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What do you do with a drunken sailor, early in the morning?!

Steven Universe

Gravity Falls

  • Jello calling Bill Cipher "Razzle Dazzle Dorito" and questioning why any one would ever make a deal with him, as someone like him must have terrible reviews on Yelp!
    • Bill Cipher's Yelp! page describes his professions as "Demonic Possession" and "Party Planning".
  • At the end of the video:
    Jello: So is Mabel really gonna get away with all that shit or (gets cut off mid-sentence)


  • The summation of Soldier: 76 and Reaper's origin stories:
    "Death Gun came back to life as Little Timmy's First OC, and Call of Duty came back as Call of Duty: Ghosts! Now they're EDGY GRANDPAS!"
  • Winston's alternate name is "Ooooohhh, Dr. Zaius!"

Adventure Time


Miraculous Ladybug

  • "Ladybug's real test of heroism is whether she can stand saving Chloe over and over again instead of just letting her die for being the worst human on earth."
  • "Then Ladybubs fixes everything with her magic status-quo yo-yo. The Status Quo-Yo!"


  • "I'm Professor Tree, and I'm gonna ask you what your gender is!"
  • As a trainer hugs her Mareep:
    Jello: Every once in a while the game takes a break from brutal dog fights to remind you that Pokémon is about friendship...
    Trainer: (inspects her Mareep closer) Oh. This one doesn't have the nature I was hoping for. Don't worry! (with a creepy whisper) You can be a breeding slave...
  • "Grass absorbs water. If you hit a bird with a brick, it'll stop moving! Afraid of the dark? PUNCH IT!"
    • "Can't get your computer to work? Punch it. Got the wrong flavor of ice cream? Punch it. Can't get your boss to give you that raise? Punch it."
    • "You can't use psychic powers if there's a bug on your head."

The Legend of Zelda

  • Any mention of Link's name is replaced with Voice Grunting, even when using the word 'link' in a different context.
    "Sometimes he's young, sometimes he's hot, sometimes he's toon, and sometimes he's not. But he's always HYYAH!"
  • "You can kiss this fish (shows Princess Ruto) or this fish (shows Prince Sidon) or this fish! (shows the fish from Wind Waker)."
  • Jello says that Ocarina of Time wasn't really that great, and gets tied to a plank in the archery mini game.
    Jello: Yeah, good luck hitting me with those nineteen year old control schemes. Hahahaha-(gets shot) Oh! (groans) Oh, you got the 3DS remake. (coughs) Doesn't count!

Star vs. the Forces of Evil

  • The video opens with Jello describing Star as a princess who fights "monsters and her own short attention span", complete with Star getting distracted by a butterfly while fighting a monster.
  • Jello expressing his disappointment that Star never really explore the literal limitless potential of her powers, instead opting to exclusively use them on spells inspired by "late 2000s internet memes".
    "The only threat to Star's spell book worse than Ludo, is her own complete disinterest in it. It's like... It's like infinite spells. You get to make your OWN spel— HOW CAN YOU NOT BE INTERESTED—!" (gets cut off mid-sentence)

My Hero Academia

  • "My Hero Academia or BOKU NO Hero Academia if you're annoying..."
  • Jello commenting on how some people's quirks make them unkillable demigods and some people's quirks "gives them cacti for heads".
  • All Might trying to get Deku to gain his powers is depicted as him sounding like a child molester.
  • Deku being called "Small Might", in contrast to All Might, is as funny as it is adorable.
  • Doubling as a slight awesome/heartwarming moment, Jello snarkily implying that he doesn't think Bakugou should be considered for the hero program due to him flat-out telling Deku to kill himself.
  • Principal Nezu and Tooru Hagakure discussing whether or not she should get into the school at all.
    Nezu: Well Miss Hagakure, I'm afraid we can't pass you. After all you didn't destroy a single robot!
    Tooru: You can't prove I wasn't the one killing all those robots!
    Tooru: YEAH!
  • While listing off the names of Class 1-A, Jello makes a really good Killer Queen reference when referring to Bakugou and Aoyama—"Gunpowder gelatine, dynamite with a laserbeam".
    • He also refers to Kirishima as "Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu", as an inside-joke.
    • Shoto Todoroki, who is burned on one side of his face, is called "That's rough, buddy."
    • He then prepares to list off Class 1-B, only to start laughing and say "I'm just kidding, they don't matter!"
  • Referring to Shigaraki and Toga as "Bad Touch Man" and "This Girl Who Looks Like She's On The Verge Of Climaxing" respectively.
  • Jello joking that everyone except Mineta and Shigaraki should be shipped with everyone—the real kicker being the image of Endeavor being shipped with a second place trophy.
  • The parody of self-insert heroes. He's labeled "The Persnickety Hero—Typo", his quirk is "Nitpick" and his weakness is not having friends.

JoJo's Bizarre Adventure

  • Poking fun at Araki's insane use of facts that stretch them a bit too much beyond physics.
    Jello: Did you know that being in zero gravity makes you pee your pants because your kidneys think you have too much blood? Of course, you didn't! Because that's wrong.
  • The bad guys of Jojo according to Jello: Dio, Dio again, Dio boyfriend, Dio babies, Dio (but he is a dinosaur), United States President.
  • Jello names the various parts of JoJo in his usual style, but when it gets to Part 5, King Crimson uses its powers and erases whatever Jello was gonna say. Or skips it. Or just makes everyone not perceive it. It just works.
  • "What do you think you're duwang over there?!"
  • When talking about the outfits, he brings up 'Cheese Boy' Fugo from Part 5.
    Jello: But do not weep for cheese boy. They replace his clothes with kicking him out of the series.
  • The hypothetical Part 9 features what seems to be the Alternate Continuity version of Jolyne, here known as Joanne. Even funnier, Joanne seems to even go with the Contrasting Sequel Protagonist-ing of Johnny and Josuke, dressed as a (relatively-speaking) wholesome "old-timey girl" in contrast with Jolyne.
  • "Ahh—DIO! You broke our cardboard cutout!! Dio, you—DIO!!"

Fire Emblem

Kingdom Hearts

  • Because of the overabundance of the word "darkness", Jello opts to replace every future usage of it in the video with "bees". Surprisingly, it fits.
    Jello: Join Sora, Goofy, and Donald's unconscious body as they fight against the forces of bees!
  • To demonstrate how Maleficent has convinced herself that she's the antagonist, we see her throw paint onto Rapunzel's laundry.
  • The entire skill tree is full of gems, but by far some of the best are "Skip Gummi Ship", "Dead-Ass Donald", "Used on EX Bosses", "Okay I Believe You", "Oops, all Xehanort" and "You can Jump now", which is an endgame skill for some reason.
  • With the video bluntly admitting that the writing was always bad, we transition to "Rainbow Connection", where we see Darkness Kermit preaching to Sora about the bees. Bonus points for Jello's spot-on Kermit voice and ProZD's spot-on Goofy voice.
    Darkness Kermit: Ignore the light, Sora. The bees are nothing to fear... Control them... CHANNEL them... Become a beekeeper! You can have all this power and more! (flails arms around) Yaaay!!!
    • Shockingly, it turns out that Goofy has secretly been evil all this time, and is now called Foygoox. And Goofy's proof of his evilness?
      Foygoox: Watch me remove the subtitles so nobody can understand Donald anymore!
      Donald: (a bee erases his captions) ... (angry duck noises)
    • Special mention goes to how Sora, Donald and Goofy appear in "Rainbow Connection": Sora is the only one to look remotely like a Muppet, while Donald is a sock puppet, and Goofy is a paper bag with a cutout of his face on it.
    • The segment ends with Foygoox beginning to explain how he turned evilnote ... except it becomes extremely apparent that Sora has tuned the fuck out, with the camera zooming in on his dead eyed, open mouthed form as Jello butchers "Simple and Clean" as a bee flies into Sora's mouth.
    • Foygoox's monologue in question (though unfortunately had to be cut down due to it being so long) is a hilarious parody of the series's infamous overly complex plot.
      Foygoox: Y'see, in the ten seconds I was dead in Kingdom Hearts II, Xemnas came by and replaced my body with a digital double. He turned the real me into a Heartless thus creating my Nobody. He then FUSED the Heartless with my double and stored me in Terra's memories. By doing that, I was able to go back in time and become the original Xenahort. My Nobody went on to star in a spin-off game that didn't actually matter. Also I'm Sora's dad and you've been Maxy all along! I've missed ya son!
  • As a bonus video, Jello released a cover of "Simple and Clean" sung by Donald Duck. It gets even better halfway through when it transitions into "Hikari."


  • Jello starts ranting about the inconsistencies in Faunus biology, claiming it's like if humans could change how many arms they had. The video then cuts to Yang.
    Jello: ...Oops.
  • Referring to Oscar as 'a widdle baby', calling Salem 'MOMMY SALAMI', and the pit of primordial Grimm 'the Oozy Jacuzzi'.
  • Qrow's rant about how Ozpin gave him the power to turn into a bird and how he considers it a Cursed with Awesome thing.
    Jello as Ruby: Drunkle Qrow, what exactly did Ozpin do that was so bad?
    Jello as Qrow: You don't get it, kid. Ozpin gave me the power to turn into a bird.
    Jello as Ruby: Is that a bad thing? Are you cursed?
    Jello as Qrow: No, no. I can do whatever I want. I can change back. Whenever I want.
    Jello as Ruby: I don't get it. That sounds exclusively beneficial.
    Jello as Qrow: (getting really close to Ruby) No, Ruby! You don't understand! I can turn into a bird, Ruby! (grabs her face) I CAN TURN INTO A BIRD!
    Jello as Ruby: (with her face being squished by Qrow) Uncle Qrow, I don't—I don't—why is this bad!?
    Jello as Qrow: (turns into his crow form) WHAT DO YOU DO WITH A DRUNKEN SAILOR EARLY IN THE MORNING?!
  • The increasingly ridiculous "pronunciations" of the title, especially later on when Jello just shakes his cheeks around violently.
  • Qrow finally completely loses it at the end and just screams "WHY IS MY NAME SPELLED WITH A 'Q'!?"
  • John Roosterteeth shows up at the end of the video to insist that the view watch any of the other non-RWBY shows, before telling them to buy a shirt. What adds to this is the implication that Jello genuinely doesn't know who Burnie Burns is.


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