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Warning: Spoilers Off applies to this page. Proceed at your own risk.

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  • Pretty much anything involving Indus, especially his reminders to us that his epithet is, indeed, "Barrier".
  • The captions often have a few extra jokes, such as adding an ":3" emote next to one of Molly's lines in "Bear Trap", or describing Sylvie's Un-Evil Laugh as "(stupid clown laughter)".
    • A meta bit of funny to add to this: Jello hates doing captions since they take him about seven hours per episode to do. According to him, he adds these few extra jokes in because he'd otherwise go crazy.

Season 1

    Episode 1: Quiet At The Museum 
  • When Molly realizes she's in the museum after closing, she calls the cops and says "Hi, I'd like to go to jail."
  • During the flashback to the museum tour, Indus flexes until his shirt rips to get the attention of the kids when they were fighting for a bunch of artifacts he dropped. What also really makes this moment is Mera's reaction to Indus flexing.
    • Mera tries to curb the Big Ball of Violence by calling their chaperone to break it up. Martin instead dives into the pile to get some treasures himself.
    • One of the kids makes off with a sword that he and his friend plot to throw at girls. He also openly hopes it's cursed.
  • How Giovanni's epithet is introduced.
    Giovanni: (after hitting Molly with his "Lava Grenade") How'd you like the taste of my epithet, little girl!?
    Molly: (licks her finger) Mmm... It's pretty good, actually! Is this tomato basil?
    Giovanni: Thank you, I seasoned it myself! (Stammering) I mean NO! It's LAVA! Or... ACID! Uh! Lav-acid!
    Molly: It tastes like soup. Is your epithet Soup?
    (Giovanni turns to stone out of shock after being found out as his stat sheet appears)
  • Car Crash reveals the reason behind his name:
    Car Crash: You crash one car, four times, and suddenly, it's your name!
  • Molly's silence bubble is the only reason Indus manages to get the drop on the Blasters. Even Mera admits later that he snuck up on her while in the bubble, and he "never does anything quietly."
    Molly: (whispering) Mr. Tour Guide! What are you doing?
    Indus: Well, Lady Mera and I are the only guards here tonight. So I was instructed to make sure the no one else was here! Then I looked on the cameras and saw that you were here! And now a lot of people are here. And the entrance exploded! And you know what would fix that? A... BARRIER!!!
  • Indus' attempt to free Molly after being strapped to a chair with duct tape:
    Indus: [He forms a small barrier the size of a donut in his hand, and begins smacking it lightly against the tape like a caveman.] Hm. My barrier doesn't seem to be sharp enough!
    Indus: Oh! That is a good idea. [The barrier disappears and he begins removing the tape.]
  • Molly tricking Ben (who she had just recently made dumb with her epithet) into thinking he's a car that really wants to hit Car Crash. Cue Ben crashing into Car Crash while making car noises, complete with a hubcap that appears out of nowhere.
    • And then, there's Car Crash's reaction: "No, not again."

    Episode 2: Bear Trap 
  • When Molly learns that Mera and Indus are criminals who are just impersonating museum staff as their cover, her biggest reaction is that it explains why Mera's tour sucked.
  • Molly gives Indus's performance during the tour four stars, causing Indus to gush.
  • Giovanni's efforts to show Mera that he's a serious threat are... unsuccessful.
    Mera: What's the most dangerous thing you guys have done? Loiter outside the mini-mall? Shopwift some bwubble gum?
    Giovanni: Loitering is a perfectly respectable crime that can be VERY dangerous!
    Mera: (Laughs) H-how? No, it can't, how?
    Giovanni: You could do it in front of a truck?
  • While being pissed at Indus for letting Molly and Giovanni leave, Mera says that she should've brought along a forklift if she needed something big and brainless to help her move boxes. Indus has this response:
    Indus: Don't be silly, Lady Mera! (sudden zoom-in onto his face as he speaks darkly) Forklifts have no honor.
  • Indus dramatically charges as Sylvie when he enters the storeroom, only to completely miss and then conk out from his Drowsy dust.
    Mera: Thank god, I was about ten seconds away from strangling him.
  • Sylvie's Un-Evil Laugh as he exits the storeroom, which starts out fine but then turns into dumb chuckling, all while Mera looks at him with concern/confusion.
  • The revelation that Giovanni knits, which he's quite proud of.
    Giovanni: I wield both the powers of creation... AND destruction! [He quickly flips the knitting needles back and forth between Grandma Mode and Knife Mode. Like a ninja!] (ninja noises)
  • Giovanni's cute bonding moment with Molly is briefly interrupted when he mentions that she'll have to pay a membership fee to join the Banzai Blasters. Which prompts him to kick on an infomercial-style pitch, complete with a call-in screen popping up and the characters suddenly sounding like their voices are coming out of a TV.
    Giovanni: Anyone can become a villain for the low, low price of $49.99 a month!
    Molly:, there's no skill requirement to enlist?
  • Giovanni's initial reaction to Sylvie's dust.
    Giovanni: What's this, snow? (chuckle) Eww, why is it YELLOW!?
  • Giovanni and Molly prepare themselves to fight Sylvie's "Counting Sheep" attack and emit a Battlecry as the sheep get closer... only to realize the sheep can't actually hurt them, at first.
    Giovanni: Oh... This isn't so bad!
    Molly: Yeah, they just... kinda bump into you. I have a friend who would love this. It's so soft!
    Giovanni: Aww, y'know? They're actually kinda cute!
    (A sheep bites Molly)
    Molly: GAH! They nibble! THEY NIBBLE HARD!
  • Despite the seriousness of the situation, there's this exchange between Giovanni and one of the brought to life bears:
    Giovanni: (slightly crying) Sergeant Bear! Why?!
    Sgt. Bear: I should've been promoted to Staff Sergeant Bear AGES AGO!
    • The fact that the bears' names are "Sergeant Bear" and "Corporal Other Bear".
  • While Giovanni is preparing his critical hit to use on Sylvie, he has this exchange with Molly:
    Giovanni: (after bopping Molly on the head 11 times with a ball of yarn) Sorry about this, Bear Trap. Standard minion procedure.
    Molly: It's fine, I'm used to being taken advantage of.
    Giovanni: (clearly concerned) Oooookay there! Let's maybe raise our standards a little bit!
  • After Sylvie passes out, Giovanni begins to gloat, but Molly notices something going on behind her new boss...
    Molly: Uh... Giovanni?
    Giovanni: Please, please. Call me "Boss".
    Molly: BOSS!
    Giovanni: Yes? What is it my... faithful minion? (looks behind himself)
    Dr. Beefton: HUAAAARGH!!!
    (Molly and Giovanni scream and hug each other in fear)

    Episode 3: The Doctor Is In 
  • At one point during Molly and Giovanni's fight with Dr. Beefton, Giovanni tries to use his red cape to distract him:
    Dr. Beefton: Hah! Oh, please. That's the oldest trick in the book. You think something like that would work on an academic like Dr. Beefton? Hah! Ridiculous! (charges at Giovanni anyway) AAAAAAAAAAGH!
  • As Molly tries to tell Sylvie that Mera and Indus tricked him, Giovanni adds that he didn't know the Amulet existed until Mera mentioned it. Apparently the Banzais instead showed up to steal mummies and dinosaur eggs, or "maybe a cursed sword [he] could throw at girls or something".
  • Once the fire alarm goes off (meaning the police are going to arrive), Mera flies into a panic, runs around the room, and smacks Indus with a crowbar to wake him up from his Sylvie-induced sleep, all while in the overhead view.
    Mera: Indus? Indus, wake up, you FRIDGE!
    Indus: (waking up) Huh? What? Uh... barrier? Yes! I am awake!
  • Indus reminiscing about his time living in the desert, and how he sometimes had to eat sand. He then notes how impressive it is that he got as buff as he is on that diet.
  • When Mera kicks Indus to reprimand him for letting Molly and Giovanni go, the damage numbers displayed are at a measly "-0".
  • This Eye Catch line from Dr. Beefton:
    Dr. Beefton: I diagnose you with Epithet Erased! IT'S TERMINAL!
  • This line from Molly when Giovanni starts making up a Dark and Troubled Past involving "dead ghost" parents:
    Molly: I wish my mom was a ghost. She's just dead.
  • This exchange:
    Giovanni: Hey you, what's your epithet!
    Sylvie: I'm not telling you my epithet! That's strategic suicide! What kinda idiot tells his epithet to someone he just met?
    Indus: Intruder spotted! (walks up to greet the group) Greetings, small girl and others! It is I, Indus Tarbella, the man whose epithet is Barrier! I have come to retrieve you, and also to prevent the tall thief from reaching my lady, much like a barrier! ...which is my epithet.
    Sylvie: I... what? Is this a joke?
    Indus: No jokes! Only epithets, of which mine is Barrier!
  • When Indus reintroduces himself, we see his stat sheet again... except every stat is "Barrier" and they all have five stars. He then gets another stat sheet when he corrects Molly's nickname of "Mr. Barrier", this time describing him as a substitute teacher (his "Math" stat is at one star, but his "Fun" stat extends behind his picture).
  • Sylvie initially believes that Indus is Obfuscating Stupidity, leading to this thought line:
    Sylvie: He's trying to lure me into a false sense of security! Well, joke's on him! I've never been secure in my life! And I'm not about to start now!
  • Sylvie's thoughts on how to get past Indus being derailed by thoughts about sheep and Dr. Beefton, leading to him repeating the words "Sheep" and "Beef" in his head as he goes cross-eyed. Cut to everyone else staring at him and being deeply concerned.
    Molly: Um... Is he... dead?
    Giovanni: He's just been standing there not blinking for 40 seconds.
    • His planning turns out to be pointless anyway as Indus doesn't know he's switched sides, and just lets Sylvie through so he can examine the amulet. As Sylvie awkwardly thanks him and exits, Indus reminds us all again that his epithet is Barrier.
  • Specific to the end card from the YouTube version of this episode, we have this line from Molly:
    Molly: Hey there, kids! Do you know how many more episodes are out on VRV right now? Two? That's right, two! Do you know what else starts with the letter two? Nothing, it's a number! Wowie Zowie! Okay, see you next week!

    Episode 4: Reflection 
  • When Sylvie tries to use his "Nightmare Fuel" attack on Mera, she reveals that she's afraid of her own power and...
    (a quack is heard as Mera finishes her monologue, she turns to see a duck behind herself)
    Sylvie: Also ducks apparently.
    Mera: They're small, and fast, and they bite okay?! Whatever, just die or something! (effortlessly kicks the duck away)
    • For added laughs, the camera briefly zooms in while the duck’s bill gives off an Audible Gleam.
  • This scene from the Sylvie vs. Mera fight after Sylvie transforms into Dr. Beefton:
    Mera: (erects 3 glass spikes in front of her to defend herself) There, let’s see you get through those!
    (Dr. Beefton effortlessly breaks through all of them)
    • Sylvie turning into Dr. Beefton leaves Mera confused for a second.
    Mera: (regarding Sylvie passing out) Did he just pass out from the shock? What a weenie. Half of my bones are broken and you don't hear me complaining! Much...
    (Mera hears a rumbling noise behind her as she turns around to see Dr. Beefton.)
    Dr. Beefton: HUUUARRRGH!
    Mera: Oh... That's... new...
  • Indus bursting through the wall of the museum carrying a dinosaur skull, right into the lobby filled with police. Also, apparently the Sweet Jazz City police department has a code for a suspect carrying dinosaur bones.
    Percy: (while speaking into a walkie talkie) 96-18, we have a 96-18 in progress. Subject is in possession of a Sauropod, Bronto, possibly Apatosaurus, requesting backup immediately.
    Indus: Ha! Well... this is awkward!
  • One of the eyecatches has this line from Indus:
    Indus: Epithet Erased. Commercials are like a barrier on your TV!
    • It also explains the meaning of his tattoos, before noting that the police don't care. Also, part of the eyecatch is obscured by the massive skull he's carrying.
  • When Sylvie realizes that fighting Mera is a matter of outlasting her, he defends himself by... surrounding himself with a sphere of sheep. Mera proceeds to create glass figure skates and a glass spear, popping them all effortlessly with a pirouette.
  • Mera tries to pull of a one liner before defeating Dr. Beefton, but messes it up a little.
    Mera: Something Something, "Bull in a china shop!" That's a pretty bad one liner, but no ones around to hear it! So it doesn't matter!
    (Mera slams her hand into the wall, causing the cracked section of the air vents above to break off and fall onto Dr. Beefton. When the vents fall, Molly pops out of them in front of Mera)
    Mera: You were there too?! Damn it... shoulda said something cool... No, wait, this is perfect! COME HERE!
  • After the battle against Mera is won, Giovanni unveils a new move to everyone: The Fog of Lost Souls and asks what everyone thinks of it.
    Crusher: It smells delicious Boss! I LOVE YOU!
  • Percy threatening the Banzai Blasters.
    Percy: [The woman steps forward and unsheathes a real ass, goddamn sword and points it at them.]
    Giovanni: Whoa, is that a real ass sword?
    Spike: Holy crap!
    Dark Star: We don't mess around with no real ass, goddamn swords!
    Crusher: That's out of our pay grade!
    Another Dark Star: Uh nuh. We're done.
    • Since only three of Giovanni's Blasters are present, Dark Star inexplicably appears twice in the same shot to finish the reaction. Even better, this was later explained as being from his possible epithet, Binary.
  • Molly pretending to be a hostage.
    Molly: Oh no! I am an unwilling hostage! I hope I am not hit by a gun! Or a real ass, goddamn sword!
    Percy (shocked): Egads!
    Bearded Cop (horrified): She swore.
    Molly: And I don't feel bad about it! My innocent youth is already being corrupted by bad guy proximity!
    • While Molly is delivering the above lines, she hops around and briefly gets out of Giovanni's grip on her hoodie, causing him to quickly move to keep said grip on her.
    • What's better: depending on how you view the limited animation of the art style, she either wiggled out of his hand...or she was just standing in front of him while he pretended to have her in his grasp. And this works on the police.
  • When Molly gets home, she tries to open the door and finds that it's already unlocked.
  • At the end of the episode, the "Robot Girl" texts some pictures of the heist to her boss. In addition to some normal blurry ones, she also managed to get a shot of Giovanni and his boys posing at one of the girls from the tour right outside of the museum, and, inexplicably, a picture of his stat sheet popping up.
  • The part of Great at Crime that changes every episode is pretty good this episode.
    Singers: We're great at crime!
    Banzai Blaster: (COP VOICE) Let us rob a shop.
    Singers: Yeah, we're great at crime!
    Other Banzai Blaster: I think that Bill is a cop.

    Episode 5: Redwood Run 
  • Percy is interviewing Molly, and the latter offers her some tea. Percy accepts, but the toy kettle Molly uses causes Percy to be surprised when real tea comes out.
    Percy: Huh. I was expecting the make-believe tea customary of playtime.
    Molly: I don't have time to play around, detective.
    Percy: What a coincidence, neither do I.
  • Percy asks Molly if she could at all remember if any of the Banzai Blasters gave her their names, or if she knew about their preferred extracurricular activities. Molly can only giggle nervously as she says she'll do her best to remember.
  • After Giovanni finishes talking to Ramsey on the phone he yells at his mom asking if he could borrow the car.
    Gio Mommy: WHADDYA NEED IT FOR!?
    Giovanni: CRIME THINGS!!!
    • The fact that his mom seems totally fine knowing that Giovanni is committing crimes.
    • Giovanni then spends the car ride with Car Crash calling out his mom's friend Debbie using "yoga night" as an excuse to drink which is only enabling her problem more. Car Crash wistfully sighs that he wishes he could talk smack about moms.
  • Fred/Car Crash crashes his car again after giving Giovanni a ride to Redwood Run, with the same rolling hubcap animation as at the museum.
    • Fred's apparently crashed his car five times that month, with the cops making bets on it.
    • The captions for when the car crashes read "(The inevitable.)"
  • Ramsey's first words to Giovanni when he meets him in person?
    Ramsey: I am he.
    • And immediately after, when Giovanni reacts disgustedly to seeing Ramsey's face.
    Ramsey: Okay, I appraise you to be a jerk.
  • When Ramsey takes the Arsene Amulet to check if it's real, the narration describes it as him looking it over with his "Gross Rat Face™"
  • Fred sees Percy and immediately panics, forgetting that he's in his civilian clothes.
    Fred: IT'S THE FUZZ!
    Percy: Yes, hello. It is me, Ms. Fuzz.
  • Percy makes a small hut to alleviate Fred of any pain, but admits that it can't be used to treat serious injuries. Cue scrolling text below the screen not recommending epithet healing based powers often and that the police are not responsible for it.
  • When Percy goes off to chase the Banzai Blasters, she tells Fred to impersonate a crash test dummy "in its natural habitat" if someone dangerous comes while she's gone.
  • As Ramsey asks Giovanni to hand over the amulet so he can appraise it, Giovanni is suspicious and "eyes the gerbil man".
  • Giovanni making air guitar noises as he leaves the sheriff's office, which are captioned with "(loser sounds)".
  • Ramsey and later Giovanni note that the Banzai ranking system is confusing. Arnold's Eye Catch runs through the list of ranks, and the second-highest title is, of all things, "Senpai".
  • When Percy tries to get the attention of some Banzai Blasters, she somehow manages to cock her sword like a gun as she unsheathes it.
  • When Zora comes by the station to threaten Ramsey, he uses his epithet in an effort to protect himself from being shot by turning his body into gold wherever she has her gun pointed at. Zora notices this and becomes briefly amused, drawing a little smiley face on him before continuing her threat.
    • During this Gorou is playing with his gun, only for it to fire because he apparently had the safety off.
    Gorou: Oh! Looks like the safety was off. (beat) Pew, pew, pew!
    Ramsey: I gotta get outta here.
  • As Percy is exploring Redwood Run, she tries to arrest a few Bonzai Blasters, one of whom tries to threaten her.
    Banzai Blaster: (Laughs) Alright, Mr. Police Officer-
    Percy: Miss.
    (The music stops as the camera shifts back to the Banzai Blaster)
    Banzai Blaster: (genuinely surprised) Oh! O-oh my gosh, I am SO sorry.
    Percy: It's quite alright! Please, continue with your threat.
    Banzai Blaster: Oh, right. Thank you.
  • When Gorou reveals his epithet, he uses it to blow a donut off of his desk (which takes a few breaths before it falls off). When his stat sheet comes up, he has stickers on it that make it seem like his stats are all five stars... before said stickers are blown away to reveal his real stats. His epithet's description? "He blows."
  • We get this gem after Ramsey hears Percy mention beating the Blasters by herself.
    Ramsey: Uh hey ,wait-wait-wait-wait! You said you dealt with all of those guys outside, right?
    Percy: I'm not at liberty to disclose that information to a convict.
    Ramsey: Your cop is showing.
    Percy: Oh! E-excuse me.
  • Gorou just randomly gives Percy a gun, and then reveals that he does so to everyone who wants one when they visit the station.
    Gorou: I give it to everyone that comes by the police station! What's a sheriff for?
    Percy: Solving crimes.
    Gorou: (giggles) Huh, really? (beat) Uh oh.
  • Giovanni goes to the local bar to drown his sorrows after having the Arsene Amulet stolen from him. He asks the bartender for something hard, to which the bartender gives him a pinecone with a straw in it. Giovanni takes it and begins eating it.
    Giovanni: God, look at me... I'm turning into Debbie.
  • When Percy and Ramsey come to the tavern to arrest Giovanni for stealing the Arsene Amulet, the other Banzai Blasters present react by pointing their peashooters at her, while the bartender's cat points a double-barreled shotgun at her.
  • Whenever Ramsey does his Cat Smile, it's sometimes captioned with the ":3" symbol.

    Episode 6: All's Well That Ends Well 
  • Giovanni letting out a girly shriek at the beginning of the episode when Bugsy and Arnold bust into the bar.
  • At one point during the bar fight, Percy uses Bugsy as a springboard. Even more so with the adorably-deadpan "Boyoing!" she says while doing it.
  • This exchange between Giovanni and Ramsey while Percy is dealing with the Banzai Blasters:
    Giovanni: You sold me out to a COP!?
    Ramsey: Hey, hey hey hey, I didn't know she was after you specifically!
    Giovanni: Oh, yeah right! First, those guys take the necklace and now this?
    Giovanni: THEY WERE MEAN, OKAY!?
  • Ramsey trying to distract Percy from Giovanni by pointing out Bugsy has the amulet. Percy deduces that Giovanni must have brought it in to give to his superiors.
    Giovanni: That's not what happened!
    Ramsey: (through gritted teeth) Make like your necklace and get lost kid!
  • All of Ramsey's reactions to the bar fight, given how bewildered he is by Arnold and Bugsy's powers and the general wackiness of everyone except himself.
  • The old bartender shooting soup with his double-barreled shotgun during the bar fight and everyone's reaction to it.
    Ramsey: Look out! He's got soup!
    Percy: My God! The letters in that soup could be rearranged to form any number of messages! And sometimes knowledge is the most dangerous weapon of all!
  • Ramsey brandishing his crayons as a weapon.
  • Percy's horrified melodramatic reactions when throwing the crayons at Bugsy actually works and Ramsey pretends they're 'forger crayons, extra tough' to hide the fact that he turned them into gold while she wasn't looking.
    Percy: The crayons of debauchery then... What a fiendish weapon to conceal beneath the façade of child-like innocence...
  • Percy's absolutely priceless line when Bugsy starts eating Ramsey's crayons.
  • In a state of panic, Ramsey turns to the bartender and asks if the old man has anymore tricks up his sleeve.
    Bartender: I used to be a government experiment!
    Ramsey: Yeah, that sounds about right...
  • After Bugsy eats Ramsey's crayons, he tries to use an attack but ends up coughing up a large pile of rubber ducks instead. Ramsey has this to ask afterward:
    Ramsey: Am I having an aneurysm, what is happening?! What is your power!? Are you some kinda... failed magician?
    Bugsy: It only failed 'cause your crayons were low quality! I need something worthy of my refined pal-eyy.
    • The captions for Bugsy coughing up the rubber ducks read (Sound of coughing up rubber ducks) and (You know. The standard SFX for coughing up rubber ducks).
  • After Bugsy requests that the bartender feed him soup, he says this:
    Bartender: Hoo hoo hoo hoooo boy! Been a long time since I shot a customer in the FACE! Open wide, fella!
  • While Giovanni is busy gloating after raising the temperature of the soup fired into Bugsy's mouth, Percy finds out his name and this exchange happens:
    Percy: So, "Giovanni Potage" is your name. Duly noted!
    Giovanni: WHAT. NO. N- NUH UH. UH... That's my... uh... stage name! I'm... holding it for a friend? Aw, dangit...
    • Giovanni's gloating starts from offscreen, so the captions give him the dialogue tag "SOUPY VOICE".
  • Sherrif Gorou enters the bar and is immediately asked for help by Percy, and instead he just runs away. But not before making sure he picked up his takeout order: a bag of alphabet soup, "hold the soup".
    Gorou: Oh wow, great! Now I can re-arrange the letters and finally learn how to spell!
  • Ramsey attempts to get a lead on where Bugsy ran off to by bribing Arnold with a coupon.
    Ramsey: (to Bartender) You uh... you got any coupons?
    Bartender: I've got a coupon that takes 20 dollars off your next meal! ... it's called a $20 bill!
    (Ramsey slaps him, and he immediately transitions into shouting an actual coupon deal)
  • Percy trusts the bartender to keep a close eye on Arnold. Things go south for him the second she and Ramsey leave.
    Bartender: Still blind. Guess that means you're outta my sight! Cat! Hand me my gun.
    Arnold: Eep!
  • Giovanni briefly argues with Fred/Car Crash about managing to crash their car literally as soon as he left.
    Giovanni: How did you manage to live up to your name in the TEN MINUTES I was gone?!
    Car Crash: I don't know, man! It's not my fault!
    Giovanni: Dude, you've crashed five cars in the same year? I think you're the common denominator at that point!
    Car Crash: (whining) THE ROAD WAS WIGGLY!!
  • Percy managing to casually drink from a pine cone, to Ramsey's bemusement. She says the trick to "supping on pined cone" is knowing how to really milk them, to which Ramsey asks never be repeated to him again.
  • Ramsey pressures Percy about her electrical powers and she insists that she "zap[s] only in accordance with the law", only for a crumbling wizard tower to fire out an "(illegal zap)" that hits an offscreen townsperson.
    Ramsey: That's public property, officer.
  • Percy attempting to make a joke about Redwood Run's well:
    Percy: Take that well, for instance. There's nothing...well about it. Ha. A little joke at grammar's expense. I have now broken the ice.
  • The well is guarded by a Well Watcher, who dives into the (empty) well once he learns that Percy threw a Canadian dollar into it, since he's been watching the well for over twenty years without any pay. He's immediately replaced by an identical man, who gets promoted to "Sky Watcher" when a rogue tower zap knocks him on his back. Ramsey and Percy barely pay attention to any of this: Ramsey is angry that he was being served pinecones in jail even though there was a bar and well in town, while Percy is confused as to why she has a Canadian dollar despite never visiting Canada.
  • Percy provides a brief As You Know explanation as she reveals that she has eraser cuffs on her person, which make people forget what their epithet is while touching them. All the while remaining completely oblivious to Ramsey suddenly breaking out in a cold sweat.
    Ramsey: (nervous laughter) Haha, yeah! Wouldn't want to forget your epithet! Let me just write down a little note for myself, totally unrelated! (scribbling furiously) You can make gold, you can morph gold, you can turn yourself into gold, don't forget, don't forget, DON'T FORGET-
  • When Bugsy stumbles upon one of Zora's bullets, his first reaction is to eat it, and after eating it, he says he could go for seconds before getting pummeled by the rest of her bullets immediately after.
  • Bugsy whining that Zora can't take the amulet since it was his and he got it fair and square.
    Zora: Wah, wah, wah! Call a whambulance.

    Episode 7: Winner Take All 
  • As Howie tells Percy and Ramsey about the whereabouts of Bugsy, he begins to rant about his annoyances with Redwood Run. Starting with how he saw the sheriff playing hop-scotch with some Banzai Blaster instead of arresting them.
    Ramsey: Was he winning?
    Howie: NO! HE WASN'T WINNIN'! He was just standin' there, NOT DOING HIS JOB! OOHHH, and don't even get me started on that Well Watcher! I cain't STAND seein' people with jobs they ain't qualified for!
    Ramsey: (to Percy) What makes you qualified to watch a well?
  • The Banzai Blaster girls try to escape, but Howie catches them.
    Red Banzai Girl: Aww, c'mon man! Be cool. ;)
    Percy: Everyone knows the coolest thing to be... (Raises eyebrow) is an upright citizen.
    Green Banzai Girl: LAAAAME!
  • Howie and his crew apparently snack on screws covered in honey, and Percy manages to eat them as well.
  • Howie passively aggressively jabbing at Percy for not being useful in using her epithet powers since she was out of stamina.
    Percy: (beat) Was that a jab?
    Howie: Mighta been.
    Percy: Was that a challenge?
    Howie: Mighta been.
  • It's an otherwise serious moment, but there's Percy and Howie's reaction when the latter notices how old he's gotten thanks to Zora's epithet
    Percy: My God! He's... (Horrified)old.
    Howie: Silver hair...? NO! I promised I'd work myself to death by the age of 35! Anything less means I wasn't tryin' hard enough!
  • As Zora begins her monologue on why she hates epithets despite having one, she spins a frozen in place Howie around, with him muttering in discomfort all the while.
    Ramsey: (Mockingly) Is that why you dress up as a cowboy? (Zora shoots him, dealing 15 damage) AUGH!
    Zora: Don't interrupt.
  • Realizing that Percy's after the amulet, Zora makes a deal that they can fight her for it.
    Zora: Mano a mano! Pistol to pistol! Ugly rat man vs the... grossest face I can make while fightin'!
    Ramsey: You know, I do have feelings.
    • As an added bonus, when the camera cuts to Ramsey, he has whiskers and a rat nose.
  • The way Zora just casually says "tree" when she uses her epithet powers.
  • Zora (very) mockingly destroys the gun Percy got from Gorou, but shows some actual regret after learning it was a gift. Then the soundtrack switches to sad violins as Percy gives a tearful speech about how it died in the line of duty, complete with a dramatic spotlight, and “sings” a few lines of Danny Boy with no inflection at all.
  • Ramsey trying to pull his shirt off when he believes Zora's finally found him.
    Ramsey: Get back! I have an art degree!
    • His reasoning for taking his shirt off? While wondering if Zora can see him among the trees, he mutters to himself, "Of course she can see me, I look like a dollar store juice box!"
    • Ramsey jokes that it was better Percy caught him with his shirt up than his pants down.
  • Percy pulling Ramsey out in the open without telling him her plan. Among the things he mutters he snarks, "Oh yeah, I love getting shot at!"
  • Ramsey freaking out when Percy handcuffs the two of them, effectively cancelling out their epithets, and gets annoyed when she essentially bets him.
    Percy: I don't understand why you're so upset. You don't have an epithet to lose.
    Ramsey: I. GUESS. I. DON'T. NOW!
  • When Percy and Zora make a deal to fight without epithets, Zora spits in her hand and holds it out for Percy to shake. Except Percy spits in Zora's hand instead of spitting in her own and then shaking hands.
    • The spitting returns when Ramsey hocks a loogie at Zora to distract her. When he attempts to "reload", Zora counters by spitting into his mouth, grossing him out tremendously.
  • As Percy and Ramsey begin to fight Zora, they move through the forest while avoiding the bullets Zora set up earlier. Percy does great and expertly weaves her way through the bullet field, while Ramsey is forcibly dragged along, getting hit with every bullet.
    Percy: Remember Ramsey, you have to dodge the bullets!
    Ramsey: Yeah, I bet it's real easy WHEN I'M THE SHIELD!
  • Percy takes Ramsey's box of crayons and tosses them at Zora.
    (Percy throws a crayon at Zora, dealing a measly -0 in damage)
    Zora: OW! What the...? (picks up the crayon and looks at it) Did you just throw a color stick at me?!
    Percy: No effect! I suppose one needs a blackened heart to use a blackened weapon.
    Zora: This is orange!!
    (Percy throws another crayon at Zora, knocking the Arsene Amulet out of her hands. Zora, annoyed, pulls out a gun, but it's also knocked out of her hand with another thrown crayon.)
    Zora: HEY!
  • After all this, Zora searches around for the Arsene Amulet. Upon finding it, she tries to find her other gun, but...
    (A gun cocking noise is heard as the camera shifts over to Ramsey and Percy, with Ramsey holding Zora's gun.)
    Ramsey: Hey. >:3
    Zora: Oh please... You think an amateur like you can hit me?
    Ramsey: No, but I can do this! (Ramsey smacks the butt of the gun against a nearby rock)
    Zora: HEY! Don't f**king mess with my guns! I made those!
    Ramsey: Oh~, so breaking stuff's only fun when it's not yours? (thwacks gun against the rock) Nope! Still fun! I'm having a ball!
    • Zora then tackles Ramsey when he breaks her gun and he decides to taunt her even more.
    Ramsey: What are you gonna do? Shoot me?
    Zora: [Zora pulls out a second gun!]
    Ramsey: What are you complaining about? You have another one! (Zora hits his head with the butt of her gun) Oh, my face! My horrible, horrible face!
  • Eventually, Zora decides she's done playing fair and takes Percy's sword, transcribing her epithet onto it.
    Ramsey: Hey... hey, that's an epithet glow! You're cheatin'! She's cheatin'! We win!
    Zora: (Rushes up to a nearby rock) Not if you're DEAD!
    Percy: ...Oh.
    Zora: YUP!
  • Percy's Big "NO!" when Zora cuts off Ramsey's arm.
    Percy: She's turned him to gold!! (beat) Wait, What??
  • Ramsey shows Percy he has the actual amulet, and that he swapped it when he had Zora in a bear hug. At that moment...
    Zora: Wait a tick, wasn't the gem on this green before? (fake amulet turns back into dirt) AW! SON OF A BIT-!
  • At the end of the episode, Percy recounts that she first heard about Ramsey from a police line-up, in which someone reported a case of "golden buttocks". Ramsey fondly remembers it as "Operation Mid-Ass".
  • Season one ending with Molly and her friends screaming at a dude they found washed up on a beach.

  • From time to time, Brendan tends to post out of context screencaps from future episodes on his Twitter. When one Twitter user noticed this, Brendan had this to say in response:
    Brendan: One of my best friends once described my ability to keep secrets and spoilers as "Uniquely Terrible".
  • The official soundtrack of the first season contains a track titled "Very Mysterious Epithet ~ Indus's Theme".
  • Jello released a promotional video for Epithet Erased merchandise to help support the show that has a number of gems in its short length.
    • Molly promotes a Molly doll that she claims she didn't provide rights to her likeness for, but that she's fine with promoting because she can't afford a lawyer. She goes on cite the doll's resemblance to herself, including her bear hoodie, backpack, "inexplicable hair marshmallows", and inability to speak up in social situations.
      Giovanni: If your doll does talk, that means it's haunted. Which means you've just legally purchased a ghost!
      Molly: Wow! A human soul for the price of one doll? What a steal!
    • Giovanni speaks about how his character theme is titled "Sexy 02" and claims the "02" stands for how many thumbs-ups he's worth. And oxygen, which is an important element for lighting things on fire. Molly's is called "Glass Rabbit", which is apparently because of her favourite animal: bears.
    • The outro is accompanied by Giovanni asking Molly if the marshmallows in her hair grow there naturally, and whether they're edible. According to her they do, they are, and they taste terrible.


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