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Just in case you were oblivious to all the ship teasing between them since the start of Season 3...
Examples of Ship Tease for The Legend of Korra.

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    Korra/Asami - Korrasami 

Book Three


  • Book 3 took this to the point where people started wondering if it was being done on purpose. It is not known from what point it became intentional, but Word of God treats them as a developing couple and Second Love in the second half of the show. After the relationship drama in the first two Books, Korra and Asami's friendship is played up while Mako and Bolin's family is explored. Korra and Asami thus spend a lot of the Book together.
    • Someone did the math to find out exactly how much time Korra and Asami spent together in Book 3. Over a third of the entire book consists of scenes shared by Korra and Asami, two thirds of Korra's screen time throughout the book is shared with Asami, and over ninety percent of Asami's screen time is shared with Korra.
  • As the Book goes on it has shown the two train together and eat side by side at big dinners. Not only that, they become somewhat of a Battle Couple. There is also the fact that Asami is the one that keeps watch over Korra's body while she is in the spirit world, a task usually reserved for significant others (Aang and Katara, Zaheer and P'Li).
  • Asami is more or less Korra's Number Two in this season.

Breath of Fresh Air

  • Korra and Asami discuss their past relationship issues regarding Mako and put it behind them.
  • After burying the hatchet, Korra states she is glad that what happened with Mako did not come between them and calls Asami a "girlfriend" while Asami is giving her driving lessons.
  • During said ride, Asami lovingly cranes her head to Korra after the "this is nice" line and it's food for thought where the moment/conversation could've gone before that damn vine got in the way. Also notice during the car ride they were going down a straight road with Korra’s eyes being enough on the road at a careful speed that she should’ve seen a giant spirit vine in the middle of the road a lot sooner than she did with only momentary glances at Asami. Distracted by the Sexy, much?


  • While Korra is messing around with Mako she looks back at Asami who is amused by Korra's actions. It looked like Korra was hoping for Asami's approval.

The Earth Queen

  • Korra and Asami work together to fulfill an errand for the Earth Queen. They act almost like a Battle Couple during a fight against some gangs they end up having to deal with.

Long Live the Queen

Enter The Void

  • Asami is the only one nodding to Suyin's statement about them following Korra's lead no matter what, does the same angsty slouch against the wall as she did in the sewer in Season 1 compared to the brothers' comic moment and only smiling when seeing Korra off otherwise she looks miserable for the rest of the episode.
  • Before Korra goes off to hand herself over to Zaheer Korra and Asami both turn around and, in perfect unison, embrace one another. Considering the fact that it's very possible that Korra could have, and in fact almost did, die from this exchange its very telling that Korra immediately embraces Asami first.

Venom of the Red Lotus

  • When Suyin is drawing the poison out of Korra's body, the screen focuses on Asami — who looks close to tears and even more devastated than Mako.
  • The culmination of all the buildup between Korra and Asami's relationship is shown in the season finale, where Asami is fixing up Korra's hair while the latter is wheelchair bound and recovering from her battle with Zaheer. Asami proceeds to take Korra's hand, complete with a camera closeup on the act, and tell her that she is there for her in case she ever wants to "talk... or anything". It's around here that people started to seriously wonder if it could happen.
  • It's heavily implied Asami's been Korra's personal caretaker for the last two weeks. Consider all that comes with such an intense job. That means helping with food, dressing, bathing, helping to the bathroom, in and out of her wheelchair, comforting her after the constant nightmares and anything else Korra might need and as "Korra Alone" proved, she would've happily continued to do all this in the South Pole for another two weeks and more than likely even longer if she knew how truly broken Korra was.

Book Four

After All These Years

  • Asami shows no interest in Prince Wu's attempts to flirt with her, but perks up when Mako tells her that Korra would be returning to Republic City that very night.
  • When Korra does not show up, Asami appears the most devastated.

"Korra Alone":

  • When Korra is about to leave for the Southern Water Tribe, Asami tenderly lays her hands on Korra's shoulders and asks if she is sure she does not want her to come with her to the Southern Water Tribe. Note that Asami still has her company to run, something she fought tooth and nail to restore and was on the brink of tears over possibly losing as her sub-plot in Season 2, yet she doesn't hesitate to leave just to be by Korra's side.
  • Bolin's letters to Korra are overly flowery and Mako's letters are predictably awkward. Asami's, on the other hand, expounds upon how she misses Korra and that things aren't the same without her around, asks how Korra's doing, then finally goes into what she's been up to. Of these three, Asami is the only one Korra writes back to, because she feels the boys just would not understand what she is going through. It may be that Korra simply sees Asami as her closest, most trusted friend, but the subtext is as clear as crystal.


  • Asami is seen sitting alone in a park reading, but when looks up to see a statue of Korra, she smiles almost fondly at it. However, when she gets up to leave, she looks back over her shoulder at the statue again with a bit of sadness.
  • The reunion in the restaurant is full of this.
  • When Korra and Asami reunite, Korra appears to be the happiest she has ever been during this season, besides reuniting with Tenzin's children.
  • During the restaurant reunion Korra hugs both Asami and Mako. However, Korra and Asami's hug is more intimate, with the two closer together, than Korra and Mako's hug.
  • When Asami compliments Korra's new hairstyle it causes Korra to blush while reaching up to toy with it and refer to Asami as being 'snazzy as always.'
  • The two awkwardly admit to Mako that Korra actually wrote back to Asami.
    Mako: What's going on with you two?
  • The argument Asami and Korra have comes across sounding like a lovers' quarrel. Unlike Mako and Korra arguing as always, the one argument that's ever happened between Korra and Asami stems from Asami's tension from trusting her father again, but also arguably as much as being without Korra for three years without being able to comfort each other over their issues. Additionally, unlike Korra's arguments with Mako, Korra's voice remains calm rather than combative.
    • Unlike some of her arguments with Mako which Korra sometimes shrugged off, Korra remains affected by the argument she had with Asami as shown in the finale.
  • As they search for Prince Wu on the train, Mako questions Korra's 'Avatar Instinct' while Asami quietly goes along with it. The argument between Korra and Mako is much more tense in comparison to Asami and Korra's earlier argument.
  • In order to jump off the train, Korra creates an air sphere around the group. But when she yells "Jump!" she can be seen grabbing onto Asami's waist while she immediately grabs Korra without hesitation. Korra barely grabs Wu and probably hoped that Mako would be able to react quick enough to follow them.


  • Korra and Asami's interaction is straight out of an (admittedly restrained) Hurt/Comfort Fic, with Korra being down on herself and Asami trying to cheer her up.
    Asami: I brought you some tea. I thought you might be cold out here.
    Korra: You're so sweet.
    • Not romantic enough? The sky in the background is a purple hue.
  • Of all the episode stills he could have chosen, this is the one Bryan Konietzko chose to put at the top of his Tumblr post discussing "Remembrances".
    • Also notice that during the scene, (which is the only serious segment of the episode) Asami and Korra form the “couples pose” that Zaheer and P’Li already did and will be repeated by Bataar Jr. and Kuvira then Varrick and Zhu Li at the wedding though Korra’s too down in the dumps to reciprocate, leading to Asami awkwardly stepping back in realizing Korra’s not at the same emotional place despite being back in town.

Beyond The Wilds

  • In the Previously On… intro for "Beyond The Wilds", Shiro Shinobi says that "Korra is safely back in Republic City". The accompanying clip shows Korra and Asami's hug from "Reunion". Not only did they choose to use this of all scenes as the first thing shown in this episode, but they also took the time and effort to re-touch it and clean up some animation errors (such as Korra missing part of her stomach), making the hug look even closer and more intimate than in the original episode.

Day Of The Colossus

  • Korra's reaction to Lin recruiting Hiroshi Sato is far more hostile than any of the other characters. It indicates that she is concerned about how he might affect Asami.
  • Korra's reaction to Hiroshi Sato's Heroic Sacrifice, and how it mirrors Asami's reaction to Korra's kidnapping in Book 3.

The Last Stand

  • As they're watching Kuvira being led away in handcuffs after the final battle in Republic City, Asami puts a hand on Korra's shoulder, who turns to look at Asami with a smile. This is apparently noticed in-universe by Jinora, who raises a Fascinating Eyebrow.
  • A Freeze Frame/Zoom-In Bonus after the group hug has Asami hugging and resting her head on Korra's shoulder on the walk away from the spirit portal.
  • According to Brian Konietzko, on the DVD commentary, Asami deliberately told Tenzin that Varrick was going to jump off a building in the glider suit specifically so she could get some alone time with Korra.
    BK: She’s got this sly little look on her face. She’s like, “Yeah, that’ll buy me some time."
  • At the wedding, Korra apologizes to Asami for being gone so long, and for the fight at the restaurant, to which Asami says she's just happy Korra's there now. Bearing in mind that several of Asami's good friends, especially Mako, very nearly died during the attack, it shows how much Asami loves Korra that she specifically says:
    Asami: I don't think I could've handled losing you and my father in the same day.
    • This scene indicates that Korra is more or less Asami's Living Emotional Crutch, and Korra comforting Asami with a hug makes it clear Korra is more than willing to take up that role.
  • The last scene of the Grand Finale is full of such blatant Homoerotic Subtext that you honestly wonder how they got it past the radar. note  It's modeled after the final scene of A:TLA, minus the kiss between the official couple. The final image of Korra and Asami shares the same shot design as other couples on the show.
  • Was the hidden bisexual pride flag too subtle?
  • This was all finally confirmed as canon a few days after the finale. Bryan Konietzko, one of the shows creators, even called himself the very first Korrasami shipper.
  • This line gets a Call-Back in Turf Wars.
    Korra: (fondly) Sounds perfect.

    Mako/Korra - Makorra 

  • No sooner than the second episode did they manage an obscene amount of ship teasing between Mako and Korra. This continued for a vengeance for multiple episodes, including a tonne of Will They or Won't They? and multiple kisses, until they become the Official Couple in the season 1 finale.
  • Unfortunately, it hits a rocky shoal and goes aground in Season 2, thanks to Mako's dithering and Korra's bull-headedness.
  • The season 4 finale gives a small tidbit in the form of Devoted to You when Mako tells Korra that no matter what he will aways have her back, giving the Makorra ship a definitive yet graceful end.

    Bolin/Korra - Borra 
  • Bolin's attempts at impressing Korra, most importantly his words to Mako after the latter berates him for bringing into their prep room another one of his fangirls (or so he assumes). Bolin tells him, "There's something special about this girl. I can feel it." But after episode five, when his heart was broken thanks to Mako & Korra kissing, Korra and Bolin agree to stay friends.

    Mako/Asami - Masami 
  • They begin dating shortly after their Meet Cute moment in Episode Four of Book One.
  • Episode 6 of Book 2 has a moment where Asami kisses Mako after the latter says in a suggestive way "I won't give up on you" after admitting to having a falling out with Korra while the former had her life practically destroyed.
  • But then this ship gets torpedoed and sunk after Asami witnesses Mako fall back to dithering and neglecting to tell a partially amnesiac Korra that they broke up.


    Bolin/Opal - Bopal 
  • Started immediately when the two meet in Book 3 Episode 5. Bolin compliments her name, prompting a blush, and then an awkward silence before Lin tries to abduct Opal. Opal makes an Innocently Insensitive comment at dinner that she is immediately horrified about when she learns Bolin was a street urchin before, though Bolin brushes it off as no big deal. After Mako convinces Bolin to go for it, dorkiness abound for both of them after Opal calls Bolin out on his Casanova Wannabe behavior, before Korra interrupts.
  • In the next episode, the course becomes clear for these two when they have a heart-to-heart in Suyin's meteorite garden.
  • The ship is in rough waters in Book Four, with the possibility of it being sunk, due to Bolin choosing the opposite side from Opal in a power schism/family feud over what to do with the anarchic Earth Kingdom. Even after Bolin's Heel Realization, he has a lot of atonement to do before Opal will forgive him. He earns it with participating in the rescue of her captive family.


  • Episode 5 of season 1 can be summed up as an episode devoted to Ship Tease. Bolin and Korra end up on a date together, with Bolin clearly showing feelings for Korra, while Korra herself shows that she has feelings for Mako through the course of the episode, reaching a climax when Korra kisses Mako.


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