frog's babies.
  • "Game of Flags" has Star bring Marco to her family reunion, and in the titular game (a competition between her mother's family and her father's) she decides that she and Marco will compete separately from both groups as if they were a third family in the game. While it surely didn't occur to Star, that would only make sense if Marco were her husband.
  • "Sleepover" pretty much tops everything before it, teasing at least two ships in one episode. A magical game of "Truth or Punishment" forces Marco to confess about his crush on Jackie. Not only is she okay with this revelation, but she seems to be reevaluating how she feels about Marco as well. The game then accuses Star of lying when she claims that her crush is Oskar Greason. While Star manages to talk her way out of telling the whole truth, the episode ends with Star shouting out Marco's name in frustration when he tries to go back to bed, causing the busted game to briefly spring back to life and blurt out "TRUTH! Star Butterfly has a crush on—" before being crushed by the garbage truck.
  • "Gift of the Card" has Marco and Star sharing a final hug before the killer gift card catches up to them, with Marco saying that the hug will show whoever sees their charred skeletons that they were friends even in death. The imagery of Marco's line about people seeing their remains in each other's arms can call to mind two ancient skeletons in real life that were found embracing and came to be known as the Valdaro Lovers.
  • "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" has Marco go on a date with Jackie, while Star gets increasingly jealous. Now, a previous episode established that the wand using green magic means Star has a negative emotion... and this happens twice, both times after Star sees Marco and Jackie share a moment. A shocked Star seemingly realizing why she's feeling jealous, too. Later, Marco starts to kiss Jackie... then suddenly pulls away thinking of Star and sees a vision of the Blood Moon, triggered by his soul being bound to Star's.
    • Star and Marco were originally planning on going to the dance together as dance buddies before Jackie asked him to the dance.
    • Star sniffs Marco and agrees with Janna after Janna spanks Marco and remarks that his butt smells nice.
  • The "Star Takes Over" trailer for the second half of season 2 shows Star and Marco apparently nearing each other for a kiss during a concert (actually just getting very close while singing a duet). And the synopsis for the episodes implies that it's Jackie who feels like a Third Wheel with Marco and Star, despite the fact that Jackie is the one currently dating Marco.
  • This tweet from the Disney Channel official Twitter account about the new episodes coming in February 2017 announces that "#Starco is back with new episodes debuting throughout the month."
  • In the "#MarcoLIVE Animated Live Chat", when asked if he has feelings for Star, in the middle of taking about what a great friend she is Marco says, "she's pretty much the best girl a guy could ask for." Whether this was a planned example of ship tease or a spur of the moment ad-lib by Marco's voice actor (who's very openly a huge Starco shipper) is up in the air.
    • Shortly after this, a bunch of flying hearts cross the screen in front of Marco.
  • When Star finally sees Marco as an adult in "Running With Scissors", she initially doesn't recognize him but when he tells her who he is, Star instantly becomes Distracted by the Sexy and becomes one of the key figures in convincing Marco to return to Earth. Initially Marco wants to stay in the other dimension since he's come to enjoy his life of adventure, but being with Star is the deciding factor in his coming back. Also, when she first shows up, despite having become distant from his old life Marco instantly rushes over yelling, "STAR!" and pulls her into a hug.
    • Even before learning who he is, Star addresses Marco as "Beautiful Stranger" when they meet.
  • In the second #MarcoLIVE chat, Marco ends by wishing a happy Valentine's to Jackie and Star.
  • "The Bounce Lounge" can be seen as a meta-example on account of its airing date, meaning that Marco was dancing with Star on Valentine's Day. Not to mention the very affectionate hug she gave him before they danced.
  • During the episode "Just Friends", Star, Marco, and Jackie all go together to see a concert. The band plays a song 'Just Friends', and rather interestingly, Marco and Star both say it's their 'second favorite song', while Jackie says it's her 'favorite song'. And Marco and Star mime most of the song to each other with their faces getting incredibly close at certain points, all while holding hands, with Star only being left out at the end when Marco turns to his other side to kiss Jackie. When Star leaves her seat upon realizing she's Alone Among the Couples, Marco quickly notices her absence and even takes a break from making out with Jackie to check if she's feeling alright. After reassuring Marco she's "okay", even though she's heartbroken over Marco being with Jackie, Marco gives her a big hug and calls her the best friend a guy could have. Star leaves the concert and destroys a billboard with green magic.
    • The lyrics of 'Just Friends' can be used to describe Star and Marco's relationship with uncanny accuracy.
    • At the beginning of the episode, Star and Marco are brushing their teeth together with a matching pair of singing toothbrushes while miming the 'Just Friends' song. Star also says that Love Sentence is their thing.
    • Jackie joining Star and Marco was actually a surprise that Marco didn't know Star had arranged, meaning he was planning on going to the concert just with Star, which could be construed as a date.
  • "Face The Music":
    • Star's crush on Marco is revealed during a song, complete with a projected image making them look like a couple and a spotlight shining onto the two of them, which Star and Marco both desperately try to avoid. Also, Marco is viewing the concert with the royal family, with 4 thrones for him, Star, and the King and Queen. He's also wearing a white military uniform-style outfit matching Star's dress, all of it making them look like a royal couple. In fact, the outfits look rather similar to that of Cinderella and Prince Charming.
    • The ten second hug that Star and Marco shared is heavily implied to be the reason Ruberiot figured out Star's feelings and sang about how obvious her love for Marco is.
    • When Star and Marco show up dressed in their royal outfits, Star mentions having a wardrobe malfunction, implying that Marco might have seen something private when they were getting dressed.
  • It all comes to its head in "Starcrushed", where both Star and Marco become awkward with each other and finally they decide to not speak of Song Day. However when Moon arrives telling Star that she needs to return to Mewni because Toffee has returned. As a final goodbye to Marco, Star announces that she does have a crush on him and that she has spent the entire time suppressing her feelings because she thought that they would go away and she didn't want to lose their friendship.
  • The "FanCo13 LIVE" chat held after "Starcrushed" aired had Marco dodging the question about how he feels regarding Star's Anguished Declaration of Love for him, but he does admit that he's definitely glad she told him, though this is up to a lot of interpretation. He also says that he doesn't know how to reply Star about her Anguished Declaration of Love for him yet.
  • The Battle for Mewni
    • Despite leaving, Star has one of Marco's red hoodies wrapped over her as a memento of him. She also smells it. She's also visibly upset when Moon rips it.
    • After Star's departure, Marco is in utter despair and sorrow. Star is actually spying on him from Mewni with her magic and calls him a cute idiot when he can't find her favorite cereal.
    • When Marco is depressed about Star's departure, he turns on the radio listening to a Spanish love song.note 
    • While setting up camp, Star lights up a campfire without magic and when Moon asks how she learned to do that, Star says that she learned a lot of things from Marco and that's all she has.
    • Marco goes to Mewni with the excuse of bringing Star her favorite cereal.
    • After Marco frees Star from her imprisonment, she hugs him. His only objection is that the horns from her headband are poking his face, but she just tells him to take them off and he hugs her back after doing so.
    • When Marco teams up with Ruberiot and the other entertainers, he wears a beret. Star tells Marco that he's never looked cuter than when he wears it, which, considering that their last conversation before she left had her confessing her love to him, is basically Star openly flirting with Marco. Marco responds by smiling and looking up at his beret. Marco also gets upset when one of the rat guards takes it away after hearing this from Star, despite hating everything else about having to work with the entertainers.
    • After Toffee seemingly kills Star, Marco with tears in his eyes punches a hole through Toffee's chest. Toffee still reforms and easily overpowers Marco, but it's the thought that counts.
  • The "#StarLIVE w/Star & Marco!!!" livechat had Marco agree with a viewer who said Star was beautiful, Star saying that Marco has a "cute tush", and Marco saying, "Who wouldn't have a crush on you? Just look at you, you're so... adorable and fun and magical..." to Star. Along with a reference to the two of them retiring together, and hearts floating across the screen when they sang a song together (even though the song had nothing to do with romance).
  • The plot of "Scent of a Hoodie" revolves around Star keeping Marco's hoodie as a Tragic Keepsake of him after he leaves Mewni and her stubborn refusal to let it get washed lest she lose Marco's scent.
    • Star and Marco have a very touching goodbye hug before he leaves, with her pulling him back to get a longer goodbye. It's clear that neither of them want to be apart again. When he and Star are awkwardly trying to step around each other, Moon and River exchange a smile implying that they are Shipper on Deck.
    • It's very telling that when Marco gets his hoodie back and he realizes that it smells like Star, his immediate first reaction is to sniff harder.
  • At the end of "Lint Catcher", Star appoints Marco as her "royal squire" (a position that she just made up) as an excuse for them to be able to hang out together and to have fun adventures like they did when she lived on Earth. The ship tease comes from the Knighting oath she had Marco swear, which sounds a lot more like wedding vows than the oath of a squire to his knight. It even concludes with "as long as we both shall live", and Marco responds with "I do."
    • Even Star's Out-of-Character Moment of caring about her royal duties or politeness only makes her feelings towards Marco more blatant that Eclipsa can sense it.
  • In "Trial by Squire" Higgs mistakes Marco as Star's boyfriend, for obvious reasons.
  • In "Lava Lake Beach", Marco finally realizing he's in love with Star in a scenario that directly mirrors Star's situation in "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown" and "Just Friends".
  • At the end of "Deep Dive", Star pulls Marco into a hug, and he responds with a Luminescent Blush. Janna then tells them to "get a portal". And earlier in the episode he says he can tell his soul is bound to Star's, even though as far as we know he never actually learned that the Blood Moon does this.
  • This scene in "Monster Bash" where Marco holds Star's hand and she holds his hand back in a blink it, you'll miss it moment.
    • In the same episode, Marco gets disgusted and jealous when Tom is offering Star to cuddle with him somewhere private.
    • At the start of the party, Marco has his hand supportively on Star's shoulder as she's gesturing to the crowd, then she reaches up and holds his hand, a low-key but quite "couple-y" gesture.
  • In "Stump Day", Marco actually gets into a fight with Tom, accusing him of not deserving to be her boyfriend. Pony Head specifically refers to it as the two of them fighting over Star (and for once she's right). And when she thinks the Stump is about to kill everyone, it's Marco's hand that Star holds.
    • After Star tells her parents she loves them, she looks directly at Marco and says "I love...", then she hesitates for a brief moment, before saying "...All of you!"
  • In "Is Another Mystery", Tom is getting jealous and insecure about how close Star is to Marco, and is clearly afraid that she still loves him.
  • In "Marco Jr.", When Marco has to retake the questionnaire to restore his body, Star does the quiz for him after his parents get confused on the question. When Star gets every question right and Marco is restored, Star immediately hugs him and calls him "beautiful".
  • In "Booth Buddies", when Star and Marco are trapped inside a photo booth, Marco confesses his feelings to her and they kiss. After the kiss however both Star and Marco are shocked and conflicted by what they just did, Star is confused because she's in a relationship with Tom and saw the kiss as adulterous and thought she no longer had feelings for Marco, whereas Marco is ashamed because he only confessed his feelings and kissed her because he believed they were magically trapped in the booth. In reality the mechanic trapped them in the booth because he believed they had a mutual crush and needed to kiss. Marco was ashamed of how avoidable the kiss actually was. Star, on the other hand was near-paralyzed and emotionless.
  • In "Divide", after Marco shows off some impressive combat moves, Star pulls up his shirt to see if his abs from "Running With Scissors" are back (they're not).
    • Marco and Star share a very supportive hug after their training, and are visibly blushing when one of the royal cooks barges in and witnesses their affectionate moments, rapidly switching to an awkward handshake between friends. The fact that they found the hug to be something to be embarrassed about being seen doing is telling. They've hugged like this in public many times before, yet they act as if they'd been caught doing more than just a hug. That's because emotionally it is more than just a hug; it was their first on-screen hug since becoming mutually aware of their feelings for each other and no longer trying to bury them.
  • "Conquer":
    • Star is devastated when she finds Marco with his soul drained out of him. It's worth mentioning that she was really happy to hear about his return from the battle against Meteora (before finding out the truth) and that she actually sounded disappointed when her actual boyfriend Tom showed up instead.
      • Star can't keep her eyes off of Marco's lifeless body, even while Meteora is rampaging through Mewni. In fact, she prioritizes healing Marco over defending her kingdom.
    • Meteora outright refers to Marco as Star's "other boyfriend".
    • After Meteora's defeat, Star does a Diving Save to keep the falling Marco from hitting the floor, then proceeds to tightly hug him, with tears in her eyes, no less.
      Star: I got you, Marco Diaz!
  • The season 4 promo video includes things like new animation of Star and Marco dancing at the Blood Moon Ball, Star staring lustfully at adult Marco's abs, and a final scene that looks rather like a candlelit dinner (or perhaps breakfast, since they're eating Captain Blanche's Sugar Seeds).
  • "Butterfly Follies": Star jumps out of a window to retrieve the "Beach Day" photo of her and Marco that was first seen "Starcrushed", and it's revealed why it's so important to her. It's not merely the show teasing a "Beach Episode" scenario that happened offscreen, it's a photo from the future that Father Time gave Star, and she treasures it because it shows that Star and Marco will have moments of pure joy again in the future, no matter how awkward things have gotten in the present.
  • In "Ransomgram", Star wants to go to Hekapoo's dimension to see Marco's hot bod again. At the end, she even says he's never been hotter.
  • Despite the episode ending on a rather bitter note due to the two losing their memories of the moment, Star and Marco's re-enactment of their dance under the Blood Moon is very romantic. Star rejects being controlled by a curse but she enjoys dancing with Marco and grabs his hand more tightly. And the dance ends right as a tear forms in Star's eye and she asks aloud, "What if it was never the Blood Moon?". Given the curse chooses that exact moment to break, it heavily implies that the Blood Moon did little more than give them a gentle nudge, which is also backed up by Tom's great-grandfather deeply regretting having his and his wife's souls severed from each other and losing their memory of when they first fell in love.
    • The episode begins with them eating cereal together at midnight making it look a lot like they're on a date. They even tell each other not to wake the baby (Meteora, not theirs obviously).
  • In "The Knight Shift", Star gives Marco a handmade "knight cape" with scenes of some of the things they've done together to celebrate his promotion. While Marco opts not to become a knight because he wants to eventually go back to Earth, the episode ends with a heartfelt conversation on the roof of the Monster Temple in which Marco promises Star that they'll still go on adventures together regardless of where he lives (unlike the last time he left Mewni for Earth). He also made his own handmade cape for Star with other scenes of things they've done together (plus the Beach Day image that hasn't happened yet). When she puts on the cape and sits next Marco, the symbols on their capes combine to form a heart shape, as do their shadows.
  • In "Doop Doop", Star briefly attempts to hold Marco's hands after they reunite on Earth.
  • In "Britta's Tacos", pretty much everybody mistakes Star and Marco for a couple. Most of their friends from Earth mistake Marco's new sister Mariposa for their daughter, and Jackie tells Marco that Star is a special girl and that he should make it work with her.
  • In "Beach Day", they again get mistaken for a couple by the lady who takes the beach day photo.
  • In "Gone Baby Gone", Star refers to Marco's adult form as "Hot Marco".
  • In "Sad Teen Hotline", Tom breaks up with Star in part because he realized he'll never be her best friend because Marco already is, and in "Jannanigans" he encourages Marco to be with Star, saying he knows they have a deeper connection than the now-broken Blood Moon curse.
  • In "Mama Star", before the Realm of Magic causes Star and Marco to completely lose their memories, Marco tells her "I love you, Star." A wide-eyed Star looks very happy after this confession. And after the full effect of the amnesia kicks in and they "adopt" a baby unicorn, Marco says that he wants to start a family and have a thousand babies with Star.
  • In "Here to Help", Star pulls Marco aside to talk in private about his confession (turns out she remembers the whole thing), and Marco admits he meant every word of it, and that breaking the Blood Moon curse did nothing to change his feelings for her. When Marco assumes that Star doesn't feel the same way, she shuts him up with a kiss and says she loves him too.
  • In the series finale "Cleaved", when Star and Marco are about to reenter the Realm of Magic, Marco has to do one more thing before he's ready: hold Star's hand. Eclipsa immediately understands from this that they're now a couple. And after Star's plan to destroy magic succeeds, they both abandon the idea of returning to their own worlds in order to be together no matter what. They stay in the Realm of Magic hugging until the moment it collapses, with their cheek marks glowing in what's apparently the last ever magic spell. After waking up again in their own separate worlds, Star and Marco discover that there's one last portal and they both race toward it hopes of being reunited. Marco falls down just before getting to the portal and it explodes, only for him realize that Star is right in front of them. Their final spell merged Earth and Mewni into a single world so that they could be together.

    Marco & Jackie 
Marco has a crush on Jackie, and makes some progress with her through the series.
  • In "Freeze Day", they exchange hellos for the first time.
  • In "Interdimensional Field Trip", he sits next to her on the bus and manages to strike up a conversation.
  • In "Sleepover", he is forced to reveal his crush, and wonders aloud about the nature of his feelings, saying that he feels Jackie deserves someone who would get to know her. She appears touched by his words, and later admits she no longer knows who she's crushing on (having answered "cute nice guy from skate camp" earlier). Come morning, she smiles at Marco and says she'll see him at school before skating off into the sunrise.
  • In "Naysaya", Marco is plagued by the titular curse, which blurts out his insecurities when he tries to ask out Jackie. He ends up revealing it to Jackie and telling her all his insecurities himself. After, he asks her to the movies, and she accepts. In the final scene at the theatre, she clings to his arm as a horror scene comes on.
  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", they go to the school dance together and end up ditching it to go on a date. She wipes an ink smudge off his cheek, reassures him about his insecurities, and teaches him to skateboard, holding his arms up in a Titanic-like pose and invoking his trust. After recovering from their crash, they realize they're holding hands and end up sharing a kiss.
  • In "Just Friends", Marco and Jackie still show some feelings for each other on their way to the concert while Marco is still insecure about looking good for her in comparison to Star. Then at the concert, Marco and Jackie share their kiss along with every other couple attending. While Marco tries to not make Star feel left out, Star tells him to get back with Jackie, even referring to her as his girlfriend. Marco hugs Star happily and goes back to be with Jackie to enjoy the rest of the concert.
  • "Starcrushed":
    • Jackie seems very happy in her relationship with Marco and seems to put 100% into making him feel calm and appreciated, while also demonstrating a previously unseen goofy side of herself that shows she can open up to Marco. Thanks to her, Marco manages to briefly forget about his strained friendship with Star and when his dad asks him about his "partner in crime" he thinks that Rafael is talking about Jackie, not Star.
    • Jackie tells Marco to try reading her mind, alluding to the idea of being Mindlink Mates. While he incorrectly guesses that she wanted him to kiss her, she gives him a kiss on the cheek anyway.
    • The normally relaxed Jackie also goes into a Heroic BSoD with a shocked and distraught expression when Star confesses her love to Marco and Marco runs after her.
  • They go on the ultimate date before breaking up on good terms in "Sophomore Slump".

    Marco & Janna 
Janna often acts flirtatiously toward Marco.
  • In "Mewberty", she gets close to pickpocket him while suggesting that they "make some magic" with the spellbook.
  • In "Interdimensional Field Trip", she pulls a prank on him with fake vampire teeth, then tells him they're not real, "unless you want them to be."
  • "Sleepover"
    • When Marco stands up and runs away to avoid playing "Truth or Punishment" and risk revealing his secrets, looking closely at the expression on Janna's face as he leaves shows her to be rather sad about Marco not wanting to play.
    • When Janna says to Marco, “come play with us,” she giggles and her voice noticeably rises in pitch when she says the line, something has been noted to occur when one is speaking to a person they have a crush on.
    • Janna suggestively says, "I think we all know who I have a crush on, don't we, Marco?" before answering "Eighteenth Century poet John Keats."
      • On a more subtle note, the episode's moral is all about how feelings change and people often don't know what they feel. With this in mind, plus The Reveal at the end of the episode that Star unknowingly lied about her crush and actually has a crush on Marco, it's not much of a stretch to think that Janna might also have complicated feelings for Marco despite thinking she has a crush on John Keats.
  • "Gift of the Card" reveals that she has all his personal information, and the episode begins and ends with her and Star raiding his wallet.
  • "Naysaya":
    • She has a secret compartment for some personal items in the back of Marco's locker, and after he asks out Jackie, tells him, "You know who to call when you get divorced, Marco."
    • When Star is trying to comfort Marco about his embarrassing screwup in front of Jackie, Janna sits down with them and suggests he “give up on dating forever,” as if wanting to distance him from Jackie.
    • Janna has a Nightmare Fetishist reaction to Marco writhing in pain as the Naysaya grows out of his neck. Then she shakes Marco's hand to greet "Marco Jr."
  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", she slaps his butt after he gets cologne on it and comments that it smells nice. She also tells Jackie to, "smell his butt; you'll thank me later."
  • In the Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension book, Marco acknowledges Janna's teasing behavior as her flirting with him, she says at one point that she's "too fierce" for Marco to date quite yet. Janna also writes a message to Star saying that they'll see each other in Marco's closet when he's asleep.
    • Apparently, Janna commenting about Marco calling her after his divorce like she did in "Naysaya" is a regular occurrence.
    • When Marco mentions Janna flirting with him and commenting on him calling her after his divorce, Star claims that he's just jealous of Janna's "real crush", John Keats.
  • Janna allowing Marco's experience from "The Battle For Mewni" to win a Role Playing Game in "Sophomore Slump".
  • A rare instance of Janco Ship Tease on Marco's side in "Deep Dive" when Janna and Marco are alone together watching Star through the mirror, and he tries to strike up a conversation with her.
    • In the same episode, Marco gets tickled by Janna when she blows his hair.
  • In "Stump Day" When the Stump touches Janna's shoulder, she assumed it was Marco and said "Marco, if you wanna give me a back rub, just ask" only for her to see Marco right in front of her, horrified by her comment and the stump's appearance.
  • In "Out Of Business" Janna creates two baby Marcos with wheels for hands. Then she creates Ocram (an "evil" clone of Marco with the mole on the left side) and then hundreds of Ocrams. Seeing as how she's a Nightmare Fetishist, this heavily implies that she's attracted to Marco.
  • In "Mama Star", a memory-loss riddled Janna's first reaction to Marco is still a flirtatious "Hi".
  • In "Cleaved", when Marco expresses sadness at the thought of never seeing Star again, she says that Marco still has her, which succeeds in cheering him up.
  • When Nefcy stated in the Reddit AMA held a few months after the finale that there's a possibility that Marco and Star could break up in the future, proponents of this ship quickly took this as evidence that Janna eventually does get together with Marco.

    Marco & Hekapoo 
Was a joked-about Crack Ship (referencing the fact that Marco gets shipped with absolutely every even vaguely humanoid character) until they actually met and got legitimate Ship Tease with each other.
  • In "Running With Scissors":
    • Marco spends 16 years relentlessly chasing down Hekapoo, with them reminiscing about the chase in a vaguely flirty manner after he finally catches her.
    • When Star comes to retrieve Marco and reveals he's only been gone for 8 minutes, he's reluctant to go back because he'd come to enjoy his time with Hekapoo and initially asks her what he should do. When Marco finally does decide to go with Star, Hekapoo invites him to come back and visit whenever he likes.
    • When Marco decides to return to Earth, he trusts Hekapoo to take care of Nachos, his pet Dragon-Cycle, while he's gone.
    • While leaving, Marco gives her the nickname "H-poo" and she teases him about having "the mark of Hekapoo" because she burned off some of his hair.
  • In the second "#MarcoLIVE Animated Live Chat":
    • Marco reminisces fondly on his time with Hekapoo, and even refers to her at one point as "the lovely Hekapoo." He also mentions wanting to visit her again soon.
    • At the very end, Hekapoo suddenly pulls Marco back into her dimension the same way she did in "Running with Scissors" for unknown purposes, though the implication is that she wants to spend some alone time with him before Valentine's Day.
  • In "Night Life" Marco has been regularly teaming up with Hekapoo to close Star's portals.
    • On Marco's side, he admits that helping her has been the most fun since he came to Mewni and looks crushed when Hekapoo dissolves their partnership. The way she does it sounds a lot like a breakup.
    • On Hekapoo's side, she very obviously enjoys working with Marco and is very disappointed when he leaves just when they're celebrating. She even admits that she can't resist Marco's adult voice.
    • At the beginning of the episode, Marco is so focused on looking cool for Hekapoo that he doesn't even pay attention to obstacles in their path.
      • When Hekapoo jumps to close the first portal and lands on Nachos' back seat, Marco can only say "wow" in awe.
      • Adult Marco tells Hekapoo to hold on to his abs.
  • In "Gone Baby Gone", she travels to Earth just to tell Marco that something bad is about to happen on Mewni, and that he needs to stay on Earth for his own good. Clearly, his well-being means a lot to her.

    Marco & Tom 
The tease is in no way limited to pairing Marco with female characters.
  • The episode "Friendenemies" is a gold mine of "Tomco" Ship Tease:
  • In Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension, Marco and Tom's friendship is referred to as a Bromance.
  • In "Lint Catcher", Tom is the only character to express unambiguous happiness to see Marco return, despite having every reason to think of him as competition for Star's affection.
  • "Divide" and "Conquer" are filled with bromantic moments between Marco and Tom. The latter outright admits that Marco is his best friend and goes out of his way to apologize for many of the bad things he put him through while Marco clearly enjoys having Tom around. And when Marco confesses to Tom about kissing Star, Tom displays enough loyalty to stick with and protect Marco from Meteora as much as he can.
    • Tom respects and values Marco's leadership, referring to him as their commander, and even goes on a speech about why he's a great leader, despite having terrible plans.
    • It's worth noting that Tom thought Marco was lying about the kiss in order to motivate Tom to abandon him and save himself, but when Marco insists that he was telling the truth, Tom still sticks with him. In the end, both characters were willing to give their life for each other.
    • Tom is dedicated to protecting Star at all costs, not because she's his girlfriend, but because he promised Marco he would do so.
    • In the very awkward moment between Marco and Star at the end of the episode, Tom cuddles with the both of them. Star, his girlfriend, obviously doesn't mind, but neither does Marco.
  • In "Swim Suit" when Marco has to wear Glossaryk's swim trunks to replace the ones he lost, he mentions that Tom likes him wearing them. Near the end of the episode, when Star walks in on the two of them filling an inflatable pool with water, she asks them if this is what "Bro time" is.
  • When Tom reveals to Star in "Lake House Fever" that he knows about her kiss with Marco, he asks her how she would feel if he'd kissed Marco and kept it a secret from her.
  • In "A Boy and His DC-700XE" Marco helps to support Tom when he joins Marco's group of dragon-cyclers, and at one point Talon refers to the two of them as "Lovebirds" while Kelly (Who Marco had recently stopped being "Breakup buddies" with) implies that she thinks Tom has become Marco's new breakup buddy.
  • In "Cornonation" the two of them sing "Too Little Too Late" again.

    Star & Janna 
Like Marco and Tom, teases not limited to pairing Star with another male character.
  • The episode "Girls' Day Out" indulges in JanStar.
    • The episode is focused on Janna and Star and it ends with Star and Janna looking into each other's eyes longingly before the episode ends.
  • In "Bon Bon the Birthday Clown", it's very easy to interpret Star attending the dead clown séance over the school dance as her ditching Marco to go on a date with Janna.
    • Star excitedly calls Janna, "Janna Banana!" Janna's the first person Star's given an Affectionate Nickname.
  • In Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension Janna writes to Star that they'll see each other in Marco's closet after Marco's asleep.
  • In "Stump Day," as Star ruins the surprise birthday party Marco and the others have set up for her, Janna goes "That's my girl." in pride. To top it all off, she says it while bumping Tom, as if she's aware that they're dating and letting him know that she's hers and not his.

    Star & Tom 
Star and Tom have all the UST and BST that two exes possibly still interested in each other can have. Especially in season 3.
  • "Mr. Candle Cares" end with a sweet moment between them. As Tom says goodbye to her and compliments her hair, she gives him a shy sweet smile.
  • "Club Snubbed" has their unresolved issues finally blow up, as well as Tom's issues. In the Silver Bell Ball, Star attempts to club snub him while he attempts to give her space.
    • There's something really sweet on the fact that, in his own messed up way, Tom is trying to give Star space and help her move on.
    • Tom is definitely happy to hear that Marco and Star aren't dating.
    • Star and Tom's final dance including Tom's flames and Star's butterflies enveloping them in what's clearly a Dance of Romance. The song that plays is also noticeably similar but also more romantic than "Blood Moon Waltz".
    • At the end, Star accepts the invitation from Tom for them to go eat, with clear romantic connotations. The very end of the episode shows her looking at Tom's direction lovingly.
  • "Demonicism":
    • Star and Tom have really rekindled their relationship. Whether it's romantically or friendly is left up on the air though, though it tends to the former. The episode opens with Star trying to reach Tom over the phone.
    • When Star fails to release Tom, she decided to hold him in a hug as he gets a demon released out of him and tries to reassure him that she is there for him.
    • When the demoncism is taking place Tom's demonic breathing seems to calm down a little when Star gets close to him.
    • The episode ends with Star and Tom holding hands as they leave the camp. It seems that they did that unconsciously.
  • "Lint Catcher" shows that Star and Tom are hanging out again. At the start of the episode, they are hanging out in Star's room playing games, eating burritos and making a song about them, a song that is meant to be a duet. What were the odds Tom came in the room singing into a burrito 5 minutes after Marco interrupted Star doing the same thing?
    • This exchange makes their current relationship very hard to tell.
    Marco: So are you and Tom...
    Star: Yup.
  • "Lava Lake Beach" confirms that Star and Tom have gotten back together. They even kiss at the beach.
  • In "Monster Bash" they briefly kiss on the lips and Star kisses Tom on the cheek multiple times before blowing him a kiss. Later in the episode, Tom suggests that he and Star should cuddle somewhere private.
  • In "Is Another Mystery", Star and Tom's relationship strengthens as the latter finally decides to invest himself more on Star's goal to unite Monsters and Mewmans, delivering a speech about his experiences with Fantastic Racism that deeply moves her.
  • Star and Tom share a comforting hug in "Conquer", showing that Tom is perfectly capable of supporting Star if Marco is unable to do so.
  • In "Lake House Fever" at one point Star blushes when sitting next to him.
  • In "Cornonation" at one point the two of them are about to kiss when Ruberiot interrupts them. Both of them were blushing before the interruption.
  • Even after breaking up in "Sad Teen Hotline", towards the end of "Cleaved" when they share a hug after the destruction of magic, Ponyhead reacts as if it's possible they could get back together, or at least still be friends.

    Marco & Kelly 
Kelly has mostly been ignored from any sort of Ship Teasing since she has an on-again, off-again relationship with Tad. At least until Season 3...
  • After Kelly breaks up with Tad and Marco is heartbroken by seeing Star and Tom kiss in "Lava Lake Beach", they take turns comforting each other. As they watch the "soulrise" together, Marco takes off his hoodie and places on Kelly's shoulders, saying she seemed cold. She moves closer and pulls the hoodie so that they'll both be under it. He then lets her know that it is his birthday and she gives him a sincere "Happy Birthday, Marco Diaz."
  • Marco accepts Kelly's offer to dance with her with the Sword Hand Dance (Marco's Karate Stance) in "Monster Bash". Notably when everyone was doing the dance, Marco did not want to join in, only dancing after Kelly asks him to dance with her.
    • This moment is also notable because it is the fastest anyone has managed to alleviate Marco’s self-consciousness.
  • In "Stump Day", Kelly attempts to calm Marco down and ask him to take back what he said to Tom about him being a bad boyfriend to Star. When Marco and Tom are fighting and Kelly snaps at Janna treating Marco’s endangerment so lightly, Janna accuses Kelly that her actual problem is that Marco is fighting Tom over Star instead of her, which she denies. Later at the episode, Marco and Kelly are next to each other when they are warming themselves next to the stump which Janna just burnt. At the end of the episode, the two are shown dancing together.
  • In "Booth Buddies", Kelly was seemingly Marco's date to Ruberiot and Foolduke's wedding, since she was there with Marco, who gave her a ride there and back on his dragoncycle, and since neither Ruberiot nor Foolduke even knows Kelly they presumably wouldn't have invited her.
  • In "The Pony Head Show", Kelly helps Marco with his cooking show segment, and helps comfort him when Pony Head keeps hijacking his show. During the episode though, he spoils that Wrestling is fake to Kelly and while she got mad at him for it, she gets over it. At the end of it all, Kelly asks Marco to cook for her one day and he happily agrees to it.
  • "Kelly's World" pretty much upgrades their relationship in every way except in name:
    • At the start of the episode, Marco follows up his promise to cook for her by going to her house. When he meets with her, she is moping around her house due to her lingering feelings over Tad, who won't stop messaging her about how great his life has been since the break up. Marco helps her out by staying with her while she returns a library book.
    • When stopping to read Kelly's book on Wool Hair Do, they become intrigued on Dual Mode techniques which they talk about until they realize they still have to turn in the book.
    • When Kelly accepted her fate to have her hair cut by the Librarian for having turned in the book late, having gone through a pretty miserable time lately, Marco challenges the Librarian for her. During the fight, they try out the Dual Mode techniques they learned about in the book and defeat the Librarian together, saving her hair.
    • At the end of the episode, when Marco thought Kelly blocked Tad on her cell phone during the episode, Kelly reveals that she hasn't, that she's still having a hard time moving on. Marco relates to this by saying his feelings for Star is getting in the way of other feelings, implied to be feelings for Kelly who blushes at it. Then one of the Librarians falls over triggering a romantic track and fireworks. Kelly then suggest that the two of them become "Breakup Buddies", which she says they can help each other get of their respective feelings to move on, and then kisses him and holds his hand, saying that breakup buddies can kiss when the mood is romantic and they can hold hands.
  • In "Cornball!" Marco and Kelly are commentators for the titular game, and at one point Kelly kisses him on the cheek, which makes him blush.
  • Unfortunately, "A Boy And His DC-700XE" reveals they're no longer breakup buddies.

    Tom & Janna 
While this was a popular pairing among fans long before the characters actually met, on account of Tom being a demon and Janna being a Nightmare Fetishist who has great enthusiasm for all things occult, it wasn't until halfway through season 3 that they met and significant teasing didn't come until season 4.
  • In "Blood Moon Ball", Janna is one of the many girls who stare lustfully at Tom when he walks through the school.
  • On a meta level, the official book "Star and Marco's Guide to Mastering Every Dimension" has an entry from Janna saying that if she finds somebody who can raise the dead, she'd want to marry them. The season 2 episode "Friendenemies" showed that Tom can raise the dead.
  • In "Stump Day", we finally get some between Tom and Janna. Janna holds Tom's shoe and they smile, thinking that they're both going to die. Marco explicitly states how much they love each other, adding to the Starco hint above.
  • In "Junkin' Janna", Janna brings Tom with her to a junkyard to help her collect a giant armored boot she wants. Initially he's obsessively texting Star, but starts to have fun sledding down the hill in the giant boot with Janna. Then a crow (which turns out to be Mina Loveberry's magically empowered pet) steals the boot and transforms to attack Janna, with Tom protecting her by sacrificing his cellphone (which possibly-symbolically had an incoming text from Star at that exact moment).
  • In "Mama Star", Janna and Tom seem rather flirtatious after losing their memories, such as Janna responding to Marco (and then Tom) freaking out over Tom's Third Eye by saying that all boys should have three eyes.

  • Rhombulus is not only The Caretaker to Lekmet, he is unquestionably nice and devoted to him and says he is a "pure-hearted, hard-working angel goat demon". When he accidentally crystallizes him, he is horrified at what he did and actually says "I love Lekmet!". Word of Gay is that the two are indeed a couple.
  • Gemini serves Miss Heinous out of something more than loyalty. In "Heinous", he is noticeably jealous when Heinous starts displaying more affection to Rasticore's arm than him.
    • In "Princess Turdina", when Heinous is vowing revenge against Marco again, Gemini suggests she should relax and even says she can have a "little Gemini fuel". He probably meant he would let her use her soul-sucking machine on him, though.
    • He also is fond of his Princess Marco doll, saying that she is "The fairest in the land".
  • Miss Heinous herself is a little too caring of Rasticore and his arm. She tends to treat it like a child most of the time, but at the end of "Heinous", she proclaims he would rule at her side and make the multiverse shiver in fear. She is also amazed when the arm grows into an elbow, wishing him to become a "big boy" soon.
    • In "Skooled!", Rasticore attempts to leave her employ, but the way he talks makes it sound more like he's awkwardly attempting to break up with her. He calls her a "great gal" and says that if they were to meet again in twenty years time, and are both still single, she'll be his soul mate.
  • In "Collateral Damage", Brittney Wong and Justin Armberg are seen hugging each other outside of Mr. Candle's office.
  • StarFan13 is simply obsessed with Star. Her locker is decorated with pictures of the heroine, and she also flat-out admits she has a crush on her in "Sleepover", which the Truth or Punishment Cube accepts as true. Star actually reciprocates most of it, having pictures of her fan on her locker.
    • The live stream chat after "Starcrushed" aired that was hosted by Marco and StarFan13 simultaneously was named "FanCo13 LIVE" (in much the same style as "Starco" is named), and in it, she tells Marco that she thought he looked very handsome in the prince outfit he wore in "Face the Music".
  • "Monster Bash" has Princess Spiderbite being approached by a slime monster actually named Slime. He wants to help her get rid of her titular spiderbite with his healing properties. It works, and she says he is amazing. They get some nice interactions after, joking about the creepy statues in the basement, before they get captured by Mina Loveberry.
    • Penelope and Slime have been dating ever since the events of "Monster Bash", as proven in "Surviving the Spiderbites." Her parents even approve of their relationship (possibly because he also heals their spiderbites, something that fanartists had predicted for a year).
    • In "Cornonation" Slime attends Eclipsa's coronation with Penelope and her parents.
  • In "Butterfly Trap" Rhombulus lets it slip that he has a crush on Queen Moon.
  • Ruberiot and Foolduke kiss and get married in "Booth Buddies". In "Escape From the Pie Folk" he is referred to as her husband multiple times.
  • In "Divide", Marco implies Hekapoo has a crush on Talon Raventalon (albeit a superficial one). Hekapoo neither denies nor confirms it.
  • The events displayed in "Gone Baby Gone" imply this may be the case for Meteora and Mariposa in the future.


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